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PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2011 10:37 pm
❀ ❀ ❀ Welcome Welcome Welcome x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
your like a thorn in my side...



Proof of star= :Dziban

Dziban- pearly white and yellow, is a binary or double star in the Dragon.


✦ Welcome!
✦ About me! - Civilian
✦ Family life!
✦ Sailor Dziban, Senshi of Cactus!
✦Past life
✦Rp log
✦ Photo Album
✦ Reserved

Page two
✦RolePlay Thoughts  
PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2011 10:39 pm
❀ ❀ ❀ About me ! x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
You have questions.....?

Name: Antonio Domínguez Altamirano
Nickname(s): Tony, Tonio, Domi.
Age: 20
19 (18 when obtained)
Sex: male
Birthday: Aug 18th
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Origin: Born and raised in Spain until he was about twelve years old.
Bloodtype: Type A
Height: 6'0 ft
Bodytype: Tall, broad shouldered and semi-muscular. His skin is a tanned color like most people of Spanish descent. Has a scar across his nose, though it has turned white with age, got it from a scuffle with a neighbor kid in which he ended up with a face full of broken glass.
Hair: Dark, rich, brown in color, curly.. He has recently got a haircut.
Eyes: Narrowish yet still hold a childish roundness to them, golden brown hue.
Fashion:Loves brightly colored items of clothing and tends to wear colors based on his mood. He loves high-end fashion and often appears to be 'trendy,' but 'reserved'. He always wears a proper belt even if it is all glittered out, and will often times wear hair bands/clips so his vision isn't impaired by his hair. Likes to wear rings, and other hand jewelery. Loves to wear long scarfs.
*Antonio has a tribal tattoo

Personality Traits:

Shrewd: Tonio is very clever with his resourcefulness in practical matters, often times coming off as tricky or cunning. He is a very calculating man but it is only to be expected from someone majoring in mathematics. This particular trait can often times lead people to think he is cold. This also makes him very good when dealing with things of the business variety. Not many things do..get past him, a few things could slip past him, but overall he is pretty astute.

Tenacious He very determined in whatever he is doing, often times to the excessive point of becoming a recluse. He is stubborn with most things and it takes a lot to convince him that his opinion or motive is wrong. His stubbornness probably comes from never being told no by his mother and the fact that his brother was a push over so he didn't put up much of a fight. Basically, he is use to getting what he wants and believes he is always right. However, if you are clever enough then his opinions can change after a good amount of effort.

Vain: He is slightly obsessed with his own looks. He spends quite a bit of time getting ready every morning and feels a great amount of pride in himself. He often times likens himself to the beauty of a flower, after all the beauty of nature is infinite! This was probably brought on by his father since the man was a huge flirt and often times taught the boy how to get things for 'free'. Now one would think being slightly recluseish he wouldn't want to be one to catch other peoples attention, well that's only partly true. After all he might like to keep to himself but there is nothing wrong with taking pride in yourself and gaining some attention..as long as it's not to much that it becomes a distraction to him. Tonio is vain to a point, attention for him becomes to much when it interferes with important parts of his life. Such as developing a stalker or followers would be to much attention or an annoying fan girl/boy. It can become to much for him in a large crowd though he tends to stay away from those all together do to his recluse like nature, but when in one he has to be in, he would probably try to draw less attention to himself. Many things can make him decided it's bee to much for one day, his mood for one, who it is that is giving him attention for another or if he becomes busy to care.

Recluseish:Though he is flashy in appearance, he really doesn't jump right into the crowd and talk up a storm. He feels that there is a time to socialize and a time to be solitary, this line directly taken from his grandfathers words of wisdom. He isn't so unsociable to the point that he is hard to approach, and he isn't so sociable that he is easily approachable. This is actually what makes him a bit complicated, you basically have to know just what to say to keep him talking. In other words, if you really want a meaningful relationship with him you will have to invest some time and hard work to figure him out.

