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For my reference, my inventory from this thread. smilies/icon_whee.gif

Inventory: Earring with the Zanarkand Abes symbol, 1/50 scale Quetzalcoatl Model, Hojo's Secret Box Of Naughty Bits, Key to The Ancients, Shiva Vibrator, Wakka's Ice Ball, Dark Matter (x10), Shoopuf Ride pass, a pass for one free rescue from your Friendly Neighborhood Gullwings, the cork from Auron's jug, IVCid's goggles, Lulu's belts, bucket of Gaian Fried Chocobo Wings, Locke-shaped popsicle, Seifer's list, FF7 shounen-ai doujinshi (Zax/Cloud), Dio's Autograph, Cure Rod, Cloud and Kuja's Guide to Fashion, life-size chocolate Sister Ray, Cloud's scarf, Turk ID badge, Remedy-All, red chocobo feather, plushie Shoopuf, special collector's edition of Lord of the Rings starring Cloud as Frodo