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PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2012 12:48 pm

I, the one who fell for love's trap, I'm a butterfly.

Butterfly boy flew into Sebastian

To say that Chou wasn't a good fighter, was an understatement. He simply didn't have it in him. He was used to taking things silently, dealing with other people's anger and frustration, letting them take it all out on him. There was a reason Sebastian had met a broken thing who rather took the pain and humiliation than to fight, than a spirited creature who actually bit back when deciding to target Chou in the den and bar.

Despite all this, a teeny-weeny part of Chou was grateful. Grateful for all the s**t that had happened in his life. Cause not only had the spirits decided to take mercy on him and grant him his wings, but no, someone had even sent a friend towards him. Things were bound to be worse before they could get better. Chou was quite honestly still not sure about Sebastian's intentions, and he didn't trust him fully and completely - heck, Chou would never trust anyone completely; If they happened to get anywhere near water, he would still cower and break down -, but it was as close as it could be at this point.

In fact, the same teeny-weeny part of Chou actually thought he could fall for Sebastian - something he had been so certain could never happen again. But then reality checked in and reminded him that he didn't even know if Sebastian was into guys at all, thus he shouldn't even play with the thought. Chou wasn't quite sure he would say the other gave off that vibe. And even if he did, Chou was nothing special, why would he attract anyone? Hell, Sebastian was his first friend, the first person he moderately trusted and enjoyed the company of ever since he was kidnapped when he was a kid. Sure, not all Chou's costumers had been bad people, but an astonishing amount of them had been vile brutes who wanted to hear him scream and beg. Chou shivered slightly at the thought. He had usually kept silent, despite their wishes.

But the end of the story was that Chou was truly grateful to have met Sebastian. He was kind to him, and quite frankly, a friend as good as him - for now, Chou would simply be naive and assume the other had no hidden agenda - was more than he had ever dared asking for. He wouldn't loose the other for the world. He was truly grateful the other had showed him he did still have emotions, whether he realized he did or not.

Snapping out of his thoughts, Chou peeked up at the other from behind his half-traditional kitsune-mask. Nodding slightly at the other as he pointed out Rainer would give his order shortly after the appearance of the Anarch's queen, a lump formed in Chou's stomach. He hadn't joined the Savages to fight his own kind, he had joined to find a place safe from those dreaded, vile humans! Somewhere he could be certain that couldn't reach him. But at the same time, Rainer had let him in, given him just that safe place, and it wouldn't be fair if Chou didn't pay him back by obeying. His obedience was the only thing he could really offer after all. Biting his lip slightly, his eyes turned anxious once again. "But it's not fair" he almost whispered. Among all these people it was a wonder he hadn't turned mute, really. Oh, how that would have confused poor Sebastian. "It's not fair to let everyone else suffer while hiding ourselves." Even after all he'd been through, Chou still had a sense of righteousness. He still wanted to carry the world on his shoulders, even for causes he didn't believe in. Like Giselle had concluded back when he first met Sebastian - Chou was very easy to order around

As the other pointed out that Rainer brought his puppy, Chou let his gaze wander. He didn't know Rainer had a dog. And as he looked their leader, he didn't see one either. Could it be that... Sebastian meant the slender guy standing halfway behind Rainer? So it seemed. Sebastian soon enough warned Chou about staying away if he could. He didn't have to say it twice. Chou usually stayed away from others as much as he could in general. "Okay..." the frail male replied softly.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:31 am

ıllıllı ραιѕℓєу αяαвєℓℓα ¢αятєя ıllıllı

The blonde would have never been able to find Will amongst the people here. All of the males looked similar, well to her anyways. Paisley smiled as he started answer her question. She had meant it to be more of a rhetorical question, but he didn’t need to know that. Blushing, she looked away from him. No one had ever complimented her eyes.

Maybe no one ever complimented her, because she never let herself get close with anyone. It wasn’t that she didn’t like people, oh the days before she grew into her gift. There for awhile, she tried to keep her normal everyday life going, people and all. It got too hard after the first year or two. Moving always seemed to be the answer for her. And when she came to Skyline, the thought of having to move again never crossed her mind.

Paisley was pulled back to the real world at the sound of Will’s voice. At least she wasn’t the only one not fond of events as such. Smiling, she didn’t even hesitate to take his hand when he offered it. It was strange, and the shock showed on her face. Normally, touching someone, she got something. Some kind of vision of the past, or future. When she took Will’s hand, she got nothing. It was actually refreshing. “I’m not fond of things like such either and a refreshment would be nice.” The blonde spoke soft and sweet as she lifted her eyes to meet his.

