Zero Hour

Kenshin and Ayane grabbed wepons like katanas, bows, and smoke bombs at the storage closet. Even though it was illeagal to keep weponry at the university, they manage to handle to keep them hidden.

"We should flee to the south of the city," Ayane sugested.

"No we cant do that, the north and south are completly gaurded by enemies." "Remmeber every one is an enemy" Kenshin resonated.

Ayane responded "But what about the city's security force, wont they help?"

"They Will not help us they will think that they are on the enemies side," Kenshin explained.

They rushed outside to the courtyard facing enemies with assault riffles. They wouldnt stand a chance, Ayane quickly therw a smoke bomb at the ground allowing the two to escape. During there escape Ayane was shot in the arm with bullet. She was hurt and was bleeding her arm couldn't move, and by that they were forced to flee in the Monastery.