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PostPosted: Sat Dec 02, 2006 6:38 pm

Welcome to the home of CuterThanYou and her Soquili.

Daray's Stats:
Strength: 100%
Courage: 100%
Speed: 100%
Intelligence: 100%
Luck: 100%
Stamina: 100%

Kindle's Stats:
Strength: 60%
Courage: 59%
Speed: 56%
Intelligence: 57%
Luck: 55%
Stamina: 54%

Smolder's Stats:
Strength: 59%
Courage: 62%
Speed: 54%
Intelligence: 58%
Luck: 61%
Stamina: 59%

Plague's Stats:
Strength: 100%
Courage: 100%
Speed: 100%
Intelligence: 100%
Luck: 100%
Stamina: 100%

Diabetia's Stats:
Strength: 100%
Courage: 100%
Speed: 100%
Intelligence: 100%
Luck: 100%
Stamina: 100%

Torment's Stats:
Strength: 84%
Courage: 85%
Speed: 86%
Intelligence: 89%
Luck: 87%
Stamina: 87%

Havoc's Stats:
Strength: 52%
Courage: 45%
Speed: 46%
Intelligence: 47%
Luck: 46%
Stamina: 51%

Nostalgia's Stats:
Strength: 100%
Courage: 100%
Speed: 100%
Intelligence: 100%
Luck: 100%
Stamina: 100%

Grim's Stats:
Strength: 24%
Courage: 25%
Speed: 29%
Intelligence: 28%
Luck: 25%
Stamina: 28%

Clara Voyant's Stats:
Strength: 12%
Courage: 6%
Speed: 11%
Intelligence: 8%
Luck: 10%
Stamina: 4%

Dorian's Stats:
Strength: 90%
Courage: 91%
Speed: 88%
Intelligence: 91%
Luck: 92%
Stamina: 91%

Kuro'Chou's Stats:
Strength: 17%
Courage: 16%
Speed: 16%
Intelligence: 17%
Luck: 20%
Stamina: 17%

Mire's Stats:
Strength: 27%
Courage: 25%
Speed: 31%
Intelligence: 25%
Luck: 24%
Stamina: 31%

Kouga's Stats:
Strength: 51%
Courage: 47%
Speed: 51%
Intelligence: 50%
Luck: 52%
Stamina: 51%

William's Stats:
Strength: 22%
Courage: 16%
Speed: 14%
Intelligence: 14%
Luck: 15%
Stamina: 18%

Lady Luck's Stats:
Strength: 51%
Courage: 44%
Speed: 44%
Intelligence: 51%
Luck: 50%
Stamina: 46%

Moonbeam's Stats:
Strength: 29%
Courage: 30%
Speed: 25%
Intelligence: 26%
Luck: 30%
Stamina: 29%

Moltres' Stats:
Strength: 38%
Courage: 36%
Speed: 36%
Intelligence: 34%
Luck: 40%
Stamina: 39%

Tuxedo Mask's Stats:
Strength: 20%
Courage: 16%
Speed: 17%
Intelligence: 16%
Luck: 17%
Stamina: 19%

Chibiusa's Stats:
Strength: 17%
Courage: 18%
Speed: 20%
Intelligence: 18%
Luck: 14%
Stamina: 22%

Whistle Wishes' Stats:
Strength: 18%
Courage: 16%
Speed: 20%
Intelligence: 15%
Luck: 15%
Stamina: 22%

Love-A-Lot's Stats:
Strength: 8%
Courage: 6%
Speed: 9%
Intelligence: 4%
Luck: 7%
Stamina: 7%

Poe's Stats:
Strength: 32%
Courage: 32%
Speed: 26%
Intelligence: 30%
Luck: 32%
Stamina: 31%

Severus Snape's Stats:
Strength: 6%
Courage: 10%
Speed: 12%
Intelligence: 6%
Luck: 4%
Stamina: 11%

Magus's Stats:
Strength - 7%
Courage - 10%
Speed - 5%
Intelligence - 6%
Luck - 10%
Stamina - 5%

Quetzal's Stats:
Strength: 64%
Courage: 67%
Speed: 69%
Intelligence: 70%
Luck: 71%
Stamina: 71%

