This Soquili is looking for some sort of plot.

Soquili's Name: Clover Pitter Patter
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Image of Soquili:
Describe your soq's personality/interests:
Clover is as sweet as they come. She doesn't have an evil bone in her body and anger is a foreign feeling for her.
She is one who looks at life in brilliant colors and let's the dismal moments fall away from her.
She can usually be found among long grasses causing flowers to bloom, or chasing her small cat friend around in childish energy.
She is a very curious creature, loves to see new creatures or daydream while staring aimlessly at the skies.

What is your soq looking for in a partner?
Someone who can be by her side - maybe a protective creature, or perhaps someone looking for a "pet".
Any specific limitations/requirements?: N/A. Mini or full-size.
Fling or Lifemate?: Preference to LM, but flings are possible.
Looking for a plot? What kinds? (Rped or Background?) I love to RP, but I am very flaky. I love to plot though!
How do you want others to contact you?: PM or Discord
How long should this entry be left up/stay valid for?: 3 months.