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Would you like to join a team of special forces in their aim to take down a dictatorship? 

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 2:57 pm

Deciding on an outfit was easy, with the brunette changing into a pair of navy swim trunks, because he had a feeling he'd end up in the water even as much as he'd wanted to stay in the Tavern, and a sleeveless hoodie, which he never really saw the point of, but whatever.

It was the present that had him in his room for a few good minutes.
He didn't know Reinette personally enough to know her likes and dislikes, what she'd want for her birthday. With an annoyed sign, he popped open his wallet and pulled out a hundred, guessing she could buy whatever she wanted with it.

He'd managed to fish out a nice, lightly patterned envelope, and wrote her out a small letter about him being sorry about not being able to buy her anything, and that he hoped she had an awesome day. Finally, after sealing said envelope, he was able to catch the elevator.

He waved to everyone who was there before placing his envelope down and making his way to the Tiki Tavern. Since both types of Cards were here, he'd decided to think about how he'd act while getting a drink, since he had to mix haughty with quiet and respectful. "I'll have a mango float, please."
PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 3:57 pm

Cathryn almost cried seeing her comrades face the torture and execution. However, by the end, she wiped away the water that had begun to form in her eyes and vowed vengeance onto the Wilden for such crimes. She muttered under her breath when Kimei mentioned crushing the Wilden,"Count on it." And then came the announcement of Reinette's birthday party. She had already bought a necklace for her and went off to her room to change. She changed into a two-piece swimsuit and grabbed the gold box on her dresser. Then, she went down to the beach and placed the box with the other presents.


Lukas eyes were stuck to the screen as he watched the Cards face their slow and torturous execution. The fact that both were from the Diamond suit stung him for unknown reasons.
He raised his eyebrow at the mention of a mission with Reinette as leader. He thought, didn't she just say that it was Reinette's birthday and they would be having a party for her? He figured that the mission would go by pretty fast anyways, so he went along with it. Then, it all made sense to him when they arrived at the Joker's room, which surprisingly didn't seem to fit her personality. He excused himself from the "mission" and went to his room. Somewhere in the mess, he knew there was a small box that had a matching bracelet to Cathryn's necklace. After changing into simple swim trunks, he managed to find the box inside his messy dresser. After he left his room, his emotion-reading powers turned on automatically. They sometimes would do that and Lukas didn't mind or bother to control them. After all, it's not like his powers were a bad thing.
He soon arrived at the beach, placing his present right next to Cathryn's, and stood on his own by a tree.


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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 5:18 pm

The clerk exchanged money with beverage and bid Chariclo a nice day, to which the brunette repeated, waving back as he left.

He had to go check on the envelope. Hopefully, somebody set a box or something on it, he didn't trust it to stay in place alone. He tended to get very paranoid with his possessions, and even if it was a simple envelope filled a hundred dollars, he'd be worried all day about it.

A small box sat atop it.
The brunette sighed a breath of relief and thanked the gods (which consisted of him pressing the side of his hands to his lips and then throwing his arms to the heavens) it hadn't flown away - into the sea. Hopefully, nobody saw that...
He glanced around just to be sure, and deflated when he saw the King of Diamonds at a tree not too far away. It'd be impossible to not see the brunette's thank-you motion with how he was standing, which meant...
The Jack of Clubs was screwed if he decided to start talking about it with the Numbers.
PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 5:34 pm

Devika's usual smile faded off her face as she watched the video. She started to feel the emotions of the others, the shock and the fear and the anger, and rapidly tuned out everything but the video. Even so, she felt her stomach twisting and her fists burning as she watched her comrades die.

She rose up quickly after the meeting was done, going to her room to prepare for Reinette's party. Dressing in a blue and black swimsuit and a sheer blue sarong, she put on a pair of sandals and went to meet the others at the party. She would have to figure out what she could do for a gift... but that could certainly come later, hopefully the girl wouldn't mind. Devika hadn't even known it was her birthday, after all.

(Trying to get myself back in the game here.)  

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 5:41 pm

Axel finally made his way over to the Tavern, he had to stop along the way so he could get something for Reinette. He had no clue what to get her, or what she even liked. She was a girl, he wasn't good at getting girls presents. Nor was he good at getting anyone presents. So instead of fussing over it, he just got some money and a card and stuffed them both in an envelope. When in doubt, give them money.
Axel walked inside the tavern and saw that some people were here, mostly faces, maybe the numbers were late? Or maybe they weren't invited? No everyone was invited, either way, Axel could care less, he hated crowds so the less people the better.
He went over to the table where there were some presents and envelopes, all addressed to Reinette. He left the card on the table and went to find himself and spot to sit.
PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:33 pm

Reinette was unfortunately caught up in a game of Ring around the Rosie with the twins. She thought her legs were going to call off until finally it was time to fall down and she dropped into the sand, sweating and breathing heavily. "Ah, you two! No more, no more! I give up!" she got up and headed inside to get something to drink. Little Rein accepted some apple juice (yes, apple juice on the beach) from the bartender and she looked out at the ocean. The Tiki Tavern was open to the elements, so it wasn't hard to see the ocean no matter where you were inside of it. The theme of the club was very Hawaiian, and it was the favorite hangout place of pretty much everyone under 25 on the island.

