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PostPosted: Mon Jan 17, 2011 12:09 am
"I regret to inform this village.. But thanks to the hearing of the fact there may be a rebellion in the works, this village as well as many others are being closed off and sealed away. I regret to inform you that your homes and all other possessions will be locked away.. No one will be allowed to enter or leave this area.. From now on!" A males voice rings out over the village, though there was no one in sight to actually show who had said this. As soon as the words were spoken, a heavy air came across the village as the entire thing seemed to become locked down. The ribbons that covered the village, solidifying and wrapping around the entire thing like a large dome, preventing anyone from entering or leaving this place ever again.  
PostPosted: Thu Aug 04, 2011 5:28 pm

Consciousness was slow in returning, but it did eventually return. Shiori groaned and tried to sit up, only to find her entire body was so sore she could barely move. Fear lit up her senses, just what had happened after she had blacked out?! Forcing her eyes open, she looked around, eyes darting back and forth as adrenaline pounded in her temples. She didn't see anyone nearby, no guard or assailant. That was something, at least. If she had been captured, they must have thought she either had no chance of escape, or wasn't worth worrying about. Being underestimated like that gave her a very good chance of making an escape. Gritting her teeth against the pain, she forced herself to sit up. Trying to get to her feet, she staggered heavily, almost falling back onto one knee. A grunt slipped past her lips, though she quickly clamped her mouth shut, she needed to stay quiet if she was going to make the most of this chance.

Almost instantly after her grunt, she heard the sound of running feet and cursed silently. So close! She was in no shape to fight, let alone make a break for it, her opportunity was gone. She tried to ready herself to at least make a last stand, turning to face the only doorway in the small room she found herself in. Only then did she even subconsciously take in some of the details around her. The door was open, and the room was actually decorated. She had been laying on a pallet, though it hadn't been all that uncomfortable. The room's decorations almost made it seem... homely? Hardly what she would have expected for a prisoner's quarters. Just where in the world was she?

Any further inspection of her surroundings was put to a sudden halt when she saw a form burst through the door. She almost lashed out at them; if she had been feeling any better, she would have. Luck was on her side in that regard, her instincts were faster than her recognition. Only a moment after she would have attacked, only then did she realize the figure who was even now staring at her was none other than Yuriko! Her still weary mind tried to put two and two together, why was Yuriko running around free while she was a prisoner?

"Onee-sama, you're awake! You shouldn't be trying to move, you're still hurt!" Yuriko rushed to her side, and with Shiori's still weakened state, she didn't have the strength to stop her from gently shoving her back down on the pallet. She tried to get up, but a hand held her down. Knowing it was futile, she gave up on trying to get up again, and instead tried to ask what had happened. Unfortunately what she uttered was completely illegible, her mouth was horrendously dry. Yuriko seemed to have expected that, as she reached over to the small table near the pallet and picked up a glass and a pitcher of water.

Yuriko helped place a few pillows under Shiori's back, enough to elevate her top half while still keeping her laying down, so she could at least have something to drink at the same time. Shiori felt humiliated when Yuriko insisted on actually holding the glass for her, as if she were an invalid. Her thirst was more pressing than her pride, however, so she grudgingly accepted the assistance. Yuriko pulled the glass away far too soon for her liking, but she was scolded when she tried to reach for it. "That's enough for now, Onee-sama. You need your rest."

"Wh-what... what happened?" The last thing she remembered was everything going black during her last attack on the group of bandits. Once she had passed out, her control over the paper would have went away, so if even one of the bandits had some fight left in them at that point, there would have been nothing stopping them. She needed to know, what had happened?

"Shh, it's alright, Onee-sama, we're safe now." Yuriko set the glass down, just out of reach, and went on to explain what had happened. She remembered the terror of being pulled away from the bandits, seeing them right behind her, brandishing clubs and practically howling with rage. Shiori had looked so magnificent, all of those sheets of paper flying around her like a personal snowstorm. Those papers seemed so fragile, yet strong, just like Shiori herself! The bandits never seemed to have a chance! But then things began going horribly wrong. She had thought Shiori would have taken the chance to make a run for it, but the next thing she knew, the grip on her wrist went slack. With dawning horror, Yuriko looked at Shiori and watched with mute shock as she visibly wavered before slumping to the ground, out like a light. She had screamed her name, but Shiori was completely out of it.

With that, the papers started to fall to the ground as well, revealing the bandits. Many of them had been taken out of action, but a few were still conscious. And angry. They had rushed in, swapping out the clubs for blades of various sizes. Yuriko had only had tiem to cry out and throw her arms up before a shadow passed in front of them. Whatever the shadow had been, she had no idea. Whatever it was, it was fast, it never slowed down enough for her to see what it was. But she saw what it had done! It rushed from one bandit to the next, and each time it reached one, they let out an anguished cry before falling to the ground. Once the last bandit was so afflicted, the shadow disappeared. That left Yuriko as the only one left conscious. For a long moment, she just stood there, feeling helpless. But eventually she realized that this was her chance to help Shiori, to pay her back for all that she had done for her.

So she gathered up as much of her papers as she could, placing them in her pack, and then set about the rather painstaking task of carrying Shiori to the closest village. She had no idea where it was, she could only hope that luck was on her side. It took time, she wasn't used to carrying another person like this. But she was determined, determined to not let her Onee-sama down! So she kept going, until finally she reached the edge of the forest. From there, she had to take a break, and look around. There was no village within sight, but she could see a small farmhouse, really not much more than a cottage with a small squared off garden. New hope welling up, she set off once more, and managed to reach the small building.

Knocking at the door would have proven difficult while still holding Shiori, so it was fortunate that the house's owner saw her approach and moved out to meet her. Once she had explained what had happened, the woman who lived there welcomed the two of them in, to recover from their trials.

And that was what had happened. Shiori was silent for a moment as she realized that she had failed. Not fully, no harm had come to Yuriko. But all the same, she had failed. She tried to apologize to Yuriko for her lapse, but she was quick to tell her that there was nothing to apologize for. She had done her best, and had taken out a lot of the bandits, and everything had worked out.