ıllıllı ѕєєєя ıllıllı


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PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:37 pm

11:57 p.m.
PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:38 pm
How can you see into my eyes like open doors?
Leading you down into my core where I’ve become so numb
Without a soul my spirit's sleeping somewhere cold
until you find it there and lead it back home
Now that I know what I’m without
You can't just leave me
Breathe into me and make me real
Bring me to life

~Co-Leader of the Anarchs~

Ambrosia had her own doubts about the number of people that appeared to be at the ball. Granted, there was the very logical explanation that perhaps Cordelia had just invited Anarchs from other cities, as Ambrosia said. But. . . something didn't feel right about that to her for some reasons. And when she'd mentioned that to Lucas, it didn't escape Ambrosia's notice that Lucas' tone sounded doubting as well. His tone was normal enough, and most people probably wouldn't have caught that, but Ambrosia knew Lucas well enough that she could pick on his tone of voice quite well. One of the bonuses of knowing someone for so long, she supposed. Lucas always did seem to catch on to Ambrosia's tone, or mood, when nobody else could. Not that Ambrosia was complaining, of course; she didn't want anyone else to know what was going on in her head. And Lucas being able to catch on quickly without her having to actually say anything, kept her from having to try to explain anything to him.

The fact that Lucas seemed to have doubts about the only logical explanation for the extra guests, made Ambrosia just that much more on edge. Something was not right. So, needless to say, when she saw Demetrius, it certainly didn't do anything to help Ambrosia relax. Then again, when did seeing Demetrius do anything other than make Ambrosia angry, and perhaps a little nervous? Although Ambrosia would never admit the latter to anyone. Ambrosia was still glaring the direction that Demetrius had disappeared in when Lucas asked her if she was sure that it had been Demetrius. Ambrosia nodded her head, and forced herself to look back to Lucas. "I'm positive, Aelius," she said. Ambrosia may have only gotten a small look at him, and he may have been wearing a mask, but Ambrosia knew that had been him.

The only person that Ambrosia had ever met with eyes quite that cold and mocking, that had that shade of ice blue, was Demetrius. She also had creepy feeling up her spine that she only got whenever Demetrius was nearby. She couldn't really explain what caused that, but she chalked it up to being because he was her sire, and she'd been forced to spend those horrible days with him after he'd turned her. During those days, he'd 'taught' her how to hurt a vampire without actually killing them, by giving Ambrosia a first hand experience on the topic; finding out just how painful it was to have a bucket of holy water thrown on you, or to be exposed to sunlight. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. That was why Ambrosia would never tell Lucas exactly what had happened. But, because of it, Ambrosia now was able to recognize Demetrius quickly, because of that time she'd spent with him.

Ambrosia forced the thoughts to the back of her head, as she tried to figure out what they should do. Ambrosia was never one to run from a fight, so the thought of leaving herself never even crossed her mind. Although she did consider asking Lucas to take Lavender and get her out of there, take her back to Skyline. And to even take Malaki and Tsuki as well. Ambrosia was a good fighter, but she fought better when she didn't have someone she cared about around. She got easily distracted, trying to look out for them. And Ambrosia was worried about how Lavi would handle it if a fight broke out. She was her sister, yes, but Ambrosia had no clue if Lavi could fight at all. Lavender had been so secretive about everything, there were still so many things that Ambrosia didn't know about her. Then again, that was something else they had in common. Another thing they seemed to have in common, was neither of them seemed to be very diplomatic, for different reasons, though. Ambrosia not so much because she didn't have much patience with people; she tended to hit first and ask questions later when she got really angry. Lavender, on the other hand, was too nervous and withdrawn to really be able to talk to people. Hmm, maybe if any talking needed to be done, it would be best to leave that up to Lucas, he was pretty good in that department.

Lucas asked if she thought Cordelia would come down the stairs, and Ambrosia blinked a few times, trying to focus. "I uh. . . I don't know. Maybe," she said, raising her hand to rub her eyes for a minute. He suggested that they should move closer to the stairs, and Ambrosia nodded her head. "We probably should. Catch her on the way down and tel her that he's here," she agreed. But first, she turned to look at Lavender. "Lavi, you should go. Take Malaki and Tsuki and go back to Skyline, alright?" she asked.
Lavender shook her head, making her blonde hair fly around her face. "I'm sorry, Am, but I'm not leaving without you two. I can handle myself," Lavender argued. Ambrosia sighed, and stared at her sister for a long moment. Stubbornness just had to one of the few things that they had in common, didn't it? "Fine, but stay close," Ambrosia said. "Malaki, stay with her," she told the cat. Although the cat was already standing right beside her, so she didn't really have to. "Come on, let's go try to catch Cordelia," Ambrosia said, turning back to Lucas and taking his hand, tugging him over towards the bottom of the stairs with her.