She glanced up while taking a sip of the juice and happened to notice the Jack of Clubs at the present table. Then he did something really weird... and Reinette burst into laughter. She spit out the juice and then ended up laughing like a maniac both at the Jack and at herself. Those who had been watching also laughed at the birthday girl, with the exception of the Joker sitting in the corner, though no one was paying attention to her. Someone handed her a napkin and she wiped her face off...

And that was only the beginning of the awesome party that ensued. There was dancing and eventually the alcohol came out, though the face cards weren't allowed to get drunk, as they were the ones who were on standby 24/7. The Joker politely took a drink but did not drink it, letting it grow warm as it sat on the table in front of her. Someone lit the tiki torches and they started up a congo line, in which the Joker made sure to NOT participate in.

Next came the cake; there were three different cakes because of the large amount of people. Chocolate, vanilla, and angel cake. Reinette's favorite was the angel cake. Of course, there were lots of other pastries, so pretty soon all the younger cards were on sugar highs. Finally it was time for everyone to sit down so Reinette could open up her presents; she didn't read any of the cards aloud (unless they were funny), though she did show off any and all money she got. ^-^ Muwahahaha, she was getting rich fast. Who needed a military salary when you were a Face Card? The last present that Reinette opened was from the Joker; it was a key chain. A very cute key chain--it was a white rabbit with blue eyes, and it had on a cute pink bow. The Joker had written a note, which Reinette read out loud, "'To the Ace of Diamonds and one of my finest children. This key chain will protect you even in times of danger, for it will project to me your location at all times. Wear it proudly as a Card, my child, and stay safe just as I wish for all of my children.'" Reinette blushed and some of the Numbers said "awww".

The Joker ran a finger around the rim of her glass as she watched Reinette silently, then she handed the glass off to the bartender as everyone moved outside for some barbecue and to go swimming. The Joker occupied one of the beach towels that were always present on the beach of the Tiki Tavern, a plain white one, while everyone danced to the DJ, drank, and pushed each other into the water.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 9:43 pm

((Did you just control my characters Kimei? Luna and Hi werent even at the beach yet...unless youre talking about a different pair of twins._.))

"Beach party!!" The twins shouted as they ran to an elevator. The pressed the button of the floor they lived on, scanned their cards, and giggled among their selves as they waited for the moving techy box to stop and open up on their floor.
The elevator door opened to the floor where their room was and they went to their room door. The doors opened to reveal a room which is the apitimy(sp) of innocence. The room was very colorful and most of the furniture were bunny themed. The couch, the desk, the dresser, even the bunk beds were bunny themed. There were several toys around the room, again with alot of bunny themed toys, that they had gotten on their missions. The two twins obviously share a room. They had the option of having separate rooms, but refused it. They didn't like the idea of sleeping in different rooms.
Luna and Hi quickly changed into their one piece bathing suits. The suits were exactly the same in design. They were both one pieces and had some frill around the top part of the suit and at the hips as well. The only differences were that Hi's suit was mostly purple with black frill and Luna's was mostly black with purple frill. The two put on their water wings and ran to the Tiki Tavern with a large wrapped lumpy looking present in their hands, both of them needing to carry it together.
"Rei-Rain Rei-Rain! We got you a present!" They said in perfect sync.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 10:12 pm

Reinette joined the twins and sat down, "Alright. Let's see what it is." She eyed their package, wondering what it could possibly be. It was an odd shape, and badly wrapped, so she honestly had no idea what it could possibly be. It was definitely large enough to be anything; perhaps the twins were playing a prank and it was really something very small wrapped many, many times? That had happened to her a few years back as a prank. And two years ago she'd gotten a box with another box with another box.... eh, you get the idea. She was hesitant to even go near large packages.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 10:30 pm

Luna and Hi smiled brightly as the placed the large in front of the birthday girl. Inside the crudely wrapped gift was a large fluffy light brown teddy bear with a just as large but very cute ribbon around it's neck. The twins had thought of giving Reinette a large bunny plushie, but pushed that idea aside. Anything bunny or rabbit related was their thing. No one else liked bunnies as much as the queen twins. And they didn't think that Reinette would like bunnies. Those soft creatures aren't for everyone so large teddy bear it is.
"Open it! Open it!" They chanted as they jumped up and down in turns.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:31 am

Atia watched the horrors of her fellow cards get tortured and she turned her head away. That was even too much for her to watch. Then Kimei mention Reinette's birthday party. When the meeting concluded, she headed to the elevator and scanned her card, taking her down to her room. Her room had the same furniture as most of the Card's did except it was decorated in colors of black and dark reds.

Atia went to her dresser and hesitantly pulled out the two piece swimsuit. It had ties and was considered a bikini. The coloring matched her red eyes and she pulled it on, tying a back wrap at her hips. She was thin, thin with smaller features, features but she didn't mind it. She grabbed the box she had wrapped. Inside were hair scrunchies, bows, more brushes and headbands.