Shiori didn't have a rebuttal for that, and instead just closed her eyes, her exhaustion getting the best of her. A moment later her eyes shot open when she felt Yuriko move up against her. Even now, after all of that, she was still acting like that?! She didn't have the energy to make her stop or go away, so she just heaved a sigh and tried to ignore her.
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 8:17 pm

The following days went by more or less peacefully. There were no attacks by bandits, but with someone like Yuriko always staying near her, Shiori felt rather under duress. She certainly couldn't tell her off or chase her away, she still had her duty. Even so, the girl's antics were starting to grow wearisome. Just the day before, she had caught her attempting to spy on her during morning ablutions. Finally, she had had enough, and pulled out several sheets of paper, the sheets folding together until they took the shape of a large harisen, a paper fan. She landed a solid thump on Yuriko's head, causing the girl to fall back with a cry. It wasn't all that painful of a hit, but it got the point across.

"Kyah! Onee-sama, you're so rough! Be more gentle!" Or maybe not. Shiori sighed, it would have to be enough. Once she had finished getting ready, she stepped out of the cottage, and looked to the side. She was just about fully recovered by now, she could finally move like she wanted, with just a bit of soreness which she could ignore for the moment. She had been getting antsy laying in bed for all that time. She had insisted on being allowed to help out, at least a little. The woman who's hospitality they had been infringing upon had finally allowed her to chop some firewood, hoping that that wouldn't be too much exertion for her.

Shiori felt more than ready, and she had an advantage over simply using an axe. With her paper, she could cut through stumps easily, like a hot knife through butter. It did use some of her stored chakra, but she could take her time, so the drain wasn't too bad. She continued chopping until there was plenty of wood for the fire, enough to last several weeks, long after she and Yuriko had hopefully left to continue their journey. She set the fireplace-sized pieces of wood in it's receptacle and straightened up. Maybe she was still recovering, even that bit of exertion had left her a bit short of breath. She eased up against the side of the cottage, lowering herself down until she was sitting with her back against the wall. She leaned her head back, to look up at the sky. Even now, seeing a simple sky like this, a brilliant blue that looked like it could go on forever, she never forgot the perpetually raining skies of her home. She wouldn't be going back for a while, she felt fairly sure of that. There was a long road ahead of her, her journey had only just begun.

One of the things she had been able to do while convalescing was thinking. About just where she should go next, about what she could do about Yuriko, about just what this duty was and why she was the one who had been given it. Much of those matters, thinking about them was meaningless, it would change nothing. But thinking about her next destination, that had been something she could mull over and decide for herself. Before she had made too many plans, she had asked the woman just where they actually were. She was surprised to find out they were on the outskirts of Hidden Alchemy, she hadn't even considered going there. But now that she was so close, perhaps it would be worthwhile.

As it turned out, such a trip wasn't needed. The woman herself actually knew much of the ways of alchemy, and she agreed easily enough to teach Shiori at least some of what she knew. The lessons had taken time, but with her being confined to bed for the duration, she had nothing better to do. That restriction gave her determination, which in turn let her learn the skills quickly, quickly enough that the woman was visibly impressed. She had even suggested Shiori stay on as her apprentice, learn all of the secrets of alchemy and make a living that way. Of course, any real consideration Shiori might have had vanished in an instant when the woman suggested that she could even construct a home for her and her lover. Shiori blushed furiously, vehemently denying such a thing, while Yuriko, who had been waiting nearby, was quick to blush and act like the woman had spotted some hidden truth.

It had taken time to untangle that misunderstanding, but eventually the truth came out. Shiori's truth, not the fantasy that Yuriko seemed to be so intent upon. The damage had been done, however, and Shiori knew she would have to press on. Not because the woman had found some hidden secret or anything, but merely that if one woman had made that assumption, others would as well. And she just didn't have the mental wherewithal to endure such trials and tribulations.

So, where to go? There were dozens of other villages she could visit. But she had two goals to keep in mind for whatever her destination would actually be. Her own goal, that of becoming stronger, and her goal associated with Yuriko, that of keeping her safe. So wherever she went, she would have to make sure that things didn't get too bad, that that location wasn't known for roving bands of bandits and missing-nins. That meant Hidden Nightmare would be out, though Hidden Slumber would be a possibility. For now, though, she was considering just going back to Hidden Leaf. She hadn't been there for all that long before; she felt there was still more she could learn there. And she had the feeling Yuriko had left without bothering to make any arrangements, she might appreciate a chance to visit her home and pack any important belongings or whatever.

Shiori's cheeks tinged slightly pink, why was she considering things like what Yuriko might appreciate? She shook her head vigorously, she had to be tired, that was it! She resolved to get some rest, and then the two of them would set out in the morning for Hidden Leaf. When she told the woman, she seemed a bit disappointed, she had enjoyed having company. But she brightened up after a moment, and said she'd prepare a fantastic meal for supper to give them a good send-off. Shiori said that she didn't have to do that, but the woman insisted. It would be ungracious to argue further, so Shiori weakly acquiesced, thanking her deeply.

The meal that night was just as fantastic as the woman had made it sound, Shiori hadn't had a chance to eat so well in ages. Back in Hidden Rain, she had prepared almost all of her own meals. She had come from a simplistic school of thought in regard to cooking, her meals had been plain but filling. Some slight flavor, really just a bit of salt or pepper was all she had allowed herself. But this! This was something else entirely! Yuriko seemed to agree, she couldn't stop saying how delicious everything was. The woman seemed to enjoy their praise, urging the both of them to eat as much as they liked. Eventually they did get full, and had to decline anything further, before slowly making their way to their beds, to slip into a deep slumber until morning.

Morning rolled around, and Shiori woke up. She felt a lot better than the day before, had it been that large meal? She moved to sit up, and noticed the arm sprawled over her side. Eyes widening, she looked down. Sure enough, Yuriko had snuck in once more, and fallen asleep next to her. She sighed, and managed to push Yuriko away, the still sleeping girl mumbling about her 'onee-sama'. Honestly, didn't she ever give up?! Shiori got to her feet, and took the chance to wash up. With Yuriko still asleep, she didn't have to worry about getting peeked at or anything. Once she emerged, freshly washed and dressed, she grabbed her bag and woke Yuriko up. Or tried to, rather. Waking the girl up proved a lot more of a hassle than she had expected, especially when she had leaned in to shake her shoulder, only to find Yuriko reaching out in her sleep to grab a hold of her. Even in her sleep?! She managed to get away, and resolved to just try later.

She went into the cottage's kitchen, where the woman was working on a simple breakfast for three. She greeted her warmly, and thanked her again for all that she had done for the two of them. The woman shrugged the thanks off, saying that any decent person would have done the same. Shiori had the tact to not mention that there weren't many decent people left in the world any more. Instead, they just made small talk until the morning repast was ready. Yuriko was still sleeping, so they dug in without her, though her plate was set in case she did wake up.

