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Stuff....kinda, sorta about me...but not really XD
Hey air, i stole this from you, so don't get all mad XD...FILL IT OUT PEOPLES!!!

AM I moody?-
Am I sweet?-
Am I crazy?-
Am I lovable?-
Am I funny?-
Am I ugly?-
Am I psycho?-
Am I annoying?-
Am I a good person?-
Am I weird?-
2)******Would You******
Hug me?-
Kiss me?-
Marry me?-(if your a boygirltransvestite just say so...)
Miss me if i was gone?-
Listen to my problems?-
Hug me if i cried?-
Be a good friend?-

3)******If You Could...******
Give me a new name it would be?-
Hook me up with someone who would it be? (Not a celeb.) -
Hook me up with a celeb who would it be?-
Do one thing with me it would be?-
Drop me one piece of advice it would be?-

4)******Just A Few Questions******
What do u like about me?-
What do u hate about me?-
What is my best quality?-

1. Who are you?-
2. Do you have a crush on me?(not love just a normal average crush)-
3.are you in love with me?-
4. Are we good friends?-
5. Do we know each other in real life?-
6. Am I hot?-
7. Is my avatar hot?-
8. Whats your fav. kind of music?-
9. Will you put this in your journal so i can answer these questions about you?-

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Community Member

Sat Aug 18, 2007 @ 11:07pm

skipping first... long... section...

hug as a friend...
uh... NO WAY!!!
i do listen to your problemeos (i didn't spell that right)
again... hugging as a friend thing
i consider myself a good friend (not trying to be vain there)

Sarah (just a guess)
Johnny Depp... (hes a normal person you know... sorta...) just kidding, i mean crawley... smilies/icon_scream.gif
again... Johnny Depp smilies/icon_pirate.gif
don't imagine any of your teachers in togas... I'll leave it at that

you are a nice person
you weren't my gym partner so i had to dance with john smilies/emo.gif
you are friendly

1. stalker... just kidding... smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif
2. um... no
3. NO
4. yup
5. duh... wind ensemble all the way!
5... 6. no comment there
7. its not blonde...
8. mcr
9. mhmm

User Comments: [1]
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