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PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:34 pm
Setting and RP Guidelines

____ This thread is designed to offer guidelines and rules regarding the setting of our game. It will remain a work-in-progress, and is subject to editing when we find that certain things don't work, or other things need further explanation.

Feel free to post in this thread if you have questions, suggestions or need further clarification regarding anything contained in this thread.

A few points to keep in mind regarding this information:
  • You do not have to ret-con anything if you previously RP'd something and it has changed. But you do have to adjust to account for the changes and clarifications.
  • The HQ is gone now, but it did still exist. So if your Pae'il managed to get something out of it before it was destroyed, they may keep it.
  • All RP from here on out needs to adhere to these guidelines.

Table of Contents:
  1. Intro
  2. General Information
  3. Basic Geographical Information
  4. Biology & Ecology
  5. Science & Technology
  6. Magic
  7. Spirituality, Afterlife & Funeral Rites
  8. Telrunya City
  9. The Trading Post, Telrunya Port & T.S.S. Phantasy
  10. The Five Sacred Temples
  11. The Ten Altars
  12. Aynurlet
  13. Communication & Entertainment
  14. Crime & Punishment

Update History
    11.3.2011 ~ Opened
PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:36 pm
General Information

_____Telrunya Isle is currently a (mostly) tropical island located in the middle of the sea. It is never mentioned which sea because it is unknown. It is uncharted, because the island was previously floating above the clouds until magic pulled it back down to a specific location.

    Due to the delicate and fickle nature of RP and the fantasy world, these are the guidelines to follow regarding Time.
  • Time is measured in Seasons, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Years are used in the same context as decades are for humans.
    There is no definitive conversion, as time is relative.
  • It takes 6 seasons for a baby Pae'il to become a Teenager.
  • It takes 6 season for a Teenager to become an Adult.
  • Regardless of how much actual time it takes for a Pae'il to grow, in-character RP requires that all Pae'il will be played to grow the same.
      If it takes 10 months for a teenager to become an adult, in RP, that is still only 6 seasons.
  • Days, hours, minutes, and seconds are still roughly the same.
  • There are still 4 seasons per year
  • Pae'il grow gradually just like humans, no more spontaneous growth spurts.
  • Time Travel & Controlling Time
    • Events in history are fixed and cannot be altered under any circumstances.
    • Time traveling Pae'il are able to travel back in time to witness events, but cannot interact with anything.
    • Time can be sped up or slowed via unique powers/abilities ONLY
    • Pae'il cannot travel to the future under any circumstances, because the future is not written yet.
    • Pae'il with time travel or control abilities must seek permission from staff before traveling (or affecting) important events in Pae'il history.
  • Pae'il do not degenerate or appear to "grow old".
  • There is no set time limit for becoming a Luminary, because that is merit-based even in-character. (It is merit-based for the player as well.)



PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:38 pm
Basic geographical information about Telrunya

_____Telrunya Isle is currently a (mostly) tropical island located in the middle of the sea. It is never mentioned which sea because it is unknown. It is uncharted, because the island was previously floating above the clouds until magic pulled it back down to a specific location.

Telrunya Isle, plus all the surrounding islands and Telrunya City is fairly massive.
  • It is over 100,000 sq. miles of land and is approximately 200 miles from the base of Aura Nin Mountains to Dragnid Tower.
  • 450 miles from Nathaear Beach to the Landing Pad.
  • Most of the island is sea level towards the center, however towards the east and west coasts, where the mountains are, the elevation rises dramatically. It is unknown currently how tall Aura Nin Mountain is, because there is a magical force in play preventing any Pae'il from scaling to the peak.
  • Tuatha Ri Lake marks the lowest points on the island, and contains an entirely inland lake. The depth is approximately 800 feet. Too deep for humans or normal Pae'il to swim, however Naiads are perfectly suited to travel the distance with no consequence. At the very deepest point, a rock formation that existed in the sea prior to the island falling penetrated the lake bed.
  • Please Note: It would take an average person a little over 8 days, taking 17 minutes per mile, to walk 100 miles.