She didn't, and finally it was the time to depart. Shiori had the feeling that trying to wake Yuriko up again would only end badly, so instead she decided to try a gamble. She told the woman her plan, and then simply went to leave. Out the door, and she began walking down the lane. Within only a few moments, she felt a body crash into her back, arms wrapped around her shoulders. Yuriko, of course. "How dare you leave me behind, Onee-sama!" Shiori tried to shake Yuriko off, but she refused to let go. It looked like Yuriko intended to hang onto her for the entire trip. That was one way to see just how much Shiori had recovered! Now if only Yuriko could behave herself while hitching a ride!
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2011 10:49 am
Asuka stepped into the village known as the Hidden Alchemy. He had only ever heard rumors about this place. Never had the cloud chuunin actually seen it or even met anyone from it. The young Sinobi had come to attempt to master the village’s rumored jutsu that was unlike any other that went by the name of Alchemy. Asuka was not sure what to expect before entering the small village, but he could have never imagined what he saw when he arrived. It appeared to be a small city rather than a village. Not in size, but in appearance. Strange technologies were present everywhere as if this place was a step into the future. Asuka began to tread rather carefully, almost afraid of being noticed by carrying around such a large sword on his back. It would probably look rather archaic in such a place as this. But none the less the acting Raikage could not forget why he was here. He had come to master Alchemy so he could become stronger and defend his village in the war that had begun to rage. Nobody had come to attack Hidden Cloud yet since the initial attention grabber that killed the previous Raikage. But Asuka knew someone would come eventually, probably sooner rather than later, and when that happened he needed to be prepared. He truly hoped that learning Alchemy might allow him to gain an edge on the attackers who wished to take his village.

As he wandered the streets, Asuka found an inn as soon as possible so that he’d have a place to stay during his time here. He reserved his room, got his key, and paid the clerk his money. As he was about to leave Asuka realized that he could be asking locals if they knew of any alchemy teachers available. He turned back to the teller at the desk. “Excuse me sir, would you happen to know of anyone in the village who would be willing to teach me alchemy?” Asuka did not know any customs of this place but he attempted to be polite as possible since he was not from around here. The clerk’s face became slightly sullen as the cloud shinobi asked the question. “Sorry son. I only know of one, but she doesn’t take outsiders for students.” Asuka sighed and thanked the man with a small tip before leaving the building. He still had a few hours of daylight left so he chose to continue wandering the streets.

Whenever he came by one, Asuka would stop into a bar or small diner and ask whoever worked there the same question he asked of the clerk at the inn. But every time he seemed to get the same response. Apparently most the alchemy teachers in town were away or busy and the only one left was a highly skilled alchemist. Unfortunately she refuses to take outsiders for students. At the end of the night Asuka returned to the inn and dragged himself upstairs. Being tired and feeling beaten, the cloud chuunin dropped all his gear to the wood floor and fell into his bed. As he began to doze off into sleep, he couldn’t help but wonder if it was at all worth his time to come here. There were other techniques to learn in other places after all. Why go through so much effort just to learn alchemy? The question lingered in his mind as he fell asleep.

Eventually the morning came and Asuka was awoken by the bright sun outside and the sound of the busy and noisy streets of Hidden Alchemy. It took him a moment to remember where he was, and even longer to remember why he was here. After a minute or so the cloud chuunin found the motivation to pull himself out of bed and pick up his equipment. As he was trying to decide where he needed to go, he suddenly remembered everything that had happened the day before and how the only available alchemy teacher into the village probably would not take him. The option now that made the most sense would be for him to turn around and go somewhere else to train. But Asuka did not like the sound of that idea very much at all. He wouldn’t be able to face himself if he tucked his tail between his legs and gave up without even trying. The young Sinobi decided he would at the very least go to this alchemy teacher and try to convince her to teach him.

Asuka left the inn and made his way down the road towards the rumored alchemy teacher he had been hearing so much about. He could only pray at this point that he’d convince her to teach an outsider like him. The young Sinobi walked for about half an hour before arriving at a small hut on the outskirt of the village. He wasn’t entirely sure if he had the right place. Why would such an apparently successful alchemy teacher live so far outside of the main town? No matter, Asuka could only hope for the best as he walked up to the door and lightly knocked a few times. He could hear shuffling around inside and waited patiently as several seconds went by before the door open. As the wooden door creaked open, the cloud chuunin found himself having to look down at a rather short old crone looking woman. None the less he put on his best smile and gave a slight bow to her. “Excuse me miss. Would you happen to Kara the alchemy teacher?” The old woman nodded slightly and there was an awkward silence before Asuka realized she was waiting for him to continue with what he had to say. He was grateful she was at least a good listener. Maybe he did have a chance. The young Sinobi continued to speak in hopes of convincing the old teacher to instruct him. “My name is Asuka Sinobi.” He decided not to mention his village even though the headband shined brightly on his forehead. “I have come here in hopes of learning alchemy so that I might better defend my village that has become plagued by war. I’ve heard you are the best of the best around here and I’ve come to plead with you to teach me.”

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2011 10:50 am
The old lady looked down as she let out a sigh and back up at Asuka before speaking. “If you’re this desperate I assume that people have told you that I don’t teach outsiders. You’ll just have to find some other way to be stronger. I’ve let alchemy get out of the village too much as it is.” At this point the acting Raikage felt he had no other option but to fall to his knees, which he did as he spoke again. “I beg of you Kara-sensei. I will do anything to prove to you that I am of good heart and that I have what it takes to learn alchemy from you and use it well.” Kara continued to stare rather blankly before responding to the begging shinobi from the Village Hidden in the Clouds. “I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do to prove such a thing. You could sit outside my house for a week in meditation and I’d still stick to my policy.” With that, the old crone Kara turned and began to close his door. But Asuka was still desperate enough to try one thing. He stood up and threw in one last comment. “Then I shall be out here for eight days if that’s what it takes.” Before Kara could respond Asuka had already turned tail and made his way slightly down the hill that the crone’s small hut was on.

