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PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:29 pm

[[ "If you think I'm a just a silly little girl, then you're probably right. But at least I go out with a bang." ~ Her Ranger in an RP event on WoW ]]

Solos Thread
Plot Thread

1. Certage
2. The Girl Underneath the Costume
3. The Family
4. The Costume She Clutches To
5. Those She Knows
6. Those She Fights
7. Her Current Adventures
8. Her Past Adventures
9. Her Theme Songs
10. A Past Long Since Forgotten
11. Growth Requriements
12 - 14. Reserved for Her Future Needs
15. Credits

PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:34 pm

[[ "Give me one reason I shouldn't make it impossible for you to procreate, ever." ~ One day when she was accosted for the seventh time about an incident that wasn't her fault. ]]

Name: Alexandra Gramme
Nickname(s): Alex, Lex, Kitty
Age: 21 22
Sex: Female
Birthday: Jan 10
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Gemstone: Garnet
Origin: San Fransisco, California - Her parents moved to Celeste for her father's job
Bloodtype: O-
Height: 5'4"
Bodytype: Lethe, skinny, tone (about 110 lbs at her most)
Hair: Dark purple with black ends, hanging down to her waist now and usually pulled into a high pony tail or one at the nap of her neck.
Eyes: Round, on the small side, with vivid green irises
Fashion: You know gamer nerds? That's what she is. A complete gamer nerd. Ie, the small sizes of all the video game t-shirts on the guy side of Hot Topic, altered so she has shape. She wears jeans all year, unless its blistering hot, and is always seen with a pair of black and purple head phones either on her head or around her neck.

Personality Traits:
Sure of Herself: Alex is nothing if not completely and utterly safe in her skin. She knows her limits and what she's capable of. She's confident in what she does, and doesn't let herself get worked up (mostly) about it not being good enough. Her work will be as good as she wants it to be, based on the effort she puts into it. You can, physically, tell that she's got a confidence, because she'll mostly just brush off bad and snide, comments with a shrug. There is a limitation (and usually comes into play if someone drives a very low blow at her (directed at her mother, or brings up something from the past), or someone flat out tells her she's not up to par with anything, or if she's openly ignored), and you can see her facial expressions falter when that happens. She also tends to want to book out of there very quickly.

Gun-ho About Things: In being sure of herself and her abilities, Alex gets incredibly excited these days about projects, or challenges, or new rehearsals, etc. She gives her all in them, putting her heart and soul into just about everything she does. Usually her enthusiasm dies off after a time (usually for studying its after an hour or so) but during her bursts of energy nothing can really stop her. She throws her entire focus into a project and will not rest until its done (or her mother forces her to sleep). With people she tends to sometimes barrel over them, and get annoyed if people dawdle with projects or assignments. She wants things done, and done right away, mostly so she doesn't have to scramble at the end, and mostly just to get it done. If she's interested in outings with friends, she's usually really upbeat and the one to run ahead into the bookstore or the game store (not so much shoes, but you never know). She'd totally camp out for tickets for a concert too, or go to the midnight release of movies and video games.

Optimistic: A smile is always on her face, even if its a small one. Alex almost is optimistic to a fault, but knows when her optimism isn't warrented for a situation. She sees the good in everything, and tries to encourage others to try new things if something doesn't work. "Nothing is set in stone" is her montra, "everything changes. So it will all work out in the end, I'm sure." No one is exactly sure how this came about, after the self depressing girl she used to be, but they all agree she is better off this way.

Bullheaded: While Alex encourages everyone to try new things if something doesn't work, she will "run the horse into the ground, and keep running it," in a sense. She's highly stubborn, and doesn't like outside feedback on what she should or shouldn't do. Obviously her way will work, it just needs more time. She backs down very rarely, but will do it; especially if it means she could lose a friend over it. Rin does have a tendency to totally negate other people's reasons for things. Most of the time she'd listen to it, and just not usually do what they say. Only in rare circumstances (like jumping off a bridge or something that makes her feel uncomfortable) will she truly ignore what they say.

Hotheaded: In the absence of just taking everything and not lashing out, and become depressed because of it, Alex acts out with anger. She's not as volatile as they come, but her fuse is short. She will not hesitate to snap at you if you are annoying her, and will fight back if you pick a fight with her. She doesn't reacted towards adult until they've gone out of ear shot, but Alex doesn't keep a good lock on her emotions, and never has. Just now, instead of crying, she glares and raises her voice, kicking furniture in the process. She's never physically hit someone, but she has gotten into a number of verbal fights with others before.

Afraid of Being Left Alone: Alex does as much as she can to make sure she matters in a group, that she's important, that people like her. Her greatest fear is being completely and totally ignored, and being alone. She worries constantly about whether people talk behind her back about her, or if they like her, or are just putting on a face. She frets about it and tries to be as nice to everyone as possible, even if they don't want it. Her natural tendancy for her emotions to get the better of her hinders this, however, and she's lost people she wished she didn't because she reacted badly and yelled in anger.

