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A school of magic, based on J.K. Rowling's books. In need of Professors and Students! Join Now for the November - December year! 

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Dungeon Storage B Level 2

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2011 7:13 pm

Located at the far end of the lower dungeon corridor, the second storage room on the second floor is filled to the brim with dusted jars and vials of potion ingredients easily accesible for students and professors to acquire for their lessons.
PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2012 6:42 pm

яεġrετηστнιηġ ғεαяησ σηε ταkε prιdε ιηεvεяyτнιηġ

Following the overwhelming impulse, Colton slipped inside one of the storage rooms off the main corridor, shutting and locking the door absent-mindedly behind him. His darkened eyes needn't even look around inside the small space—the voice called again, as clear as day, from a large cabinet in the back corner of the room. Without hesitation, his feet pulled him eagerly forward, and he reached out for the double-doors of the cabinet in his nearly zombie-like state.

Suddenly, the whispering that had led him all the way here from the Gryffindor common room grew into a roar, and an ornate black box shook ferociously on one of the upper shelves. He had found the source.

Without a second thought—or even a first, for that matter—Colton stretched up onto his tip toes, his body moving only slightly slower than before. With his rough, calloused hands, he brought down the heavy box, setting it carefully in on the floor in the center of the room.

His mind grasped viciously for the power to think, the power to even slow down his body for just a moment and be allowed to think about what he was doing. Unfortunately, the potion had done its damage. It had lowered the walls of his mind, overpowering it with a heavy sense of instability and rendering him—for the time being—victim of his body's impulses.

Colton's hands didn't pause. Instead, they scavenged over the box's surface, taking in the feel of power before coming to a stop with his fingers pressed against the latch at the box's front. His face swam with an uncontrolled smile for a short moment before he flipped the long latch and was suddenly overcome by a whirl of charcoal-colored smoke. His eyes slipped closed for a short moment while he inhaled the substance without even noticing before snapping back open with life. Glancing around himself hysterically as he jumped to his feet and backed away, his mind was suddenly working even faster than normal, taking in the box, the remnants of the dark smoke, and—most of all—the sudden absence of the empty pit that had occupied his stomach for the last week. With the realization that it was gone, Colt tilted his head to the side in surprise, taking a timid step forward, half expecting it to come back.

When he didn't drop back into an unexplained depression, his eyes lit up, suddenly noticing where he was. Well...he didn't really know where he was, but he was surrounded by shelves of jars full of ingredients and random items, and suddenly convinced himself that he must have been looking for something...something for one of his classes maybe? Nevertheless, with the overwhelming feeling that he had already found it, he shrugged past the black box on the floor—which he had all but forgotten—and slipped back out into the corridor with no set destination in mind.


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The Dungeon

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