Asuka took off his backpack and untied all of his swords. He set all of his equipment next to a rather large boulder before climbing on top of hit. He settled himself down in a cross legged position and started to relax. The cloud chuunin closed his eyes as he calmed his mind. He knew he would be here for a long time so his meditation would have to be very good in order to survive the entire time. Asuka began to quiet his thoughts and within a few minutes, he managed to achieve a meditative state. His conscious mind stopped thinking so he could listen to his sub conscious and hopefully achieve some kind of enlightenment from this. He could feel his heartbeat slow to a near stop and his breathing become almost negligible. Hopefully with his body doing even less work than sleeping he would be able to live through eight days straight of meditation. For the first two days he meditated, he was lucky that the weather was warm. Even the nights were bearable. Many images flashed through Asuka’s mind as he meditated. The first two days caused him to see an uncountable amount of circles. They were all simple circles with nothing special about them. But for some reason the young Sinobi could feel that they held some kind of power within them. The first two days seemed to pass by rather quickly and the cloud chuunin began to think that perhaps this wouldn’t be as hard as he had originally thought it would.

He ate his thoughts the next day though. At sunrise of the third day, the sky was covered by clouds and soon enough it began to rain. Being in such a mentally reclusive state, Asuka barely even noticed it, so for the time being he seemed to be ok. It rained straight through the third and fourth days and nights. During these two days the acting Raikage began to see even more images fly through his mind. This time there were dozens of symbols. Different runes and glyphs along with different styles of connected stars such as pentagrams and hexagrams appeared to him. Many of the shapes he saw he had never even realized existed or were possible to draw. Yet he found himself understanding their meaning and the purposes behind each one as it showed itself to him. Asuka’s mind raced with information that for some reason all made sense. He had no idea where it was all coming from or why he understood it without any thought whatsoever. When the fifth day finally arrived the rain stopped only to be soon replaced with a regaling wind that battered at Asuka tirelessly for the next two days. Once the symbols began to fade from his view, the cloud chuunin thought he might actually get to rest his mind during the rest of his meditation. But he was disappointed as his mind was once again flooded with strange images and information. This new information was much different from the circles and symbols from before. Now the young Sinobi’s vision was filled with different colored orbs of various sizes that were all tied to together by different bonds.

Asuka had never learned anything about physics or chemistry in his life. Being a shinobi there had never been much of need with the use of chakra around. Yet as his meditation went on he began to know these different orbs by names such as oxygen, zinc, sulfur, and tons more. Before long he was able to understand the bonds between them. There were so many types of bonds, and Asuka soon realized that they were caused by even smaller particles called electrons. By the end of the sixth day the assaulting winds halted and the air was still as Asuka’s mind was quiet once more. He suddenly felt this mastery in his mind of chemistry and physics. The Raikage was beginning to worry for his sanity. It felt like all this information was being shoved into his mind, and he had no idea where it was coming from or even if it was real. On the final two days Asuka was once again fortunate to receive sunshine and warmth. But even thought the weather was not an issue, more information came into being. But it seemed to be the combination of everything he had already learned and its application. He wasn’t sure what to make of this part of the meditation. Soon enough though the last two days of Asuka’s meditation had passed by.

As the boy’s mind became incredibly silent, he knew it was time to awake from his mental stillness and pray that the old crone Kara would see his qualities. As Asuka opened his eyes, the first thing he noticed was Kara standing before the boulder he sat on. She only nodded at him with a smile as he came to. It was at that moment that it all made sense. Everything he had learned in meditation was real. He didn’t know how, but Kara had somehow taught him through meditation. He supposed that in a strange way it made sense. Asuka stood atop his boulder and drew a quick transmutation circle before slapping his hand against it, and in a bright flash, shaping the boulder into a small obelisk. Kara was already inside, so the cloud shinobi carved the words ‘thank you’ into the obelisk before picking up his gear and departing.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2012 12:26 pm
| Trying to decide on a post theme for these four. Might format later. <.< |

Claws painted a bright red with blood come crashing down into the skull of a small squirrel. "I guess we can have seconds soon," Frey says with a tiny chuckle. She scrapes the carcass across the ground a little before she manages to lift it and her foot into the air. Just as the creature begins to slip free of the claws on her feet, Frey tosses the dead thing over to her sister resting near the fire. The twin raises her free hand that was resting lazily against her hip and catches the critter. Freya looks it over a little as Frey strolls over tot the fire. She sits and stares at her sibling as her slightly different mirror image twins sets the squirrel in its place in the fire like the others. "Those troublemakers ran off without even trying these things. They're delicious, right sis?" Her sister nods and she just affixes herself like her sister now. While her sister might be resting her chin on her left hand propped up off of the ground, she is propped up by her right. And where her sister's hair might cascade down her back, her hair would be settled on her side. Those practically identical, they have many opposing factors.

"We don't like hunting..." Lucifer comments as he enters the clearing from the forestry nearby. His twin, Scion, soon exits the brush as well and the two maneuver over to the fire.

"...so we decided to go into town and get some food to eat."

The twins hold out their brown paper bags out in front of them and grin at the two females. "You're welcome to join us," they say in unison as the girl's just shrug their shoulders. They couldn't care less for the over-processed foods that the Howard's enjoyed. The two boy's take a seat around the fire next to their female counterparts and begin rummaging through their food bags. Lucifer takes out a hotdogs with mustard slapped across it as Scion mumbles something. He finally tugs out a Mc Rondald burger from his bag and begins to unwrap it as Lucifer unwraps his hotdog.


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PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2012 1:03 pm
It was odd The city looked to be shut down. Nobody was there the sounds were creepy, for there was no sound. Crows seemed to be favor the area and they warning cries were everywhere. Glad the academy had maps of the various villages he made progress toward the village library, after all alchemy seemed to just make sense to him. anything really that needed to be written to do something.

Now if only he could discover away to control what he was writing, stepping into legend would be easy. Course finding anything that could do such a thing wouldn't be easy to defeat. "Note to self learn ways to fight own fighting style to improve my likeliness of reaching a legend." Hikage whispered the words for the stillness seemed to unnatural here and to break it, he hoped would not bring down some monster upon him.

Sighting the library HIkage quickened his step hoping it would offer a sense of protection and comfort. As he moved along he saw something glint in a window. Pondering if looting a deserted city was really looting. "Hmm after I learn the needed skills I'll see if I can find anything. God this stillness is just so creepy form the activity surrounding the academy."

Reaching the doors of the library Hikage found them locked. Pondering if he should pick the lock or not he shrugged. "Well I'm register as part of the village so I reason to be here." Nodding his head and convincing himself fully he picked the lock using some wiring from a car nearby. "Need to get me some ninja wire now I think on it."

After the door creaked open Hikage entered and quickly shut the door once more. Seeing protected lamps nearby he lit one and began searching for a work area so he could create his first wondrous discover in the field of alchemy.

Finding a study corner filled with tables he nodded and started to setup shop. "If I'm going to be doing this sorta of thing more for a living I think I should learn a few clone techniques." With a work area for books setup he pushed tables to the side of the room to clear an area for working with alchemy circles.

