Charlie Rodriguez
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Another day another fight
another day another fight, another scratch under my eye,another kick to the my chin did me in.

i just came up with that right now like 30 sec. it wasnt me who i wrote this poem for its for my cuzin Ariel. how knocked his a** out.

well yeah i really did get knocked out this time i was fighting one of my friends from middle school. thing is i didnt know he knew how to fight. so homeboy gutted me with a hard hook to my ribs at the same time i threw a right jab punched him right in the corner of his eyebrow, i was like damn i missed. so he knocked the air out of. i pushed him off of me. then i charged with a superman punch BLAM i got him in the chin. but at the same time he grabed my arm and put his right foot on my gut andfliped back and tossed mefar. so now im even more winded. i jump to my feet and try to shake it off but a** soon as i do that BLAM BLAM i start to see stars. the other club members say that i got a fighters heart because be fore i went down they said i was still trying to swing and block.

i honestly dont recall non of what happened after i got my a** kick.

but this is one of my 20 fights so far in HK