Lavender followed closely behind Ambrosia and Lucas as they headed over for the stairs. When they reached them, Lavender bent down to pet both Malaki and Tsuki. "If uh, if anything happens, I can watch these two for you," she offered. When she looked up, she saw that Ambrosia was scanning the crowd, but hadn't appeared to have heard her, so she looked towards Lucas. Lavender didn't intend to fully sit the fight out, of course. She wasn't fond of fighting, but she'd help if she had to. However she was worried about Malaki and Tsuki if anything happened. Tsuki was so tiny, and Malaki. . . well, Ambrosia had told her that he could handle himself. But he was just a cat. . . right?

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:41 pm
What you see
With me
Is what you get
that is
You get to
See the other
side of me

Sebastian would be lying if he said that he'd never done something, because it meant that he'd get something in return. The old Sebastian had never done that, but the 'new' Sebastian had done it a few times ever since he'd made the decision to not care about anyone other than himself. However, that wasn't the case with Chou. For reasons that still confused even him, Sebastian was acting like his old self with Chou, and he had even admitted -to himself- that he liked spending time with Chou quite a bit. Obviously, because he wouldn't have seen him again after that first meeting in the den and bar had Sebastian not actually liked spending time with the blunette male. And because Sebastian genuinely liked spending time with Chou, was why that he actually had no ulterior motive for doing so.

Yeah, it surprised him too when he realized it.

But, it was the truth. Sebastian didn't have any ulterior motive, or hidden intention for spending time with Chou. Somehow, although Sebastian had yet to figure out how exactly; Chou had gotten that very hidden side of Sebastian to show itself. Which was weird, because Sebastian had thought that part of him died a long time ago. Sebastian had been perfectly fine with that, at the time. But now. . . well, Sebastian hadn't realized that he was actually glad that part of him was still alive, after all. Although, if Sebastian were being honest, there was also something else that Chou had managed to bring back out in Sebastian. Although Sebastian was still denying it to himself, it was something he knew was ultimately inevitable; he was slowly, but surely, starting to fall for Chou. Which was something that Sebastian didn't think would ever happen.

Sebastian had never really been that big on relationships, not really. When he was younger, he'd been involved with a few people; he's had a few girlfriends, and a few boyfriends, but there'd only ever been two people that Sebastian really cared about, but neither of them had ended well. Sebastian didn't like someone just because of their gender, because he had found himself attracted to people of both genders. It was more their personality, and heart, that Sebastian tended to pay more attention to, than their looks and gender. That was why Sebastian would get close to someone. The first relationship that Sebastian had actually became serious in, had been with a girl. At first, Sebastian had been quite taken with her, but she slowly began to change. Sebastian hadn't liked the way she'd changed either, because she'd changed for the worst. Eventually, she'd betrayed him, and Sebastian had been quite hurt by it. Several years passed before Sebastian began dating again, although none of them were serious, and most of them didn't last more than a month at the most. Then, he'd became friends with a guy when he'd stopped in a little village in Italy. They'd became pretty close, and before Sebastian realized it; he'd fallen for him. But, that had only led to a complete and utter disaster, and yet another betrayal that was worse than the first.

After that, Sebastian hadn't allowed himself to become involved with anyone, male or female, again. Relationships were trouble, falling for someone could take you down a dangerous path. Trusting someone could give them the power to turn on you easier than if you didn't. There was just too much to deal with. That had also been the last straw when Sebastian had fully froze out his emotions and changed. Now it seemed the freeze was melting off. And Sebastian wasn't sure what to do about it. A small part of him was actually tempted to just. . . leave, before he got in too deep. Just pack and leave the Savages -leave the city- and not look back. Leave before he got in too deep. There had even been a morning a few days ago that Sebastian had nearly done just that. But he couldn't. He hadn't been able to force himself to leave, because the thought of not seeing Chou again, had been rather depressing. Another warning sign that he was in over his head here. Yet it didn't look like he'd be going anywhere, anytime soon.

Although, even though Sebastian had considered leaving before he got too deeply involved; he had never once regretted meeting Chou. As strange as that sounded to Sebastian, he was grateful that he had met Chou, and wouldn't have changed it for anything. Even if he wasn't sure what he was going to do. He also had to remind himself that he didn't even know if Chou was into guys. Sebastian had found out the hard way that sometimes you were wrong about those things, and even as observant as Sebastian was; that was the one thing that Sebastian doubted himself on when guessing about someone. No, it was better to not assume anything, and to not let things get ahead of themselves before he knew for sure where Chou even stood on the matter. And then there was also the added fact that Sebastian didn't want to risk losing his friendship with Chou. Sebastian wanted to smack himself for overthinking things so much. Since when did the usual blunt Sebastian, start thinking things through?

