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[Senshi] Erik Ek // Sailor Thora

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:45 pm

[ Under heavy construction! ]
PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:46 pm

xxxxErik Ek
xxxx19 20
xxxxJune 15, 2020 (a Thursday)
Zodiac Sign

xxxxAlthough Erik was born in New York City before his family moved to Celeste, his father is first generation Swedish, as is his mother.
xxxxType B
xxxx6"3', and still growing.
xxxxFair skin. A young man built for strength and endurance. His arms and torso are thick due to work, the rest of his body follows proportionally suit as he works out to keep himself fit and healthy.
xxxxFlaming red, straight down it reaches down to just barely brush his shoulders. Typically kept down, he does throw it into a ponytail for work. For more formal events, he takes part of his bangs and pulls them back into a small braid, letting the rest stay loose.
xxxx"Like lightning." A very pale blue, almost white, it takes on a more yellowish tone around the pupil, and a darker blue around the outside of the iris.

xxxxWhat's most comfortable. Usually includes tanks and tees during the warmer weather, long sleeves covered by vests and sweatshirts when cold. He prefers more earthy tones. Always jeans and rugged boots. Really, the majority of what he buys he buys with the fact it won't be long before they're holey and paint splattered due to his job. Only a few things are spared this fate so that he can wear them to school. He also is never without his Thor's hammer pendant, a family heirloom.

Personality Traits

      xxxxxxxxxxxI'll Move Mountains
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxWill of the gods.
      xxxxOnce he's set his mind to conquer or complete something, there are few things in this world that will sway Erik from his task. Everything will be done, the problem will be resolved, and he will be damned if that chainmail shirt isn't completed in time for the faire! His self-confidence gives him the drive to push through obstacles, doing everything he can to end up on top in a situation. Of course, that's not to say he's completely indomitable. Sometimes life throws a wrench in even the most well thought out plans. A team member doesn't pull their weight in a project, another promise or project cuts in and requires his attention, or any other variety of bumps in the road. In such cases, he'll do what he can to salvage what can be salvaged from the remainder of the situation, and try to accomodate for similar possible errors in future endeavors. He'll take on the team member's work and do it the best he can, he'll try to wrap up the first project quickly as he can to start the more demanding one. Erik does try to multitask, however he can become a little too focused on perfecting one project and can risk forgetting about other things in his life if someone's not around to remind him. Sometimes though, he can bite off more than he can chew, and simply can't complete something. He might start yelling at someone if he sees them at fault for the failure, but most often he'll just go sulk somewhere or pound out his frustrations on a piece of random metal till he's cooled down enough to figure out what to do next.
      xxxxxxxxxxxSwear on My Grandmother's Grave
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxHonor-bound youth.
      xxxxOne thing his upbringing made sure to drill into a young Erik's mind, was a sense of honor. If he gives you his word, sets an appointment, or otherwise swears to uphold an agreement of some variety, life be damned he will do as he said. Somehow, some way, even if he needs to not eat and sleep for a few days. Should he, for reasons he often can't fathom till they happen, be unable to fulfill his promise, he'll become very apologetic and see if there's anything else he can do to make it up to the person. Though the severity of his apology and what he's willing to do will be relative to the size of the promise he broke. Forgot to pay you back money you gave him for a meal? He'll give you a few extra dollars next time he sees you. Couldn't come through on a project for you? If you paid, you get a full refund and the product once he's completed it. If you didn't pay, he'll be willing to do either a different project for you, or reattempt the first, situation allowing. His morals shine through through his sense of fair play and equal treatment. Erik might throw the first punch if provoked and see no problem with it--you started it with the insults, he's simply finishing it--but no matter his rage at someone, once the person is on the ground the fight's over in his mind. Kicking someone while they're down, figuratively or literally, is not an option to him. Get back up on your feet and attack him again? He'll send you back down and keep walking. Dirty fighting? A disgrace and foul act for all parties involved. Talk trash about him, people around him, or god forbid his family? He'll return the favor ten-fold... and possibly with a fist to the face. One way to avoid his physical wrath, at least, is if the offender is younger or visibly weaker than him. The old, the weak, or the sickly are amongst those he cannot lift a hand against, no matter how they anger or offend him.
      xxxxxxxxxxxStand My Ground
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxStand strong and proud, young warrior
      xxxxShove him up in front of a crowd and tell him to pitch an idea to them. While he might object to the sudden limelight, Erik would have no problem feeling he could convince a bunch of strangers to go along with his opinion. He was raised to be proud of his heritage, his beliefs, his achievements, and, of course, himself. This pride gives him words of confidence and sense of stability. He feels no shame walking tall and proud into any situation, a smile broad on his face if appropriate. Hell, sometimes he'll walk in with a smile even when it's not, confident he can switch around the situation to something more befitting his grin. There is no doubt he probably comes off as cocky, and Erik isn't humble enough to not brag about his achievements if given the chance. To him though, there is no foul in this. If you like who you are, like what you do, why wouldn't you want others to be aware of it? If anyone else around him started bragging of their own achievements, he'd be quick to listen in, if not join in should the other person not mind. Assuming the other person is also legal, and they were somewhere where such a thing were possible, he'd probably buy them a drink or five.

