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Velveteen Angel

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2014 8:43 pm
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Likno Tis Zois
Current IC Owner(s): Na'ila (Velveteen Angel)
Current OOC Owner(s): Velveteen Angel, Seaki
Default ranks: Youth - Apprentice - Grunt
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:

High Class

Na`ila Epireia-ide | Monarch | Harem: Epireia | Played By: Velveteen Angel

High-Middle Class

Akili Michezoid | Guild Master | Harem: Michezo | Played By Lollipop x L u x u r y
Kokatema Mirimakóri | Oracle | Harem: Ágamos | Played By Nerpin
Laf\'lari Cantemaeide | Oracle | Harem: Cantemae | Played By Velveteen Angel
Thor Odensonide | Commander | Harem: Odenson | Played By Kathryn Dragonna

Middle Class

Nearachi Epireia | Soldier | Harem: Epireia | Played By Velveteen Angel
Thálassa Epireia | Artisan | Harem: Epireia | Played By Seaki
Hadithi Kinayakóri | Guard | Harem: Ágamos | Played By Polette
Hilal Omádasálfa-ide | Constable | Harem: Omádasálfa | Played By Velveteen Angel
Tsubaki Omádasálfa | Soldier | Harem: Omádasálfa | Played By Painted Moose
Nadeshiko Omádasálfa | Merchant | Harem: Omádasálfa | Played by Painted Moose
Damien\'keanu Mnemosyne-ide | Soldier | Harem: Mnemosyne | Played by: magnadearel
Amjad Kinayahuios | Constable | Harem: Ágamos | Played by Hibi-tea
Ajitabh Cantemae | Monk | Harem: Cantemae | Played by Seaki
Damien\'Keanuide Mnemosyne-id | Soldier | Harem: Mnemosyne | Played by magnadearel

Low-Middle Class

Usoa Nailahuios | Youth | Harem: Epireia | Played By Painted Moose
Esti Nailahuios | Youth | Harem: Epireia | Played By Painted Moose
Luminoscer Larihuios | Youth | Cantemae | Played By Velveteen Angel
Linistita\'apa Larihuios | Youth | Cantemae | Played By Velveteen Angel
Pomona Larikori | Youth | Cantemae | Played By Seaki
Astghayin\'gisher Larihuios | Youth | Cantemae | Played By Painted Moose
[url=]Name[/url] Larihuios | Youth | Cantemae | Played By
[url=]Name[/url] Larikori | Youth | Cantemae | Played By Hibi-tea
[url=]Name[/url] Larikori | Youth | Cantemae | Played By

Links to at least five current RPs:
1] http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=24550917
2] http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=24550941
3] http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=24551003 * Queen RP
4] http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=24551093 * Queen RP
5] http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=24551101 * Queen RP
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: The Likno tis Zois is a pride that values family over everything. These families take the form of a harem, lead by the head of the family. The Likno prides itself on equalities of sexes, allowing any members looking to start a family to have a chance at one. It promotes culture and growth within itself, allowing members to feel comfortable within their home and family. With a special defense force, the pride is protected both inside and out to keep the pride safe from any injustices

Familiar Rules: All familiars are welcome, though may run the risk of becoming prey if they are not careful. They must belong to a member, as those who are not will be viewed as food

Cert Background Large Image: x

Pride Symbol for Cert: x

Any Extra Information: extra spot for 'Harem' to be listed on cert

Pride/Pack History: After her birth pride disbanded, founding Monarch Na'ila (a female used to being pampered and cared for) suddenly had to face the harshness of the rogue lands. Struggling to find her own inner strength, she realised that the rogue lands was not safe for her. Gathering people of a similar mind, she created the Likno Tis Zois. Born of a female's desire for equality between genders and sexualities, with every member of the pride pulling their own weight. It was not about servitude, but protection and safety. She incorporated her birth pride's tradition of keeping harems, with new twists that placed people on more equal grounds and created an inclusive pride for those with more than one love.
PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, 2014 4:14 am
.: Approved :.

