Omeacatl Ahuitzotl
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Believe me, I always love hearing about new "life-styles", it's always fantastic to hear all of the crazy people band together and fight Godzilla in Tokyo so that their feet are no longer threatened by the evil overlord Shoe. It's all well and good. However, once in a while, you'll just find crazy and none of that tasteful Godzilla fighting. Like the pro-ana movement.

Pro-anas say that Anorexia, one of the biggest baddest eating-disorders, is a lifestyle. It's not just for perfectionists anymore, I guess, seeing as they've forgotten about the very visible O in anOrexia.
(Not that I don't understand why they'd want to be anA instead of anO, palindromes are always really catchy. Catchy = Good. Or maybe they just forgot the orexi part, I couldn't tell you).

I've never wanted to keep a reasonable amount of food in my body so badly before.

Well, I want to mess with them, badly. Because messing with people is my best skill set, and the hysterical day I've been having is making me feel fairly giggly. ^___^ I've got such a stupid grin on my face right now! Breaking impressionable 13-year-olds' flimsy sort of fantasy will make me feel guilty, guilt will force me back into depression, where I belong. ^____^.

Really, just one of the funniest days I've had in a while. I can't explain it. I think I've gone a bit (more) mad.

Jack Walters, Private Detective, going down to Innsmouth.
See all of you later.