Map Image

Resources and Raw Materials:
    The fairies of Telrunya have set up a Trading Post near where the old Headquarters was located. Merchants and traders who stop by the island drop off supplies that the fairies can trade to the Pae'il for goods they may create or harvest. (more on this in a dedicated post)
  • Food:
    • Natural vegetation (for consumption) that occurs in the "wild" includes bananas, coconuts, berries, grass, fruit-bearing trees of all varieties, mushrooms, tea and herbs.
    • Commercial vegetables such as corn, tomatoes, potatoes, etc. Must be grown by a Pae'il in order to exist. They do not grow in the "wild". Seeds for any type of vegetable or fruit are obtainable at the Trading Post, for no cost.
    • Livestock: There are chickens, ducks, pigs, goats, and sheep for the meat-eaters.
    • Wild Game: Hunt-minded Pae'il are free to hunt and eat any animal they fancy, provided it makes sense for that animal to exist. (such as deer in the forests, fish in the lakes. But not cows in the forests or moose in the swamps)
  • Ore:
    • Provided a Pae wants to mine it, then find a way to smelt it, there is ore in the mountains.
  • Raw Materials:
    • Cotton grows naturally in some areas, but it must be harvested and woven into cloth. Same goes for Wool; it needs to be sheered from the sheep and woven into cloth to be used.
    • Glass is available and can be created & crafted
    • Paper is available and can be created

Being an island of magic has provided some unique characteristics to the island. There are five distinct ecological zones on the island:
  1. Mountains
    • Aura Nin Mountain, which is the tallest mountain on the island. They are rocky and have snow year round.
    • To'ul Mountains are shorter, just south of Aura Nin Mountain. These mountains are full of caves and contain coniferous forest climates. They do not get snow.
  2. Water
    • Tuatha Ri Lake is the largest body of water, being fed by a small river that flows from between Aura Nin Mountain and To'ul Mountains.
    • Sein Lagoon is mostly surrounded by cliffs and jagged rocks, so boats cannot enter. It is connected to Tuatha Ri Lake by the Chai'en River, which cuts right through the center of Loka Nei Forest.
  3. Jungle
    • Prior to the island coming down to the sea, there were no jungles on Telrunya, however, the years have caused Loka Nei to change from that of a lush forest, to looking more like a jungle. Mostly the change is climatic with more jungle vegation taking root and overgrowing.
    • Dragnid Forest has also undergone a similar change
  4. Forest
    • Ithyl Forest, which used to be a part of Loka Nei Forest has retained all characteristics of a forest.
  5. Swamp
    • Waplei River became Waplei Swamp when the island landed. The swamp drains via waterfall into Waplei Cove.