Sebastian forced his thoughts to the back of his mind, silently telling them to shut the hell up, and snapped back to reality when Chou spoke. Although Sebastian had almost not heard him at all because he'd been so quiet, and it took him a minute to realize what it was that Chou had said. That it wasn't fair. Sebastian had barely figured out what he'd said, when Chou spoke again, saying that it wasn't fair to let everyone else suffer while they hid. Sebastian sighed and looked away for a second, and it wasn't until after he'd warned Chou to stay away from Kai, when Sebastian responded to what Chou had said. "Nothing is ever fair," he muttered. "It's not like we're the ones that made the Savages come here. That's all Rainer. And the Anarchs are the ones that attacked the club, so it's their problem if the Savages get revenge," he said. Truthfully, Sebastian wasn't that cold. Actually, he did feel guilty. He felt guilty for not helping the Savages in the fight; he didn't like them, but he was still a member of their group. He also felt guilty for not warning the Anarchs. He didn't hate them, after all, and a part of him actually wanted to warn them what was going to happen.

Sighing, Sebastian glanced towards the clock. It was nearly time for Cordelia to make her appearance. Which meant that shortly after she appeared, Rainer would give the signal to attack. Which meant they only had a couple of more minutes before the fight began. Sebastian spotted a quiet corner and headed in that direction, and since he still had his arm around Chou's shoulders, he led Chou in that direction as well. Once they were there, Sebastian dropped his arm, and ran his other hand through his hair. "We really don't have many options here," he started, careful to keep his voice low. "We can help the Savages, and fight the Anarchs when Rainer gives the signal. We can sit the whole damn thing out and not get involved. Or, we can warn the Anarchs what's about to happen. It's up to you what you want to do," he added, dropping his hand from his hair and looking back to Chou. Sebastian knew which one he wanted to do, but he silently made the decision that he'd go with whichever one that Chou chose. Even though it wasn't like Sebastian to do so, he knew that he would.

Tama Ice Wrote:

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:41 pm
◈Brianna Vescovi
Current outfit

I had a heart then... but the queen has been overthrown
And I'm not sleeping now, the dark is too hard to beat
And I'm not keeping now,the strength I need to push me

Brianna raised an eyebrow at the man. She tired not to judge others by their appearances (espcially not at a masquerade), but too much had already happened, she'd already endangered so much before, including her younger siblings for her to trust anyone at face value. "I'm enjoying it about as much as everyone else is, I guess." She lied, knowing full well from the gleaming, toothy smiles that most everyone was enjoying themselves for one reason or another. She just couldn't bring herself to that level of emotion tonight, not when she didn't even know why she was here. Maybe it was the lost, hopeless yearning to see her siblings again, on the off chance that they did find out what was going on before her disappearance from their lives and showed up here...or maybe she was just getting bored travelling, an impossible notion even right now. There was so much to see, she doubted she'd ever get tired of travelling. Her gaze followed his to the small, but elegant bracelet on his wrist, an miniscule watchface linked along like another piece of the chain. She wondered how he could see it clearly. She glanced up at the giant clock in the center of the wall at the back of the room, its large face ticking so loudly she couldn've sworn she'd heard it over the babble of the partygoers. Turning back to the male, she planned on making some excuse up and leaving before midnight, but he'd asked her to dance. Well, one couldn't hurt I guess.... She thought, falling into his simple charm. "Alright, one dance," She murmured to herself softly as a reminder as she took his hand.

You show the lights that stop me turn to stone You shine it when I'm alone
And so I tell myself that I'll be strong
'Cause they're calling, calling, calling me home

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I may not
Come from the
Best background
But that doesn't
Mean that I'm not
Good enough

William Quinn

After Will had answered her question, it started to dawn on him that maybe she had meant it in a rhetorical way, rather than an actual question, but it hadn't dawned on him before he'd answered. Hmm, well, it wouldn't be the first time that something had went right over Will's head. He was known for taking things either too literal or too serious from time to time, although it was usually only jokes that went over his head. Then again, he was a bit distracted by all the commotion that was going on around them. There were a ton of people there, more than Will had expected. There was the sound of so many muffled conversations traveling around the room, as all as the music mixed in. And of course, Will didn't do the best around a crowd, anyway. Well, it was too late to figure it out now; he'd already said it. No use thinking about it any more, he decided. Better to just move on past it. Although Will did sometimes have a bad habit of replaying stuff in his head more than he should. Most of the time that was an annoying habit, but sometimes it actually came in handy because something would dawn on Will that he hadn't caught the first time, and proved to be helpful in one thing or another.