Pack/Pride Name: Mlima Tuokoa
Current IC Owner(s): Elisheba (Quaji) & Batabata (Safaia)
Current OOC Owner(s): Quaji
Default ranks: Youth (cub) > Prowler (adol/adult)
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:

Queen - Elisheba - Quaji
Consort - Batabata - Safaia

Lord - Eduard - Quaji
Lord - Tomasz - Mia Sharra
Lord - Mithrandir - Schicksalswende
Lady - Raiyana - Safaia
Lady - Gisa - Ecavi

Noble - Maeteq - Lethrossen

Captain of the Guard - Barafu-taji - Quaji
Huntmaster - Giza`nyota - Puhterodactyl
High Priestess - Junius - Tanakako

Lady-in-Waiting - Noir - Quaji
Royal Nanny - Avani - Polette

Scholar - Hirmulisko`nahka - Schicksalswende

Priest - Jioni - Puhterodactyl
Priest - Ahau-kin - Puhterodactyl
Guard - Pumilio - Polette
Guard - Chilali - Schicksalswende
Guard - Tesbel -
Merchant - Rosso - Quaji
Merchant - Picolit - Mia Sharra
Merchant - Þekja`Hrimi - Schicksalswende
Merchant - Isamu - Safaia
Nanny - Malini - Polette
Nanny - Iluba - tani duh!
Nanny - Upala - Safaia

Prowler - Suk`tamu - Quaji
Prowler - Phirun - Puhterodactyl
Prowler - J`loki - Safaia
Prowler - Rana - Schicksalswende
Servant - Abayomi - Quaji
Servant - Zhaleh - Safaia
Links to at least five current RPs: 1 2 3 4 5
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: Forced from their forest home by an invading lion pride, a colony of leopards were saved by their goddess, Shan Furen, by journeying up a nearby mountain. Shortly thereafter, they renamed themselves the Mlima Tuokoa - the mountains saves us. Now they live in this snowy, rocky terrain and under the rule of the line of king Riho, there they survived and thrived for generations.
Familiar Rules: All familiars are allowed.
Cert Background Large Image: The background!
Pride Symbol for Cert: 50x50 100x100
Any Extra Information: ---
Pride/Pack History: It fairly long. The entire history can be read here.

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Lucky Strawberry

Mizani Ulimwengu

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 2015 10:13 pm

Pack/Pride Name: Mizani'Ulimwengu
Current IC Owner(s): Dainot'an (R4gn0r0k IV)
Current OOC Owner(s): R4gn0r0k IV, Innocent_Hybrid
Default ranks: Youngling
Current Pride/Pack Members, and Rankings of Each:
Grandmaster, Dainot'an, R4gn0r0k IV

Council Member, A'lan, Innocent_Hybrid
Council Member, Kifalmen'Doto, Conrad the Mighty
Council Member, Kamau, Tanakako
Council Member, Jayen, R4gn0r0k IV

Jedi Master, Rinzen, Natsuko-neko
Jedi Master, Safiya, Tanakako
Jedi Master, Cygnus, R4gn0r0k IV
Jedi Master, Verex, Innocent_Hybrid
Jedi Master, Jaryx, LexThetaSigma
Jedi Master, Nysa, R4gn0r0k IV
Jedi Master, Atino, R4gn0r0k IV
Jedi Master, Menteith, Cajanic
Jedi Master, Drox, R4gn0r0k IV
Jedi Master, Abeo, Innocent_Hybrid