Loyal- Once he is loyal to you, you can bet that his faith and allegiance to you will never waiver. The only real way to loose Tonio's loyalty is to cross him in a way that is unforgivable. Something along the lines of killing without proper reason or just outright doing something that is against his morals, in front of his eyes. Not one to be persuaded by hear say or rumors, he will mostly likely look down upon the people spreading them. He would go to the end for someone he is loyal for if they needed that of him. Depending on what 'law' he has to break he might do it. BUT he would never hurt the innocent or something of that nature. If the person he is loyal to is clearly in the wrong, he would have to step back and analyze the situation, if he can't see anything to it then he will not help and this will most likely end his loyalty to the person.

Fearless- He will try anything once if he thinks he can get by with it and then maybe twice if pressed hard enough or he enjoys it. He often times tries to hide this trait as to not appear reckless. After all, that would look bad on him as he is supposed to be a shining example for his littler brother. He can become a bit reckless, which is why he tend to try and hide his particular fearless trait when he can. Because he knows that when his honor as a man or something of the like it put out there he will end up doing whatever it maybe to show that he is not a coward. Given the right provoking means he does do many fearless things. If he gets caught or if he gets hurt, he will normally be cleared of his foggy male mind by the time the consequences come into play so he can deal with them with a level-head

Tender:He can become tender but to only those he cares deeply for. Once he has 'bonded' with you, you better believe he will take it up as his duty to look after you with a utmost gentle care. His tenderness is inspired from his mothers warmth in taking care of her children and wearing herself to the bone for them. So in turn, if you ever make friends or lovers of Tonio, you better prepare yourself in utmost clingly relationship.

Composed: Or at least in public he is composed, being one to always appear calm and cool. He tries his hardest to keep his feelings under control and will often times run away if he fears that they will escape his command. This makes him pretty hard to approach relationship wise, since he tends not to express himself properly. Though he does show some emotion when he gets comfortable with you. He, of course, is always beaming a ring of pride!


Gardening: Truly a man with a green thumb, he spends as much if not more time in his garden as he does sleeping. Having a great eye for beauty, his garden is the envy of the neighborhood and Tonio loves it! Lots of his time is spent simply watering and tending to his flowers resulting in it's massive size and glorious beauty. He likes to compare himself to the various flowers of the garden not only in beauty but for the colorful hues for each of his many moods. His flowers are like his children..

Swimming/or any water type sport:As much as he loves the sun, he loves the water even more. His parents often times joke and say he must have been a plant or fish in a past life because of the way he loves to be outside and in the water or sun. He particularly loves to swim since it gives him such a wonderful feeling of peace. He is on the colleges swim team and also loves to snorkel and surf. You'll find most of his hobbies are single person hobbies. He really doesn't enjoy spending much time with others, or at least large amounts of time with them.

Sun-bathing: Maybe not all would consider this a hobby but to him it is. He uses the time in the sun not only to release the stress of the day, but to think while being undisturbed. He loves the feeling of the suns warmth on his skin, this is also how he retains his dark skin color. Plus sun light is best for making maps!

Cartography:The study and practice of making maps fascinates him. He loves to spend hours in the town making his own maps and going over the currently offered maps and 'fixing' them. His grandfather got him into making maps, from all the pirate stories he would read to the boy when he was younger. He was raised in Spain with many of these tales and it inspired the life long hobby of making his own 'treasure' maps. This skill also helps keep his mathematic abilities up to par, along with a few others.

First-person shooter and military games: Loving a thrill, he is often time found playing counter strike online. He tends to love games that challenge him to think and be resourceful, which spawned his love for FPS and sniper games. Though this category of gaming is his favorite he will play others as well. Mostly he likes to play by himself as he sees other people as dragging him down.

Chess: A hobby he has recently gotten into, loving the challenge of coming up with strategies to beat people and the over all idea of the games excite him, knights and queens and such. Often times at the local park when they hold tournaments for the games, since he finds the kind of people that play the games and play them well to be slightly tolerable.

