This Soquili is looking for some sort of plot.

Soquili's Name: Iolite Chrysocolla
Image of Soquili:

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Iolite is a very warm and open girl. She cares deeply about her sister and mother, and would do absolutely anything for them. However, she is much more calm and reserved than her sister, and is actually quite an introvert. She is very happy to just spend time by herself, enjoying the world without any company.

While she is a part of the pirate colony, she has never found herself particularly wanting of a massive treasure horde. That said, she does greatly enjoy making small trinkets, and has gotten rather good at crafting bits of jewellery. She also loves music, though she isn't too open about this fact. Unlike her sister, who loves to lure others to herself using her voice, Iolite prefers to hum quietly under her breath, just to enjoy the sound of the tune. Those close to her might notice her love for it after a time, but usually if anyone comments on it or catches her humming, she will get quite self-conscious and will stop.
What is your soq looking for in a partner? I really want Iolite to find a lifemate to settle down with. Most of my aquatics are very free with breedings, but Iolite is very special to me. I really want to see her find that one special stallion - someone who will support and love her for who she really is. Someone who can get her to sing in front of them, is willing to help her out with her crafting, and who just enjoys being around all the time. She is of course very flexible, and would give herself one hundred percent to her partner. Whatever he is interested in, she would try to build into her own life too. They would have to be willing to join the pirate colony with her (or be an existing member) - as there is no way she could possibly leave them. They would also have to accept that she has a very close relationship with her sister/mother, and that they mean the absolute world to her.
Any specific limitations/requirements?: Nope~
Fling or Lifemate?: Lifemate please!
Looking for a plot? What kinds? (Rped or Background?) Background and RP! She's super special to me <3
Breeding slots left: 4/4 [5/5 with max stats]
How do you want others to contact you?: PM or AIM (phail_ninja)
How long should this entry be left up/stay valid for?: 3 months