Jedi Knight, Frausta, Buffy_the_Bloody
Jedi Knight, Chosovi, R4gn0r0k IV
Jedi Knight, Avnas, R4gn0r0k IV
Jedi Knight, Robke Anvid, Saint Sergio
Jedi Knight, Sawa, Zosie
Jedi Knight, Waridi, The Captain Britain
Jedi Knight, Chionesu, SSBrosB
Jedi Knight, Minttu, CaliWolfe
Jedi Knight, Ithemba, Zheraph
Jedi Knight, Ruqayqa, Avid_RPer18
Jedi Knight, Ahaztutako, R4gn0r0k IV
Jedi Knight, Sandor Clegane, Princess_Feylin
Jedi Knight, Serehe, Lithia_Brandon
Jedi Knight, Malgel'ee, Dizzy_Kat

Padawan, Anarawd, LexThetaSigma
Padawan, Tsiana, R4gn0r0k IV
Padawan, Nola'Tak, R4gn0r0k IV

Youngling, Yosun'Karanlik, Tanakako
Youngling, Lavashka, Tanakako
Youngling, Astrith, Kallysto
Youngling, Xolile, SilverLutz
Youngling, Dunca Be'tul, F a y t h - x
Youngling, Telstar, Kaori_luv
Youngling, Shukura, SilverLutz
Youngling, Abha, Amarantha Thea
Youngling, Berk, Znaruto
Youngling, Lindiwe'Oliva, Conrad The Mighty
Youngling, Mirie, R4gn0r0k IV
Youngling, Lore, Innocent_Hybrid
Youngling, Shinzi, Depawsit
Youngling, Sanders, Innocent_Hybrid
Youngling, Kalila, R4gn0r0k IV
Youngling, Akhana, R4gn0r0k IV
Youngling, Amerys, moonlit-raven
Youngling, Yadeara, R4gn0r0k IV
Youngling, Choma, Lithia_Brandon

Ward, Warray, R4gn0r0k IV

Links to at least five current RPs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (RP with IC ruler)
Brief Description of your Pride/Pack: There is a Balance. A Balance in all things: Emotions, Actions, even People. The Mizani'Ulimwengu, also known as the Jedi, call this Balance the Force and the monastic-like Order devotes themselves to maintaining it. The Jedi Order opens their arms to all who would share in their beliefs and their cause, be they young, old, or even those who strayed to the Dark Side. Maintain balance; Maintain the Force. That is the Jedi Creed.
Familiar Rules: All familiars are welcome, there is no rank restrictions and bonding to a regular member is not necessary.
Cert Background Large Image: Uncert!
Pride Symbol for Cert: Symbol
Any Extra Information: We would like a spot on the cert for youngling clans and a spot for specialization for the knight and master ranks.
Pride/Pack History: The Jedi pride began with a simple desire: Help keep the world in balance.

It started with a Master and two Padawans. The Master cared for his Padawans more than anything, but he knew that it was a dangerous thing to love and that love had often times drove creatures to jealousy and hate. He taught his Padawans this among other things.

Once his Padawans were ready he announced that they had become Knights and could find Padawans of their own to take care of.

One young Knight ventured far, looking for a Padawan of his own. Instead he found a lovely lioness who he madly fell in love with. He knew that if he were to bring her back to the pride his old Master would be upset and kick him out. The young Knight decided the best thing to do was have a secret romance with her. He made her his Padawan and hoped that no one would realize their relationship.

The other young Knight was careful and picked a Padawan that she believed had great potential. Her Padawan could see the future and became the first seer in the pride.

As time went on, the pride grew, and kept growing. The Knight who was having the secret romance, had gotten the lioness pregnant. It became obvious to the other members that he was the father.

The Jedi Master did not kick them out, instead he praised them on their love. He gave them a warning to be careful though and not allow their emotions to control them. The Knight believed that the Master forgave him because of how close they were, this made him arrogant.

In time the Jedi Master left them, becoming 'One with the Force'. Before passing he announced that his old Padawan learner, the female, was to become the next Master. His other old Padawan could not believe it. It enraged him to think that he wasn't the old Master's favorite.

He decided to take his mate and leave the pride, never to return again. With his mate he created another group called the Sith. They would become the enemy of the Jedi.
.:. Shadows of Africa .:.

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