Bass’ken Lake
[Map and Key]

The home of some mighty fine fishin',
Bass'ken Lake was once a thriving lumber camp.
The old lumber mill there has been closed for some time,
but "The Old Fishing Hole" general store is still open,
mostly due to the efforts of its tough and crusty proprietor.

CL : 4.2 – 5.0 (to complete quests, you can enter at any level)

A list of NPCs needed to complete quests
and where they are on the map.

Old Man Logan

Looking for Gustav
• Talk with Ryan outside the Barton Gate
• Go find Gustav, in the forests of Bass’ken
• Return to Ryan

Fluff Charm School ►Repeatable◄
(Prerequisite : Looking for Gustav)
• Talk to Ryan
• Kill 20 Carrion Flower Fluffs, which appear
when you hit on the Trash Cans that are placed along the walkway.
• Return to Ryan

Mon Cheri
(Prerequisite : Looking for Gustav)
• Speak with Gustav
• Enter the She Wolf den and kill her to get his axe back.
• Return to Gustav

Cheri’s Sister
(Prerequisite : Completed Mon Cheri)
• Speak with Gustav
• Gather 4 iron ores from the Buzzsaws in Bass’ken Lake
• Find 2 bronze by either going against the Alarmskeeters
in BillsRanch or the Taiko Drums in Zen Gardens
• Get 2 axe heads from the Outlaw Pups in Bass’ken Lake
• Finally, collect a single lacquered wood from the
Taiko Drums in Zen Gardens
• Once you find all the pieces, return to Gustav
so he can make you your own Cheri

Papa Sawn!
(Prerequisite : Completed Cheri's Sister)
• Speak with Gustav
• Find Papa Saw in the saw mill in northern Bass’ken and destroy him.
• Return to Gustav to let him know you’ve won.

Fluffs Ya Puff
• Speak with Old Man Logan
• He’ll ask you to prove how tough you are.
• Go and kill 10 Grass Fluffs.
(Be careful of the Mother Fluffs and her guards.
They're strong and very hard to kill).
• Return to Logan.

The Boy
(Prerequisite : Completed Fluffs Ya Puff)
• Speak with Logan
• Go find Jesse, near the water-wheel in the southwest of Bass’ken
• Return to Logan

Blades of Wrath
(Prerequisite : Completed The Boy)
• Speak with Logan
• Collect a saw blade from a Buzzsaw near the sawmill
• Return to Logan

Needle Nose
(Prerequisite : Completed Blades of Wrath)
• Speak with Logan
• Recover a giant needle nose from an Alarmskeeter
near the hive south of Bills Ranch.
• Return to Logan

Logan’s Wailing Windmill
((Prerequisite : Completed Needle Nose)
• Speak with Logan
• Attach Logans “Outlaw Pup repeller” to the windmill
in the northeast of Bass’ken
• Get attacked by the Gift Boxes
(it’s easier if you let them kill you)
• Return to Logan

Badges Available
All non-kill badges

Mission Badges
User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Date Rock: Discover the date rock in Bass'ken Lake. (Walk on both sides of the waterfall.)
Two Docks One Lake: Travel to the end of the docks in Bass'ken Lake.
The Wailing Windmill: Complete all of Logan's tasks and help build the wailing windmill.

Event Badges

User ImageUser Image

Beat The Buzzer: You've fought BuzzKill many times, and heavily
participated through damage or support. Congratulations!
(Score 1,000 points while fighting BuzzKill during the BuzzKill! event.)
(Points are cumulative.)

Buzz Killer: You have helped defeat BuzzKill many, many times and have
accumulated a high level of badge points in the process. Congratulations!
(Score ? points while fighting BuzzKill during the BuzzKill! event.)
(Points are cumulative.)