Will pushed the thoughts out of his head though when Paisley took his hand after he'd held it out. And for a second, he even forgot what rambling thoughts had been going on in his head when he saw an odd look flicker across Paisley's face. If he wasn't mistaken, it almost looked like she was shocked about something, although what, Will didn't have the slightest clue. He glanced over his shoulder, to see if she'd seen something he hadn't, but nothing looked out of the ordinary. At not that he could spot, anyway. He turned his attention back to Paisley when she said that she wasn't fond of things like this either, and that a refreshment would be nice. "Well, let's see what we can find, then," he said.

With that, Will turned and walked farther into the mansion, carefully trying to make his way past some of the people that stood around talking amongst themselves, and led Paisley with him. Once they had reached the table, Will let go of Paisley's hand so that he could get some drinks for them. There was quite a large variety of drinks set out on the table; obviously Cordelia had made sure that the caterers had something for every species possible that might be attending the ball. There were some drinks that were clearly marked with what it was, to avoid any erm- accidents of someone getting a hold of a drink that they really shouldn't have. Will was grateful for that. He couldn't imagine getting a drink that was meant for the vampires. He shuddered at the thought.

After a moment of looking, Will found a bowl of regular fruit punch, and filled two cups with it. Since Will was a Sorcerer, he didn't have any special requirements in the food and drinks department that was any different than a human had. And since he knew that Paisley was a Seer, he was fairly certain that Seers were like humans in that department as well. Or at least, he thought, anyway. He supposed he could have been wrong on that. Picking up the two cups, Will went back over to Paisley and handed one of them to her. "It's fruit punch, according to the little card in front of the bowl," he told her. "I'm glad that they clearly marked everything. We could have some chaos if someone got a hold of the wrong thing," he said, letting out a light chuckle. Sure enough, when he took a sip of his drink, it was just as the card had claimed it was.

Will looked around for a moment, and then looked back towards Paisley, clearing his throat. "Have you um. . . have you had any luck in your search?" he asked. He was, of course, referring to what she'd told him in the library, about trying to find out what the cause was to her headaches, and fainting problem. Will wasn't one to pry, but he was curious if she'd had any luck, or was at least doing any better. Although he would drop it if she seemed to not want to talk about it.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:43 pm
No matter what
No matter where
No matter how bad things are
You can always
Count on me
To help you through them


Lex wasn't exactly a dancer, especially not the kind of dancing that everyone else there was doing. It wasn't like he'd really grown up in the kind of life where that was common, after all. But, that didn't mean that he didn't know how to dance. Despite the fact that his pack preferred living away from humans, his mother had been very strict with teaching Lex the things that she thought were important for humans to know how to do. She'd said that it was easier for him, and the others, to blind in if they had the same skills that humans did. So, she'd insisted that he learned how to dance. At the time, Lex had thought it was pointless. When would he ever need to know how to dance?

But, he supposed it would come in handy tonight after all. He could almost hear his mom saying 'I told you so, Lex!"[/], and his father saying [i]"I told you to just listen to your mother". Lex tried to shut that out though. If he thought about his parents too much, he began to think about everyone else as well, and eventually thinking about everyone he'd lost, got him feeling extremely depressed. And he didn't want to ruin tonight, if he could help it, at least.

So, he tried to shove those thoughts to the back of his mind as he made his way down the stairs with the woman. He'd almost succeeded in forcing himself to not think about it by the time that the woman put her hand on his shoulder and asked if he was ready. Lex let out a light chuckle. "Ready as I'll be, I guess. I should have probably warned you that I'm not exactly the best dancer," he admitted. Although it was just a little too late to be telling her that, he supposed. Lex was pretty decent though, once he'd started dancing. At least he wasn't stepping on her feet, he considered that to be good.

Then the woman asked if he was liking the party any more. Lex paused for a second, thinking about her question before answering. "A little, I suppose," he admitted, the corners of his lips tugging up into a small smile. And he was, he realized. Had he not started talking to the woman, he'd have probably still been at the top of the stairs, watching the party and sulking. Well, as much as Lex allowed himself to sulk. He didn't often, but occasionally he would when he was alone. When he was around other people, he was very good at hiding it. And, truthfully, he was enjoying spending time with the woman. Oddly enough, it was almost. . . Lex stopped the thought before it even finished. He'd been about to think that it was almost like how he imagined things would have went had Nicolette been an Anarch and been able to be there. But he stopped the thought because he felt guilty for thinking that.