      That is not to say he is super glued to his pedestal. Though he'll be hard to pressed someone of "his rank" is better than him (a peer, a co-worker, his siblings) never mind actually accept he's wrong... even the roaring Erik can be cowed and shot down from his pedestal when there are too many pieces of evidence saying why he's wrong. His project didn't turn out as well as theirs, all of his arguments have been shout down with irrefutable proof. Oh, he won't admit defeat in that moment. At least not openly. But once he calms down and thinks about things, he will admit they've owned his a** in whatever it is. and would be wary of talking to them, especially about the subject, for a while. To say he feels awkward and uneasy once his confidence has been toppled by a peer, is somewhat of an understatement. Someone with "rank" (police officers, teachers, supervisors, someone who he admits previously owned him in something, etc.) have an easier time of kicking him to his place, and are among the few times he'll actually peacefully admit defeat to. His parents were at least able to get "respect your betters!" through his thick skull, though now and then his temper doesn't allow him to be as humble about it as he knows they'd like him to be.

      xxxxxxxxxxxStubborn as a Mule
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxAnd just as likely to kick.
      xxxxTell Erik he's wrong, throw all the proof of the world into his face, and he'll still fight you tooth and nail and say why he's still right. His ideas are superior to yours, his morals are more clearly founded than yours, how dare you tell him he's wrong. You are very much mistaken and he will not budge on this. If he wants to go left, and you try dragging him right, well then. He hopes you're stronger than he his, because he's just going to keep walking to the left and he's fine with dragging you with him. Sure he won't argue if he wanted sausage for breakfast and you suggest bacon instead. If someone asks him for help yet insists on using their own ideas, he'll growl about why they bothered to ask for his help, but if he's been trapped in a promise to help... oh damnit. He'll do it. Grudgingly, and probably not too keen to help you again for a while, but he'll help for the time being. Once he's set himself to a task, a path, an objective, not even his parents are going to be spared his stubbornness. This often does lead to arguments of some variety. While he doesn't immediately become hostile when he starts digging his heels in, his temper can quickly come into play if he feels the challenge has gone on too long. Usually he'll try to just walk away once he feels the argument is a lost cause, but if followed or the person will not let it go, he's not above hitting his fist into a door-frame or some other object to drive home the point he is in no mood. Might not be destroying things yet when he does this, but certainly liable to go down that path soon.

      When trying to sway Erik to your way, it is often best to play to his ego or just flatly say he's right, but you still want to do this your way because it is your project, not his, or other such things. Telling him, "I'm only asking for your help because you're strong, you know how to do this, otherwise I wouldn't be bothering you a**," will actually get him to cooperate with little grumbling. Honesty and/or playing to his ego, or even compromising, does go very far with him.
      xxxxxxxxxxxWhen Thunder Roars
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe world trembles and hides.
      xxxxErik's temper is, without a doubt, one of his most defining features. If only because it is also the most explosive. He can be quick to annoy, quick to anger, and once that fuse is lit, his raging won't soon be quieted. This has always been a factor in his life, and his academic record is full of meetings with principles, teachers, recommendations to school psychologists, and even a few suspensions. He's grown to respect authority more, and does try to contain himself till he's alone before bellowing about decisions he's not happy about... but he's been known to slip and bite back when he should just shut up and listen. Someone being unable to finish their job, or breaking a promise to him--by accident or on purpose--won't be enough to have him screaming, but they'll definitely be hearing his grumbles. In fact, he's more liable to become explosive towards his own failures rather than those of someone else, which tend to result in him locking himself up in his room or the workshop for hours. For the most part he contains his temper to just bellowing and insults towards the source of his mood, though he has been known to take it out on inanimate objects - much to his mother's grief. The walls his room are covered with self-patch jobs from where he's thrown objects against or even punched through the wall itself. He tries to keep his destructive tendencies towards his own belongings, and his father was quick to throw him on the demolition crew whenever such a thing was needed on the job. As it is though, Erik is no real stranger to community service and paying fines for damages he's caused. The guy does have a juvenile record. Since turning eighteen, he is aware any public damages could land him some jail time. When it comes to specific people angering him, there have been times when he's lashed out physically. He's a big guy, who knows he's a big guy, and knows he packs a pretty good punch. It is highly recommended someone runs for the hills of they screw up his plans to complete some task, offend him in some way, or just all around piss him off. If pushed to far, he very well might turn physically violent, regardless of the consequences.