She may be incredibly sure of herself, but deep down, she just wants to matter, still, and will whatever it takes to make

Physical Description: Hair - Dark purple with black ends, hanging down to her waist now and usually pulled into a high pony tail or one at the nap of her neck.sure she does.

* Dance - For sixteen years of her life, she's danced ballet. Its an intricate part of her life, and she can't sit in a room with music playing without choreography playing in her head. She loves dancing, and hates people who think its 'easy' or a girly sport. It isn't. Its taken her all thirteen years of her dancing training to get as good as she is now, and she still isn't principle dancer material. She has class four days a week, with rehearsals three of those days. Dance is a real time sink for her, but she loves it.

She originally got into dance half out of her own want, and half out of her mother wanting to learn balance; she had a habit of leaving skin on almost every surface because she'd trip over her own feet (one could argue she still does). Around the age when other girls were getting into soccer, swimming and basketball, Alex fell in love with preforming. Her sole reason to continue taking class is because at the very end, she gets to preform on a stage.

She creates dances in her spare time, though they tend to be hodgepodgey to what goes well with the music. There are times when she strikes gold with her choreography and her created piece is very good.

Alex is most practiced at classical ballet, though she enjoyes lyrical dance much more. She has training in jazz, jazz-hip hop, character, and tap styles of dance, and has dabbled in modern and contemporary dance. Contemporary confuses her most of the time (it tends to be VERY out there) and classical bores her after a while (there are only so many times you can dance the Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker before you can do it in your sleep).

* Writing - Writing is one of the best ways for her to let loose steam and let her mind calm. She writes drabbles, one shots, and novels, none of which are actually finished yet. She got into writing after reading so much and reading a LOT of fanfiction online. She tested her fingers at it, and went through a number failed, unfinished attempts before she got to a point where she actually liked her writing. What was the kicker, though, was her fifth grade teacher who let her write about Pokemon for a magazine assignment. She fell in love with the art that was writing after this moment. The fanfiction just helped it along.

She tends to write fantasy stories, usually with the underlying theme of a dragon of some sorts in it. She's just a little obsessed with the large flying lizards.

Alex can't stand non-fiction. At all. There is absolutely not plot to follow and it bores her to death, unless its a topic that she can relate to, like dance, or something that she can ramble on for pages, like anarchy.

* Video Games - If there's one thing she loves more than dance and writing, it's video games. She plays mainly RPGs, but you can get her to play Halo if she with the right people. Kingdom Hearts, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Fable; you name it, she's probably either played it, heard of it, or hasnt' gotten to play it yet.

Her current time sink is World of Warcraft. She doesn't PvP. She thinks the concept of running around scared shitless because someone can come up your backside and run you through with an axe is not the way to go. Alex mostly plays hunters, and solos a lot of her quests, or have level 80 friends follow her around and help her through dungeons and said quests.

She usually plays video games after dance and school work are finished, but there are times, especially with WoW being on her laptop, that the pull is too great, and she's playing when she should be doing math homework, and plays until 3 in the morning. Most of her console games get played on the weekends and Fridays, due to having not enough time during the rest of the week.

It does sometimes clash with her schedule, especially if she really gets into it and doesn't keep track of the time. She does, tho, make homework and work come first, and not the video games. Most of the time. She usually fits it in after she's done, so at night. She goes to bed at 2 am ish instead of midnight or earlier, unless she's exhausted.

Favourite Food: Pasta, cookies, her momma’s Cola pot roast, Greek gyros and pita bread
Least Favourite Food: Nuts, most Oriental and Asian food, spicy things

School: Second year college student at Celeste Institute of Technology
Grade: Sophmore
Favourite Subject: Game programming and math
Least Favourite Subject: History

Job: Works at a local video game store, and works at her dance studio during show seasons (December and June)



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PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:53 pm

[[ "I love my mother, but sometimes, cat, she really gets on my nerves." ~ Talking to Max one day after her mother scolded her for not helping around the house ]]

Mother: Teresa Gramme - A loving woman who Alex inherited most of her features from. Alex and her mother are very close, and share a more pleasant relationship than most other mother/daughter pairings.

Father: James Gramme - A workaholic man who has never really been around. He leaves before Alex is awake, and comes home around the time she's supposed to be in bed. Even when he is home, he's either bitching and moaning about work, or working, or sleeping.