Lex cleared his throat, and started talking to try to keep his thoughts from wandering again. "I almost didn't come to the ball tonight, to be honest," he admitted. "But I didn't want to offend Cordelia by not showing up. Seems she put a lot of thought and effort into this," he said. Plus, Lex had been at the Whirlwind Club incident, he'd been one of the ones to help fight the Savages there. Surely he deserved to have at least a little fun, didn't he? There were very few things in Lex's life anymore that he actually had to look forward, maybe taking a night to go to the ball was a good thing. "Now I'm kinda glad that I did decide to come here," he admitted.

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Some people
Like to say
Trick or Treat
I like
to say that
Tricks are Treats

Because what better treat is there, than to play a trick on someone?

☠ Zane Draven ☠

When Zane pulled his trick, Cinta laughed, though she quickly hid it, and said that it was pretty good. Zane gave her a mock offended look, though it was obvious that he was only kidding. "Only pretty good, huh?" he repeated. "Hmm, I suppose it doesn't really rank at the top of one of my best," he admitted.

"One of your best would be that incident with the chambermaid, back in Russia," Doom chimed in.

Zane chuckled, remembering that clearly. "Yes, that was my personal favorite," he admitted. He quickly turned his attention back towards Cinta when she said that she wanted to try. "Be my guest," Zane said, grinning and gesturing with his hand for her to go ahead. Zane loved puling pranks, but he also liked to see what tricks others could pull. It had been awhile since Zane had met anyone that liked to pull pranks, at that. Zane watched curiously for a moment, following Cinta's line of sight, he saw that she was looking at one of the men that was dressed like he'd fallen through a hole in time and landed there. He spotted the sheet of ice that suddenly appeared on the ground just in front of him. Well, this should be interesting, he thought.

Sure enough, the man slipped on the ice, and fell forward, hitting a plate of food on the table, that then proceeded to spatter onto the women standing nearby. Zane didn't even bother to hide his laugh. He never did, after all; it wasn't like he cared if someone heard him or not. He'd just pull a prank on whoever said anything to him! Zane was still laughing when Cinta said that she thought she went a little too far on that one. Zane chuckled and shook his head. "Nah, that seemed perfect to me," he commented.

He watched as some people went over to help out the people that Cinta had pulled the prank on, and then turned his green glaze back to Cinta. "Although, if you that was too much, I'd hate to imagine what you'd think of some of my more advanced tricks," he admitted, grinning again. Zane did do a lot of mild pranks, but he had also done some more. . . twisted ones in his time. Hmmm, too bad that Cinta was an Anarch, he suddenly realized. They could have had a lot of fun pulling pranks together on the Savages. Although, Zane did like a challenge, and it had been awhile since he'd tried to convince any Anarchs to switch sides. But he couldn't do that just yet. That would give himself away, and it wasn't yet time for that. So instead, Zane said something else. "The ice would be handy in playing pranks," he mused. "Although I have found a lot of ways to pull pranks with the powers that I have," he said, shrugging his shoulders.

Doctor Doom

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Well it's midnight, damn right, we're wound up too tight

We're going off tonight
To kick out every light
Take anything we want
Drink everything in sight
We're going till the world stops turning
While we burn it to the ground tonight
We're screaming like demons, swinging from the ceiling


Rainer's eyes narrowed slightly at Kai. Hmm, he'd better remember the warning Rainer had gave him. He was never in a good mood, but he would be in the worst mood anyone had ever seen him in, if someone messed up one of his big plans. He'd put in quite a bit of work and thought into this, and anyone that screwed up even a bit would pay dearly for it. So bad that they would wish Rainer had just killed them on the spot for it. He looked away from Kai when something caught his attention, which turned out to be Demetrius bumping into Ambrosia. On purpose. Rainer knew it was him, because he'd seen him with the mask on the way towards the mansion. Rainer gritted his teeth, if that idiot gave the Savages away too soon. . .

He was trying to decide if he should go have a little 'chat' with the newest member of the Savages before he ruined anything, when he realized someone was walking towards him. What now?, he thought annoyed. At first, at least, until he realized that it was Giselle when she spoke, saying that he was tense and angry, enough so that she could cut it with a knife. That caused him to snort. "Have you ever known me to be anything else?" he muttered sarcastically. That did tend to describe Rainer on a daily basis. Although he was much more so right now than usual, considering the circumstances. Actually, considering that he was currently surrounded by Anarchs, he was just lucky that his head hadn't yet exploded.

Giselle suggested that he relax, and that he should have some fun, before the real fun began. Fun? How was he suppose to have fun when he couldn't rip the Anarchs to shreds yet? But Rainer didn't bother saying that. What was the point? It wouldn't change anything, and if Rainer wasn't careful, it was possible that he would have trouble keeping his voice from going too high and possibly being overheard by someone that he wasn't yet ready to let know that he was there yet. Besides, it looked like Giselle had turned her attention towards Ambrosia for the moment, probably plotting something towards her similar to what Rainer had planned for Lucas later, once the real 'party' began.