      If Erik is restrained, or in some way forcibly removed from a situation (either by his own feet or not), he will stalk off on his own to vent and simmer down on his own terms, though he's been known to take a few days to fully relax from his rage. Once he is calmed again, he will do whatever is necessary to salvage a plan, situation, or relationship... though to varying degrees of success. He has lost close friends due to his temper, though if anyone has actually come to fear him, he's unsure of. He is often apologetic after he's come down from his rages, especially if anything was damaged. He doesn't mean to be so destructive, and does try to channel the energy into more productive things like working out, metal crafting, and work. While his parents haven't considered counseling, should someone come to him with concerns enough times he might eventually consider it. For now, he'd like to think he can learn how to restrain himself on his own. Actions do far more than words in his mind, he just needs to figure out what actions work best for him to control his temper.
      xxxxxxxxxxxAs Proud as Lucifer
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxJust as liable to fall.
      xxxxErik works out and works hard - he knows it's paid off in more than just good health and a good pay check. He knows he comes from a long line and a large family. His morals? His beliefs? They must clearly be the best, in his mind. They are as time tested as his blood, and just as clean-cut. To say he has an ego, would be a hilarious understatement. There are moments when his ego can be cut down into proper size when dealing with an elder or someone he respects for one reason or another, or should he be proven wrong--not that he'll accept defeat so easily! The majority of the time, however, his head is three times a respectable size. Everyone should respect him for his strength, his abilities, and of course his good looks. No one should question his opinions or decisions, they're just being foolish to do otherwise. Those that don't automatically follow his lead will quickly hear him laughing at his perceived idiocy on their end, mocking their decisions and championing his own. Sure he knows he's no god... but he never said anything about not being god-sent.

      His relationships are often strained by this trait, without a doubt. If someone doesn't just shrug off his ego, there is a strong likelihood they will clash on subjects. However. If that person is able to bite back as hard as Erik, he will respect them. He might still think they're idiots when they disagree with him, but he won't say as much. He'll even more "word" it as them being "silly" or "misinformed" rather than taking a shot at their intelligence. Over time he even can come to respect their differing opinions, though exactly how long is difficult to say. Can take years, can take months, might even take just a few days on smaller differences. The chances of him changing his opinions are... well. Unknown, for the most part, but might be possible if he comes to respect the person enough. He does try to just back out of a frustrating conversation with friends, and is honest about his temper and how he's feeling with them. If he feels he's about to start getting angry, he'll tell them as much. He might be able to say early enough, "It's not you, it's me" or some variation. Does this always help the situation? No. But he does cherish his friends and dearly and does want to cool his ego around them if they make it clear they don't like it. However, not telling Erik why he's upsetting you while he's more calm, and snapping at him instead, is a good way to upset him and risk confrontation. How can you be mad at him? He's awesome! You're being ridiculous-- oh. You have an actual reason. Well. s**t. This might take some private pondering on his part, but a peaceful solution isn't impossible. Usually.