Favourite Food: Peladillas - Sugared almonds
Least Favourite Food: Ham
Family: He actually lives in a home with a man named Tobi, a short distance away from the college he attends. Tobi is his younger cousin. They share a large three bedroom home with a fenced in back yard.

School: Celeste Community College
Grade: Sophmore
Favourite Subject: Anything to do with Mathematics
Least Favourite Subject: History subjects as he hates to live in the past...
Job: He currently works in a local flower shop part time, along with one of the cities pharmacies part time.


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PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2011 10:40 pm
❀ ❀ ❀ I love you...BUT x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
I don't always L I K E you...


Mrs. Altamirano : His mother is a lovely, short and round Spanish woman. She has always been a homemaker since the birth of her children. Not one to really want a job, but finds it's more important to make sure her family is taken care of once they get home. She is the true vision of a perfect wife and mother, prompt, neat, and always loving. These practices gave her son Antonio a strong love for the home and moulded his view on how a partner should be.

Mr. Altamirano : His father was a hard working man, always putting in long hours to provide better for his family. A true hard working man, the model for many womens husbands. Though he is handsome and over all attractive, but his attitude landed him and his family in some rough spots from him being less than faithful to his wife. He deals with his children with a firm hand but soft voice. Always the one to fall back on even it means you'll get a firm talking to.

Grandpa Altamirano :
His grandpappy, a man he truly looks up to. Grandpa Tonio, which as you can tell is where he gets his name, spent many days with the young man. Claiming he was the favorite grandson, since he was first born. He was the person Tonio use to go on his many 'adventures' with, the person that taught him Spanish guitar, and the only person Tonio has ever cried over.

Sebastiano Altamirano , Younger Brother: Antonio's younger sibling was actually placed into military school once the family moved to America. Tonio really hasn't seen him much since then, but of what remembers his brother as a soft and sweet boy. Pretty helpless and kind of a pushover, which is why his parents shipped him away to toughen him up. He would be about, sixteen now. Eighteen

Tobi Altamirano : Tobi is his cousin and the current mooch he lives with. He is an aspiring model, go figure another man in the family that is vain. Like a brother to Tony now. Around the age of seventeen. Nineteen

Mr. Altamirano: Is actually a doctor at the towns most praised hospitals.
He pulls long hours to provide better for his family though he makes enough money not to....some questions his marriage since he seems to flirt with all the nurses.

Mrs. Altamirano: Is a stay at home mother, though all of her children are gone. She cleans and cooks the day away after Tony left the nest she has become slightly depressed and has been known to go over to his and Tobi's house to clean while they are in classes and leave them premade dinners.

A simple three bedroom cottage style house, with a large garden outside and fenced in. He shares this home with Tobi for now, though Tony inherited it fully payed for from his grandfather.

Family Life: Since he lives alone with Tobi now, his family life is quiet for the most part. He still talks with his family regularly and talks to them as much as he can.
PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2011 10:41 pm
❀ ❀ ❀ So strange... x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
yet it feels right...

Senshi Name Dziban
Power SourceCactus
Alignment Good

Base ColorDark green
Accent Color OneBlack
Accent Color Two creme color

Sailor Collar like this only longer ends that trail down to his knees maybe a wrinkly tattered effect if possible.
Bodice something that slightly resembles a knights breast plate, a light creme color, with dark green slashes here and there on it.
BowsA black long sash around his waist again tattered looking . wrinkled effect, bowed in the back is fine
Sleeves Long length and black, with the creme color of the bodice in a cactus flower patters on the black parts.
Gloves Short fingerless gloves, any of the three colors that work
BottomsBalloon type, dark green color with black towards the bottom in like a slightly distorted silhouette of a cactus.
Shoes No shoes but more of the creme colored look and like a bandage wrap almost around his feet.
Tiara Artist choice
Accessories A shoulder shawl if possible, dark green color. Wears a double belt that runs from his shoulder then disappears into his sash with cactus needles lining it like bullet ammo.
Brooch One of this cactus flower
Choker since he has a shawl on then no..?