Basic Information for Role-Play on Telrunya Island:
  • Telrunya is somewhat primitive.
  • There is no currency, however Pae'il are a bartering society, trading for the items they need, if they cannot obtain it themselves.
  • There is no electricity that feeds the entire island.
      That is not to say it doesn't exist. Some Pae'il can create their own, some can manipulate it, some are smart enough to create it.
      It does NOT happen naturally and houses will not have lights or appliances that use electricity unless the Pae'il who lives there creates it.
  • Pae'il do not have indoor plumbing.
      They have to create their own aqueducts if they want water in their houses, otherwise it's wiser to live near water sources.
  • It is usually very temperate, but on the mountains it will be cold, and near Dragnid Tower it will be hot.
  • Dragnid Tower has an evil creature release taint deep in its core. This taint has affected the surrounding wildlife and plants, making Dragnid Forest a very dangerous place for Pae'il to frolic.
  • Silme Pond, in the center of Netheaer Forest is a very magical little pond. If you look into it, during a full moon, mysterious things can happen. But usually, it will give Pae'il a small glimpse of their immediate future.
  • These locations are OFF LIMITS (under no circumstances are Pae'il allowed to explore these locations and doing so will invite the wrath of a terrible NPC interaction in which no mercy will be spared.) :
    • Tyla'es Cave
    • The peaks of Aura Nin Mountain
    • The cave behind the waterfall at Waplei Cove
    • The ominous cave between Loka Nei Forest and To'ul Mountain
    All other areas are free for exploration. The reason these locations are off-limits is due to future Metaplot locations.
  • You are free to include any animal in your RP if it is logical they would exist in that climate.
      Example: deer in forests is ok. Crocodiles in the forest is not.
    • There are a LOT of birds on Telrunya.
    • There are no horses on Telrunya.
    • The most common animals, aside from birds, are monkeys and fish.
    • Traveler Pae'il are welcome to introduce new wildlife if they bring it back to the island with them.
  • Humans are allowed on the island, and once upon a time, Telrunya had a large human population, but logically, it is hard to find this island, even accidentally.
      The human influence is fading. Things humans brought with them once upon a time are now useless (such as computers, radios, and ipods) because there is no way to use them.
  • The Library that was contained at the HQ has been relocated. It will have to be rediscovered in an upcoming future meta event, so in the mean time, Telrunya is without the vast library it used to have.
  • The Falassion House of Healing is a fairy-run spa where Pae'il can go for some pampering or healing. The fairies there know how to treat most maladies, and this location should be utilized if you can't find a healer Pae'il to RP with when your Pae gets sick or injured.
  • Trade Routes can be established by anyone wishing to take on the task of becoming a merchant. Otherwise there will be come merchants assigned later in the metaplot.
PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:38 pm
Biology & Ecology

Pae'il Biology: (This is general knowledge, please see individual breed threads for specific details.)
  • There are three Alignments of Pae'il: (The proper term to use, in lieu of 'breed' is 'type'. So Angels are a type of pae'il)
    • Blood, which includes Angels and Demons
    • Ancient, which includes Naiad and Faun (and the three undiscovered types) and each one is based on one of the five basic elements the Island is made of: Water, Earth, Void (or Magic/Aether), Air, Fire.
    • Faerie, because they are created by the Guardians and require a connection to an existing story, fable, myth, idea in order to live.
    • Hybrids and Mixed Pae'il belong to both or neither Alignment of their parents, depending on their attitude and personality.
    • ??? There will be a fourth Alignment coming.
  • Pae'il have anatomy similar to humans due to something mysterious happening on the island that sped up their evolution at the start of the Fifth Age.
    • Pae'il started out being 3 stages: egg, floating blob, adult.
    • First evolution changed the adult from a featureless creature to have more humanoid features, including fingers, vertebrae, mammary glands (in females) and hair on their head.
    • Second evolution had the floating blob growing into a child before becoming an adult. The child had 2 arms, 2 legs, 10 fingers and hair on the top of the head.
    • Third evolution had pae'il giving live birth, and no longer laying eggs. The baby they would give birth too no longer looked like a blob, but an actual baby-version of a Pae'il, who by this evolution was completely humanoid.
      At the same time, the child pae'il's growth slowed and they started becoming teenagers before becoming adults.
  • Ancient Pae'il awoke after Blood (and Fae) Pae'il had already undergone their evolution.
    • Ancient Pae'il biology is very different from Blood Pae'il
      • Ancient Pae'il were dormant for many hundreds of years, protect and safe. They originally hatch out of eggs, which reflect their elements, because they are born of the element.
      • All first generation Ancient Pae'il will hatch. Currently Naiad come from pearls and Faun come from Acorns. (See the Naiad and Faun info thread for more details.)
      • All second generation Ancient Pae'il will be live born of their parents.
  • Reproduction & Breeding
    • Pae'il are naturally infertile, so to reproduce, they require a special potion that is created by the Fairy of Life, Millie. This potion serves as an aphrodisiac as well.
    • Heterosexual pairings will result in the female conceiving.
    • Homosexual pairings cannot conceive, however they still need to drink the potion in order for the "magic" to work. Millie (or one of her helper fairies) will deliver biological offspring.
    • Pae'il do have reproduction "parts" and can engage in the act. Just make sure the RP stays within Gaia's TOS.
    • Naiad "parts" are like a dolphin's.
    • There are a set of IPC characters based on the Greek Erotes and their arrows do cause mayhem. If a Pae'il is affected, seek out Anteros (an NPC-contact staff) for a cure, because the Erote magic arrow effect does not gradually wear off.
  • Pae'il DO have mouths and noses, even if the cert art does not reflect this. They also have toes.
  • Pae'il blood is red.
  • Pae'il can be mortally wounded.
  • Pae'il do get sick and can be affected by viruses and bacteria
  • Pae'il do NOT get cancer, STD's, or AIDS.
  • Pae'il (except Naiads) cannot breathe underwater, because their lungs need a steady supply of air.
  • Pae'il bodies are subject to pressure, so cannot swim deep.
  • Pae'il cannot see any better or hear any better than a human.
  • Feathers do not work if they are wet.