      xxxxxxxxxxxMetal crafting
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxAll that glitters.
      xxxxFrom a young age, Erik has always been fascinated by his father and brother's skills as they warped and shaped metal into works of art. He started first with simple jewelry, soldering together rings and necklaces. His most prized piece was a chain mail linked change purse he made for his mother when he was twelve. The more he practiced and more skilled he became with jewelry, the more he looked forward to being able to put them on display and for sale at his family's Renascence Faire booth. Eventually, he was allowed to start helping his father and brother with crafting armor to sell off, of which quickly became his most beloved of pastimes, much to his family's pride. Heating the metal to work it, the sounds of the hammer hitting metal, shaping on pipes, or even just forming wire into circles hundreds of times for more chain mail. Even just designing a new piece. Repetitive, time consuming, and requiring most of his attention as he works, it's become a good focus for his anger should he be able to get to the large shed in their backyard they've long since converted into a workshop.
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxTell me a tale.
      xxxxWhile not always a huge fan of reading for school, Erik does enjoy curling up with a good book before bed or when trying to kick back and relax. Mystery, folk lore, Lovecraftian, and fantasy mainly attract his attention, though he will sometimes dabble in historic non-fiction. He's got a somewhat generous collection of books tucked into various boxes under his bed, the only books on his shelves being for school, metal craft related works, or Lovecraft. His latest reads can be found on the trunk beside his bed, a useful make-shift nightstand with even a lamp on it to help him read a chapter or two before passing out. He does keep this reading habits on the down-low most of the time, thus why only books dealing with his other hobbies are visible in his room. Being called a "bookworm" or "nerd" are among the few things Erik feels very awkward about, so he does more hide these aspects of himself. Being called such names tends to incite a sense of awkwardness in an almost childish way, large amounts of blushing and complaining included. Not that he'll punch your skull in at calling him names, but he won't be very happy with you for a while. The sensitivity to his reading, and sewing even, has most likely stemmed from his sibling's constant teasing as children. Erik never really grew to shrug it of or tease back.
      xxxxxxxxxxxSewing costumes
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxStitch and pull.
      xxxxYou'll be hard-pressed to have him admit he sews. Even if it is for the costumes he and his family wear to the faire, Erik won't openly admit to it. Even less, will he admit he does it out of personal enjoyment and not just his mother dragging him into it. His family are fully aware he's brought in to help with the job often, and his father and brothers do tease him for it, but thankfully Erik just gives dry laughs, glares, and moves on. Markus has often been threatened to suffer Erik's fate, however. As a kid, Erik often had a lot of free time on his hands around faire time beyond the small jewelry pieces he would make. His mother enlisted him--much to his chagrin and complaints--to help her and Frida sew costumes. It was slow going to learn what he was doing, but once he started to get the hang of it, he was sold. He's not as good as his mom and sister even years later, not by a long shot, but enjoys the challenge. He won't be making himself any day-to-day clothing any time soon like his mother likes to do for herself, but he does have a lot of books on costume design, tips for beginners, and so on and so forth, hidden with the rest of his reading materials under his bed. Cotton cloth and fur strips are the most common materials for him to work with, though he's growing especially fond of working with leather and satin. Functional costumes over the super fancy for him, but he does marvel at the complex, ornate designs his mother creates.
      xxxxxxxxxxxWorking out
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxStrength unmatched.
      xxxxMostly done in the form of working construction, and sometime deconstruction, with his dad, Erik does visit the gym twice a week. It's a way to hit the muscles he doesn't use as much during work, and while he's not a gym nut like some might be, he does enjoy the amount of mirrors and ability to flirt with some of the women there. He hates the treadmill, though he and weights get along just fine. He even keeps a few at home in his room for when he feels the random need to do something productive. Recently, he's begun going less to the gym, and making up for the lost time by doing extra push ups, sit ups, and weights at home.

Favourite Food
xxxxA fruit and cheese platter, particularly grapes and pepper-jack. That joined by a good book and a fireplace... perfection.
Least Favourite Food
xxxxSurströmming - his father and mother both enjoy it in a sandwich, but Erik himself can't stand the smell or taste.
xxxxHe currently resides with his mother (Dagmar), father (Beck), and younger brother (Markus). His eldest sister (Frida) can be found at St. Michael's School of Law, while his eldest brother (Garth) is attending C.I.T.

xxxxCeleste Community College - Business Degree, though eyeing a change to Urban & Regional Planning or Architecture.
Favourite Subject
xxxxWestern Civilizations I
Least Favourite Subject
xxxxAlgebra I - when you start dealing with "imaginary" numbers, Erik is calling BS on your a**.

xxxxWorks for his father's construction company, Oak Lodge Construction. He does make extra money from jewelry and armor commissions, especially come time for Renaissance Faires. During such events, he and his family all together run a large booth selling homemade costumes - in pieces or whole - and armor. The booth is called, Magni's Treasures.


