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PostPosted: Mon Dec 25, 2006 8:02 pm
Hidden Light Village

Hidden Light village has one clan and people of random backgrounds. This village is found around the Hidden Grass Village. The Hidden Light village is very protective and doesn’t openly allow missin nin to come or go from the village. The village stays bright all the time even when the sun is down. The ninja here are who’s techniques have something to do with light need a light source.
PostPosted: Mon Dec 25, 2006 8:03 pm
Jonz Clan:
The Jonz clan is a clan that has mastered light techniques. They have the unique bloodline limitto control, generate or absorb photons (particles of light). The masters of the bloodline are triplets that created their own way of using light. They are able to dispel bright light energy from their body as well.

Jones Clan:
The Jones clan are imposters in the hidden light village. They are the reason why the hidden light village became protective. The villagers in the Jones clan only create illusions that make it seem like they are in the Jonz clan and possess the bloodline abilities.

Anxiou Clan
The Anxiou clan is the decendent of The Chaos War. There number seems to be unlimited and they seem to possess limited Offense techniques. They seem to be able to 'hex' their opponents and hurt them that way. They open up a "Third Eye" Called the Jagon eye on their body to perform these hexs and make them more powerful. The strength of a Anxiou member can be seen within their eyes. The Jagen Eye is commonly located on the Chest or Stomach of the Clan Member.  


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PostPosted: Mon Dec 25, 2006 8:04 pm

Jonz Yusuke Wrote:

Light Gun-You concentrate his Chakra Energy into his right index finger and releases it as a projectile. It can be from a small shot to a full-sized cannon blast. (700 Skill Points)

Light Bullets-The user gathers spirit energy into his fist to from a large blast of spirit energy from it shot out in less powerful but many blasts. While the technique is not as powerful as the light gun (800 Skill Points)

Light Flash-This technique causes the light rays to become amplified and reflected into the opponent’s eyes blinding them (600 Skill Points)

Light Wave-The user turns his or her entire body into a light gun. Instead of his index finger being channeled into, his entire body is. This makes for extremely powerful close range attacks. (Light Bullets Required)(1000 Skill Points)

Light Wave Orb- In this attack the energy of both spirit and body are concentrated into a single, mass force in the shape of a sphere. (700 Skill Points)( Light wave required)

- Grand Sky: 1,800 Skill Points
While in the air, the user places both hands on top of each other, with the top hand having only the index and middle fingers spread out. Seven chakra seals are then summoned in front of the user and connect together to make what looks like a constellation. Each chakra seal then releases a powerful light blast down on the opponent, forming the same pattern on the ground before exploding. [N]

Spirit Wave/5 Major Fists: Pinnacle of discipline- After mumuring a few incantations, The user Shouts "Light!" , freezing the targets. Then uses two fingers to pierce each of their hearts. After that the user says "Purify.", and lands on the ground shouting "Judgment!". The Pinnacle of Discipline judges the soul. If the soul is evil, then the flesh is destroyed. If the soul is pure, then the soul is given the power to act and purge itself of evil. (1200 Skill Points.)(Clan Technique)

Light Reflection Blast- The user absorbs an attack with a light shield and shoots it back towards the enemy. (Clan Technique)(1000 Skill Points)

Purifying Beams Of Light- Summons six beams of light from the sky itself, in order to have each crash down into the ground around both opponent and user. Once they hit the ground, they work as barriers to block attacks. These pillar's can not be controlled once they begin falling, and are highly damaging if they manage to strike someone upon falling. (Clan Technique)(1000 Skill Points)

Transportation- After summoning the six beams of light onto the field, the user may merge with the beams and instantly emerge from another one in order to strike the opponent from any side that the beams allow. (Clan Technique)(Purifying Beams Of Light required)(1500 Skill Points)

Jonz Kuwabara Wrote:

Light Shuriken -The user Creates a shuriken composed of light energy (500 Skill Points)

Light Sword-The user is able to summon light energy to form a sword (700 Skill Points)

Light Sword Extend-It allows the user to extend his light sword and be able to attack enemies from a distance. (Light Sword required) (500 Skill Points)

Sword of Trials- It creates a tremendous drain on the users chakra, but allows him or her to produce a sword that is two to three times stronger than normal. It also allows the user to shift the light into whatever shape he desired. (Light Sword Extend required)(1000 Skill Points)

Meteor: 800 Skill Points
Can only be learned if the used knows over 20 taijutsus.
The user's body is surrounded by chakra allowing them to move through the air at incredible speed. Their speed is doubled instantly causing anyone that had observed them prior and who are observing them now to have their eyes be unable to follow their movements as an added effect. When this taijutsu is activated the user cannot be snared and is faster than a person at their speed.