Cat: Max "Lazy a**" Gramme - The family cat. The Grammes got him when Alex was thirteen as her pet. He has since changed owners to Teresa. He's one of the laziest cats, the loudest, and the scaridest known to man. He used to be terrified of Alex, but he is slowly warming up to her.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:58 pm

[[ "By the grace of Terpsichore and all she rules, I'll dance you into oblivion!" ~ What she would challenge her opponents with.. if she didn't feel like a raving idiot doing it. ]]

Senshi Name: Sailor Terpsichore, Senshi of Dance
Name: Alexandra Gramme
Power Source: Dance, most specifically the steps and movement
Alignment: Good... for now ><

Base Color: Indigo Purple
Accent Color One: Black
Accent Color Two: White

Sailor Collar: Black and short, with one white stripe along the edge
Bodice: Purple, full, with accents under her bust and ribbing down the front.
Bows: Butt bow, on the small thin side, white
Sleeves: Long, see-through sleaves, that flare at the wrist(Can grow in length as she evolves); Black
Gloves: None!
Bottoms: Short see-through skirt, with booty shorts under. Both are black
Shoes: Simple black ballet flats, with a small heal
Tiara: A small band, more on the top of her head, than on her forehead. Purple
Accessories: None
Brooch: None
Choker: Fabric choker in Purple, with a ballet shoe on it.

Weapon: Does not use one.

Normal Senshi Transformation Call: Terpsichore Power, Make Up!
Super Senshi Transformation Call: Terpsichore Asteroid Power, Make Up!
Eternal Senshi Transformation Call: Terpsichore Crystal Power, Make Up!

Normal Senshi Attack:
Name - Terpsichore's Graceful Steps!
What it does - [Grants the movement and grace of a dancer to herself or one target.]
The recipient of the ability is able to dodge attacks better and more cleanly is able to attack (their attacks has more accuracy). Can be used more than one, up to three times. Lasts for 20 secs.

Super Senshi Attack:
Name - Terpsichore's Graceful Attack!
What it does - [Boosts the attack power of the recipients attacks.]
Powered up version of attack 1. When used on an ally, the power up lasts for 40 secs. When used on Terpsichore specifically, the boost is twice as much, but for half the time (x2 the power, at 20 secs). The ability can be used up to twice on either herself or an ally.

Eternal Senshi Attack:
Name - Terpsichore's Graceful Dance!
What it does - [Attack using her legs in kicks with up to three hits.]
She attacks in a manor of choreographed steps, that result in kicking the enemy up to three (3) times. That attack itself can be used up to three (3) times in succession. Lasts for (a total) 1:30 min or nine (9) hits, which ever comes first. A last ditch "fourth" set can be attempted, at the cost of almost all her energy.

Her Earpiece: [x]
Her Phone: [x]



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PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:03 am

[[ "I know a lot of people. Only a few of them are actually my friends." ~ When asked about friends ]]

Cyngus : The senshi Terps awoke with.
Encke : Glow stick boy.
Solar Phoenix : She seems incredibly uptight.


Misty : The girl who she met in the mall. Alex likes her.
Faron : He dances. I'm like... its amazing. Though he seems close to someone already... My luck I suppose.
Ignacio : Haven't been around him long enough to really know... besides that he has freckles.
Satomi : A little stuck up, but seems to mean well.

Adele : The wolf who awoke me. He's like... a talking wolf.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:05 am

[[ "No. She's a b***h. And if she wants to treat me like dirt, she is going to get it thrown right back at her." ~ About a girl she really loathes]]


Dude with the Sword (Obisdian) : He's an a**. A complete and total a** hat.





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PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:12 am

[[ "My days are full of stuff. What? Oh you know.... a little bad guy bashing, a lot of running, a dash of flailing about. The usual." ~ When asked about her daily routine ]]



PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:13 am

[[ "Oh yeah! I remember that..." ~ Talking to her friends about one day a few years ago ]]

A list of every RP and event that has happened to Terpsichore/Alex Gramme, chronologically placed (or so) in an way to see what's happened to her. May or may not mimic what is in the journal itself.

* Denotes not finished RPs


.o1 [SOLO] A Moment\'s Steps
.o2 [ORP] Fight for Our Right to Party
.o3 [PRP] Do you want a controller with that?
.o4 [PRP] Cafes are for Writing, not Coffee*
.o5 [PRP] Herr Drosselmeyer\'s Doll

Mall Battle Meta, pre-awakening
.o6 [ORP] Gotta Find Momma!
.o7 [ORP-ATTACK] Into the Depths of Obscurity

.o8 [PRP] Power of Light
.o9 [SOLO] Sanctuary in a Glamour

Mall Battle Meta, post-awakening
1o. [ORP] Not Your Average Food Fight

After Mall Battle Meta
11. [SOLO] A Night\'s Adventure (Also Known As, the Day Terpsichore Kicked A Youma in the Gut, and Decided Rooftops Are Not her Forte)
12. [BATTLE] Pound Your Feet to this Phenomenon *
13. [REG] Got to Have that Game