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PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:48 pm

Home: The Eks live in a beige and brick two-story house just off the bank of the Celeste river on Dry Creek Road. A reasonable sized backyard consists of Dagmar's garden, picnic table, grill, and a large shed that has been long converted into a workroom.

Dagmar and Beck of course take the master bedroom on the second floor. Two out of the three other bedrooms on the second floor belong to Garth and Frida, however Garth gave his to Markus upon going to college and crashed on the couch for a few breaks before getting his own apartment closer to the school, where he now currently resides. Frida is currently in the process of saving up for her own place, and still uses her room when on break. The third bedroom is a guest room. The master bedroom has its own bathroom, along with a bathroom that is used between Frida, Markus, and any guests, out in the hall near the stairs.

The first floor hosts the entrance, kitchen, the pantry, another bathroom, a very large dining room, and a living room that serves more as a sitting area and library. The kitchen and dining room take up most of the room on this floor, with a large wooden table perfect for large family gatherings, taking up majority of that room. A second set of stairs into the basement can be found behind a door in the hall leading to the bathroom from the living-room-library. In the basement is where the entertainment room can be found, the area that predominantly serves as the family's living room. This is where they keep a large TV, the DVD player, Markus' video games, and a respectable collection of movies, music, and games. A large couch with the side seats also being recliners, a love seat, a rather plushy recliner, and a coffee table are all arranged somewhat around the TV, though still opening up to the rest of the room where in the back there is a bar. Dotted around the ceiling are speakers from the sound system.

When the Eks entertain, they entertain loud and merrily.

Also in the basement are two extra rooms - the room where the furnace and other much-needed house basement dwelling items are found, and Erik's room. One side of the basement is exposed on the outside due the house sitting on part of a hill, and Erik's room has a door leading to the backyard nestled in it behind a wall hanging and a large trunk that also sits beside his bed due to the room's layout. He has a few extra locks on it, if only to ease his mother's concerns of her son sleeping beside a door like that. Erik himself rather enjoys the door when he has need of it. Which isn't often, but at least it's there when he does!

Oak Lodge Construction: Information to come

Magni's Treasures: Information to come
PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:49 pm

Senshi Name: Sailor Thora, Senshi of Thunder
Name: Erik Ek
Power Source: Thunder
Alignment: Good.

Base Color: Brown
Accent Color One: Red
Accent Color Two: Gold

Concept art. Will be taken down when official art is done <3

Sailor Collar: Elongated to form a cape.
Bodice: A brown-ish tunic.
Bows: None.
Sleeves: Tunic's sleeves.
Gloves: Not full gloves, but on his right arm brown fur with red bindings can be seen. On his left, a gold plated bracelet keeps an iron arm guard in place over his arm (Other fastenings can be added if the artist can get them to look good, I couldn't.)
Bottoms: Black pants, nothing very noteworthy about them. Tuck into his boots.
Shoes: These. However, they have brown fur wrapped around them under red bindings.
Tiara: None.
Accessories: A thick leather belt. Perhaps with gold accents? (( Hi Megingjard~ -shot- ))
Brooch: Well. One of sorts. This pendant in gold. The brooch hangs from two metal clasps at the ends of his sailor collar.
Choker: N/A.

Weapon: A hammer. Mjolnir. Starts very simple, and slowly but surely increases in detail and complexity. And pwnsome ability. I suggest you run.

Normal Senshi Transformation Call: Thora Power, Make-up!

Super Senshi Transformation Call: Thora Asteroid Power, Make-Up!
Eternal Senshi Transformation Call: Thora Eternal, Make-up!

Normal Senshi Attack:
xxxxxxxxThunder's Growl
xxxThora raises his hammer above his head, shouting out the name of the attack. He then slams the hammer to the ground, going down on one knee in the process. The ground cracks, and a bang of rumbling thunder shatters the air around the battlefield.
xxxA shockwave is sent out around Thora in a fifteen-foot radius. Upon hitting a target, the shockwave causes them to stumble and sway for ten seconds. Falling to the ground is quite possible, but not necessarily guaranteed. The actual sound of the thunder, while having no actual magical properties, can be loud enough to disorientate those with more sensitive hearing. The thunder sounds for around ten seconds as well.
xxxRequires a hard surface to strike. The shockwave can hit allies along with enemies. The attack itself is ineffective beyond fifteen-feet, though the sound of thunder can be heard for a great distance. Requires a post downtime, and may only be used three times per battle.

