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Gold gives you the means to personalize your Gaia experience, letting you buy just the right clothes and accessories to create your perfect avatar.

Get Rich Quick

Too busy to earn Gold? Get instant access to thousands of items for your avatar, house, and car with Gaia Cash.

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Get Alerts


Alerts are an easy way to keep up on the latest happenings on Gaia. We'll send you an e-mail or a text for every announcement or PM, your choice. We'll even pay you some Gold for signing up

Get alerts for site announcements, PMs, and more.

Invite A Friend

Invite Friends

Don't be lonely, invite some friends to come join you! Gaia is more fun when you have people to hang out with, plus you'll get 100 Gold for each friend that joins.

Get Gold bringing your friends to Gaia.

Post on the Forums


Earn Gold talking with others about the things that interest you.

Get Gold payouts for posting on the forums!

Sell Your Talent


Why not snag some Gold and show off your talents at the same time? Be a virtual Piccaso creating masterpieces for admiring patrons, then sleep on piles of Gold.

Offer your creative talents to other Gaians for Gold!

Win Daily Prizes

Daily Chance

The easiest way to get gold when you log in. Just click on the Daily Chance cart, located at the top of each page, and get free Gold or items. You get multiple chances a day, so keep your eyes peeled!

Click the Daily Chance for Gold and other prizes!

Play Games


Get Gold playing games and having fun. Can't get any easier than that, can it?

Casual games like Pinball, Fishing, and Word Bump offer Gold rewards.

Watch for Rare Events

Rare Events

These mysterious boxes are extremely rare, but when you spot one expect to get free stuff you can sell in the Marketplace.

Keep your eyes peeled for mysterious prize boxes with valuable rewards!

Vote in the Arena

Vote in Arenas

Get some extra Gold voting on the artwork, writing, and avatars of your fellow Gaians. It's easy to do and even contributes to the community.

Express your opinions and earn Gold by voting in the Arenas.

Write Comments

Comment on Friend's Profiles

Just like posting on the forums, you'll fetch a few gold for each profile comment you write. Plus, you'll make others feel popular.

Earn gold commenting on profiles.

Shake Things Up


We hide Gold all over the place. We're kind of weird that way. Shake things up in Gaia Towns and find some hidden loot.

Look for hidden Gold under rocks and in trees in Gaia Towns.

Invest in Collectible Items

Monthly Collectibles

The Monthly Collectibles are not only really cool, but also great investments. Buy 2 or more and make some quick Gold!

Monthly Collectibles sell for big money in the Marketplace.

Play The Market

Cash Shop

Flynn keeps a bevy of exclusive items in her shop. Buy them as collectors' items to sell on the marketplace, or hold as investments.

Buy exclusive Cash Shop items and sell for Gold in the Marketplace.

Browse The Site

Surfing Gold

Browsing around is the easiest thing to do, and we'll give you a little bit of Gold every minute or so. Not a lot, but it helps.

Get extra Gold just for browsing the site!

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