Weapon:A blow gun weapon

Normal Senshi Transformation Call: Dziban Power, Make-up!
Super Senshi Transformation Call: Dziban Star Power, Make-Up!
Eternal Senshi Transformation Call:Dziban Eternal, Make-up!

Normal Senshi Attack: Piercing Delusion

A defensive/offensive move that puts it's target in a hallucinogenic state by using sharp spines drenched in the alkaloid mescaline that is found in the Mexican cactus. Piercing whatever it comes in contact with, It makes the target slip into an imaginary world of their own creation, giving their bodies a dizzy defenseless sway as they slip off. Benefits the team by placing the target under a state of confusion, so to speak, so they can either escape or attack while the other is 'incapacitated'. The attack's effects last for 10 seconds , he can use this move only three times in battle, with a cool down time of one minute. Range :: 10ft/3m

How its done:
He takes up his blow gun and releases severed drenched, sharp cactus spines at the target. Most targets only hear is a lone soft whistle before they are stricken with a sudden sting and then black out into a hallucinated world of whimsy.

Super Senshi Attack: Slicing Assault!
An offensive move that sends a numerous sharp spines at the target, much like bullets they pierce whatever they comes in contact with. Benefits the team by draining life away from the target, or wounding them much like again a gun shot. It consist of 6 spines, though they all hit as one when damaging a target, he can use this particular move only about four times in battle. It has a cool down of a minute and a half. Range: 20 ft/ 6 m

How its done:
He takes up his blow gun and releases severed sharp cactus spines at the target. Most targets only hear is a sharp ear ringing whistle before they are stricken with a sharp cutting pain, it's almost as if being hit by a sniper since he normally does this particular attack from a distance since it requires time to load his blowgun.

Eternal Senshi Attack: Organic Repair

A Healing move that sends out a target size Nopal cactus, said cactus encloses around the target and encases them though unharmed to heal them it its natural antioxidant-rich self. The cactus doesn't act as a shield for the person so sadly they can still be hit, it brings the person up to, at maximum, their halfway point. Has a four limit usage and a minute and a half cooldown. This move is his most powerful but in turn it leaves him the most venerable, as when he goes to heal someone he tends to do this when he is far away or out of sight since the cactus is like an extension of himself so it leaves his body practically in a standing coma state, open for attacks. Though unless someone finds him and does damage he isn't injured at all. Range :: 40 feet/12m

How its done:
He will normally find a safe place to hide, then pick who it is to heal then he brings up an infused spine from the Nopalea Cactus shoots it at the target once making contact the spine sprouts into a target sized cactus rendering them at the time helpless, encasing the, healing them to up to half health then releasing them after about thirty seconds, Like previously stated this leaves Dziban's body in an almost comatose state to where is he aware of whats going on but cannot move until the cactus has released the person inside.  


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PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2011 10:43 pm
❀ ❀ ❀ Everyone comes with a story x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
we are recycled people after all..

Past Life: Draconian Senshi

Though Dziban was a Glassmakers son, his family held a pretty high place in the society. So growing up he didn't have it to rough, as a child he formed a very bold yet reserved personality that followed him thought out his adult years. His family was so well known for their amazing glasswork that some pieces even rested in the royal family's home. Skilled in the craft himself, he would often make fine flowers from glass with such skill that the amount of effort put into them was only rivaled by their sheer beauty. Though flowers, much to his family's surprise, seemed to be the only thing other then elaborate decorations that he could make.

Shortly after turning sixteen he was contracted to make flowers for the wives of a military officer. Upon carrying a bundle of colored glass roses to the wives of the military officer, he was attacked by 'thieves/ rouges.' With that his starseed activated. In a brilliant display of power and odd mysterious beauty he 'defeated' the scoundrels only breaking a single rose. Gaining him a flattering uproar from the bystanders, one of which happened to be a royal man in a cloak. By the way the cloak was brilliant designed he knew the man was important, though Dziban really could care less at the time. Instead he shrugged the whole thing off and carried on with his task of getting the remaining roses to the wives.