Super Senshi Attack:
xxxxxxxxThunder's Roar
xxxThora raises his hammer above his head and calls out the name of the attack. Again he slams the weapon into the ground, though with more force than before. The cracks made upon impact are more impressive now, as is the booming thunder that echos around the area.
xxxAnother shockwave is sent out upon impact with the ground, this time stretching out in a twenty-foot radius around Thora. Upon hitting the target, the shockwave causes them to stumble and sway, stunned for fifteen seconds. Additionally, while still non-magical in and of itself, the even louder thunder might slightly injure those of more sensitive hearing. The thunder sounds for around twenty seconds this time.
xxxA solid surface is still needed to strike the hammer against, and allies can still be caught in the shockwave. Ineffective after twenty-feet. Requires a two post cool-down, can only be used three times per battle.

Eternal Senshi Attack:
xxxxxxxxMjolnir's Wrath
xxxThe Senshi of Thunder raises his hammer high, calling out the name of the attack. As he slams the hammer into the ground, and immense thunder explodes through the air around the battlefield, the ground beneath him shatters and crumbles beneath the force of the blow.
xxxA shockwave of thirty feet stretches out around Thora, though the majority of the soundwaves are sent rocketing forward for fifteen feet in the direction of Thora's strike. In a doppler effect, these forward moving waves cause the thunderous sounds to inflict physical damage on any target caught in the path. The waves that echo around Thora, however, only inflict a small stunning effect on those they encounter. The terrible thunder itself can cause someone to stumble if they are caught too close to the epicenter of the attack.
xxxAs always, a hard surface is needed to strike, and allies can be caught up in the shockwaves. While the circular waves are a bit harder to dodge, the soundwaves that move out straight ahead of Thora can be avoided. Three posts are required for a cool down, and this attack may only be used twice per battle.


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PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:50 pm

Norse Court? Erik has no idea what nonsense you are referring to.
PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:54 pm


Dagmar Ek
Dagmar is a rather fluffy, warm woman, with a love for life in everything she does. It was while getting her degree in Accounting that she met Beck, and after the two were married she decided to put aside her working career to become a full time mother and homemaker. This didn't last too long at first, and due to financial reasons she had to return to the work force sooner than she would have liked as a teller at a local bank. But by the time her second child and only daughter was born, she and Beck had things straightened out so that she could return to her original plan. Dagmar loves children, and probably would have had more than four had Beck not talked (read: begged) her out of it. Not to say she doesn't adore her children - she spoils them somewhat rotten with dotting affection and a near constant supply of home-made goodies - but there's just something about being so needed by someone that she just can't get enough of. Of course, this often makes for a disappointed, yet still proud, Dagmar when the kids learned to rely on one another for solving problems. Though once a meal time rolls around, all the little bird's beaks cheep for mommy. She can have her stern moments, when she feels the rough-housing has gone too far or Erik has broken yet another something-or-other or added yet another hole to his walls. Mrs. Ek is not someone who tolerates disrespect full behavior or violence in her home. She keeps it clean and cozy, always with the smells of some sweet treat floating around. Should her established peaceful decorum be shattered, one can rest assure that Dagmar will be there with wooden spoon in hand to put things back to their proper place soon enough. The children learned quite quickly at young ages that they should fear that wooden spoon and it finding their fannies.

Along with cooking and baking as often as she can, Dagmar gardens. She keeps flowers, vegetables, and herbs for cooking out in the backyard.

Beck Ek
Beck is a sturdy, tree of a man. And not one of those spindly little things, either. He's a man who's worked damn near every day of his life, and it shows in each wrinkle of the face, each callous on his hands, each pull and push of his muscles - even the rough grain of his voice speaks to a man used to barking orders. But there is kindness in those wrinkles, a playfulness in the spark of his almost white blue eyes. Beck is proud of the construction company he built from the ground up, proud of his achievements as a smith and metal crafter, and even more proud of his wife and children. He wasn't around as much as he would have liked as the kids grew up due to his work. While he is grateful for the close bond they formed, when his two eldest sons started showing an interest in metal crafting, he jumped on the chance to share that passion with them. The fact the whole family goes to the faire together each year and worth the booth together, thrills him to no end. Each is just one more way for him to spend the time with his children he couldn't in the years before. Beck never recieved more than a high school education. As his two eldest moved onward into college, he was at first unsure why degrees were so necessary, but encouraged them to follow their dreams. He's grown fond of the idea of having a mechanical engineer and a lawyer in the family. When Erik decided to join Beck in working for the company, and began to show interest in possibly taking it over in the future, his father could not have been happier. Now to just see where Markus decides to take his life...

