۞ Raistlin Majere ۞

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Weep as I wept once, long, long ago... Then you will realize, as I did...


((At this point this character is the only one that interest me ._. sadness.))

He nodded and listened attentively to the brothers' exchange. If you learn quickly and show talent, I will teach you of the world and its magics. There are many different forms. For example, you use your body to- Raistlin broke off into a fit of coughing, his face paling further as he leaned on his staff. You channel the magic of your staff, but I wrest arcane energies from the very fabric of the universe. My magic requires a verbal spell, yours is instinctual. He glanced at Hayate. Magic is not for the weak. As you can see, the cost of my magic reflects itself on my body.


...that it does no good... No one hears you, sobbing in the night alone...

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