Light Punch - 1200 The user transforms their own body part into light and runs towards the opponent at full speed and lands a powerful punch surrounded by light, causing great damage to the opponent. Light Form disengages after punch.[N]

Light Seal- 2500 The user gathers light in their hand and fires it at their opponent, engraving a seal into their skin, thus restricting their movement. The stigma can be burned away, freeing the movement of the one trapped. If this occurs, it is quite easy to counter this technique. As long as the seal is on the opponent they are restricted to one Action per turn. Can only be used once per time. [N]

Dimensional Blade- It also allows the user to slice through dimensions with the Sword of Trials (Clan Technique/ Sword required)(1200 Skill Points)

Dimensional Strike- A taijutsu technique that incorporates the ability to cut dimensions. By Bringing their fingers together and pointing them straight into points. The user is able to thrust their hands forwards and slip through dimensions. Although they only get a short window, and a length of one foot plus an additional foot for every 30k they possess. (Clan Technique)(Dimensional Blade required)(2500 Skill Points)

Jonz Hiei Wrote:

Fist of the Light Flame-The user draws a flame from the light into his fists, creating a fire based close range attack. (600 Skill Points)

Flare Burst- The user unleashes a burst of flame out of his palm. (400 Skill Points)(Fist of the light flame required)

Bloody-Murder Style- Partialy Mastered: This style causes the use to burn the opponents insides because each hit makes the blood in the opponent get extremely hot. Hiei's personal style of fighting, and the most feared martial art in the world due to the fact that most who have tried to master it died. Usually the power was too great for them to control, or if they tried to use it at all, it would consume them. The most common method of death for those who attempted this style was when they tried to summon an actual Black Dragon for its ultimate technique, it would devour them. (500 Skill Points)(15 taijutsu's must be learned if not you will die if you use this style of fighting and Fist of the light flame required)

Bloody-Murder Style- Fully Mastered: After partially mastering this technique when some has it fully mastered they can make someones blood so hot it melts through their skin. Due to the excruciating pain and blood damage the enemies heart can stop. (700 Skill Points)

White Spirit Dragon- A dragon is created by light energy and then released in the direction of a foe. The dragon cannot be controlled directly once released (If used more than one time in a battle arm is burnt. If used more than two times in a battle arm is paralyzed.)(When using this technique generate a random number between 1 and 10 if it is 3 or 7 the dragon will turn on you)(1500 Skill Points)

White Spirit Dragon Control/Absorption-Control and absorb the dragon. If the dragon is absorbed it increases the power of the user (Clan Technique / 500 Skill Points)

White Fire Shield- Absorbing the power of the White Spirit Dragon and then releasing all it's power at once in order to create a shield large enough to block one attack once. Afterwards all access to the power of the Dragon is gone, until the Dragon is summoned again. (Clan Technique)(1000 Skill Points)

White Fire Sword-The user lures the white dragon spirit using his chakra energy again, but channels them into his sword instead of fully releasing them. (White Spirit Dragon Control/ Clan Technique)(500 Skill Points)


Jones Devan Wrote:

Illusion Jagan- A Genjutsu form of the Jagan Eye. It allows the Jones clan to create a genjutsu that gives them the appearance of having the Jagan eye. Although it does not give the user any advantages. They can freely control the effects of this illusion, to make it seem as if they have the same abilities as the Jonz clan. (Clan Technique)(1000 Skill Points)

Illusion Jagan Henshin- A genjutsu form of the Jagan Henshin. It allows the Jones clan to actually appear to have gained the abilities of the Jonz clan's second stage. It also allows for them to enter the opponent's mind and make them appear to be moving slower, and being more effected by the illusions that mimic the true Jagan's eye's abilities. (Clan Technique)(1500 Skill Points)

Reverse Gates Mastery- Only after acquiring all the gates, the Jones clan member may hold any and all gates for a maximum of 1 more turn, for every made up slot that they have in their possession. (Clan Technique)(8th Gate; Death Needed)(2500 Skill Points)