"Now to raid the stacks and offices for supplies of knowledge." And raid he did. Course he didn't know where everything was and when his lamp ran out of juice or whatever it ran on he had to make his way back to get another. but he found the needed books to finish his basic understanding of alchemical circles.

Cracking his knuckles Hikage studied by lamp light until he felt it was safe to make his first attempt. drawing his circle he placed a bowl of water in the center and started up his circle. With a flash of light it he blinked and then his bowl of water turned itself into a bowl full of ice. Jumping up into the air he shouted for the first time since entering hidden alchemy. "Yes! lookout world the for Hikage the sage of Seals and alchemy has made his first step to greatness."
Theme music - I don\'t what to set the world of fire
words 530 + previous total able to spend= 5130

techniques bought:
[S] Transmutation-600 SKill Points- This is the last step in alchemy knowledge.
[S] Alchemy Training 1- 300 skill points-With this you can transmute small things such as a box. Able to transmute up to 30 lbs.
[S] Alchemy Training 2- 400 skill points- With this you are able to transmute at a higher claibur- Able to transumtue up to a 100 lbs-
[S] Alchemy Training 3- 500 SKill Points- With this you are able to transmute at extreme level- Abel to transmute a human body  
PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2012 1:15 pm
"Yes! I've finally cracked these codes." Hikage exclaimed after sending what seemed forever pouring over three tomes of alchemy notes, which had been recorded in a code of speak so that not just anybody was able to study another alchemists notes.

"Alright. Now if I'm reading this right I'm going to need a target practice zone for the spikes, A bunker of some kind to protect myself from the explosions. and the cutting winds looks like I can double the target range for that." Nodding his head he started to map out an area map so he knew where a good area to transmute the targets and bunker would be. "Ah this square should do nicely." It was the eastern square of the village so he needed to create a better area for practice and for protection from the explosions.

"Put how can I increase the speed of my creating a seal? I mean speed is one of the factor a ninja of any type needs. After all need to make a good showing at the exams. I just hope it doesn't cause waves with the city appearing to have been shut down for some reason." He would plan something later right now he needed to master a means to use alchemy to attack another.

Looking over the plans he had created he grinned. "Now if I could only burn fire, that would be an achievement for the ages." Chuckling Hikage walked out of the library he had made his home and toward the eastern quarter of the city to the square that would become his practice range.

The city was always so still. Like a doll city without the dolls. Shaking his head he couldn't break the feeling that to make sound while outside would break some kind of spell over the area. Course soon the air would be filled with explosions from his practice area. Grinning at the thought of those terrible birds that seemed to poop everywhere flying around like chickens with their heads cut off would be amusing.

Determined to break the silence he sang a song. practicing his nibble movements as he made his way to the square. transmute this here jump on the car there. pretending the actual ground was a deadly thing to touch was rather entertaining when there was no one around you.

Making it to the square he began to work that would allow him to build the range first. " okay now that I know what I'm building lets see here. I'll need a precious target area and long side of the barn as well." Getting to work he pushed a couple of cars around and began to transmute them into the building materials he needed. "Okay now that parts done lets get to target building."

Putting the targets together was a relaxing as it filled the square with noise. the banging echoing off walls the thuds making it sound as if there were more people in the area with him. "Okay as soon as I finish with these techniques I am finding people to interact with. I just hope they won't be the stab him first then see what I stabbed second."

Once that was done he started to work up a little protected site so that he didn't need to about being hurt as he learned his newest techniques.

"Okay lets start with the ARMSTRONG BEAUTIFUL EARTH BLAST technique." For some reason he had an uncontrolled urge to flew his muscles all of them when he said Armstrong. Going with it he flexed and and proceeded to shoot the spikes of earth he had made toward the targets. After the fifth try they started to hit the targets each time. technique mastered.
word count 623 + previous total = 9223
spendable = 4023
technique learned
spendable afterward = 3423
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:53 pm
Hikage was excited he heard there were exams to take place soon and though he had no combat experience he figured it would work in his favor to be as prepared for it as possible.

Thinking of the last techniques he was sure he would learn before it was time to leave Hidden Alchemy He got up for the morning and began to work his morning workout of stretches and limbering up so as to have a means to run away if the explosions were a little too extreme.

Aw who was he kidding he wanted to see if he could burn fire. Granted physic said that it was impossible but perception mattered too. If you had enough people with the opinion that yes you could burn fire then you did it. Alchemy just seemed to be a perfect way to go about it. Once he was stretched out and ready for his training Hikage set a pot of water to boil so while he was out it would be hot enough to make something with it once he returned.

Leaving his makeshift home in the library Hikage grabbed the alchemy books that he translated already and took them with him. to skim while he made his way to the training area he made himself. Once there and looking to make sure everything was in its proper places he nodding and began to work the needed seals to the explosion and set some flint up. Once he had this mastered he planned was going to train with the gloves he made as the technique provided how to make them as well to work the technique well.

Checking that everything was in its place Hikage began to test out the array. "Here goes nothing..." Giving silent prayers to any being the lived above he did blow his a** or leg off he activated the seal.

then nothing happened. "What the hell?" leaving the array and studying the notes Hikage realized he forgot one thing the, the spark the array turned into fire. Nodding his head he took out a lighter and began to to walk back. Snapping the lighter open Hikage turned on the array again. This time he hit the flint in the lighter to start a spark and the target car, which he made sure had no gas in it was quickly struck int he side by an explosion which caused it to roll onto its side. nodding his head at the success Hikage then p0ulled out the gloves to make sure that the array stitched into it was correct.

This time he was going for a flip effect. standing back enough so he didn't have to worry about miss aiming and having the car flip toward him Hikage activated the seal on the glove and snapped his fingers. BOOM! with a grin on his face Hikage saw the car to a double roll before nodding and walking away.

"Okay so now I have that part down I need to start review the other technique before I pack up and head to another village.