Independence Day Meta
14. [ORP] What else would I sell?
15. [ORP] Dancing In the Sky
16. [SOLO] Not All Monsters Are Youma

The Start of the Downfall of Terpsichore
17. [PRP] Food Court Anyone?*
18. [PRP] The Cake is -Not- A Lie*
19. [BATTLE] Stepping on Feathers
2o. [BATTLE] Failure 101
21. [SOLO] Dancing to the Music
22. [ORP] To Teach The Lambs [Powered Meeting]
23. [PRP] Dancers and Deliveries
24. [PRP] Video Game Nerds and Bonnets
25. [PRP] Kickboxing 101*
26. [SOLO] Resolve
27. [BATTLE][!]Let\'s Get Physical, Dancers and Tentacles!*
28. [PRP] Breath of Beauty*

Polaris, Death, and Halloween
29. [ORP] The Northward Wind Blows
30. [ORP] Retreat, Regroup, Reconvene...
31. [SOLO] Hospital Stay
32. [PRP]Beep.... Beep.... Beep....
33. [META-ORP] The Grand Finale
34. [META-RP] Titania\'s Path - Hell Hath No Fury

New Year:
35. [SOLO] New Year, New Beginnings
36. [SOLO] Home
37. [Battle] Random Hamlet Quote Here *
38. [META-ORP] In Line for The Big Ride
39. [Reg] Tension, Thy Name is Sexual
40. [Reg] A Quiet Patrol *
41. [Reg] Are You Afraid of the Dark?
42. [Reg] Catching Up On the Gossip
43. [MEETING] And Time Passed By...
44. [META-ORP] What We\'ve Been Waiting For!

Super Sailor Terpsichore
45. [UPGRADE-SOLO] Dance of Power
46. [SOLO] Bitterness
47. Always Supportive
48. Baby, Don\'t Hurt Me

The Taken:
49. [ORP] Extra, Extra, Read All About It!
50. [META][College] An Education of Sorts
51. [SOLO] Hospital Stay Two: Casts
52. So You Want a House?*
53. [META][ORP-BAT] And Sold to the Women in White!

Possession; Rebirth:
54. [SOLO] Rebirth



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PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:14 am

[[ "Music is my blood, my soul. Without it, the steps don't make sense and are just a bunch of movements. With it, they mean something, they hold power." ~ About why she's always seen listening to music and dancing ]]

Inside the Fire by Disturbed ~ Great PvPing music
Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) by TheLostProphets ~ One of her feel good songs
Hello by Evanescene
Unwanted by Avril Lavigne
Stand in the Rain - Superchick

PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:17 am

[[ "My... past? ~ When asked about her senshi's past life ]]



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PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:20 am

Requirements for Super Senshi

★ 7 solo entries- min. 500 words each
★ 8 regular rps - min. 750 words each
★ 4 battle rps - min. 750 words each
★ 1 Open RP - min. 500 words
★ Awakening RP with a Guardian - min. 500 words
★ One training RP with Lan or another senior senshi - min. 500 words
★ Minimum one (1) month since last power-up

Completed Requirements
Solos : [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ]
Regular : [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ]
Battles : [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ]
Open : [ x ]
Awakening : [ x ]
Training : [ x ]

Requirements for Eternal

★ 10 solo entries- min. 500 words each [4/10]
1. [UPGRADE-SOLO] Dance of Power
2. [SOLO] Bitterness
3. [SOLO] Hospital Stay Two: Casts
4. [SOLO] Rebirth

★ 12 regular rps - min. 750 words each [0/12]
1. Always Supportive - Alex and Mitry
2. Baby, Don\'t Hurt Me - Teprsi/Genam
3. So You Want a House? - Alex and Isiah

★ 5 battle rps - min. 500 words each [2/5]
1. [FIN][META][College] An Education of Sorts - Peeps
2. [FIN][META][ORP-BAT] And Sold to the Woman in White! - Everyone, again

★ 2 Open rps - min. 500 words each [1/2]
1. [FIN][ORP] Extra, Extra, Read All About It! - Everyone

★ Minimum one (1) month since last power-up

Requirements for Royal

★ 10 solo entries- min. 500 words each
★ 15 regular rps - min. 750 words each
★ 6 battle rps - min. 500 words each
★ 3 Open rps - min. 500 words each
★ Remembrance RP or solo - min. 1000 words
★ Minimum one (1) month since last power-up

PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:26 am



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PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:27 am

PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:28 am



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PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:33 am

[[ "...don't forget the bibliography, Alex..." ~ Muttering to herself during a report. ]]

Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi
La Luna © Amasis and --CosmicNeo-QueenBunni--
Art © Amasis and --CosmicNeo-QueenBunni--
Banners © the_scowling_cat
Alexandra Gramme © the_scowling_cat
Sailor Terpsichore © the_scowling_cat
Brushes and fonts © their respective owners

Book of Days - Journals

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