Illusionist's Revenge- A technique that is true to the clan, it allows for all Jones to be able to roll a 100 sided die. Anything that is even, allows for them to instantly break free of a genjutsu cast upon them. Anything above 50, allows for them to not only break free, but also cast it back against the user even if they don't know it themselves. At the normal cost. (Clan Technique)(2500 Skill Points)

False Pinnacle of Discipline- After murmuring a few incantations, The user Shouts "Light!" , freezing the targets. Then uses two fingers to pierce each of their hearts. After that the user says "Purify.", and lands on the ground shouting "Judgment!". The Pinnacle of Discipline judges the soul. If the soul is pure or evil, then the flesh is destroyed. All of this done within an intense genjutsu, causing the opponent to be stuck in stance through out, but not physically injured. (Clan Technique)(2000 Skill Points)

Illusionist's Avenge- A technique that is true to the Jones clan is that of their abilities with Genjutsu. This constant technique allows for all their genjutsu to be uneffected by the most rules that apply. Meaning that a Jones clan member can seal even an opponent with 4 times their chakra, into a Genjutsu of their choosing. (Clan Technique)(Must have Taijutsu Body Mode Downgrade)(800 Skill Points)

Multitude Reflection- A genjutsu that causes the opponent to believe that their attack or attacks have been reflected back towards them at double, or even triple the strength that it was cast. Although it is still headed in the user's direction, it appears as though it as absorbed by a barrier of light and cast back towards the caster. (Clan Technique)(800 Skill Points)

Light Binding- The user creates an illusion making the opponent think he or she in bound by light. (600 Skill Points)

Jinzou Invisibility-The user Creates an illusion that makes the opponent believe you turned invisible. (800 Skill Points)

Brain Nanjuu- This technique is an illusion make the opponent’s brain slow down making the user seem fast as light. (1000 Skill Points)
Myu Summoning (1000 Skill Points)

Myutsu Summoning (2000 Skill Points)

Anxiou Elizabeth Wrote:

[color=indigo]Jagen Eye- By a combination of gestures and mental concentration, The Jagen Eye creates a hex-sphere, a finite pocket of reality-disrupting quasi-psionic force, which upon reaching its intended target, causes disturbance in the molecular-level probability field surrounding the target. Thus, unlikely phenomena will occur.These phenomena occur practically instantaneously after the completion of their hex. Any Jagon range of hex-casting is limited by their line of sight. -(25,000 Skill Points can be used as a starter/Clan),

Jagen Eye Understanding- The eye is starting to be developed. It can be seen however it is still small. (Gains after having 50,000k Automatic Clan Technique )

Jagen Eye Unleashed- Jagen eye can fully be seen. The eye takes over the chest area. A visible auro can be seen around the clansmen. The More Powerful the user the more visible the auro is.. (gains after having 85,000K Must Destroy something they love to unleash Clan Technique)

Must have Jagen to perform[b]

Hex 1- 500 Skill Points- The user would cast a hex that would cause the opponent to have to do any ninjutsu at double the cost.

Hex 2- 700 Skill Points The user would cast an a hex that would reflect genjutsus onto the [b]nearest person
. However the user must be stronger than the opponent to perform such a jutsu.

Hex 3- 400 Skill Points The user causes any projectiles for a 3 turns to miss.

Hex 4- 600 Skill points- Causes any Teloportation Jutsus to cause the opponent to teloport into danger.

Hex 5- 100 Skill Points- Causes the user to become incredibly lucky and able to find more secrets during events and secret missions

Hex 7-600 Skill Points- Causes structures around the opponent to become under stress and collapse or explode.

Hex 9- 1000 Skill Points- Causes Opponets Perception to be slower. Cripples one sense(Opponent's Choice)

Must Have Jagen Understanding

Hex 10- 800 Skill Points Can Decrease the Opponent's Attack Power at the cost of the users Defense

Hex 11- 1000 Skill points- Can cause Elements to work in reverse. Fire attacks would turn into water.

Hex 12- 600 SKill Points- Trip Can cause something to attempt to trip the opponent.

Hex 13- 800 Skill points Spontantous combustion causes one thing to randomly explode. (No people)

Hex 15- 1100 Skill Points- Causes the opponent to have painful joints, making movements slower and causing them pain.

