kitty angel kurumi
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i'm back ^^
from the beach! it was fun, we didn't get to spend that much time there though that sucked! anyhoo, got back the day before yesterday, had a lil fun, found a tiny rock crab, it tried to pinch me, found a dead jellyfish, found 3 starfish, kristy (my little sister whose 14 and acts 3) threw them like ninja stars back into the ocean, and got attacked by sand flees... well not really attacked... they just jumped on my feet... but they were huge! so i guess i had some fun. so yah, thats what happened. oh, and my parents fought as usual. i swear they fight more than me and kristy! and thats sayin somethin. and we didn't get to go to any gift shops... and i was sick, so i just stayed inside most of the time watching cable. at least it was warm and sunny.