He turned his attention back towards Giselle when he realized that she was starting to lean towards him, and pulling her mask up a little. Rainer frowned a little beneath his mask, wondering what she was up to. Then again, he had sort of came to the conclusion a long time ago that he never really knew what she was up to. For a second, she acted like she was going to kiss him, but then suddenly pulled back and put her mask back in place. He would have been lying if he said that he wasn't disappointed. . . but it probably for the best, since they were surrounded by quite a few people, and it was possible that someone might see. Before he had time to say anything, she held her hand out and asked him to dance with her, to just enjoy it for a minute before everything burned.

Rainer paused for a moment, trying to decide. He wasn't really the type to dance, after all. But, what would it hurt, really? It would keep his mind off of the fact that he was surrounded by Anarchs. Well, probably not but at least it would give him something to do. Besides, Rainer did have -albeit a very well hidden- soft side when it came to Giselle. So, sighing, he took her hand. "I guess it won't hurt anything," he muttered as he walked off with Giselle, towards where the others were dancing at. Even though Rainer hated the fact that it was a Anarch get together, as a celebration for ruining his own damn club, he had to admit that the party was almost like a step back in time. Truth be told, Rainer was much more fond of the way things were centuries ago, instead of today. "Maybe we're have our own little celebration, after we've destroyed the Anarchs, and crushed their little buildings to bits," he muttered. Granted, he wasn't one for throwing parties, but if they managed to destroy the Anarchs. . . well, he couldn't think of a better occasion to call for it.

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Michelle Vescovi

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I will turn myself around
Don't you
try to stop me


Michelle arrived, by her definition, incredibly early for the masquerade. She'd actually taken time to preplan the thing out and went home early to get her makeup and clothing all together, get a limo ride to the masquerade, that sort of thing. Usually, she was an incredible amount of time late, not being used to the whole angel sense of time, even though she'd been living in it for over half the lifespan of the average human already. Michelle took a while to get used to time especially. But tonight, she was proud of herself for making it to the mansion before the Queen had made her grand entrance-- unfortunately, things stopped there. Michelle strutted toward the door proudly searching out her brother to gloat, but instead got sidetracked by the waving motion of something in the bushes near the enterance. The guards faces reflected a bit of surprise, a bit of amusement as they watched the primly dressed girl veer off to one corner before reaching the door to chase the thing.

Well, "Chase" is too embellished a word, since it implied any effort. Michelle simply used her power to convince it to stay and reached into the bushes, lifting out a stray cat with gold fur and green eyes. "Aww, you're so cute!" She exclaimed, mindless of her audience. Never one to pass up strays, even at a party, she resolved to take it inside with her away from the chilly autumn air. Surprisingly, the guards allowed her through with her new friend. Once inside, Michelle continued with her power, sort of asking, sort of commanding it to stay by her side throughout the night, completely oblivious of the events to unfold in...oh, about two minutes. The crowd contained so manh interesting costumes, and Michelle wanted to stop and talk to everyone. She hadn't even known there were so many Anarchs around! Since the invitation stated this was to be an Anarch-only event, Michelle didn't bother bringing as many flowers as she usually did. She wore only two tonight, one shrunk into a glassy cream flower that hung along her neck with the rest of its metallic doppelgangers, and one twisted into her hair, right at the base where she'd tied a portion of it back. Every so often, she glanced down at the ground to make sure her new pet was still following her, and each time it was there without fail. Michelle smiled brightly, hoping for a great night at the masquerade.

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♘Dirk Vescovi

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Dirk felt the mingling of dark energy, dark intentions as he stepped in. Impossible, He thought with a grimace. Only Anarchs are invited to this masquerade. There's no way they could've gotten this information, unless they had a spy... His idea made him feel suddenly prickly and uncomfortable in his suit, made him almost break into a sweat behind his mask. Dirk didn't like unexpected or sneaky.He liked things predictable and safe and not full of city hate war between supernaturals. Alas, that would be impossible for him as long as his younger sister and her enthusiasm for danger and intrigue had anything to do with it. Running a hand through his shocking white-blond hair, he strolled amongst the crowds trying to look as comfortable as possible, trying to do a few things at once. First, he had to find where his little sister was. Not too hard, considering he knew what costume she was wearing...only there were so many people, it would be like finding a lace-clad needle in a haystack. Second, zero in on the source of the malicious intentions. This task seemed impossible right now, as they all mingled together, black and white to produce a gray hazy fog over the entire area. Dirk rubbed his forehead, trying to calm his own nerves down. His abilities weren't made to be in such a densely populated area, and the worst thing was that he had no idea how to turn them off. Socializing had never been much of his thing because of this. It was both a strategic advantage and hindrance. The only thing he knew for sure was that not everyone here meant well...what they meant exactly was unclear.