Must have Fully Unleashed Jagon

Hex 16- 1000 Skill Points- Reverse barrier causes barriers to reverse and not protect the opponent from damage.

Hex 18- 1100 Skill Points- Causes Seals to become unsealed or Visa Versa

Hex 19- 1500 skill Points- User can close Gates of those that open them.

Risho Wrote:

Clay Armor- Risho forms a hard armor composed of clay around his body. (600 Skill Points)

Earthen Arm- Risho surround his arm with clay which enhances the strength of his arm. (300 Skill Points)

Spiked-Clay Armor- Risho's strengthens his Clay Armor with spikes, making his attacks more powerful (600 Skill Points)(Clay Armor required)

150 Clay Minions- Gives the ability to use clay minions in battle. Each minion is created with one purpose. (2500 Skill Points)

-Clay Minion 1: Kasai- Kasai can explode on contact severely burning someone.
-Clay Minion 2: Koori- Koori is explodes on contact too but it freezes.
-Clay Minion 3: Kireki- When Kireki touches an opponent it explodes creating a sound so loud it can destroy someones eardrums.
-Clay Minion 4: Kourai- When Kourai touches an opponent a lighning bolt cmes down from the sky to strike the person who was touched.
-Clay Minion 5: Kaze- When Kaze touches someone great cutting winds are released
-Clay Minion 6: Kudo- A poison gas is released when Kudo touched an opponent
-Clay Minion 7: Kichuu- A gas is released that cases paralysis when an opponent is touched
-Clay Minion 8: Kane- When Kane touches someone a gas is released. If it is inhaled is turns organs to solid metal. (You die)
-Clay Minion 9: Kachan- Kachan also releases a gas on contact but this one turns an opponent to a baby if inhaled
-Clay Minion 10: Kuku- When Kuku touches someone a gas is released giving the opponent extreme diarrhea immediately
-Clay Minion 11: Kuto- When Kuto touches an opponent a force field forms around the enemy sufficating them
-Clay Minion 12: Kasui- When Kusui touches an opponent spikes shoot everywhere. They can hit the user too.
-Clay Minion 13: Kitat- When Kitat touches an opponent a tornado comes up from the ground entrapping the enemy
-Clay Minion 14: Kakuoto- When Kakuoto touches someone they start to hallucinate auditorally
-Clay Minion 15: Kakuako- When Kakuoto touches someone they start to hallucinate visually
-Clay Minion 16: Sentou- Sentou is the first part of the five part combo. It comes up under the opponent grabbing his or her feet. Then it molds around both feet and turns solid as a rock.
-Clay Minion 17: Shunkan- Shunkan is the second part of the combo but it can also serve as he third part. his minion comes from the sky in an attempt to land on the face and mold aroud it then turn hard. But is the opponent hits it it will just mold around the hands then Saban will take its place on the face.
-Clay Minion 18: Sanban- Sanban runs to the opponent when the face is covered. Then it attaches to the hands and turned hard as stone. If Shukan has failed Sanban will take it's place
-Clay Minion 19: Shi- Shi's only purpose is to headbutt the enemy. If it is a female they get hit in the stomach. If it is a male they get hit in the cubes.
-Clay Minion 20: Sutsu- Sutsu finishes off the combo by spinning like a drill through the opponent
-Clay Minion 21: Alnod- A larger clay Minion that rushes the opponent, as a distraction for other minion's attacks.
-Clay Minion 22: Arneth- One of three child sized minions, who trail in behind Alnod and leap out, attacking with assorted blades.
-Clay Minion 23: Adrow- The second of three child sized minions, this one runs beside Arneth and attacks with wires, in order to trap the opponent in place.
-Clay Minion 24: Alori- The final child sized minion, it stays upon the back of Alnod, leaping off at the last possible moment, in order to use a scissor like weapon to cleave off the opponent's head.
-Clay Minion 25: Axern- A medium sized minion that moves swiftly, it appears behind the opponent, to attack with bladed finger claws for many different combos.
-Clay Minion 26: Aweve- A wing based minion that flies high into the air, and then sends a flurry of poisoned needles down at the opponent
-Clay Minion 27: Autor- A snake like minion, that winds around the opponent's limbs and biting onto their shoulders with stunning fangs.
-Clay Minion 28: Acruw- A slow moving minion, that emits an acidic liquid to whatever it touches.
-Clay Minion 29: Aquoll- A large lion based minion, that charges and grapples with the opponent to hold for other combos.
-Clay Minion 30: Befrou- A turtle based minion, that can be thrown like a disk by another minion or the summoner, razor blades emerge from the sides of the shell.
-Clay Minion 31: Bedin- The thrower of Befrou, this man sized minion moves quickly and throws hard.
-Clay Minion 32: Bassre- A spider based minion, it is able to throw flamable wire-like webs at the opponent.
-Clay Minion 33: Broen- A man sized minion, it is easily flammable, and carries a way to light itself. So it may run at the opponent and burn them, or assist in other combos.
-Clay Minion 34: Brimoe- A man sized minion that is full of a flammable jell like liqued.
-Clay Minion 35: Carnod- A man sized minion that is filled with a large amount of water. It may then shoot the water at the opponent.
-Clay Minion 36: Cranod- A female shaped minion, sister to Carnod, it combines the water shot, with a shock of electricity.
-Clay Minion 37: Creth- A child sized minion, that moves swiftly toslash with multiple poisoned blades.
-Clay Minion 38: Centon- A large spider shaped Minion, it's back opens to launch smaller spiders at the opponent, at least a hundred at a time, with a acidic poison in their pinchers.
-Clay Minion 39: Copnre- A praying mantis styled minion, each pincher of it's arms sharp enough to cut through steel.
-Clay Minion 40: Casno- A lizard styled minion that is used as a distraction, it's limbs can be reconnected, and it is also part of a combination of minions.
-Clay Minion 41: Casin- A second Lizard styled Minion, brother to Casno. It combines with Casno to create a large lizard that may then attack the opponent with sharp claws, tail, teeth and a whip like tongue.
-Clay Minion 42: Draid- A multiarmed minion, created to attack the opponent repeatedly with it's whip like bladed arms.
-Clay Minion 43: Dandir- A plain man sized minion, that is heavily armored to defend the caster against all attacks, from one only.
-Clay Minion 44: Daveps- A slow moving four armed giant, wielding a large ax. With a single hit, it can part the earth into a crater.
-Clay Minion 45: Dread- A cloaked minion to which will emerges from the crater made by Daveps. It wields a scythe, and takes it's resemblance from the Grim Reaper. Dread holds the power over gravity, with each strike the opponent may become heavier, or lighter depending on the summoner's wishes. A single strike will destroy this minion.