Yolk's Stats:
Strength: 5%
Courage: 11%
Speed: 12%
Intelligence: 11%
Luck: 9%
Stamina: 7%

Carcharias's Stats:
Strength: 22%
Courage: 18%
Speed: 15%
Intelligence: 18%
Luck: 15%
Stamina: 17%

Pakpao's Stats:
Strength: 46%
Courage: 45%
Speed: 47%
Intelligence: 52%
Luck: 51%
Stamina: 44%

Sangra's Stats:
Strength: 29%
Courage: 24%
Speed: 28%
Intelligence: 29%
Luck: 28%
Stamina: 24%

PostPosted: Sat Dec 02, 2006 10:04 pm

1st Post:Intro
2nd Post: Navigation & Rules
3rd Post: Daray & Kindle
4th Post: Nostalgia & Dorian
5th Post: Plague, Diabetia, Torment, & Havoc
6th Post: Pakpao & Sangra
7th Post: Reserved
8th Post: Poe & Reserved
9th Post: Tuxedo Mask & Chibiusa
10th Post: Kouga & Moltres
11th Post: Snape & Magus
12th Post: Zahara & Quetzal
13th Post: Lady Luck & Whistle Wishes
14th Post: Familiars
15th Post: Gifts and Goodies

November 27th, 2006
Daray has been found!
(Nov custom slot from Chibizoo)
November 29th, 2006
Mauli wandered into our lives.
December 2nd, 2006
Teepee has been built.
December 10th, 2006
Secret Santa Soquili Basket from Lady Kitania! <3
December 19th, 2006
Secret Santa Soquili Basket from Sirenz! <3
December 21st, 2006
Nostalgia floats down into our lives
(Won in auction from Christmas Event 06)
January 13th, 2007
Nostalgia discovers she is pregnant! =o
Congrats to Jean-Claude and Nos!
February 3rd, 2007
Diabetia storms into our lives
RL Commission by Sirenz
February 8th, 2007
Dreamy Tuxedo Mask swoops down into our lives.
January Custom slot by Lilwerewolfgirl
February 14th, 2007
Daray discovers he's going to be a Daddy!
Congrats to Daray & Aita on the pregnancy!
V-Day Breeding Raffle Winner
March 1, 2007
Daray's foals have been born!
Nos's foals have been born!
Congrats to the both of them! xD
March 10th, 2007
Kindle springs out of her basket!
Nos and JC break their lifemating?!
March 14th, 2007
Cuter & Daray come in 2nd in a Soquili Trivia Game!
Daray earns +5 Intelligence stats!
April 1st 2007
Fool stumbles into our lives!
April Fools Day Event Winner
April 5th, 2007
Kindle grew into a beautiful mare!
April 7th, 2007
I won 2 eggs! 1 was 5k, another a plushie!
Easter Egg Event winner
April 8th, 2007
Memory escapes her basket! Happy Easter!
April 9th, 2007
Zahara flitters into our lives!
Easter flatsale winner
April 13th, 2007
Plague arrives! O_O *hides*
RL Commission by Sirenz
May 14th, 2007
Dia... is pregnant?!? What a Mother's Day!
Bribe Breeding with Ameh as the colorist
May 20th, 2007
3 foals are born! Er.. congrats to Dia and Plague? O__o;;
May 22, 2007
Pakpao splashes into our lives!
Poe weaves and warily enters out lives!
RL March custom slots with Sirenz
May 30th, 2007
Torment springs from her basket with avengence!
June 5th, 2007
Memory grows into a pretty mare!


Cosmic Trash


Cosmic Trash

PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 6:36 am

Name: Daray
Meaning: Dark
Found: November 27, 2006
Temper:Michievious (and gluttonous xD)
Personality: Daray is a very... "special" Soquili. If Soquilis knew what ADD was, they would first label Daray as their first and upmost ADD member. While Daray's not being distracted by food or pretty mares, he's usually taking a nap, getting into trouble with his sidekick Mauli, or, of course eating, eating, and more eating. Did I mention that he likes to eat?