He debated going to the Anarch's leader...what was her name? Ambrissa, Ambrosia, something like that....about it, but at the same time, he didn't feel they deserved to know. They hadn't done anything to save Bri, why would he do anything to save them? The answer was immediately obvious. Because Misha was one of them. Losing one sibling was bad luck. Lose two, and he'd have no one but himself to blame.

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Everything has a price, the only thing that matters is...

Chester listen as the angel told him ‘she was enjoying the ball as much as everyone else here’ that, he thought, was a lie. He however would not press the issue, not yet anyway: once something or someone caught his interest Chester did make a point to know them inside and out, emotions’ inner thoughts’ everything. He was also aware that not everyone was as friendly and forthcoming, at least at the start, as the kitten he had run into years’ ago: it was rare quality among humans’ and even more so among supernaturals’ who tended to keep more to themselves, with good reason, he had learned since becoming one of them.

She could be as conflicted as the first supernatural he met, however, he doubted it: even if she did not look like she wanted to be the angel likely had her own reasons’ for being there at the ball. Chester knew he would have to be patient and gentle to keep her from running away, although he did not assume she was timid: she had attended a ball with many guests’ after all, with a Queen on her way.

His eyes’ lit up, figuratively of course, when the woman placed her hand in his and accepted his invitation to dance: it had been awhile since he was in the presence of such beauty and he imagined she moved just as gracefully as he led her onto the ballroom dance floor. Chester then faced her and placed his free arm loosely under hers around her waist, he felt the almost unbelievable softness of her feathers’ as his hand brushed her wing, although he attempted not to disturb them too much as his hand gently cupped her back just under her shoulder blade. Chester focused on her and only her: there was no reason to have anything, except her in his sight. He watched carefully for her reactions: if she was enjoying herself, if she was indifferent, or if she thought he was getting too close as he led her in a waltz.

“Are you looking forward to the Queen’s arrival? It should be quite a night", he said. Quite a night indeed.

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Giseℓ ℓe "Sabrina" Choiseuℓ

Giselle laughed at his response even though she had expected him to say that. He did have a healthy hatred for these pathetic Anarchs; what an ironic name considering it means without rules or boundaries yet they had a strict set of rules where they actually respected the pathetic humans. There was no need to treat the weak humans as equals because they were no equals; they were mere mortals who were so fragile and weak... They were so easy to manipulate and break; and there were plenty of them to go around. They were like little toy soldiers that were so dispensable yet there was always another to take its place. Giselle also despised how pompous they acted, as if they believed they were saints who thought they were so kind and gentle. She thought not; in the end they were all power hungry monsters seeking for their own selfish satisfaction. In the end the end they were all the same, yet the Anarchs refused to see the Savage's way. It was because of those two arrogant, foolish leaders of theirs. They have taken too much from them and had to pay.

Once Rainer accepted her request, Giselle brushed the ravenous thoughts away in order to enjoy a dance with Rainer. She placed one petite hand onto his shoulder and the other at his side. The leader of the Savages may seem cold and emotionless but that did not mean he couldn't have fun; fun that didn't involve twisting an Anarch's head to the side. He tended to be too angry and hateful to the point that he forgot to take a break once in a while just to savor the power he owns and selfish pleasures. There was no need to rush as they had plenty of time in the world; eternity to be exact. The thought brought a wry grin to Giselle's features while her violet eyes glimmered with amusement at the thought. Just how long was eternity?

"Of course, it will be a grand celebration taking place in a grand ballroom, grander than this one. We will dance on their ashes and drink their blood away. There will be beautiful women in lavished gowns and men in dashing suits, while the mangled bodies of Ambrosia and her lap dog are displayed for all to see. Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself, we must first take small steps and destroy this pretty little party of theirs. An eye for an eye," Giselle laughed as the two vampires elegantly glided across the dance floor, mesmerizing those around them.

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Kai simply smiled at Rainer, before turning his attention back on Ambrosia soon after Giselle made her appearance. He'd never really spoken to her before, but from what he'd heard from the others, she seemed to be an odd one. And so, not wanting to deal with her, he let Rainer handle the woman and kept silent.

Boy, did Kai just want to go on a rampage right now. With all these Anarchs around, the young man was beginning to get antsy. When would it be time for him to unleash his fury? There was one thing he knew for sure though, he hoped that it was soon.

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