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Tags: Deer, Spirits, Fantasy, Breedables, Roleplaying 

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Wardwood Mule
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2013 2:33 pm

March 14 - 20

Entries may be in standard written format or creatively phrased as a song or poem—as long as they're six sentences or shorter and tell us something about the character(s)! The guardian, its human chosen, or both can be the focus of your entry. Entries will be judged on the originality of the character concept and how much personality it conveys.

You may enter for all four guardians, but can only win one. Please place all entries in the same post, listed in order of preference.

1. Chrystali

[b]Entering for:[/b] (Guardian 1, 2, 3, 4)
[b]Guardian name:[/b]
[b]Chosen name:[/b] (Optional)
[b]Concept entry:[/b]
PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2013 10:37 am
Entering for: 3
Guardian name: Cobardia
Chosen name: (Optional)
Concept entry:
Turn a blind eye to men, I may, for I am not one of great care.
But as I am commanded by my Queen, I shall do as told: to judge thee fair.
None of these creatures catch my interest though, beneath my petal-lidded eyes.
I will also admit that I contain cowardice; I'd much rather flee than die.
Regardless of this fact, it is a duty to stand tall and proud amongst humans.
How am I able to do such a thing if my own mind is currently in ruins?

Entering for: 2
Guardian name: Velsigne
Chosen name: (Optional)
Concept entry:
Finally it is the time to dance, to sing, to be merry!
I know I have nothing else in mind but to be the proudest and be glaring!
Why, if I may be so bold, I may even outdo the rest of the court!
Now now, don't be envious of my charm.
Try to be a good sport!
While this is something I will not utter to any, I must admit I possess quite the sin: the feeling of Pride is turning in motion and in the end, I must win.

Entering for: 4
Guardian name: Bravura
Chosen name: (Optional)
Concept entry:
Amongst 'The Shining Throng' I stand.
Proud, tall, and brave.
Spring flowers are washed across my view, stained of red and pale hue.
It is my duty to protect these people, as I know what I must do.
The rumors of those long before in war -- I feel it in the air -- will be traveling towards this land.
It is here that I will stay to fight, and it is here that I will stand.

Entering for: 1
Guardian name: Enfermo
Chosen name: (Optional)
Concept entry:
While all are celebrating the coming of warmth, I stand alone, off to the side.
I'm not much for merriment or laughter in this court.
In fact, I have no reason to try.
Hidden underneath my enchanting orchid-colored mask is one who lacks purpose; feeling emptily divine.
I am yearning and striving for someone younger to mother.
I feel a urgent need to intertwine...  


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Shia bean

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2013 2:27 pm
Entering for: Guardian 1
Guardian name: Invidia
Chosen name: Edward Hansley Butterfield
Concept entry:

Green that is her gaze.
Tells the nature of her ways.
We fear for Edward.  
PostPosted: Sat Mar 16, 2013 10:37 am
Entering for: 1
Guardian name: Tapur
Chosen name: Eva Michitka
Concept entry: Fire? I don't see it. I hold it in my heart and bring it to everyody. Warmth? I don't feel it, but I give it to others. Anger... Why?

Entering for: 2
Guardian name: Saltov
Chosen name: Eva Michitka
Concept entry: Hold me, my friend. I am always here for you, but I need you to be there too.

Entering for: 3
Guardian name: Erka
Chosen name: Eva Michitka
Concept entry: Hurt me? How dare you. Hold me? Why bother. Break the glass, break the tables, break the chairs, break the truth, break the lies. I stand here.  


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L ii a t h

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Tipsy Kitten

PostPosted: Sat Mar 16, 2013 6:34 pm
Entering for: Guardian 2
Guardian name: Erebos
Chosen name: Elise Labelle
Concept entry: The living shudder at the passing of his shadow, while the dead embrace him as kin and lord. He stalks the night, ominous and watchful behind the cover of his guise.

Entering for: Guardian 3
Guardian name: Coralie
Chosen name: Elise Labelle
Concept entry: She speaks in sweet melodies, her whisper akin to a petal's caress. Alas, she is as deadly as she is alluring, her songs potent with poison.
PostPosted: Sat Mar 16, 2013 7:00 pm
Entering for: 1
Guardian name: Taiga
Chosen name: (may edit this before it ends)
Concept entry: cold as ice. calm, but driven.
focused; prefers practice to better oneself over frivolous things. no-nonsense attitude.

Entering for: 2
Guardian name: Ashen
Chosen name: (may edit this before it ends)
Concept entry: swift of hoof and as loyal as they come. very fond of cats and children. likes to stick his nose were it doesn't belong.
good natured and enjoys petting, apples, and sugar cubes.
if he could fit he would most certainly plop himself into your lap.


