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GOLD SHOP MOVEMENT! *danceydance*

What's the Gold Shop Movement?
A movement supporting noncash shop items. See how long you can go without throwing a cashshop item on your avi. Switch up your Gaia dressing lifestyle. Need something to do to keep you from being bored? Add a challenge to your Gaian's life.

How does it work?
Support the gold shop. Change your avi regularly (at least once every day, which is preferred.) Here's what you can and can't do.

  • DON'T WEAR CASH SHOP ITEMS. This includes items received from buying Gaia Cash, items from Cash Shop RIGs (including the lucky chest), MCs (yes, MCs are cash shop items), EI's, etc etc.
  • WEAR GOLD SHOP/FREE GRANT ITEMS. This includes: Game items; zOMG items, Sponsor Quest Items, Event Items (so long as they don't fall into the the Cash Shop Item category.)
  • Change your avi at least every 1-2 days. This way you can't just choose one avi and say you're supporting the gold shop. Create a tektek avi shot of your current avi before changing to the next.
  • I'm not here to be hating on the Cash Shop. You want a cash shop item, purchase it. Put it on a mule or something. Doesn't bother me.
  • I'm not gonna keep track of everyone who supports this. I can't watch your avi to see if you're not wearing cash shop items. However, if I do catch you.... >.>
  • I'll add anything else I can think of here.

The color is brown 'cause that's the color based 'round my first avi.
How long can you go? :3

A Few Helpful Notes

  • Hide any items that'll make your tektek avi look kinda wonky. Make sure you list 'em though, since any hidden items won't show up on the list.
  • You can also take a picture of your avi to keep track. But you can't use just a picture.
  • On tektek search "user:*profile number here*" to get the items you're wearing currently easier. Mine is "user:12208707"

My main's avi is loaded with Cash Shop items. While I support the cash shop, many times I don't like how it's run. And getting the 1-3 items from a cash shop (usually) RIG update I want brings me a lot of frustration, because I earn old quite slowly. So, this is also an attempt to take my focus off cash shop items, to ease my own frustration, 'cause I do like Gaia, despite how boring it's gotten for me lately with all this cash shop regurgitation.

My main's avi is loaded with Cash Shop Items. She's also wearing the "Boo Skin" from Halloween 2k9. Do I really have to say why I'm not changing her avi to support this movement?

My Avis will be in the Comments Section.