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Wow, it's been a while

Too long I suppose


Dear Diary,

This month seems to be starting off fairly decent.... I guess I can't complain too much now.... I hope I can't complain at all come the end of the month... But, things have been swell. I've been so busy with school work, although I still manage to see my boyfriend at least once a week. Currently working on a research paper.. have two tests this Wednesday, one right after another.. honors band next week.. test next week before honors band.. debate research for our mid-term starts next week too.. last week before our concert, on the 29th... So, yeah, I've been busy, and I suppose I don't really mind it. I have to go see the counsellor tomorrow after school, so that'll be something.... Anywho. I've kept you too long it seems.

Until we meet again,