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Rain, Football and what?!?! PSAT's TOMORROW!! Gah! <3 Lol
It rained today so cold.

Football game we majorly lost and sucked and it rained but my friends and I stuck it out. People were acting odd apparently someone I know's girlfriend was tsraiing at me which was odd. Lone star ranger guy stalked Tawnya and I. Thats out name for this creepy guy with a water proof cowboy hat. The visitor team swer to god was gay they held hands walking everywhere. It was hilarious. The band was good as always.

PSAT's tomorrow. I didn't study, oh well. I hope I do good on them because its also like a scholarship test. Half my friends are taking it so I hope I get to see them.

Gotta go,

I'm so tired!!!!!!!!!! smilies/icon_xp.gif