Pae'il and the Physical Environment:
  • Pae'il should not be careless with the environment
  • Pae'il cannot naturally communicate with the wild life or plant life, unless it is their unique power or ability.
  • DRAGNID IS DANGEROUS and any Pae'il wandering in there is setting themselves up for an NPC wildlife attack, kidnapping by the evil that lives in the temple or tower or just pure bad things.
    • Dragnid is TAINTED by a dark magic that seeps from Dragnid Tower, so the closer to the Tower, the more potent the taint. Pae'il are NOT immune to it.
    • Do NOT explore the temple ruins, for plot reasons. Pae can get killed there.
    • You are welcome to RP your Pae'il getting chased/mauled by the dangerous creatures if your Pae'il needs to face danger.
    • The creatures of Dradnid will rarely wander outside of the forest, so the surrounding areas are safe. Most of the time.
    • Waplei Swamp is showing signs of taint.
  • The peaks of Aura Nin are OFFLIMITS.
  • Pae'il can freeze at cold temperatures just like humans. They also can burn at high temperatures. (of course, unless their power says otherwise.)
  • Fishing and hunting are natural survival activities.
  • Biting & stinging insects do go after Pae'il

Links to the Pae'il Type Information Threads:  



PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:40 pm
Science & Technology

Pae'il science is not as advanced as Humans, because they have magic for the hard stuff. Engineering, mechanics, physics, chemistry and mathematics are fields of study still in its infancy for a Pae'il. Feel free to explore these if you want, and have your Pae discover and invent new things to make life easier for the island.

Types of electricity available:
  • Wind Turbines
  • Hydropower
  • Steam power
  • Lightning Harness
    • This can be a contraption invented by a pae used to capture and store the electricity in a bolt of lightning.
  • Magic
    • This is the easy solution, provided the pae has the ability to begin with. (water, electricity, steam, etc.)

Types of fuel:
  • Natural oil (made from vegetables)
  • alcohol
  • algae (can be used to make plastic too)
      This type of fuel will function similar to petroleum, but it has to be harvested and processed.
  • coal (has to be mined)

Types of water delivery:
  • Aqueducts
  • Wells
  • Windpumps (wind mills)
  • Barrels for collecting rain water or Cisterns
  • Magic

Forbidden Technology:
  • Television sets that broadcast "human" programming. (Even if there were TV's on Telrunya, they couldn't pick up any broadcasts without a high-powered satellite dish.)
  • Microwave Ovens (where would they come from?)
  • MP3 players (where would they get the music?
  • Human computers that connect to the human internet (again, how would they connect?)
  • Cellphones (again, how would they connect without towers and a network)
  • Any mechanical creation that would rely on fossil fuels (gasoline, oil, natural gas, etc.)
  • Telephones as humans use them - wireless
  • Human appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, mixers, bread makers, etc. (pae can still use the concepts, but they gotta come up with it themselves. Also, freon would not be readily available for fridges and air conditioners)
  • Batteries (the island lacks the chemicals to make batteries like humans use, however, inventive pae can create their own methods for storing electricity and fuel.
  • Petroleum burning Automobiles (like modern day cars and trucks. If the pae is inclined to create their own little contraption for getting around, they can. It just can't spew pollution or require a network of roadways to be functionable.)