However when Dziban brought the roses to the military official, he was scolded and punished by blade for dropping his first wives flower. Before Dziban had the chance to tell him, he was a newly awakened senshi and was only trying to defend himself against thieves, the officer carried out the sentence. Now bearing a scar of shame across his nose for all to witness, the very man that had seen him awaken appeared and slayed the officer without second thought. Dziban was shocked, why had this happened, how long had the man been there? If he was lurking in the shadows he could have appeared and remedied the situation before it got out of hand...right? Yet there lay a dead man at his feet. Dziban felt like vomiting, he wasn't one for war...sure beating those punks up was fighting but it was different than this.

Questioning orbs peered up to the blood spattered and cloaked man. He an older gentleman, of that Dziban was sure, but he couldn't quiet recognize him in the shadow of the cloak. Without so much of a reason to the killing, the man informed him that since he was a senshi he would serve the princes of Draconian. He also informed Dziban that from now on he was to practice fighting to be useful. With the militaristic system in this place Dziban didn't dare refuse or question the man's words, his fear of the other held back by his breaking composition. Agreeing, he spent the rest of his days serving the princes and gaining vast knowledge. Along with grueling physical training so not to be the weak link, after all that was severely frowned on in the Draco society, one must earn his keep right?

He was boggled by all of the things the military offered, truly amazed at how far the Draco reach was! The man managed to make a few friends in the military, though mostly he kept to himself and did his work. He picked up a nice skill of molding decorative pieces into the military's armor or weapons to give the army a bit more flair. He also helped in making fine maps for the newly conquered worlds and glass traps. He enjoyed helping make maps most of all since it allowed him to venture into the other worlds and see their plant life, bringing back with him on each map trip exquisite glass flowers modeled off of flowers only found in those regions. Occasionally he was 'visited' by the cloaked man. Dziban was often curious as to why he was always in the cloak but never asked. Not really aware of the purpose of the man's visits at the beginning, only assuming he came for the new maps since he was probably a high military officer.

That and he always seemed to request flowers for his wife. At first Dziban was pleased to make the flowers but over time and growth of their relationship, his hands grew jealous and couldn't make anything beautiful for the wife. After this jealous turn, the man stopped coming which seemed rather cruel to Dziban since he had never asked for the visits to morph into this kind of thing to begin with. The man's leaving was only made worse by the fact that even though he made friends with a few people, several in the military didn't really like him since he was a bit too bold and often too quiet for their taste. He secretly harbored a deep regret for not holding back his jealously, which in turned caused him to pull back more from people to risk this happening again. Thus bringing the people around him to find him a bit of an odd ball, even cold.

Over the course of the next few years, he engulfed himself with work, not at all noticing the darkness that was slowly devouring the place he called home. Having never taken a wife of his own, many people wondered about him. His response to their questions was a simple, "I'm far too busy..speaking of...shouldn't you be working?" Another he offered out was " I would be of no use to a wife, I cannot bare children." A rather odd thing to say since it seemed rare even unheard of that a Draco man would claim to be the impotent, rather than their wife be useless. His personal life was as much of a mystery to himself as it was to others. Spending what spare time he had alone doing productive things, or crafting beautiful elaborate flowers for his moods.

Like most Draconians he was unconcerned with the destruction that swept through the universe, killing senshi and scattering systems across the sky. After all, he didn't have the time to worry about such things, his skills were needed in the war with Phoenix system. Being a realized senshi, he had not only been a map and trap maker but he had also fought with the military. His resourcefulness shined brightly in his achievements in battle, soon he developed a good ranking for himself amongst the warriors but he was no where near as good as most of them, more of an aid really. This being said, once the darkness arrived, he had already been weakened by the fighting with the Phoenix system.

