Village Greens
[Map and Key]

When you first enter the game, you go through a mini-tutorial.
After you complete it, you’ll end up Village Greens.

CL : 1.0 - 2.2 (To complete quests, but you can enter at any level)

A list of NPCs needed to complete quests
and where they are on the map.

Commander Leon

Gnome Trial + Flamingo Trail
(Prerequisite: Have to be done together)
• Speak to Leon
• Kill five Gnomes and five Flamingos
• Return to Leon

Finding Elizabeth
(Prerequisite: Gnome Trial + Flamingo Trial)
• Walk up a screen to Elizabeth
• Talk to her

Upgrade Your Ring
(Prerequisite: Finding Elizabeth)
• Walk north a screen
• Click the Null
• Speak to Trixie
• Open your inventory bag, Click on your ring
• Click the upgrade button in your inventory
• Return to Elizabeth

Return to Leon
(Prerequisite: Upgrade Your Ring)
• Go back and speak to Leon

An Advancing Enemy
(Prerequisite: Return To Leon)
• Walk near the three Gnome camps [Map]
• Return to Leon

Gnomish Battle Plans
(Prerequisite: An Advancing Enemy)
• Walk to an area where the Gnome Courier walks. [Map]
• Kill the Courier
• Return to Leon

A Call to Arms
(Prerequisite: Gnomish Battle Plans)
• Walk north to Barton Town
• Speak with Clara right outside the gate
• Return to Leon

Balance of Power
(Prerequisite: A Call to Arms)
• Go back to the Gnome camps
• Kill the Majors (Catastrophe, Disaster and Tragedy)
• Return to Leon

(Prerequisite: Balance of Power)
• Walk south along the wall till you find Remo

Flamingo Hunt
(Prerequisite: Remo)
Details -
• Kill ten Flamingos
• Return to Remo

Shroom Heads
(Prerequisite: Flamingo Hunt)
• Kill enough Mushroom Cannons to collect six mushroom tops
• Return to Remo

Behind Enemy Lines
(Prerequisite: Shroom Heads)
• Go to the Gnome General
• Kill him
• Return to Remo
• Choose a ring

Lost Larry
(Prerequisite: Behind Enemy Lines)
• Walk to Bills Ranch
• Walk south to find Larry

Badges Available
All non-kill badges

Mission Badges

User ImageUser Image

Gnoman's Land: Discover the gate to Gnoman's Land in the Village Greens.
Barton 3: Aid the Barton 3 by completing all of Leon's tasks.

Event Badges

User ImageUser Image

Greenskeeper of the Peace: You fought LawnShark and, through damage
or support of other players, were effective enough in a single event to earn
this badge.
(Score at least 1,800 points while fighting the LawnShark during the Rotary Menaces! event.)
(Points have to be acquired in one instance.)

Kickin' Grass and Takin' Names: You've battled LawnShark *many* times
and earned this badge through your support and/or damage of the monster.
Barton Town salutes you!
(Score at least 7,000 points while fighting the LawnShark during the Rotary Menaces! event.)
(Points are cumulative.)