Appearance: User Image

Name: Lavender

Nickname: Lavi

Age: Looks about 21

Species: Vampire

Powers: Lavender isn't a very powerful girl, and most of her powers are passive, or at least not very threatening, anyway.

Her first power is that of Atmokinesis, which means that she is able to control the weather; when she's upset, it will often start to storm. But only in the surrounding area, Lavender isn't able to control the weather across town, just within about a five mile radius, on a good day. She can make it freezing cold in July, or burning hot in December.

Her second power, is the power of that of Augmentation, this power does Lavender herself no good at all, however she is able to enhance other people's powers, making them stronger than they would normally be on their own. However, doing so drains Lavender quite a bit, and the stronger she makes another person, the weaker Lavender herself becomes.

Her third power, is passive and allows her to see ghosts. She's had this power since she was four, and long before she was turned into a vampire. She's able to see and communicate with any and all ghosts, and will sometimes try to help them move on.

Her fourth and final power, is what Lavender calls Explosion. Explosion is the power to make object, well. . . explode, simply by focusing and waving her hands at it. It doesn't work on beings, though. This power is also the one that Lavender has the hardest time controlling, in fact, she can't even really use it at will. She uses it accidentally a lot, when she's upset, but when she tries to use, it mostly just doesn't work. Or on the rare times that it does work, her aim is horrible and she doesn't even blow up what she was aiming for.

Abilities: Lavender doesn't really have any abilities, if you asked her. She's a bit of a klutz, and isn't really good at anything when she tries it. Although one thing that she doesn't realize that she's good at, is that she can usually make people feel better when they're upset, even if she doesn't realize that she is. She also has a perfect memory, and can recall every second of her life, even the earliest years.

The color purple
Having her freedom
Being around people she likes

Not having her freedom
People that mistreat others
People that are selfish
The color orange
The dark

Lavender's biggest hobby, is that she likes to make things. She's very good at crafts, but she couldn't draw to save her life.

Never having her freedom back. For almost the entire duration of Lavender's life, she's been forced to do as other people tell her, and not able to simply live her life according to what she wants. There isn't a day that goes by, that Lavender doesn't simply want to go for a walk for as long as she wants, or go to the store. Lavender's afraid of never being able to do that again.

She's also afraid of the dark. Having been kept in it for long periods at a time, she hates to be in complete -or even semi- darkness.

Personality: Lavender has a very kind and caring personality. She always tends to put others before herself, and would do absolutely anything for someone that she cares about without a second thought. Unlike her sister, Lavender has no form of a temper whatsoever, and would never purposely do something that would hurt someone, even someone that deserved it. She doesn't even stand up for herself when she should, although she probably would for someone she cared about. She hates to see people hurt, and always tries to help them however she can. She hates yelling, and will shy away from it if possible. She gets nervous around people easily, especially people that she doesn't know, and becomes more klutzy when she's nervous. She's skittish of people, and will often flinch away if someone gets too close.

History: Lavender is the younger sister of Ambrosia, by three years. For the first four years of her life, she lived with her mother, older sister and father. Despite the fact that she shouldn't be able to remember much of this, because she was so young, Lavender remembers everything crystal clear, including the many fits that her father would throw. When Lavender was only four years old, she was hurt quite badly, and actually died from her injuries. However, her mother wasn't willing to accept that, and took Lavender to a Necromancer, and begged the woman to bring Lavender back. The Necromancer agreed. . . but on a condition; that Lavender stayed with her, and her mother had to let everyone continue to believe that Lavender was dead. The Necromancer refused to bring Lavender back, only to have her harmed again. Even though Lavender's mother didn't want to do that, she would rather know that Lavender was alive and being cared for, rather than being gone, so she agreed to the Necromancer's terms, and returned home. Shortly after that, she took her oldest daughter, Ambrosia, and fled.

The Necromancer held true to her word, and resurrected Lavender. Lavender was good as new, except for a few side effects; she remembered everything clearly, even from when she was a baby. As well as remembering what happened to her, and where she went after that, although that is something Lavender has never told anyone. She also had the ability to see ghosts, and was able to communicate with them.

After being brought back by the Necromancer, Lavender spent the next nine years of her life living with the woman, who sort of acted as an aunt to the young girl. She was a nice woman, and Lavender was mostly happy with her, except for the fact that she missed her mother and older sister, and didn't understand why she couldn't see them again. When Lavi was 13, her world would change once again. The Necromancer that had taken care of Lavender for all of those years, was a good woman, but she had many enemies, and one of her enemies broke into her house one night. That was a horrible night, that resulted in the Necromancer's death. . . and Lavender finding herself in a life very different than the one she'd known. She suddenly found herself thrust into the life of slavery.

From that point on, Lavender was passed one place to another, never having any say in the matter, and simply having to do as she was told. Lavender resigned to this, for the most part, but she never lost her hope of one day regaining her freedom. Recently, Lavender found herself in the hands of a vampire named Demetrius. However, until the others, Demetrius didn't seem that interested in having Lavender do his bidding. Instead, he simply said that he needed her as leverage. Lavender had absolutely no idea that he was using her as leverage against her older sister, and brother in law.

Extra: Lavender is Ambrosia's younger sister, by three years.