Allowable Technology
  • Any mechanical creation that is powered by natural resources such as steam, wind, water, lightning, etc.
  • Cooling boxes to function like a fridge
  • Radios - fairies will be able to broadcast until a Pae takes initiative to do this
  • Printing press (there will be one on the island, in the City)
  • Typewriters (in limited supply, as these will have been salvaged from the HQ)
  • Basic hand tools (provided a pae figures out how to make them)
  • Clocks
  • Light bulbs (they have to have electricity first)
  • Wires (these do not just appear, they gotta be made by someone who knows how)
  • As long as a Pae discovers or invents it, modern tools and appliances are allowed.

As a rule of thumb, Pae'il will not do anything to purposely destroy their habitat. They are neat creatures that care about nature. Of course, there are always those bad apples who don't care, but they are few and far between.  
PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:41 pm

_____ Magic is the keystone on which Telrunya was built and founded. It is the life and energy flowing through everything that exists on the isle.

In the beginning, Magic was pure, powerful and omnipotent. But in the wrong hands, it changed...

Types of Magic:
  • True Magic - this is the original magic that created the island. It no longer can be used or found. It is assumed to have disappeared.
    • Color: White
  • Aika - this is the balanced magic the Guardians use
    • Ai - positive energy, subject to Karma
      • This is the energy the Guardians use to give Pae'il their powers and abilities.
      • It is the energy source, and is limited.
      • Color: Yellow
    • Ka - negative energy, forbidden from use
      • Color: Purple
      • This energy source will be used to give Strafe's converts their power.
      • Guardians refuse to use it, so it became forbidden.
      • Strafe mixes the Dragnid Taint with Ka in order to control his minions/converts.
  • Elemental - Considered to be the most primitive and raw Magic source on the planet, existing before True Magic.
    • Elemental magic, due to it's "unprocessed" and balanced nature, does not have karmic retribution
    • Serves as the magic source for all Ancient Pae'il, regardless of what power/ability they may have.
    • 5 Elements
      • Water - Color: sea green
      • Earth - Color: green
      • Void (aka Aether) - Color: black (This element encompasses things unseen and unexplanable. It is the 'super' in supernatural.)
      • Air - Color: powder blue
      • Fire - Color: red
  • Taint - this energy seeps out from Dragnid Tower, corrupting anything that is exposed too long.
    • So far, only Strafe can control it.

For more information about Magic, powers and abilities, please see the power thread.  



PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:42 pm
Spirituality, the Afterlife and Funeral Rites

It is up to each individual character who/how they worship, but please try to refrain from bringing homogenized Christian concepts to the island, such as the concept of 'god', the ten commandments, Easter (the religious part), marriage-before-children etc. Because Pae'il have their own religion and set of moral codes to abide.

  • The Guardians are the Pae'il "deity" and function the same as a pantheon.
  • Ancient Alignment do not recognize The Guardians as deity, instead hold sacred and revere the elements as their supreme beings. They look to their ancestors for guidance and make offerings to them.
  • All Pae'il have souls. Once the soul leaves the body, it becomes a spirit.
  • Spirits can either continue to exist in the Spirit Realm, go to the Ever After, or are reborn.
    • Spirit Realm: Can also be called Aether. This is the plane existing parallel to the mortal realm, and Pae'il cannot enter unless it is their special ability/power OR they were given sight to see it. More than just Pae'il spirits reside here, so it is a very, very dangerous place.
    • Ever After: Final destination for Pae'il spirits. It is considered a paradise. One a spirit goes here, they can never return, and cannot communicate further with the living.
    • Rebirth: Reincarnation occurs often, particularly of those heroic spirits who are driven to protect the island. Not all Pae'il spirits will be or want to be reborn.
  • For specific details about Pae'il religion, please see the breed/type info thread.