What most do NOT know about Daray, however, is his background. Daray came from a land where Soquilis were normal colored horses without special breeds, such as kalonas, unicorns, and winged Soquili. Daray was born into a "normal" family underneath the eclipsed moon, a sign to the other Soquilis that this was indeed an abnormal child (including the fact while they were all normal colored, the Dark Spirits had blessed him with magnificent orange markings all across his face and body). Different from the other Soquili, Daray eventually got fed up with being shunned and ran off to find a new home, going under the guise that he had "just been bored with that other place". He doesn't want others to know his insecurity about being different, and now, in this land, he's come to find that he's "just another normal Soquili", due to the fact that EVERY Soquili is different and colorful, unlike his homeland.

Snowy Greetings

A Lost Friend Found

A Gingerbread What?

The Predator and the Pig

Whats a Sugar Rush?

Marina Meets Daray

An Apple a Daray

A Brush With Death

Toxic Intrigue

A Time for Healing and Confessions


Raising Three Daughters

Little Pink Ponies? O_o;

Now that the kids are all grown up

Name: Kindle
Meaning: --
Found: March 1, 2007
Breed: 2nd Generation
Personality: Kindle is a very outgoing filly with enough personality from both of her parents that could drive a normal Soquili up the wall. She's very energetic and is distracted easily, just like her father Daray, but beautiful and fiesty, like her mother Aita. She has no qualms speaking whatever it is she has on her mind, and that usually gets her into more trouble than its worth. Even so, she's determined to be the best she can be, and secretly wishes to become a mighty Nightmare, like her mother and the other three Nightmares that roam the land. Only a half-bred Nightmare, Kindle fears to be rejected from the group, and worries that she'll be out of place among the regular Soquilis with her firey hooves and attitude.

The Bumble Bee and the Nightmare

Burnin for Trouble

Have I Grown Up Yet?

Fight Fire With Fire

Fire Meets Fire

A Curious Meeting

Flame and Fire

PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 6:38 am

Name: Nostalgia
Meaning: --
Found: December 21st, 2006
Breed: Ghost of Christmas Past
Personality: Nostalgia is a ghost Soquili who longs to live in the world as a true, living Soquili. Unlike the common ghost, Nostalgia had been created by the Spirits as a ghost with the purpose to enlighten the path of the past for people and Soquili who had forgotten the goodness and joy their lives once had in them.

Her lantern and her horn lit the pathway back into time, and her illusionary ghost wings took her and whoever she chose back into their past.

After years of watching others lives go by, Nostalgia grew tired of living in other lives and wished to pursue her own life. Having done her job for countless years, the Spirits granted her her wish and allowed her temporary freedom to run free and wild like her horse brethren. She knows not when she'll be called back to her duty as the keeper of Christmas Past, but she's more than glad to have been given the opportunity to live her own life as she wishes to.

From Past to Present

Some Things are Better Left Unsaid

Christmas and Fangs

Ghost of a Feather Fly Together

Pleasant Greetings at First Meetings

I\'m a WHAT?!

O.O A Ghost!!!!

Haunted By the Past

What Are They Good For Anyways?

A Night to Remember

Theres Something I Need to Tell You

A Little Cheering Up

You Dont Have to be Alone

Situations have changed, but have I?

Family Gatherings

Quid Pro Quo

Restless Souls

Whispers in the Dark

In the Dark of Night

An Unexpected Encounter

Is This Goodbye?

Name: Dorian
Meaning: -----
Found: ----
Personality: ----

Family Matters

What are girls good for anyways?

Picture Perfect

All\'s Fair in Love and War



Cosmic Trash


Cosmic Trash

PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 6:41 am

Name: Plague
Meaning: -----
Found: April 13th, 2007
Personality: Plague is a vicious mutant who's only priority is himself. Arriving to the new land due to starvation and lack of life in his previous homeland, Plague is surprised to meet up once again with his former companion, Diabetia. She, once his lackey, is now striving to do things on her own, and it upsets him greatly, losing one of his possessions (though he'd never confess to anything of the sort). Personality wise, he's a cruel vindictive beast who wouldn't hesitate to do anything he wanted to do. He eats anything to cross his path, namely to soothe the ache of his rotting teeth, gums and jaw. Fresh tender meat and blood seem to be the only temporary cure for his infliction, so he tends to always have one or the other in his mouth, or else he'll be pretty irritable and, well, crazy.
Despite the fact he's a walking killing spree, he does think, and can be fairly cunning. His downfall, however, would be the fact he's far too prideful for his own good.