NOTE: I'm just gonna say this right now. I adore this whole family. The siblings have been forming personalities of their own, and its to the point that, if anyone is at all inspired by the following blurbs and wants to steal Garth, Frida, or Markus to be one of their own characters, I really really want you to do that. I want so much sibling Rp, god damnit ;; <3

Garth Ek
At 26, 21, 19, and 16, the Ek children host quite a range. Garth leads the pack in seemingly every aspect, as financial situations during the first few years of his life keeping his parents from having another bundle of joy until he was five. From then on, Garth became one of the "primary" caregivers to the rest of the children, doing everything he could to assist his parents and ensure his siblings were at optimum happiness level at all times. Even now, the younger three tend to run to Garth with their problems, with big brother marching in without hesitation to right wrongs, beat up the bully to a bloody pulp, help with math problems, and give the best advice he can on how to wow that girl (or boy) sitting next to them in English. His rather "mamma duck" lifestyle with his siblings, and younger cousins caused everyone to assume he'd go into child psychology or other such "aid the children" professions. Instead, he chose to become a mechanical engineer with a particular love of kinematics, and shipped himself off to C.I.T without any hesitation.

Frida Ek
Next up, Frida. The only girl of the lot, and not one to be trifled with. Though the sole apple of her brother's eye until Erik was born, and "daddy's little girl," Frida was never against wrestling with her brothers to settle a fight or score. Often, it was the sole sister who ruled as judge, jury, and "executioner" amongst the quartet, a trait that has not faded over time. The boys were never hesitant to go to her with problems on ethical, legal rights, or any other such issues. Always steadfast and firm in her beliefs, and not one to sugarcoat things, she is a practitioner of tough love. Her words might cut deep, but her brothers always understood she was only trying to help them, that she truly loved and cared for them. Even if that understanding could only be found deeper than the cut reached, and might sometimes take the boys a few days to find after the initial smackdown. Unlike Garth's "random" career choice, Frida took the route she was all but born for, bee-lining for St. Michael's School of Law. The word of the law should always be followed to the T, and she was intent on enforcing this belief on any who was unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on your role in things) to cross swords with her.

Markus Ek
Finally, ten years after Garth's birth, five from Frida's, and three from Erik's, Markus entered the world. Always the laughing, bubbly child, the youngest sibling never grew out of the fun-loving, always-laughing state. He became a bit of a prankster and injury-magnet, always coming home with scrapes and bruises and new band-aids. His mother often wondered if she should take his skateboard, his roller blades, and everything else he's got in way of sports gear, and ban him from such dangerous things. His father and siblings have always been quite for his active lifestyle at least, even if the older three are always doing bets on what's the next bone he'll break. But his fun-loving side has been a rather influential addition to the family. Not the type to spend the hours his family does working, and more to do the minimal requirements to just get the boring stuff done, he's the one who pushes for family outtings, vacations, random trips - the fun stuff. Everyone else is so busy, so he's long since put it on himself to ensure they take breaks and have fun. Ninety-nine percent of the time consists of family bonding stuff. Somehow. Someway. Even if it means bonding over doing weird artwork on his newest cast.

Extended Family
The Ek family is rather large - on Beck's side alone there are six other children beyond himself. From Dagmar the children have another two aunts and two uncles. Each family has at least one or two children, if not more, making for rather massive reunions. Some of Beck's siblings reside back in New York City, along with his parents, but two brothers and a sister have since moved to Sweden. All of Dagmar's siblings and surviving mother reside in New York City.

___The Rest of the World___



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___Role Play Log___


Egos and Biceps and Show-Offs, Oh My! Incomplete

xxxxxxxxRegular Senshi_________







xxxxxxxxSuper Senshi_________





xxxxxxxxEternal Senshi_________





Remembrance Rp or Solo

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    Erik drives a four-door truck of some kind that I have yet to figure out. It's relatively clean inside, minus a few bits of paper scraps here and there. He keeps his tools and other work equipment in a locked box in the back of his truck. The truck itself is a dark gray color.

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