  • Pae'il Spirits will exist in the Spirit Realm with their memories and emotions, but no physical body.
  • Spirits cannot interact with the mortal realm
  • Spirits cannot communicate with living beings, unless the living being is sensitive to it. Meaning: Pae who's ability/power is to speak to spirits, or animals.
  • Elemental Spirits can manifest in the mortal realm.
  • Pae'il spirits who have a statue of themselves erected in the Hall of Lost Souls can re-inhabit their old body via those statues. (The statue will break away revealing the Pae standing in its place.)
    • If a Statue is destroyed, it cannot be rebuilt. The Spirit then only has two options: Ever After or Rebirth
    • The Statues are crafted by a fairy called The Sculptor of the Lost. He will sculpt a statue of any Pae'il that becomes lost. (This is for those Pae'il that go inactive or belong to someone who is blacklisted ONLY, because Pae who die cannot come back to life in their old body--but they can reincarnate.)
  • A dead Pae'il body will be void of all colors and patterns, and their eyes will look like hollow glass. The body will turn to dust after a few days, returning to the soil.

Funeral Rites: (These vary per Alignment)
  • Blood Pae'il
    • Small cairns (typically less than 2 feet tall-the more important the pae, the taller it will be) are erected over the place the body returned to the soil.(Superstitions arose from this practice)
    • During the "funeral" each person is attendance will add a stone to the base.
    • Family and friends can lay flowers on the cairn to honor the dead on anniversaries or important dates, or to celebrate the Day of the Dead.
  • Ancient Pae'il
    • Naiads
      • Because the dust returns to the water and is impossible to mark the location, Naiad will instead celebrate the life of the departed, and wish them a safe journey to their next destination.
    • Faun
      • A tree will planted over the spot the dust returned to the earth.
    • Miakis (info to be added later)
    • Sila (info to be added later)
    • Dracian (info to be added later)
    • Mystery type to be added later
  • Faeries
    • Attendants will wear flower wreaths and carry sticks of Hawthorne while marching to the Fae Clearing.
    • They'll continue to gather until midnight and they'll sing the Song of Fae to say goodbye to their lost ones.
    • Many island fairies (not pae) will do this nightly to honor those who have passed.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:44 pm
Telrunya City

_____Telrunya City was the original home of the Angels and Demons before the Great Sundering which shattered the island. The city was destroyed and separated from the island many centuries ago.

In an event lost to antiquity, the small piece of Telrunya containing the ruined city found it's way back to the main land, connecting with a violent force that shook the whole island. The city remained as it had for many years, until the fairies of the island decided to rebuild it, to provide new homes for the Pae'il with new opportunities to rebuild their once great and thriving society.

It remained untouched by Pae'il. So the fairies moved in instead.

When Telrunya island landed in the Sea, the powerful fairy magic protected the City, preventing it from landing in the water so that it would never be subjected to the weather. The City floats and moves around, orbiting the Isle and moving high into the sky whenever a storm passes by.

Setting of Telrunya City:
    The City is reminiscent of a medieval setting, in which the whole city in contained within castle walls.
    The buildings and walls are constructed of a white rock substance similar to marble. It is sturdy and strong, designed to survive The Guardian's wrath, should they decide another Sundering is necessary.

Important Information for RPing in Telrunya City
  • The City is occupied by fairies. Not Disney faires, but the same fairies that live on Telrunya. Telrunya fairies look like Mellons (Mellons are the fairies, just they are called Mellons because they become companions.)
  • Any Pae'il that can make up to the City is allowed. (just use the Landing Pad. The fairies redirected it.)
  • Telrunya City is a more modern setting than the Isle with shops, apartments, electricity and running water.
  • The fairies provide electricity for the city. It is a closely guarded secret how they do it, but they have decided to not share this information with fairies who live on the island.



PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:50 pm
The Trading Post

A devastating storm has destroyed the main supply provider for the island. The magical building that was able to produce anything, and even transform itself, was unable to rebuild itself. The fairies of the island have decided it would take too many resources for them to rebuild, and even still, it would never be the same, so it was not worth it.

In it's place, utilizing some of the debris and usable construction material, the fairies have created a Trading Post to help offset the loss of supplies.

