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PostPosted: Thu Mar 31, 2011 10:33 pm

W e l c o m e

PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 11:36 am

T a b l e o f C o n t e n t s

① Welcome
② Table of Contents
③ About
④ Family
⑤ Home
⑥ Relationships
⑦ Photo Album
⑧ Closet
⑨ Misc.
⑩ Credits



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PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 11:40 am

A b o u t

Name: Hailey Moore
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Birthday: February 1st
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Gemstone: Amethyst
Origin: Hailey was born in Celeste. Hailey’s father’s family has been in America for generations, but Hailey’s maternal grandparents immigrated to America from Finland.
Bloodtype: A
Height: 5’2”
Bodytype: Hailey spends most of her time indoors, either reading on her bed or sitting at her computer chair. Because of this her skin is rather pale and her body is slightly pudgy.
Hair: Yellow-blonde, to her mid-back in length. Usually kept up in pigtails with clips holding her long bangs back.
Eyes: Blue-grey, big and bright
Fashion: Hailey doesn’t worry too much about her appearance. Her usual outfit consists of a graphic t-shirt and a pair of jeans.


Personality Traits:

[+]Imaginative -- having exceptional powers of imagination

Hailey has a huge, active imagination. She used to play long, elaborate games with her Barbies and stuffed animals as a child and she’s never lost the touch. Hailey loves spending time with children and she’s been a favourite babysitter to many a child over the years. Her make believe just can’t be beat. She is often thinking about new and exciting ways to accomplish things and could have been a great inventor back in the day. Instead she channels her imagination into her creative writing, hoping to someday write children’s stories for a living.

Hailey’s imagination can get her into trouble at times. Growing up, she was the kid to leap onto her bed at night to avoid the reach of the monster hiding under there. Even still, if she’s home alone and the house is creaking just right, Hailey will hop onto her bed with a bit more of a spring in her step than she otherwise would. Her imagination is as apt to conjure up scary stories as it is wondrous ones, and Hailey is left to deal with the consequences. It’s all in the name of her art, though, and will gladly record any idea she comes up with ... just, with the lights on.

[+] Studious -- disposed or given to diligent study

Hailey is an excellent student. Her mother set her on a schedule at a young age of getting her homework done immediately after school with a plate of cookies and milk and Hailey has never fallen out of the habit. If she has a test coming up Hailey will crack open the books early and she won’t settle for low grades. There are some subjects, however, that Hailey just can’t seem to grasp. Advanced Functions and Calculus is one of them. Those graphs just won’t make sense, no matter how long she stares at them. If Hailey has a job interview on the horizon she’s study interview prep questions as diligently as she’d study history notes. Even something as simple as baking cookies will have its due time for study. Hailey wants things to turn out properly the first time and she’s more than happy to put the effort in to achieve it.

One of the reasons Hailey must be so diligent about her homework and study is that schooling doesn’t come easily to her. She gets great grades, but they come at price. She’s eternally jealous of those students who can cram material an hour before the test and ace it. Hailey can’t understand material on the first view and must read her notes over several times to grasp them. For test preparation she must re-write her notes, sometimes several times, as the act of writing out the words seems to help write them on her mind. Even in her everyday life, Hailey finds it difficult to accomplish tasks without first studying the situation and rehearsing her reaction. An unprepared Hailey is a girl who stammers and sweats her way through a situation. The skills and knowledge are there, but unless she’s prepared herself, Hailey can’t seem to access them.

[+] Generous -- liberal in giving or sharing; unselfish

Hailey has a giving personality. She had always been willing to share a treat or a toy as a child and it’s carried over to adulthood. She takes pleasure in buying the perfect Christmas present for her family members, no matter what the cost. Hailey volunteers every weekend at the animal shelter and she donates a portion of every pay check to support the animals. She also happily participates in community volunteer events, such as fundraising bake drives. If anyone was ever able to get close to Hailey, they’d find that she can be just as generous to humans as she is to the animals. They just have to break through.

However, Hailey can be generous to a fault. She’ll fail to notice when one is undeserving of her generosity and easily gets taken advantage of. Hailey is the go-to person in classes for help with assignments and everyone wants to be her partner for group work because they know they can convince her to do the majority of the work. She’ll take on too much, try to stretch herself too thin for the benefit of other people, and end up overwhelmed.

[-]Shy -- easily frightened away; timid

“Painfully shy” is a perfect description for Hailey. Somewhat socially awkward, combined with poor self-confidence, Hailey has never been outgoing or terribly brilliant at making friends. She was the little girl clinging to the back of her parents’ legs when a new person was introduced and she’s never really grown out of that behaviour. Strange people and strange situations make Hailey extremely nervous and she’ll stammer and sweat her way through the encounter. Because of this, Hailey was labelled as “weird” as a child and has never lost the reputation.

Hailey has to prepare herself for every social encounter. She secured her job at the cafe through vigorous study and practice for the interview (though she thinks the manager just took pity on her). Unpredictable situations or occurrences are one of Hailey’s biggest weaknesses. Depending on the severity of the issue, she’d respond in different ways. If it’s something small she might just retreat further into herself, going quiet and getting out of the scenario as soon as humanly possible. If it’s something bigger, she’d likely to latch on to someone better able to handle the situation. Hailey succeeds best, however, in environments that are predictable and never changing.

[-]Meek -- overly submissive or compliant; spiritless; tame.

In an effort to keep the peace and slide under the radar, Hailey chooses not to stand up for herself, even when she’s being wronged. She’d accept punishment for things she didn’t do as a child and as a teenager she allows people to walk all over her, all in the name of peace. Hailey can’t handle conflict very well, preferring to accept personal hardship. Ask her to do something for you? Chances are she’ll do it. Hailey believes she is just being nice, but in reality she’s a bit of a doormat, through and through.