His body and mind were fatigued when it all went down, so he did the only thing that seemed logical to him, he stabbed himself in the heart with one of his own poisonous/ hallucinogenic spines. It would bring his existence to an end, his last real memories were the screams of his falling comrades. Moments before his death he slipped into a sweet hallucination that seemed to calm him completely before passing on.

Arra Impression:


Antonio Domínguez Altamirano. The civilian name rolled off the tongue, though 'Dziban' was a little harder to work. Clever, even-keel, and Arra got the impression that once he earned Antonio's respect he'd have it for good. He seemed a bit... flashy, which made Arra chuckle a bit. He seemed, however, a bit hard to reach, something Arra would have to keep in mind, same with the fearlessness that might get him into trouble.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2011 10:49 pm
❀ ❀ ❀ Right...one step at a time x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
Quite the to do list...

★Super Senshi★


★ 7 solo entries- min. 500 words each [x]
★ 8 regular rps - min. 750 words each [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
★ 4 battle rps - min. 750 words each [x] [x] [x] [x]
★ 1 Open RP - min. 500 words [x]
★ Awakening RP with a Guardian - min. 500 words [x]
★ One training RP with Lan or another senior senshi - min. 500 words [x]
Minimum one (1) month since last power-up

★Eternal Senshi★

Welcome to the final combat senshi stage! Your senshi is very powerful and gets a complicated costume with little bonuses such as wing-like structures (think Eternal Sailor Moon). Your final attack is here and the most awesome of all! If you've turned away from the side of good, you're certainly not a force to be trifled with!


★ 10 solo entries- min. 500 words each
★ 12 regular rps - min. 750 words each - [ x ] [ x ] [ x ][ x ]
★ 5 battle rps - min. 750 words each - [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ]
★ 2 Open rps - min. 500 words each - [ x ] [ x ]
★ Minimum one (1) month since last power-up

All RPs must be concluded to count, even if word count is reached.

If you are changing alignments you must FIRST hit the regular requirements, and then you must complete a corruption RP with Amasis (to go Dark), or a redemption RP with a good-aligned royal senshi.

★Royal Senshi★

Your character has remembered their past life and reached their final, special form. Their starseed is at its highest power ever and you get a stunning outfit for them to wear! While still tied to Earth, they've been tied back to their home permanently and can draw on the power of that celestial body, and it allows them to transform back into Eternal form should they get threatened and need to defend themselves.

As long as they're in this form, leader Royal senshi can resurrect or heal their court senshi, while court senshi can bind their power to aid their leader senshi. It's said Royal senshi can defend themselves, but how exactly is a mystery; not even Luna and Artemis know.

In this stage, court senshi take the designation of Prince or Princess, while leader senshi take King or Queen.


★ 10 solo entries- min. 500 words each
★ 15 regular rps - min. 750 words each
★ 6 battle rps - min. 750 words each
★ 3 Open rps - min. 500 words each
★ Remembrance RP or solo - min. 1000 words
★ Minimum one (1) month since last power-up

All RPs must be concluded to count, even if word count is reached.


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PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2011 10:55 pm
❀ ❀ ❀ The days not so bleak. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
with the rare tolerable run in..


Regular RP'S

Calliope x Tonio - flower shop meeting Before awaken

A garden favor ( Tonio x Nita ) Before Awakening

Books and more Books ( Zaid x Tonio ) Before Awakening

FIsh out of water ( Lainie / Tonio ) Before Awakening

July 4th - (Calli x Tonio)Before Awakening

Spending time - Antonio x Calliope Before awakening

Music! Lets grow (Zaid x Tonio) 2085 words - After Awkening

Breath of Beauty (Alex x Tonio) After Awakening

The Northward Wind Blows... After awakening - 2897 words

Dinner Theater - first date! After awakening - words

The Grand Finale After awakening - 2048 words

[PRP] Look out!『Amarantha / Antonio 』After awakening - words

Tutoring! (Tonio x Satomi) After awakening - words

Lunch! (Tonio x Mitry) After awakening - words

Dancing Dragons?(Zaid x tonio) After awkening - words

To hear those bells chime After Words - 4292

Coffee shop(Tonio x Zak ) After awakening - 2322 words

[PRP] Another Day at Command (Dziban & Haumea)- After awakening - 2534 words

And time passed by ( ORP ) After awakening word count - 2360 words

Draconian meeting After awakening word count - 2426 words

Chess~ Tyana x Tonio After awakening words -

After Super::