Capricorn Sunchai

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 17, 2013 12:35 am

Entering for: 3
Guardian name: Rowena
Chosen name: Corann Mearns
Concept entry:
I am called kind and gentle, judged upon my flowered view but when my words are spoken and heard, I am instead called rather crude.
Judged by many, I accept I may not be the kindest sport, although I share a kinship with my queen and ones in "The light Court".
But for them I feel that if I continue in my ways, they may be judged upon what I do and what I say.
So I change and I start spinning my words to be a kinder type, all while I wonder steadily "Am I to be fated to this for life"?
Will my sharp tongue be lost to time and will I forever feel a liar?
Or can someone accept my words and realize that I do intend to be a flower?

Entering for: 4
Guardian name: Kynthelig
Chosen name: Corann Mearns
Concept entry:
Rose colored petals scattered across my eyes, a flowered visage I do see, of those that I lay eyes upon I like to think of them grandly.
I am named somewhat of a fool, too trusting, and naive but I rather would like to believe in the good of everyone than think that they all deceive.
Although I have been proven wrong, I show no anger at those sort, rather I think it's somewhat sad that their true colors get no support.
For I am of a guiding type, I rather like those who I see and I wish to nudge them all into a blissful life to lead.
However, I am not one to posses no faults and I must unwillingly admit, I get a rather selfish pride at seeing ones who fortune from my wit.
So come and get advice from me, who sees few faults in others and has pride selfishly from giving easy knowledge to unfortunate others.

Entering for: 1
Guardian name: Aife
Chosen name: Corann Mearns
Concept entry:
Green eyed visage over the world, as I stand watch and survey the crowd, looking for those of suspicion that I may have to take down.
I am a warrior, a knight, a fighter, a protector for my court and queen and although they may say they do not need it, I feel that it is my duty to be.
I may be called stiff and rather charmless, but it is the amour I put on so that I can protect, although deep inside I rather wish I could be called sweet instead.
But a warrior's duty never ends and so I must put these wishes aside, looking ahead to the future and those who need my protecting guide.
However, if one day one can tell truly whom I wish to be, then they may have me in full.
And a warrior I will no longer be.

Entering for: 2
Guardian name: Caradoc
Chosen name: Corann Mearns
Concept entry:
I am said to look quite icy, although I have a feisty side.
Pranks I do enjoy quite nicely and many of which are my pride.
For I am a trickster through and though, dedicated to my craft and while I am not malicious, I still do have a darker path.
But I do make amends when I fear that my tricks have gone too far.
And some have become my greatest friends, the best at loving they are.
So while I may be the darker trickster of this small court, I still wish to be kind to those that may fall victim to my sport.
PostPosted: Sun Mar 17, 2013 5:58 pm
Entering for: 2
Guardian name: Mot
Chosen name: Rob Tiller
Concept entry:
When the time comes for the heroes to return home, when the time of the common man dawns, he will come. He will come, all power and truth incarnate, to guide them to the north, to the south, to any far direction where strange creatures lurk and foreign fears abound. They touch, they taste and in tasting touch the limits beyond the fears that haunt their bodies. They reach, and in reaching cross the shadows of the past that linger ever in their minds whispering, and they find the world. For that world belongs to the common things, to the ones who can weather the brutal winds and changing fortunes, the ones who can love their place and be loved in return. That world is theirs and they must learn and he will teach them.  


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grasshopper pie

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2013 2:15 pm

    Entering for: Guardian 1
    Guardian name: Blade
    Chosen name: tbd
    Concept entry:
    A somber glare,
    a warrior's path.
    Defy the law,
    and feel her wrath!

    Entering for: Guardian 3
    Guardian name: Rabbit
    Chosen name: tbd
    Concept entry:
    A soft breeze blows the blossomed trees,
    and fragrant dew upon the leaves.
    A rustles soft in peasant sleep,
    to caress and comfort,
    to love and lead.

    Entering for: Guardian 2
    Guardian name: Farthir
    Chosen name: tbd
    Concept entry: He stands regal, his chest puffed with pride. His gaze travels out across the land where man, woman and child live their lives in peace. He has come to understand that there is bad in the world, but it can be struck down with the presence of justice and light. There reverence he feels for the life of every creature is visible in his every sovereign step. ...of course, the leaves stuck to his back hoof may somewhat mark upon his tenable majesty.
PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2013 6:44 pm
Entering for: Guardian 2
Guardian name: Mythos
Chosen name: Marceline Chevalier
Concept entry:

Behind the mask a stare so cold,
frosting, encasing in words untold.
Love, skewed by a desire so deep;
he made it that her heart he keeps.
To have and to hold, so the story goes;
Guardian and Chosen, the mystery grows.