Going back to the elevator she scanned her card again and pushed the button in the screen to take her to the others. She spotted Reinette and the twins and walked over. "I hope I'm not too late." She placed the present next to Reinette and smiled softly for her, as part of her present she'd show Rein a true smile from her. Then the mask was on again. She spotted Lukas and walked over to him. "Why are you over here all by yourself?" Her voice didn't show a hint of concern, even if she was.

Davion couldn't watch, not all of it anyways. He had lowered his head, and listened to the horrors instead. Then Reinette's party was announced and with that the meeting had ended. endorSement thing he knew Rein had pulled him into a mission with her, Lukas and Chariclo. They were going to the elevator and when they arrived at Joker's door he just chuckled. The furniture wasn't what he had expected, but he Joker with the black hair and just smiled. "Now that that's been settled, I'm going to go get ready."

He scanned his card for the elevator and walked into his room casually. It was the same furniture as everyone, only decorated in reds. He slid on red swim trunks and grabbed a small box. It had a charm bracelet inside. It was one that had small gems in it, so it wouldn't make noise. He took the elevator to everyone else and placed his gift next to Atia's gift. "Happy birthday Reinette." He hugged her gently and walked over to a spot on the beach and sat, watching the waves.


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PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 6:40 pm

Reinette accepted the gift and opened it up, a smile spreading on her face. "My oh my! It's so cute." She held it up to get a better look at it, "This will look perfect in my room. Thank you, you two." She hugged the twins and then headed over to the present table to set it down, smiling faintly at her collection of gifts. She then headed back to the twins and took their hands, leading them out to the beach.

The Joker watched the twins as they came out before she looked away, out at the water. It was beautiful at this time of night, what with the light shining on it. It was too bad she couldn't look at it while the full moon wasn't being disturbed by the ripples of the swimmers in the water. If she could, she would stay later until everyone was gone so she could watch the sight, but she had a mission tonight, so she had no time to, unfortunately. Such a pity.
PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:37 pm

Chariclo snuck away from the ocean - evil thing- to the safety of the Tiki Tavern. He'd never admit it to even his closest friends, but he was deathly afraid of large bodies of water, was convicted that it'd swallow him up and drown him. He was much more comfortable on land than he would ever be above water.

Thus, he found himself sitting a ways from Kime- the Joker. She had done a pretty good job disguising herself, he thought. The water looked beautiful, what with the light shining on it. Sure, it was a bit distorted due to all the swimmers, but it still looked great. He wondered what it looked like in the morning, but shrugged the thought away because he knew that he'd never be awake so early, unless he was away on a mission.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 9:46 pm

((Sorry for taking so long;3; I haven't been keeping up with alot of my rps lately._. Sorry))

Luna and Hi giggled as Reinette hugged then and they hugged back. They were glad that the birthday girl liked their gift, or at least pretended to like it. Since the twins were so child like, its easy to please them with kind words and fake thank yous when they really don't like what they got. Sometimes they can tell when someone doesn't like something but they still smile happily.
"We gonna play?" Hi asked.
"Beach fun!" Luna cheered.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:27 am
Lilicakes Wrote:

beleiveimgothnprttyalil Wrote:

x Ultamania x Wrote:

(OOC: Sorry I haven't been posting. I've been really busy lately.)
The Joker glanced down at the phone that lay on the towel beside her. She picked it up, eyeing the screen for a moment before she hit the 'Answer' button and therefore ending the insistent buzzing. "Yes?" she murmured quietly into the phone. She watched the water as she listened, then the Joker sighed and said, "Confirmed. I'll get on it soon." She hit 'End Call' and then raised her eyes to the Cards. She was going to need to steal a few of them away from the party, but who? She headed over to Chariclo, "Hey. Can I borrow you for a bit?" She sent him off towards the runway, telling him to suit up for a mission. Her next capture was Davion, "Hey. Sorry to bother you, but I need you for something..." She sent him off after Chariclo, then she examined her cards again hesitantly. She didn't want to take either of the twins--they worked together, and she only needed one more person. She wasn't going to take the birthday girl, that was for sure. She could take Kimei, but she knew the girl had another mission assigned for later tonight. Then her eyes fell on Axel. Ah hah. She approached him and spoke quickly but quietly, "Hey. Sorry to bother you, but could you come with me?" She led him to the runway locker rooms. "Sorry to drag you out so suddenly, but an emergency came up." She gave no further explanation, disappearing into the girl's locker room.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 3:44 pm
(Oh, yay, we're back in business! smilies/icon_biggrin.gif)

Chariclo raised an eyebrow at his boss, but nodded nonetheless. Orders were orders, after all. "See you there." He called as he speed-walked away.

To be honest, he hated changing in front of others, and even if it were his fellow Faces, he knew that he'd best be suited up before any other guy got there, or he'd be dying with embarrassment the whole mission. He darted for the men's changing room, threw the door open, winced when it slammed shut and then dashed like a wildman to his locker.

He supposed what he had been wearing made the whole change faster, as the most work he had to do was getting into the uniform. He had just finished when he guessed the other guys on the mission were coming in to get dressed. "Any idea what we're here for?" He asked, tying the end-laces of his boots.
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