This Soquili could go with or without plots.

Soquili's Name: Sylmeria
Image of Soquili:
If your Soquili has grown to adulthood/been tagged within the last 2 months, please link to the appropriate Soq Arrivals post: NA
Describe your soq's personality/interests: Sylmeria has a very catlike personality in that she loves to be clean and primped at all times. She isnt a huge fan of water as recreation, only for quenching thirst and getting completely clean. Because of this nixies probably wont be a great match for her. Also she loves to be fawned over and adored.
What is your soq looking for in a partner? Someone that will adore her and admire her. (I'm looking for a stallion that will match/go well with her colors and spotted pattern.)
Any specific limitations/requirements?: Evilness is tolerated as long as he adores her plenty and doesn't treat her badly.
Fling or Lifemate?: Mainly looking for a fling at the moment but if I can find someone to make a good match for her I'd be open to lifemates
Looking for a plot? What kinds? (Rped or Background?) At the moment without plot would work best but if the plots are good I doubt I'll say no.
Breeding slots left: 4/4
How do you want others to contact you?: PM works best. if I don't respond within a day or so feel free to message me on skype at keiyi_alzheirs
How long should this entry be left up/stay valid for?:3 months