Setting aside the book on Mustangs explosion techniques he nodded as he picked up the second book about the cutting winds. After checking the array he would need for it he nodded. "Okay that seemed to about right now I just need to go over there and draw it up." With that said Hikage walked over to the area that he needed his to test the second technique. It was an area covered in small pieces of non harmful junk, cereal boxes paper, things that would blow around easy and not hurt if they hit him as they flew around. "Okay this should be all setup nice and messy now. Using a grease pencil he drew the array on the on the ground and activated it. He was shortly surrounded by a whirlwind of wind and paper before the technique ended and he found the area around him clear of junk. Smiling Hikage stepped back and using Mustangs technique brunt the array away. "Can't have techs just laying around for people to steal from our village after all. That would be most unlawful." Nodding at having master the techniques [S] Gigantic Explosion and [S] Cutting Winds Hikage was ready to pack up and find another place to learn a few techniques before having to leave for the exams, he just hoped he didn't make it there late.
word count 743 + previous total = 9965
spendable = 4165
technique learned
[S] Cutting Winds 700
[S] Gigantic Explosion 600
spendable afterward = 2166  
PostPosted: Tue Mar 05, 2013 8:16 pm
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♯ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬__________________________________________________________________________
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xxxxA cascade of melodious tunes fill the air as dim, dark brown hair flows into the air. A form, most of it covered by their shifting and twisting hair is seen sitting at a mahogany piano resting atop of a small body of water. The rich brown color of the piano is brightened by the gleam of the sun high above. Slender fingers glide across the keys, disappearing beneath a frilly sleeve before reappearing out of it and showing a bit of wrist. The individual’s head bobs and rocks from side to side, their hair being tossed about with it. Her white gown flows in the breeze due to its fine, lightweight fabric. No one is around at the moment. No one can hear the notes echoing through the area. The sounds bouncing off of the water and the distant trees fall on no ears at all. It isn’t until striking a harsh note to end the song that everything grows quiet. The person’s hair shifts one final time before coming to rest where ever it lies. They turn, their feminine features being seen for the first time. Her brilliant, blood red eyes sweeping over the landscape a moment before settling on a form watching her from a great distance. She turns her body around completely on the wooden stool and touches a bare foot to the water firmly.

xxxxShe stands up from the stool and stands nimbly atop the water. She doesn’t speak a word. She just looks across the water at the figure eyeing her. “He sends his regards,” the young boy states.

xxxx"I’d much prefer he sent his regards elsewhere. His presence is worth more than some message,” she replies coldly. The boy nods and then notices that the female is no longer where she was, nor is the piano. He turns about a moment before turning back around to see the young woman watching him at a close distance. He jumps and she rolls her eyes. “Was that all? Do continue.”

xxxx"Well,” the boy says as he peeks at the dead red eyes of the female, “He has sent along this token as he resides in the Chamber.” The boy extends a package to the female and she takes it. He doesn’t say anything more and turns to leave.

xxxx“And does he have nothing more to tell?” The boy says nothing and continues to leave. She had hoped that Niyou would send along word on when he would be freed of confinement after the massacre of Hidden Rain. She would just have to be pleased with this token of his. She would hold the package delicately in her grasp as she turns to head back to her home in the East.

xxxxLater the package rests atop of a mahogany end table opened and a letter opener resting atop the stand. Red eyes move left to right and back as a letter is read saying 'Dearest Estelle, I have been given no words as to when and if I will be freed of this tomb. So as a precaution, I have sent you a few things of mine to help with your training. If anything has the seal I placed on them broken then kill the boy that brought you the package and anyone he came in contact with. There is a chance you may find items that were taken in doing so. Though, I highly doubt that is the case, I have complete faith that you will accomplish this task effortlessly. Sound a song for me before you sleep and after you wake, Niyou.' Estelle shuts her eyes before smiling ever so slightly. “He has a way with words, that man. Or maybe I am merely my mother's child.” Her smile falls at that statement and Estelle sets the letter back into the box on the end table. She then gazes upon the sack strung around her wrist. What use could this object be to her? Was there more to it? “I have no need for this. All importance it holds is that it is eggplant in color, nothing more.”

xxxxShe decides to open the object and then reaches her index and middle finger inside. Surprisingly she finds some large as she runs her hand through the bag. She closes the sack, removes it from her wrist, and then opens the sack. It seems to open wider and wider despite its size and soon Estelle is able to freely reach one arm inside. A chime is heard as the female runs her fingers against the slick keys of a large piano stowed inside of the sack. She moves away from that object and waves her hand around until touching the smooth wooden handle of another item. She touches along it before finding the item to perhaps be some form of bass instrument; a cello possibly. This item she actually pulls from the sack, having to inlist the help of her other hand, and sets it upright on the ground. She draws the wand used to strum the strongs from the sack as well and proceeds to play a few cords. “A fine sound. This is in fact a cello and of fine craftsmanship.” She moves from the sack now resting atop the end table near the package and letter opener and to a small stand. She sets the cello down onto it and then hangs the object used to strum it beside the instrument.

xxxxShe returns to the sack, intrigue in her eyes, and reaches inside again. This time she uses both hands and pulls out two metallic looking instruments. By ook alone she assessing one to be a oboe and the other to be a flute. There was a certain difference to them. For certainty she sets the oboe down and raises the flute to her lips. She blows through the mouthpiece, dances her fingers across the holes, and plays a few notes with a smile. A flute it was indeed. She switches the flute with the oboe and does the same and finds it to be an oboe for sure. She takes them both up and sets them aside on the table before reaching into the bag again. This time she finds nothing new and just the same piano as before. How could she pull this grand piano in size out of the sack? She decides that it cannot be done and sets out to examine the exterior of the sack. She gazes upon it, trying to find some sign that the sack has the seal over it intact, but finds no sign. All she finds is that an invisible code had been broken, a condition not heeded. “This object has been tampered with. I feel that I have a task to attend to.” Estelle raises one hand to her face and examines the feminine silver watch strung around her wrist.

xxxx“Nearly 11:34 in the morning and so much still left to do. I need to attend to this before my performance tonight. I believe there should be sufficient time.” Estelle reaches a hand up to her hair and touches a spot on her scalp. She feels a twinge of pain, all mental, and then sighs. She moves her hand away and turns to gaze upon her instrument room. “They will pay for tampering with the gift presented to me by my love.”
__________________________________________________________________________♭ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2013 5:53 pm

The rusty pickup truck motored down the road toward Hidden Alchemy, veering erratically all the while. It already bore all manner of signs of damage, with the windshield fractured and cracked, and one door completely missing. It brushed close to a building, paint scraping off in a show of sparks, before it finally came to a halt against a low stone wall. It's hood popped up as smoke billowed forth from the interior. People began to gather due to the sign of the smoke, clustering close to try to see what had happened. Most of them simply watched, but one brave soul tried to get close enough to see if anyone was trapped inside of the wreck. They grabbed the door's handle and pulled, but before the door could actually open, something grabbed them and pulled them bodily through the space where thw window had been. A startled scream was cut off midway through, and then all seemed to go silent.