-Clay Minion 46: Kara: This minion houses daggers in it's hands and feet. It spins wildly.
-Clay Minion 47: Para: This minion can absorb one attack without getting destroyed.
-Clay Minion 48: Sara: This minion can melt into the ground, then appear behind the opponent.
-Clay Minion 49: Hara: This minion constantly emits a blowing wind, rendering projectile attacks unreliability.
-Clay Minion 50: Yara: This minion can take the user's form to trick the enemy.
-Clay Minion 51: Ichi: A simple taijutsu strike, then it detonates.
-Clay Minion 52: Ni: This one houses a miniature Rasengan inside of it, releasing it when destroyed.
-Clay Minion 53: San: This minion is extremely fast, and very solid. Like a controlled bullet.
-Clay Minion 54: Yon: This minion only functions when combined with others. It strengthens another minion's ability.
-Clay Minion 55: Go: This minion emits smoke that masks most vision.
-Clay Minion 56: Roku: This minion launches high into the air, then plummets down with great force.
-Clay Minion 57: Shichi: This minion can break into pieces, then reassemble, three times per battle.
-Clay Minion 58: Hachi: This minion, a simple sphere, rolls around, going faster and faster, trying to run the opponent down.
-Clay Minion 59: Ju: This minion attaches to an opponent, and drains a small portion of their chakra each turn they are attached.
-Clay Minion 60: Kyu: This minion emits a low frequency sound, rendering the entire area silent.
-Clay Minion 61: Nin: This minion performs a single Ninjutsu that the user knows, at one quarter strength.
-Clay Minion 62: Sin: This minion tries to steal items from the enemy. It is very quick, and very quiet.
-Clay Minion 63: Fin: This minion produces water, and lots of it. The area will gradually become a shallow lake, within twenty turns.
-Clay Minion 64: Rin: This minion has no presence, and objects seem to pass through it.
-Clay Minion 65: Xin: This minion can heal the user, absorbing a single wound onto itself.
-Clay Minion 66: Mote: This minion shows the opponent with light, to try to blind them.
-Clay Minion 67: Rote: This minion can carry out a somewhat complicated series of taijutsu moves. But that combo is the only thing it can do.
-Clay Minion 68: Vote: This minion taunts an opponent, drawing their ire.
-Clay Minion 69: Coat: This minion can become a shield to block projectile attacks.
-Clay Minion 70: Boat: Allows the user to ride it over any surface of water.
-Clay Minion 71: Lance: A quick rush at an opponent. Has a single sharp horn on it's forehead to stab them.
-Clay Minion 72: Dance: A very agile minion, it can dodge attacks surprisingly well.
-Clay Minion 73: Stance: A very durable minion. Taijutsu attacks don't work too well against it.
-Clay Minion 74: Rants: This minion can project a low=level Genjutsu on an opponent to make them very angry.
-Clay Minion 75: Chants: This minion has multiple mouths, and speaks through them all at once. Very confusing to listen to, can disorient an opponent.
-Clay Minion 76: Shrink: This minion can shrink a person or object for a short amount of time.
-Clay Minion 77: Grow: This minion can make a person or object bigger for a short amount of time.
-Clay Minion 78: Time: This minion can make time seem to slow down or speed up randomly.
-Clay Minion 79: Loop: This minion holds a portable hole, with which it can absorb an attack, and fire it back, one time per battle.
-Clay Minion 80: Dark: This minion emits a cloud of particles which rise up to block out the sun or moon.
-Clay Minion 81: Switch: This minion cans witch places with another minion.
-Clay Minion 82: Swap: This minion can change places with an unclaimed item.
-Clay Minion 83: Exchange: This minion can swap places with the user.
-Clay Minion 84: Trade: This minion can attempt to change places with the enemy. They must be standing still for this to work.
-Clay Minion 85: Double: This minion can copy one other minion's ability.
-Clay Minion 86: Combine: This minion can 'eat' other minions, creating a single more powerful minion. Temporary.