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PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:04 pm
Entering for: 2
Guardian name: Rising Storm
Chosen name: N/A (will be a male character, however, for this concept! :3)
Concept entry: My attempt at writing haiku~ :3

I do as I'm told,
no questions said in return,
good or bad, I work.

It is cold outside,
but even with icy eyes
I fear the outside.

Covered, my eyes are,
but exposed is my poor heart,
fear keeps me blinded.

I follow the Queen,
but my chosen is my King.
Who do I obey?

My exterior
is so solid, but my heart
flies everyday.

Only my masked eyes
are the only things that keep
my heart divided.
PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:14 pm
Entering for: Guardian 1
Guardian name: Kei’lah
Chosen name: (Optional)
Concept entry:
Through this dreaming
leaving flowers in our wake
I follow my fae queen
but make no mistake
this court is not to be forgotten
when all that is fair has gone rotten.  


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Miidnight Melody

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:48 pm
Entering for: Guardian 4
Guardian name: Adonis
Chosen name: Blair MacBain
Concept entry: These delicate sweet flowers are nothing but a deceitful lie upon we first meet.
A shade of sweet petals, air of debonair, a fine gentleman with a persuasive tongue as we chat.
My desires and secrets lie hidden beneath my smile; bewildering and untrusting to others.
But, my heart is of purest gold as well as my intentions despite my foolish attitude that everyone sees.
Bright gold, but tarnished slowly over the years it hid in the safety of the flowers but revealed to those truest to me.
My queen, my brethren, and my chosen I give a piece of my tarnish heart that they treat is as treasure and thus I protect them as they are my treasures.

Entering for: Guardian 2
Guardian name: Álmos
Chosen name: Blair MacBain
Concept entry: I come to you in your hour of need, whether in daylight or in dream.
Stray from the court in my private hours, but always the humble servant to those in truest dear.
A philosopher of words, pondering at the darkest of day and brightest of the minute while giving wise heed.
Please, come to me in seek of advice and I will gladly share my wisdom to you in the tenderest and the most honest.
Just know that I shall never lie, for why should one live in such a fraud of a life; even though it’ll be quite humorous indeed.
And just as the humble servant, I take my leave when not needed only to be much of a dream; appearing ever so blissfully yet fleeting until the next time.

Entering for: Guardian 3
Guardian name: Fiorella
Chosen name: Vittorio D'Angelo
Concept entry: Do not fret on me due to my rosy demure or wait upon me as a dainty being.
Do not carve my path in light with daffodils nor shade my travels in the harshest of sunny days.
For underneath these ethereal petal lashes are thorns; scarring those who dare to insult me.
Hell hath no fury compare to mine nor do I wish to shed upon to others for I am still a lady.
I am full of grace and witty reprise with a mirthful of a smile first and foremost of all to others.
But give my respect and I shall give yours; my pride as a courtier to my queen and a woman I treasure the most.

Entering for: Guardian 1
Guardian name: Carina
Chosen name: Vittorio D'Angelo
Concept entry: Ah, the night is young as well are we, and so why not spend some time with me?
A courtesan is who I am more than a courtier; a game that I know how to play ever so well.
Join with me for a stroll; I am an excellent listener and your supporter to whatever you may need.
A charming conversationalist or maybe just a kind hearted companion?
I can be whoever you wish to be that and all of a sudden fallen prey to my comforted trap.
Delicate but dangerous, charming but intelligent, you are forever mine and mine alone . . . my darling.
PostPosted: Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:41 am
Entering for: ( 2 )
Guardian name: Oleander ( 'Anders' )
Chosen name: (Undecided)
Concept entry:

Judging by the new night, fair, a heart of ice will melt, contrair.

Jaded gaze, cool orbs of jade, faded evening wills twilight's fade.

Seeking sought, the bringer brought, darkness fraught, tis all for naught.

Sunlight rise and daylight come, buck endured and soon was numb.

Masked from truth, his visage ravage, hours will pass the Seelie's savage.

The Final Line that beckons an end, he waits alone for true love's send.  


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PostPosted: Wed Mar 20, 2013 5:58 pm
Entering for: Guardian 2
Guardian name: Sétanta
Chosen name: Orielle
Concept entry: Golden is the summer in her hair, cold is the sea in her eyes and for her, he stands guard, a loyal hound at the heels of a beautiful queen.

Silent is he who stands by her side. Steadfast is he, who never leaves, viridian eyes unblinking. In their shared solitude, she is unafraid.  
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