Silent, until a form burst out of the wreckage and land in the midst of the crowd. Koutai made an exaggerated gesture of looking around at the fleshlings, her eyestalk rotating almost continually. "This place is all full of them, too, sis! They're like roaches or summin!" She reached out to clamp a hand down on one random person's shoulder before pulling them close enough to look her right in the eye. That close, they could see the lack of distinction in her eyes, that they seemed merely spots of a different color than the rest of her, the only texture the rough outline of what an eye would look like. She gave them a shake to make sure they were paying attention, before she demanded the answer to a question. "You fleshlings insist on ever'thin havin' labels... It don' make sense! It don' matta if it's called a bar or summin else! But where is it?"

She had to shake them several more times before they finally understood what she had actually been trying to ask. Between her slurred words and the odd way her question had broken off on a tangent, it had been hard to tell she was asking where a bar was. But they finally figured it out, and raised a shaking hand to point deeper into the village. "Th-there's a bar three blocks down that street there!"

"There betta be, or I'll get mad!" She tossed the fleshling back into the crowd, bowling several other fleshlings over in a tangle of awkward limbs. She stretched a hand out to slap the side of the truck. "Y'hear tha? We's got our next target!" An instant after she said that, Hedoro began to pull herself free from the truck. Pull being the literal term, as she had crashed against the steering wheel when they hit, and gotten splattered against much of the truck's interior. Once she emerged, though, she seemed to have regained her normal form, lacking the structural flaws of earlier. The two Meliae shared an unseeing glance before speaking in perfect unison. "Then let's go and take what we want, for we want what we take!"

Ignoring the stunned looks of the villagers, and the slowly smoking wreck of a formerly serviceable truck, they set out for the bar they'd been told about. Along the way they seemed to grow bored with simply walking, and began to indulge in some games. Games to them, large-scale destruction to everyone they came across. They played catch with a fleshling, tossing him from one to the other. He screamed at first, but once their tosses grew fast enough, he seemed to pass out. This changed the nature of the game, as he no longer tried to keep himself in an aerodynamic fetal position, instead flailing like a rag doll. So they got a bit more stylish in their throwing, trying to put enough spin in it to make him seem to do cartwheels in midair. That ended when he hit a building with a sickening crunch, before crashing to the ground. "Haha, you dropped 'em, that means I win!"

"That was only the firs' roun', you din win yet!"

"Fine, but since I got a point, you haff ta find the next one! They're all hidin' now..." Koutai announced, seeming to look around theatrically, even holding a gelatinous hand above her eyestalk. And it was true. As their erratic mayhem spread, the people of the village seemed to figure out what was happening and bolted their hatches, ducking for cover and hiding where they could. So far, any actual resistance had yet to raise itself against them, Hedoro's reputation being enough to give them pause.

"Fine, I get it... But you haff ta get the next one!" Hedoro paused in mid stride, her leg held where it was about to set down. Her eyestalk swiveled around until locking on a nearby building. It was a small shop, one that sold clothing if the racks of shirts and slacks were any indicator. She took a step forward, approaching it. There didn't seem to be a sign that there was anyone in it, but perhaps she sensed something nobody else could?
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 10, 2013 5:58 pm

Hedoro reached the entrance of the clothing boutique. Pushing against the door, she discovered it was locked. But she kept pushing, and soon her substance was oozing through the thin cracks that framed the doorway itself. She could have broken the door down, but there didn't seem to be a need for that. Once on the other side, her substance swelled up until she had regained her normal form. "I know you're here, fleshling. Come on out, we just wanna play, thas all!" She moved deeper into the store, before reaching an innocuous-looking rack of leather trenchcoats and dusters. She slid one coat to the side, then another, and another. "No, not this one, not that one..." She seemed for all the world like anyone else inspecting prospective jackets for purchase.

A moment later, she slid another duster to the side, and there, huddling in fear, was the fleshling she had detected. "Ah, this one!" She reached down and picked them up, her hand shifting into a band that encircled them around the chest and arms. She began walking backwards toward the door, her image seeming to flicker as her back and front shifted and switched. When she reached the door, she unlocked it before letting herself out. The fleshling began screaming at that point, trying to pull themselves free of the slightly elastic band trapping their arms at their sides. They tried digging their heels into the dirt, but it was no use, they were pulled along like a toy on a string.

Hedoro returned to where Koutai had been impatiently waiting, before holding aloft the human, dangling them upside down for a few vertiginous moments. "I found one!" Their new vantage point let the human see the mangled corpse that was their last victim, and their screaming grew even more panicked and shrill. They tried pleading for their life, saying they would do anything if they just didn't kill her.

"Anything? Anything can be a looooot of stuff. Maybe we should see what it can dooooo? See if it knows any tricks!" Koutai suggested this, even as she reached up to grab the human and begin trying to pull it down. There was an impromptu tug of war, which grew even more chaotic when both Hedoro and Koutai wound up stretching out, even as the human cried out in pain. But eventually they let it go, before they loomed over it, looking down at it dispassionately. "Very well, we'll give you a test. If you can doooo it, we'll let you goooo."

They shared a silent chuckle, ripples spreading through their substance in near-unison. Their voices grew lower, so low that the human had to strain to hear. "Of course, we won't really let it gooo, where would the fun be in that?" But the human did manage to hear this, and began to quietly sob. At that, the two Meliae chuckled again. Koutai leaned closer, a tendril darting out to absorb the tears. "Hey, this fleshling is broooken, it sprung a leak!" They inspected the human for a moment, debating between trying to find another one or settling for this one. Finally Hedoro made a decision. She lowered her form to be on roughly eye level with the human, her hand shifting to its shoulder. "Now we're gooooing to give you a chance, sooooo don't disappoint us."

Her other hand moved closer, one flexible finger extended, with a small orb at its tip. Without waiting for permission, she moved the finger closer, until the orb touched the human's forehead. They stiffened, eyes unseeing as they tried to cope with what was happening. Eventually, the moment faded, and the human turned stunned eyes to Hedoro and Koutai. In a voice that was even less controlled than theirs, the human nonetheless managed to ask the question that had jumped to the fore of their mind. "Y-you... You came to our village, you killed us... And all, all f-for... for that?!"

Koutai leaned in, interposing herself between Hedoro and the human. "You betcha! It's soooo gooood... Haha, it makes me us feel nice..." Her expression, somehow readable despite the lack of true definition, seemed to grow serious. "And if you can bring some to us, well, maybe we'll let you gooooo." She leaned in closer, almost nose to nose with the human. If she had a nose, that is. "And you knoooow that we'll find you if you try to run, so do be a gooood sport about it."