A Bitter Reunion

Quid Pro Quo

Is There Something You Forgot To Mention?

Family or Followers?

A Mothers Love

Death Wish

A Fatal Error in Judgment

Crossing Paths

Clash of the Titans/THREAD OF DOOM

Dia\'s Revenge

The Perfect Family

A Tisket A Tasket I Think I Ate My Basket

Name: Diabetia
Meaning: --
Found: Febrary 3rd, 2007
Breed: Disease Kalona
Temper: Sassy
Personality: Diabetia is a cosplay of a deadly disease most people are affected by in their lives, either by personal experience or from a family member. Keeping that in mind, Dia represents the evil of the disease... how sweet and innocent looking she might be with her candies and sugaryness, she only goes to show that indeed, too much of anything can prove to be a bad thing. Hidden by the sweet nature of her appearance, Dia is truly an evil beast, with no care or concern for anything but herself. Evil down to the core of her heart, she's a vicious Kalona to watch out for... despite her somewhat friendly appearance.


You Aren\'t Who You Say You Are

A Bitter Reunion

Pretty In Pink

Unwanted Motherhood

Is There Something You Forgot To Mention?

A Mothers Love

Ulterior Motives

Paybacks are a Bright Pink B****

Crossing Paths

Clash of the Titans/THREAD OF DOOM

Dia\'s Revenge

The Perfect Family

A Tisket A Tasket I Think I Ate My Basket

Name: Torment
Meaning: -----
Found: May 20th, 2007
Personality: Torment is a foal born into a family who could care less for her existence. Used as a tool to further infuriate her mother, she knows nothing of kindness, love, and compassion. Therefore, being raised in hatred and loathing by a father who's only intentions are to 'train' her in his footsteps, she will no doubt grow to become a heartless mare

Family or Followers?

Two Little Monsters

A Mothers Love

Anything You Can Do

Out of the Water and Into the Frying Pan

Nighttime in the Forest

Clash of the Titans/THREAD OF DOOM

PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 6:42 am

Name: Severus Snape
Meaning: -----
Found: 07-22-2007
Personality: ----

[No RPs at this time]

Name: Magus
Meaning: -----
Found: 07-17-2007
Personality: ----

[Not RPed]


Cosmic Trash


Cosmic Trash

PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 6:42 am

Name: Zahara
Meaning: Most Exquisite Flower
Found: April 8th, 2007 (Easter)
Personality: Zahara is a very outgoing flutter who's a firm believer that she should always be a part of anyone's conversation. She hates being alone, regardless of the company she'd have, and will do anything to gain attention or include herself in the conversation. She doesn't neccessarily have to be the center of conversation, but as long as she's able to talk, she's happy.

Flutters Flutters Everywhere

Flowers and Blue Stripes

Name: Pakpao
Meaning: (Named after the Siamese fighting kite)
Found: May 22, 2007
Personality: Pakpao is a reclusive kelpi who tends to prefer to be alone. Similar to the fish she's cosplayed as, Pakpao is a fighter, despite her alluring and beautiful colors. Should another female approach her territory, she will be sure to make herself known. As for males, she can hold her own in a fight as well, so others tend to avoid the watery areas where Pakpao lurks.

Strictly Kelpi

Get. Out.

Just Keep Swimming

Out of the Water and Into the Frying Pan

The Morning After

A Joyous Surprise

A Jumble of Daughters

Name: Quetzal
Meaning: ----
Found: 05-24-2007
Temper: Spirited
Personality: -------

I Sense Mischief Afoot!

