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not greedy - pt.II
smilies/icon_exclaim.gif call me greedy, and i'll ram that word so far up your a**, you'll say it a 2nd time.
||is not a voilent person||

Barton Boutique

    |x| black muskateer pants 8,2oo gold
    |x| konfuzed rainbow toe sox 4o4 gold

Barton Jewelers

    |x| gold promise ring 1,ooo gold
    |x| silver promise ring 1,ooo gold
    |x| egyptian gold armlet 3,51o gold
    |x| egyptian gold armlet 4,15o gold
    |x| egyptian gold anklet (right) 4,15o gold
    |x| egyptian gold anklet (left) 4,15o gold
    |x| elegant pearl drop choker 23,4oo gold

Gambino Hat Rack

    |x| sacred leaf 3,875gold
    |x| elegant antoinette wig (cream) 47,5oo gold
    |x| doll ears 5,ooo gold
    |x| cat band 3,8oo gold
    |x| bao 3o,ooo gold

Gambino Outfitters

    |x| egyptian black linen dress 2,17o gold
    |x| egyptian rose linen dress 2,17o gold
    |x| egyptian white linen dress 2,17o gold
    |x| dead sexy dusk coat 625 gold
    |x| think pink winter socks 9oo gold

Durem Depot

    |x| elegant feather mask (red pinions) 5,65o gold
    |x| that black 90s visor 2,ooo gold
    |x| neo tube top 1,3oo gold
    |x| g-lol dark mistress top 2,ooo gold
    |x| black pearl vinyl strap top 2,47o gold
    |x| #ffffff complex shirt 6,131 gold
    |x| #0000ff complex shirt 6,131 gold
    |x| black glamrock jean skirt 5,25o gold
    |x| dark platform shoes 2,1oo gold

H.R. Wesley

    |x| longsleeve wool sweater 485 gold
    |x| longsleeve black wool sweater 485 gold
    |x| longsleeve white wool sweater 485 gold
    |x| dress of the swan 1,25o gold
    |x| stylish charcoal winter coat 9,5oo gold
    |x| g-lol pink gown 13,ooo gold
    |x| elegant black satin corset 48,6oo gold
    |x| elegant black satin coat 56,3oo gold
    |x| button down feather skirt 695 gold
    |x| button down feather pants 595 gold
    |x| stealth infared top 5,55o gold
    |x| stealth infared pants 5,677 gold
    |x| elegant black satin skirt 56,1oo gold
    |x| elegant snowy leggings 2,5oo gold
    |x| leather couture boots 5,32o gold
    |x| elegant snowy cravat 8,45o gold

Crate and Apparel

    |x| neos upsidedown top 19,5oo gold
    |x| light purple leg warmers 2,ooo gold

Monthly Collectibles

    |x| angelic halo june 2oo3
    |x| panda hat july 2oo3
    |x| dj headphones august 2oo3
    |x| mini angel wings september 2oo3
    |x| afk hat november 2oo3
    |x| chain wallet january 2oo4
    |x| horns of the demon june 2oo4
    |x| kitsune mask july 2oo4
    |x| whip of fire august 2oo5
    |x| whip of ice august 2oo5
    |x| g9 laptop february 2oo6
    |x| gift of the goddess january 2oo7
    |x| oculus magica april 2oo7
    |x| mythrill halo june 2oo7
    |x| western zodiac june 2oo7

Event Items

    |x| red rose corsage march 2oo3
    |x| bunny slippers easter 2oo3

t e n n y
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