Hit me with lightning ( Miguel x Tonio )

Ill take a whisper ( tonio / Miguel )
Draco meeting thing

Battle RP'S
[PRP] Got your back! [Phoneix // Dziban ]
[PRP] [!] Moonlight Madness! [Armus x Dziban]
Return Rumble [!] Aquila, Dran , She , Tonio Before awakening
[PRP] [!] Birthday Movie Surprise! [Dziban x Calliope] After awakening - 4317
The Northward Wind Blows...After awakening - 2897 words
Beatrice\'s path After awakening - Fin word count not required
[PRP] Through The Loop and Around The Bend... Moved over to In line for the big ride! 1370 words
Detective Raven! Case of the Cactus ( Corvus/Dziban)

After Super::
dancing with fire - words

Open RP
retreat,regroup After awakening- 1046 words

After Super::
What we\'ve been waiting for - Words

Opening day

Sold to the woman in white

Extra Extra
Awakening RP
..Can this be real ? No must be the medication (Lifi x Tonio) -3316 words

Training RP
To Teach The Lambs ( POWERED CHARACTERS MEETING)After awakening - 3044 words

PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2011 10:58 pm
❀ ❀ ❀ My opinion...? x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Civilians !

Calliope - Best Friend. Though she is slightly strange at time I enjoy her company a lot she is friendly and very nice and patient with me. I would like to see her more but our schedules seem to conflict..

Coraline Spencer - Good Friend Coraline is a nice girl I meet her my senior year of high school while she wasn't anywhere near the typical kind of person I would of hung out with back then her swimming captured my attention. I ended up taking her under my wing so to say to help her with diving. Ever since that year we've been pretty good friends. I call her up from time to time for swimming and getting together to chat.

Nita - Dating, she's interesting smart and bold the kind of person I usually have a hard time keeping up with but with her its kind of easy to just go along. She's a wonderful woman and I'm starting to really enjoy her company...we've been on a few dates now.

Zaid - Acquaintance A man with a brilliant mind and handsome face he works at the library as a volunteer I believe? All in all he is very interesting and I wouldn't mind spending more time getting to know him, there is just something about him that's so ...comfortable..it's strange and a bit alarming all while thrilling as well. He seems to show up everywhere.. it makes me smile to see him for some reason. Recently I've come to realize he's a senshi which one I'm not sure of but I saw him at a meeting unpowered...and if he has that similar pull...I'm betting he is Draconian

Lainie - Acquaintance she pushes personal space a bit of a chatter box girl but seems alright..She likes to swim like me...

Amarantha - Acquaintance. A pink haired woman I met at the very strange fourth of July celebration festival.. she seems sad. Speaks Spanish which is pleasing to hear, I ran into her again in Dziban form ...finding out she was none other than Sailor Phoenix...later I discovered it was her mother, the senshi that was killed by Polaris.. Not but a week days later I ran into her and helped her move.. she's a very interesting woman....

Kaleb - Unknown. A strange man, I meet at the very strange fourth of July celebration festival, with strange jokes, though some are funny he seems a bit obnoxious if taken in large doses. Recently he has been found to out to be a Draco senshi to... interesting

Richard Dominic Bell unknown - I met him for a brief moment at the fourth. Recently I have discovered he is none other than Sailor Draco which ...could explain while I wanted to protect him.