A fantastic ship was created to take Telrunyan goods out to the world and bring exotic goods back. The T.T.S. Phantasy. The crew is largely populated by fairies who are able to disguise themselves (and the ship) depending on the location.

Off the beach nearest to the site of the old Head Quarters a port was built to serve as the home of the T.T.S. Phantasy, and to provide a place for other traders to dock and do business. At current, fairies run the port to help facilitate the trade.

Telrunya Port:
  • There are three docks.
    • The dock furthest west is for the T.T.S. Phantasy only.
    • The other two docks are for merchant ships.
  • Only large merchant ships are allowed to dock, not cruise ships or passenger ships.
  • Telrunya is now on a trade route.
  • Pae'il are free to work at the port in exchange for the goods they'd need.

Telrunya Trade Ship Phantasy:
  • This is a large fancy ship built in the style of a modern Schooner with 3 masts.
  • It is white, with gold accents and matches most of the fairy decore throughout the island.
  • The captain is a fairy: High Captain Hoth of the Avalons, 16th Winter Brigade
  • Pae'il are allowed to hitch rides if that is what they fancy.
  • The ship was constructed from some of the enchanted materials from the HQ so there is more to it than meets the eye.
  • Pae'il are free to choose to work on the ship.

The Trading Post:
  • Set up like a small marketplace with a few kiosks and market stalls.
  • Available goods will vary per season, depending on where the T.T.S. Phantasy sails.
  • There will always be seeds of all types of vegetation and useful crop available in unlimited supply.
  • There will be different fabrics and cloth available per season.
  • Once in a while, a rare and exotic good will pass by, available in very limited quantity. (e.g. The ship could bring back just two horses)
  • Fairies are the common vendors
  • Pae'il have to offer something in exchange for goods, nothing is free to take.
  • Pae'il are free to choose to work at the Trading Post in exchange for goods they'll need.
  • Closed on weekends.
PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:51 pm
The Five Sacred Temples

In Ancient times, there were five sacred temples for all Pae'il to gather and worship. Each temple served as the home and location of the sacred Elemental. Each Ancient type of Pae'il was tasked with protecting the Element from outside sources.

Please see the different Ancient Types (breeds) threads for more information about each temple.

    This is the Earth Element temple. It is a giant living tree that houses and protects the Faun.
  • Chieftain Rais is the protector of the Earth Element and leader of the Faun.
  • Only Faun are allowed to freely enter the Tree.
  • All other Pae'il must be given permission by Rais
  • The Tree is on a small island of its own, with a bridge connecting it to the main land.
  • There is an extensive root system beneath the soil that gives the Faun protection and functions like a labyrinth.

Alu Spring
    This is the Water Element temple. It is an 800 foot tall building that reaches from the lake bed all the way to the top of the lake. It serves as the palace and home to the Royal Court.
  • Alu Spring is made of a brilliant marble stone with gold veining. There are lights all over the temple so that there is visibility even at the deepest depths.
  • The top floor exists on the top of the water to allow land Pae'il a place to pay their respects to the Water Element.
  • If a land Pae'il enters the temple via the stairway on the topside floor, they will enter the water with a bubble that allows them to breath indefinitely and not be affected by pressure in the depths.
  • Queen Tariel is the protector of the Water Element and leader of the Naiad.

Templa Covnant
  • It is rumored this is the temple currently being overrun by jungle vegetation in Loka Nei Jungle (Forest)

Vilya's Grace

Order of Naur
  • This is the ruined temple in the heart of Dragnid forest, at the base of Dragnid Tower.
  • It is far too dangerous to go to this temple
  • There is currently one resident: Branwen, and she's nuts
  • It is too dangerous to go here.
  • Don't forget, Dragnid is really dangerous

(these will be described in-depth elsewhere, so this will just be basic information)  



PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:52 pm
The Ten Altars

Located in Ithyl Forest, an old circular stone monument lies in partial ruin under the forest's undergrowth. When the island settled in the Sea, the monument was uncovered, but lack of exploration and discovery by the locals has caused the lush forest vegetation to overtake the stones.