"Y-you have no intention of letting me live, do you?"

"Of course nooooot. We're expecting you to fail miserably. You're only a fleshling, so limited and fragile. Yet you fleshlings have potential, so maybe you'll prooove us wrong. Noooow get started, you don't want us to get boooored." She clapped the human's shoulder, a teal handprint remaining on their skin and clothing. The human knew that that slight bit of residue would nonetheless be able to lead them to her if she did try to run and hide. She had no choice but to go out and seek the beverage they demanded. She knew that ifs he failed, she would almost certainly die. Not just her, but potentially all of Hidden Alchemy. Fear for her family and friends was all that was motivating her to continue, even as she pushed to her feet and stumbled in the direction of the closest grocery store.

While they were waiting for the human to return, Hedoro and Koutai tried to keep themselves amused, which was quite unfortunate for the remaining villagers of Alchemy. Yet so far, none of the village's defenders had come to try to stop her, them. Was it so hopeless that they didn't even try, or was the village's Kage trying to minimize the collateral damage by letting her them run free? As it was, there seemed to be nothing stopping them from destroying the entire village. And they probably would, if they didn't get what they came for.
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Hedoro Koutai

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 16, 2013 7:50 am

Hedoro and Koutai were killing time by the simple expedient of trying to one-up each other in how much of a mess they could make by taking a bite out of something. Streetlights, buildings, anything was fair game, and the surrounding area was beginning to look much like a war zone. The few people who hadn't already managed to escape were hoping a new opportunity would arise; at the rate things were going, any one of them could be discovered and dragged into the game- with lethal results.

Finally, more than twenty minutes later, the human they had sent to get their objective returned, carrying a plastic bag filled with several plastic containers. The moment the human got within forty meters of them, they became aware of its presence, and stopped their game. They bounded toward it, covering the distance in an instant, before stopping immediately in front of it, waiting expectantly. "Did you get it?"

The human balked at the sheer destruction that had come while they had been to the grocery store; what would have happened if they had gotten stuck waiting in line?! Wordlessly, they began to pull the different containers out. They didn't know just which type to get, so they had grabbed one of each. Large plastic jugs filled with the crimson liquid, small laminated cardboard cartons, even a few cans, some with tabs to open, and others without. They witnessed the two Meliae squabbling over the bigger container, until one seemed to win, and the other settled for working at one of the cans. They pressed the can to their mouth before simply eating the metal there, to open the can's contents to the air.

At the same time, they ingested a small amount of the can's contents, and their form seemed to grow fuzzy and indistinct for a moment. A startled cry met the air, even as their form continued to lose definition, the normally sharp lines and curves growing half-melted and warped. They took another small sip, and the effect seemed to magnify. "Th-this is sooome strong stuff!"

Koutai passed the can to Hedoro, and laughed aloud when the same change seemed to come across the other her. She didn't know what made the can's contents so much stronger than the beverage usually was, but she certainly wasn't about to complain! She grabbed the can back and took another swig, before another pair of hands grabbed it from her.

The human watched as the two Meliae seemed utterly absorbed with their prize. She blinked when she realized that there wasn't just two of them, though. She didn't realize just when it had happened, but now there were four of them. Each seemed a different shade and color, but they were all dead set on trying the contents of the can. That was the moment when the human realized they could perhaps escape, sneak away while the Meliae were occupied. If they knew that the grocery store had more than a dozen more cans of the same stuff! They backed away cautiously, not daring to take their eyes away from the scene in front of them. Once they rounded the corner, they broke into a run. They had the distinct impression that things were going to get even worse, and in short order. If they wanted to track down their family and get out of town, they had to move, now!

Meanwhile, the quartet of Meliae had become a quintet, five different hues all fighting over the last of the can's contents. There was still plenty of the liquid in the other containers, but this stuff was so much stronger, none of them could just relinquish their claim to such a potent drink. Their squabbling rapidly grew more heated, as it soon devolved into an actual fight. One Meliae threw another against a building, the thrown Meliae breaking through a window to eventually fight their way free of the building by the simple expedient of eating their way out through the wall. The building listed as it's foundation strained to hold up its suddenly unbalanced load. Now free, the Meliae rejoined the battle, crashing into another one in a sprawl of multi-colored hues and streaks. If the fighting got any more intense, the group of five could well destroy Hidden Alchemy before even realizing it.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 16, 2013 5:34 pm

The fighting had not lessened even though there was another solution. All five Meliae were a part of the same whole; they were all an aspect of Hedoro. They could recombine at any time, and relive each one's memories through five sets of senses. But none of that mattered. Each of them was intent upon taking the last of the can's contents for themselves, and they weren't about to give up just because they would experience it again when they merged back together. It wasn't the same! So they fought, savagely and without mercy. One slammed another face-first into the street before stomping the back of their head, squashing it like a melon. Another grabbed a fourth and ripped them right in half, throwing the two parts in either direction. The fifth tried to be sneaky, sneaking up on where the prize sat undisturbed. They had almost got to it, when they were set on by all four of the others, and torn into itty-bitty pieces.

And through all of this, none of them were in any danger. They weren't using any attacks that could really hurt each other, this was just an especially rough version of playing. Rough on them, but far rougher on their surroundings. Several more buildings had begun to collapse, and fires had broken out in more than half a dozen locations. The chaos was spreading, with each moment that the fighting continued, the area they affected grew larger.

Suddenly one of them had a brainstorm. Actual flickers of current glowed within their head, and they yelped at the sudden numbing sensation. Their voice slurred even more than it already had been, they announced their realization. "Waitaminnit! Most fleshling storesss sell more than one of something, don' they? There might be moooore there!" More. A word that held considerable power for many Meliae. Their hunger never seemed to decrease, driving them on to further and further excesses of appetite. The lure of 'more' was almost impossible to resist. Setting their fighting aside like a switch had been thrown, they raced off in search of the grocery store. They'd tear it apart to find more of the delicious beverage they had been fighting over so savagely. Of course, they would probably tear it apart regardless by this point.

One of the five, showing a bit more insight than the others, quickly grabbed up the last of the beverage they had been fighting over, tossing it back in a rush, before she raced after the other four Meliae that composed the whole that was Hedoro. As she ran, her form shivered and oscillated as the effects of the sudden infusion of a fresh influx of the beverage drove her even farther down the road to inebriation.
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