Rachel - unknown? She seems to be a nice person, I met her at the fourth as well. I might have met her before... I'm just not sure, but she gives me a familiar vibe. Maybe I went to school with her ?

Shikora- Friend Beaches are ....fun.. I had the best beach buddy ever though she has recently seen me transform I hope..it hasn't ruined our friendship... >>: She seemed fairly upset ..

Alexandra: waiting for rp to conclude

Dmitry Dupri: ......... I...I don't even know where to start here. >I This man is the bane of my existence. That's a start right? Ugg ...if only he weren't so...so....Mitry? Or at least didn't work across from me....or court considering he is sailor Rastaban.



Sailor Rastaban: ................. He might be in my court but that doesn't mean I have to like him. Besides.... I know the real him.

Sailor Phoenix: One of the first scouts I went on patrol with . .. Recently found out this was Rantha. Though...lately Rantha has been showing up not henshied....

Sailor: Aquila: The scout that saved my life. I owe a lot to her. She's beautiful and brave.

Sailor Polaris: .......Someone actually is worse than Mitry, which is saying a lot. In all seriousness though. :I .... She killed someone. I don't know the reason...but I'm not sure it was... I'm not sure.

Sailor Enckes: [i] The scout that seems to be the most well off knowledge wise or at least the one that calls most meetings. He seems fairly nice however I have yet to have one on one time with him he hangs out alot with my 'court leader' Draco.

Sailor Draco: My supposed leader...I've yet to form much of an opinion of him, though in light of the recent meeting with him..he doesn't seem to bad.

Sailor Haumea: Another leader, Haumea seems like a nice enough man we exchanged numbers...so..Is he my ally ? I don't think it works quite that fast but at least I have a number now if I get into a pinch.


Lifitari : Sweetie. The cute little kitten that awoken me.... I had some rough feelings towards her at first but she was only doing her job. Besides she did say... I /don't have to do this/

Drannan: The strange gecko that is often on Aquilas shoulder.

Diopside: My knight. Two words. Reckless Child.


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Overcharged Husband


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Overcharged Husband

PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2011 10:59 pm
❀ ❀ ❀ For a rainy day... x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

A bear given to him by Calli for his birthday

Super pen:

*Senshi items  
PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2011 11:05 pm
❀ ❀ ❀ Plant's respond to it...Bet you didn't know. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
so do I... music..

Music list !

Fun facts!

Theme song- Your Guardian Angel-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Wants to become a math teacher
Tonio has a tattoo

Haves a love/ hate view on flattery.

His parents have money, though he works two jobs so he isn't reliant on anyone.

Has never been in love...though truthfully he hasn't really tried or went looking for it.

Loves all music and will try new things even country

Loves Flowers - Orchid's

Favorite color: Blue's and Green's

Favorite song: XX  


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Overcharged Husband

PostPosted: Sun May 01, 2011 7:43 am
❀ ❀ ❀ A picture is worth.. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
A thousand words...

PostPosted: Sun May 01, 2011 8:49 am
❀ ❀ ❀ CERT.. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x



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Overcharged Husband

PostPosted: Sun May 01, 2011 8:50 am
❀ ❀ ❀ Roleplay summary skeleton.. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x


[align=left][u][size=24][color=white]❀ ❀ ❀[/color] [color=#254117][b]Minititle... [/size][/color][/b] [color=white]x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x[/color] [size=18][b][color=#6CC417]✦ [/color] [/b][color=#C9BE62]✦  [/color][color=#4682B4]✦  [/color][color=#191970][b]✦   [/color][/b][/size][/u]
[size=10][color=#ECD872][b]Who ...[/b][/color][/size][/align]

[size=12][b][align=center][url=]link to rp[/url][/align][/b][/size][size=9]
PostPosted: Sun May 01, 2011 8:51 am
❀ ❀ ❀ Reserved.. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x


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Overcharged Husband

PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2011 12:58 pm
❀ ❀ ❀ Credits.. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
Thank you.......

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