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Clock of time...
Life...we all have it and we all know that it will end, life is not eternal even if many would want it to be like that but it will end at death's cold touch and be lost to the bearer of it on this plane.
Some can live up too more then 100 years of age while some may come on this world dead, even before there birth, life can come to a start and to a halt in only a mater of moments and we live it till we use up all the life in us and die to let our mortal body rot away, but for some it is different....
In this world in which we live there are people for which the life of others is not important and they are as arrogant and perplexed that they take the life of others or destroy them slowly making some so desperate for the Hell to end that they are forced to kill themselves...
What is life? How important is it? The state kills in the name of justice, but isn't it only giving a good excuse to play God with the lives of others? If you kill someone it is an unforgivable crime for which anyone has to be punished for but what makes it better if you kill the person that killed are you yourself not the same if you kill? Does a reason to kill really exist? When someone tries to do something terrible to you, you must defend yourself, it is not your fault entirely if you were threatened and feared for your life, but wasn't just to make the person uncontentious enough? If you had done that they may have don the same to someone else
A life is so fragile and it can be ended even when the body still moves and breaths for the soul inside is dead, playing and destroying someone's life till they can't bear it any longer will lead them to death, a more morbid one then to kill them or to kill themselves, lifeless eyes that shine with the ever lasting sadness of the wilted soul, a living corpse that was not declared yet dead moving around with no life at all, only a morbid past of pain and tears that for others was only something to laughed at, the tears and the pain of the heart and soul are they funny? No they are not and who thinks they are should think again...and they are even proud when the soul is dead for happiness can not stay in a walking shell only the sorrow, only the sadness, only the pain is left there and nothing more only something that asks itself ,,Why am I still living when I am in reality already dead?" and to that question, there is no real answer...
Life, cherished by many and loathed by others but be it gift of God or be it curse and test of God to all nobody has the right to take someone else's life, and no one has the right to make someone else's is life miserable, for life is one of the most fragile of all thing God ever created for it can be lost in just a moment and it will remain lost forever...

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