A Good Day for An Adventure

PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 6:45 am

Name: Poe
Meaning: --
Found: May 22, 2007
Breed: Zelda Cosplay
Temper: Disturbed
Personality: Poe is modeled after the wily and mischievous Poe Spirit that roams the fields and lands of Hyrule, as well as graveyards as spirits who refuse to depart from this world. As a Soquili, Poe is technically not a ghost, but his glowing aura and personality make up for it. Poe tends to be quiet, and refuses to speak unless it's needed. If not, he's happy remaining quiet, letting out a few noises here and there. He wanders about the lands, weaving his way about as he swings his forever-lit lantern. Should you come across Poe, pray that he's in a cheerful mood. If not, you may be subjected to a slap by the iron lantern, as Poe thinks it's quite fun to smack others with his favorite possession.

A Chanced Meeting in the Moonlight

Midnight Roaming

Name: Moltres
Meaning: --
Found: 6-17-2007
Breed: Pokemon Angeni
Temper: Aloof
Personality: ---

Fire Versus Ice; Friend or Foe?



Cosmic Trash


Cosmic Trash

PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 6:47 am

Name: Tuxedo Mask
Meaning: --
Found: Febrary 9th, 2007
Breed: Cosplay
Temper: Heroic
Personality: Tuxedo Mask is a heroic stallion who longs to right wrongs and to triumph over evil. Donning his mask and sexy tuxedo and cape, he uses the romantic red rose as his trade mark symbol... so that all the villians know who vanquished them. Wandering about from place to place, he is forever searching for the princess who haunts his dreams. Will he ever find her? Or will he be doomed to fight crime and seek out justice by himself all the rest of his life?

Deep Thinking in the Moonlight
PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 6:49 am

Name: Whistle Wishes
Meaning: --
Found: 7-18-2007
Breed: My Little Pony Usdia
Temper: Thoughtful
Personality: ---

Pint Sized Wonders

Name: Lady Luck
Meaning: --
Found: 6-26-2007
Breed: KH Keyblade Cosplay
Temper: Serendipitious
Personality: ---

Oh What A Beautiful Morning

Forgive me I\'m new to this



Cosmic Trash


Cosmic Trash

PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 6:55 am
PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 6:56 am


Cosmic Trash


Cosmic Trash

PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 6:57 am

Meaning: Dark (in Hawaiian)
Found: 11-29-2006
Temper: Impish
Personality: Mauli is a cautious, but fun loving ferret who likes to think of himself as Daray's conscience. Other than hanging out with Daray, Mauli likes to keep to himself; he's never known a life away from Daray.

Both he and Daray had been born on the same evening, under the eclipse moon. The Dark Spirits had blessed and cursed him with the same looks as each other, but since Daray was always the bigger of the two, he dubbed Mauli as being "Little Me", which irked Mauli to no end because they had both been born at the same time.

Their friendship had begun when they first spotted each other near the lake in their old homeland. Mauli, like Daray, had never known any creature other than himself to have strange markings all over his body, and his own ferret family took it as an omen from the Dark Spirits... which more or less left Mauli on his own to do his own things, for fear that he was a cursed creature. The two hit it off right away, and soon, both were as thick as theives with each other.

Then one day, out of the blue, Daray had gone missing. Searching all over and in their usual favorite spots, Mauli could not find his best friend, which broke his heart. Out into the wide world he went, in search of his friend, and, mayhaps by the work of the Spirits themselves, Mauli was able to find his companion in a neighboring tribe's land. Still hurt by what his friend had done to him, Mauli understood why Daray had run away, and was quick to forgive. What else could he have done? Daray was the first and only friend Mauli had, whether he liked it or not.

Meaning: ----
Found: 4-1-2007 (April Fool's Day)
Temper: Foolish
Personality: Fool is a bear cub that is living evidence of his name. He was discovered by Kindle, as she was wandering along the riverbanks as a foal, as he attempted to wash his sooty face while continuing to grip his shiny halo-like object. Coveting and falling deeper in love with his shiny, he refused to take both paws off of it at once, and therefore was unsuccessful in cleaning off his face. As he held it, he was doomed to forever possess a sooty face, which suits him just fine, as long as he has his shiny. Other than his foolish temper, Fool can be a sweet bear... as long as no one tries to take away his pretty ring.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 7:02 am



Cosmic Trash


Cosmic Trash

PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 7:03 am


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