-Clay Minion 87: Merge: This minion can attack to the user, letting the user copy one other minion's ability.
-Clay Minion 88: Mirror: The minions' appearances all shift randomly, so only the user knows which minion is which.
-Clay Minion 89: Tithe: A small portion of chakra is recovered from a minion when it is destroyed near this minion.
-Clay Minion 90: Tribute: This minion can sacrifice one other minion, to throw it at the enemy very forcefully.
-Clay Minion 91: Shard: This minion is very fragile, if it is struck, it instantly breaks into a shower of caltrops.
-Clay Minion 92: Spine: Another fragile minion, this one explodes into needles.
-Clay Minion 93: Fang: This wolf-like minion rushes at an opponent, to try to bite them.
-Clay Minion 94: Bite: This min ion is usually combined with Fang. When Fang bites an opponent, Bite poisons them with a lasting ailment similar to rabies.
-Clay Minion 95: Claw: This minion pounces at an opponent, trying to rake them with it's claws.
-Clay Minion 96: Mace: This minion can be used as a mace, holding it by it's long tail.
-Clay Minion 97: Cloud: This minion seems to disintegrate, sending clay dust into the air. The opponent, if they breathe it, is soon forced into a coughing fit.
-Clay Minion 98: Tear: This minion can emit tear gas.
-Clay Minion 99: Glue: This clay minion was never fully dried out. It is very sticky, if it comes in contact with an enemy, they can get stuck to it.
-Clay Minion 100: Bomb: This minion has one purpose. Exploding. It is very slow, but very powerful.
-Clay Minion 101: Duel: This minion can take an opponent's form, and copy their actions, at a weaker level.
-Clay Minion 102: Triage: This minion can heal other minions.
-Clay Minion 103: Quarter: This minion can break into four pieces, each one still able to function.
-Clay Minion 104: Fit: This minion holds a long length of rope, which it can use to try to tie the opponent up.
-Clay Minion 105: Sing: This minion sings, a pleasant lullaby which can possibly make the enemy fall asleep.
-Clay Minion 106: Stab: This minion is covered in very sharp spikes, so the opponent can't hit it.
-Clay Minion 107: Collide: This minion tries to run into the opponent, knock them off balance.
-Clay Minion 108: Launch: Anyone stepping on this minion will find themselves propelled up into the air.
-Clay Minion 109: Drop: This minion is usually paired with Launch, dropping directly onto a target.
-Clay Minion 110: Vanish: This minion can turn invisible as long as it stops moving.
-Clay Minion 111: Bash: This minion is very strong, swings it's arms at the opponent with great force.
-Clay Minion 112: Splash: This minion turns the ground beneath it to mud.
-Clay Minion 113: Dash: This minion can move incredibly fast on mud, and has a very solid head for headbutts.
-Clay Minion 114: Teddy: This innocent looking minion takes the form of something the enemy wouldn't wish to harm.
-Clay Minion 115: Wreck: When this minion hits something, it falls to pieces. Those pieces fly in every direction, with bruising force.
-Clay Minion 116: Sniper: This minion can shoot small pieces of itself at an opponent, with stinging impact.
-Clay Minion 117: Mosaic: This minion can cast a area-based Genjutsu, making the opponent's sight slowly turn into a mosaic.
-Clay Minion 118: Dice: This minion explodes, the power based on a d6 roll. 1 is a dud, 6 is rather large.
-Clay Minion 119: Rebound: This minion is skilled at expelling things thrown at it.
-Clay Minion 120: North: This minion is extremely cold to the touch, it can freeze things with extended contact.
-Clay Minion 121: South: This minion is extremely hot to the touch, it can burn things if kept in contact.
-Clay Minion 122: East: This minion can encase things in earth if they stay in contact with it.
-Clay Minion 123: West: This minion can imprison a target in wind if it stays in contact with them.
-Clay Minion 124: Center: This minion can nullify North, South, East or West's abilities.
-Clay Minion 125: Chaos: This minion becomes slightly stronger for every other minion present.