Long ago, the monument stood as a source of power and place of worship and ritual for the Angels and Demons. It served as a doorway to the other side where they could communicate directly with the Guardians, and have their prayers answered.

The monument consisted of twelve vertical stones, standing as monoliths with a smooth side facing inside the circle, and the rough side facing outward. Carved in to the stones are ancient incantations for inciting different Guardians' powers. At the top of each smooth surface, a very large, smooth stone is embedded, with a rune on the surface. Each rune is the Ancient name of the Guardian. This name can conjure powerful magics when used in combination with the incantations.
At the center of the monument, is a horizontal stone; smooth and level, and balanced on a smaller stone. This stone served as the focal point for the other twelve.

Today, some of the monoliths have fallen over, but remain in tact. Two of the monoliths have been completely destroyed, and fragments are scattered all over the area. There is a hole where one monolith stood, and it is missing. The hole looks like it was dug in recent times.
Each monolith can be identified by it's position in relation to a clock. The two monoliths located at 2 o'clock and 10 o'clock are destroyed. The hole where the missing monolith was is located at 6 o'clock.
The balanced stone in the center has long fallen over, and broken in half.

Pae'il who stumble upon this monument will know nothing of its purpose or use, as it just looks like the ruins of some stone structure.

Rules for RPing around the Ten Altars:
  • The monoliths stand 11 feet tall, which is more than double the height of a normal Pae'il.
  • These structures are far to heavy for any Pae'il to lift naturally, except one, who's power is super strength (Rais-played by Teigra)
  • Pae'il are allowed to speculate what it once was, but no Pae should know for sure.
  • Pae'il can attempt to "rebuild" the broken monoliths or stand up the fallen ones, but they cannot recover the missing one. And not all of the pieces are there for the two completely broken ones.
  • The gemstones would be about the size of plates. If your Pae attempts (or actually succeeds) in stealing any of them, let an RP moderator know.
  • This location will hold importance in an upcoming metaplot arc. But until then, the ruins can be explored and studied.
  • No pae'il will be able to read the ancient writing, except one, who's power is to read ancient languages. (Drizelda-Antidia's pae)
  • The magic connected to this location is gone.
PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:56 pm

Coming soon, stay tuned!  



PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:57 pm
Communication & Entertainment

  • There are specialized fairies that serve no other purpose than to deliver important messages and packages.
  • The Bulletin Board that existed outside of the HQ for important announcements survived.
  • Mellons can function as personal messengers.
    • Mellons will only attach themselves to a Pae'il who is RP'd.
    • Mellons will unlock a Pae's powers
  • Other communication devices can be invented, but currently, do not exist.

  • Pae'il are capable of learning how to play instruments, provided it exists (or can be built) on the island.
  • Pae'il can have any talents that are separate from their unique power/ability
  • There is live entertainment provided at Hula Bob's Bar and Grill for any Pae'il.
  • There is a tavern inside Laisidhiel for Faun, run by Bronson & Mojo
  • Pae'il are welcome to create entertainment businesses in order to get the goods they require.
  • Falassian Healing House exists as a fairy spa, but Pae'il are welcome to be pampered and healed.
PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:58 pm
Crime & Punishment

  • Faun have a Warden that will judge law breakers and assign punishments.
  • Serious crimes are punishable by detainment in the Root Cellar (unground prison holding cells)

  • Naiad have a Tribunal that will judge law breakers and assign punishments.
  • The tribunal can consist of one or more Naiad set aside with that title.
  • Serious crimes are punishable by detainment in holding cells which are air pockets in a cavern far below the Flame of Naur.
  • Naiad holding cells consist of a series of deep water bubbles which will hold air breathers. Air breathers are deep enough that they couldn't hold their breath long enough to get to the surface.
  • Naiad offenders are kept in holding cells in the same cavern, but without the air bubble.

Angels & Demons
  • In Telrunya City and all villages and districts that are part of the network, a Judge will head the trials of law breakers.
  • Detainment of prisoners is in the dungeon below the city. Special accommodations for certain elemental pae needs are not provided.


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