Hailey’s father was a firm believer in the old standbys for children: respect your elders, obey your parents, and speak only when spoken to. She had only to disobey him once or twice before she quite thoroughly learned her lesson. Submitting to his wishes was the best way Hailey had to cope with his domineering personality and the strategy has followed Hailey into adulthood.

[-]Temperamental -- moody, irritable, or sensitive

Hailey lets other walk all over her, biting her tongue time and again. Unfortunately, this means that her negative emotions build up and up until suddenly and unexpectedly they burst forth. Often times she’ll explode at a tiny provocation that wouldn’t normally warrant such a response. The straw that broke the camel’s back, as they say. Her hurt feelings and her opinions are rarely listened to during such outbursts, which just further contributes to the problem.

Hailey regrets her childish temper tantrums after they’ve occurred and she’s had time to cool off, but she doesn’t regret expressing her feelings. If Hailey could find a more constructive method of venting her frustrations she’d probably be better off, but she adamantly believes that biting her tongue and avoiding conflict is truly the best course of action.



Collecting -- Hailey is a bit of a hoarder. While she isn’t anything like the people you see on tv with boxes piled to the ceiling, she does have to compete for space on her bed with the mountain of stuffed animals she’s gathered over the years and has never found the heart to let of. Hailey’s main love, however, is for literature, particularly of the fantasy genre, and her three bookshelves are filled to the bursting point.

Creative Writing -- Hailey is never without her trusty spiral bound notebook and black pen. She is almost constantly writing, jotting ideas down even during breakfast and on the bus. She can be inspired by the simplest thing and hopes one day soon to get a book of her poems and short stories published.

Hailey mainly writes within the realm of fantasy, though the idea of mixing fantasy with modern day life, as well as cross-genre work interests her. Most of her stories are children's fairy tales, but she does write some deeper work for her personal enjoyment.

MMORPGs -- Hailey satisfies most of her need for human socialization through MMORPGs. She’ll devote hours every night to logging on and spending time with her guildmates. Others might not understand, but these people aren’t just cartoon characters on the computer screen. They’re her friends and they genuinely care for her. Plus she plays a priest. Who doesn’t love a full-support healer?

Favourite Food: New York cheesecake with cherry sauce
Least Favourite Food: Tacos, WAY too messy

School: Celeste Community College
Grade: Freshman
Favourite Subject: Writer’s Craft
Least Favourite Subject: Advanced Functions and Calculus

Job: Hailey works as a barista at a local cafe. She works three nights a week, from 8pm to 12am. The tips are good and she gets to eat any treats that can’t be served to the customers, such as slices of cheesecake that accidently fall off the spatula wrong.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 11:43 am

F a m i l y

Father -- George Moore, 43

George is a photographer and often travels for work. He specializes in destination wedding photography and so he gets to travel the world, all on the bridal party’s tab. He’ll return from his trips with crazy stories about things that have happened at the weddings. While his stories are entertaining, they also alienate his family a little, since no one else gets to experience these things. His relationship with his wife and daughter is strained, at best.

Mother -- Saija Moore, 39

Saija works as a nurse at the Celeste Medical Centre. She works long hours of shift work so she’s rarely home when the rest of the family is. She’s grateful that her mother is around to help take care of the family by cooking meals and doing the family’s laundry. She doesn’t know where she would be without her mother’s support.

Grandmother -- Jaana Virtanen

Grandma Jaana moved in with the Moores when her husband passed away. Her English is somewhat broken and difficult to understand, but Hailey spends hours and hours with her, listening to stories from Finland. She is a kind and loving women, with the best hugs around.

Cat -- Cappuccino

Cappuccino is a brown mackerel tabby and he’s Hailey’s best friend in the world. He spends most of his time curled up in her lap, diligently listening to her hopes, fears, and worries while receiving his daily dose of ear scritchies.



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PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:03 pm

H o m e

Home: The Moore family home is a small, but comfortable four bedroom, two bathroom house in a quiet neighbourhood of Celeste. They have a small fenced yard with a park nearby.

Family Life: Hailey's father is always out of town on photo shoots and Hailey's mother works crazy hours at the hospital. Hailey spends most of her time alone in her bedroom or with her Grandma Jaana. On the rare occasion that everyone is home, there is a certain tension and uneasiness in the air.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:06 pm

R e l a t i o n s h i p s

hate | dislike | neutral | like | adore

Coraline Spencer they met during the events at the Kellar Shopping Centre. Hailey's first impression was that the girl was overreacting to the blackout, but as things escalated, Hailey came to appreciate her bravery and protectiveness.

Evelyne Hartsdale they met during the events at the Kellar Shopping Centre. Hailey didn't talk with her at all. In fact, Hailey tried to avoid her and prejudged her based on the girl's choice of clothing store.

Jason McClayre Jr. they met during the events at the Kellar Shopping Centre. Hailey didn't have a chance to interact with him much. He seemed friendly, but he was friends with that girl, so who knows.



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PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:08 pm

P h o t o A l b u m

PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:12 pm

C l o s e t



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PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:18 pm

M i s c .

PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:37 pm

C r e d i t s

Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi, Kodansha/Tokyo Pop, and Toei Animation
La Luna © Amasis and --CosmicNeo-QueenBunni--
Official Art © Amasis and --CosmicNeo-QueenBunni--
Hailey Moore © Eulie
Banners © Eulie
All other characters © Their respective owners
Information and Images courtesy of Wikipedia and Google Image Search
Unless otherwise stated.



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