Touya Wrote:

Frozen Hell: Touya freezes his surroundings. The frozen battlefield gives Touya an advantage since this technique makes it difficult for the opponent to move and freezes weaker foes. The user is also able to absorb demon energy from opponents when using this jutsu. (1200 Skill Points)

Extreme Cold: This allows the users ice techniques to be so cold that they will not be affected by heat or fire. (400 Skill Points)(Works with all ice techniques)

Shards of Winter: Touya creates small hailstones around his palm and blows them toward his foes. A rapid and deadly long-range attack. (500 Skill Points)

Ice Cutlass: Touya forms a sword of ice around his hand; a close-ranged but nevertheless a powerful attack. (600 Skill Points)

Ice Grass: Numerous ice spikes come up from the ground quickly. (200 Skill Points)(Frozen Hell required)

Ice Entrapment: The user makes water come up from the ground in the form of a pillar. The water freezes instantly as it touches things. The water is attracted to chakra. (900 Skill Points)

Winter Drizzle: This technique allows the user to make rain come down from the sky and as he hits the opponent it freezes to their clothes and each drop may be small but each drop weighs 10lb. when they turn to ice. (500 Skill Points)

Winter Rain: This technique allows the user to make rain come down from the sky and as he hits the opponent it freezes to their clothes and each drop may be small but each drop weighs 20lb. when they turn to ice. (800 Skill Points)
PostPosted: Mon Dec 25, 2006 8:31 pm






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PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 2:24 pm
Yuri got off of the boat and arrived in the newly found village. It was actually pretty hard to miss. Yuri walked through the village jumping from house to house thinking You would think that they wiould tell you where to go on these meetings about hidden council. I'll just keep looking. After a bit of searching he didn't find anything excpet normal town citizens and children running around playing tag. Nyu kept jummping from house to house looking for some other members of the hidden council.  
PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 3:50 pm
GAna floated down from the sky with a serious look in his eyes. "SO, Ichirop has left me and now has part of my strength." he mumbled to himself as he touched down on the ground, hearing that this was the place where the meeting for the hidden council would take place. "WEll, The Hokage should atleast show up to instill hope into people." he said with a light chucle, knowing that his days as Hokage may be numbered if he couldnt stop Ichiro. "So, where is everyone?"  


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PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 4:36 pm
Suki walked into the Light village, astounded by he brightness, even though it was almost mid-night. He looked around, and saw people walking, ninjas and regs, just happy.

"So, I'm here, what does the Council want?" Suki asked himself silently.

He walked forward towards a building, hoping to find something there.  
PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 4:46 pm
Matsuri's eyes narrowed as she arrived at the docks of Hidden Light, already finding something that she hated about it. The bat on her shoulder was also annoyed however he was starting to get use to the light, useing his wings to block some of it out. The child then gave a small sigh as she started to walk tords the town, woundering were this was supose to take place.  

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 5:01 pm
Art stepped off his boat and entered the Hidden Light. He had to shield his eyes immediately. It was so bright and the sun had already gone down. He walked down the street looking for something to hint where the council meeting thing was. He doubted he'd be much help since he was only a lowly Genin but it was better than learning about frogs. He found a hat on a empty bench and put it on. Why were there so many people walking on the streets this late at night? He scratched his head and kept looking for someone he would recongnize. Hopefully he would be able to find another sand ninja but it wasn't likely. It didn't seem like many people had arrived yet. He yawned and sat jumped onto a short building then to a taller one and began looking for people.  
PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 5:28 pm
An Astral Projection of Jason floated through the village here and there. Since the real one was busy in the Hidden Beast village, Jason had to resort using an Astral Projection instead. He just drifted around, looking at the village without even moving his head as he checked things out through his mind. "Hmph... When will this damn meeting start? Bone's starting to get on my nerves already." Mumbled the projection as it continued through the village.  


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PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 7:41 pm
Matsuri gave a small sigh as she continued looking around for anyone who might be apart of this council however had yet to do so. She then shook her head slightly and jumped up on one of the taller buildings trying to get a better view of the village. " So,...there are others here," She muttered spotting a few ninja's down below however did not dare to bother them for now. The child then sat down on the roof, crossleggaed, watching the others below.
The bat on her shoulder spread its wings open, making a few crack sounds then reclosed them. " Why did it have to be lgiht village,.." It said while hiding its face behind the large fan.
PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 7:49 pm
Suki then leaped onto a building, looking around. He saw another Sand-nin on another building, but decided to leave him be. He wanted to find a certain person. He shielded his eyes from what looked like an orb of light overhead.

"God, Why did it have to be the Hidden Light? Why not Hidden Night? ...Hey that rhymed" he thought, smirking.

He quickly began leaping from building to building, looked around until he saw Jason. It actually wasn't Jason, but a Projection of some kind. He flew down next to him & bowed.  


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PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2006 11:21 am
" Ok everybody I'm here. " Shino walked out. " Sorry I'm late." Shino went over and sat down on a rock. "Alright let me get straight to the point we need to stop Gary Busey's Ranks then Gary Busey himself. From what I've been told they have three sanin, one jounin, one chuunin, and two genin. Oh yeah I almost forgot, Suki your needed in Hidden Rain now. You need to stop the attack. There is a spy for the Council waiting for you to arrive. " Shino looked over to everyone else. " This is what I have planned out for every one. Art you will find Lokey and try to kill him. Jason I'll need to to stop Bone. Yuri you go after Ichiro. Sage and Matsuri see if you can get to Damian and Gana and I will confront Drago. First try to convert them if they don't join us you might have to do it the hard way. If anyone thinks their about to die, fall back and wait for everyone to regroup here. Ok everybody that is all. " Shino jumped off the rock. " Man I don't feel like fighting drago anymore I should have picked a genin. " Shino said to himself as he walked over to Gana. " You ready."

Note to everyone else Wrote:

Neoshin help Sage and Matsuri
Nova when you come back help me and Gana
Lee help out Art
Everybody else fall in somewhere
PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2006 12:22 pm
The astral projection of Jason sighed and his voice sounded raspy. "Easy enough. I'm already fighting him..." The projection wheezed and then disappeared without another word.  


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PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2006 3:41 pm
Suki sighed upon hearing that he had to go to Hidden Rain. He knew that Rain was part of the Council, but he detested it a lot. He stood up, bowed afted Shino stopped telling everybody their missions. He bowed, and turned to leave. Before he left, he stopped and tilted his head to the group behind him.

"You know, I'm only a Genin, but I wont let them have Hidden Rain" he said.

He then flickered to the docks, unaware of what could be in Rain that caused him to go there.  
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