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PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:40 am
PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:42 am

Post I Lalia's Human Cert

Post II Table of Contents

Post III About Lalia

Post IV Lalia's Family Life

Post V About Sailor Wirtanen

Post VI Lalia's Past Life

Post VII The Comet Senshi

Post VIII Lalia's Opinions

Post IX Lalia's Requirements

Post X Lalia's Roleplays

Post XI Lalia's Gift Art

Post XII Lalia's Q&A

Post XIII Lalia's Belongings

Post XIV Lalia's Soundtrack

Post XV Disclaimers



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PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:43 am

Name Lalia Galluzzo (Italian)
Nickname(s) Lali, Lia
Age 16
Sex Female
Birthday March 29th, 2005
Zodiac Sign Aries
Gemstone Diamond
Origin Parents are from Italy, but Lalia was born in America.
Blood type A+
Height 4' 11"
Bodytype Lali is pretty short for her age, and her body type takes most of the weight she may have in her thighs. However, because of how active she is, she is very skinny and lanky, and often appears younger than her already young age. Her skin is naturally tanner than most, thanks to the Italian heritage of her family.
Hair Lali's hair was originally black, but through her lenient parents, she was able to persuade them to let her color the tips. So, her hair has been cut short in the back, with long strands that fall in her hair and past her ears. It is very messy as she often will not brush it and will always be on the run (Think Haruka's hair, only longer). The tips are dyed a mixture of blue and purple, and often change whenever she gets her hair cut. She often tends to have accessories in her hair, including beads and clips of many different colors.
Eyes Lali's eyes are a bright, clear ice blue, and her eyes are wide and round with thick lashes making the color stand out even more.
Fashion Because of her boyish mannerisms, Lali tends to favor outfits that involve some sort of baggy, ripped jeans. Often she will keep on jeans, her old converses, and some sort of goofy graphic tee that involves a television show or movie. If she is in a sporty mood, she also might have on some sort of sport jersey/shirt. It's obvious she doesn't put too much effort in how she looks, and favors being comfortable over impressing others with her appearance.

Some of her favorite pieces of clothing:
[ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ]
[ x ] [ x ]
[ x ] [ x ] [ x ]
[ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ]
[ x ] [ x ]

Personality Traits
  • Bravery
    Lalia really sees no need to live in fear. She lives on her motto of taking on any challenge, no matter how crazy it may seem. Unafraid of spiders, the dark, or getting lost in the woods, Lali doesn't understand why others seem so overwhelmed by their fear. She will always be the first one to go into any situation, and the one to rush off and see danger first hand if she can. But, she also has a hard time realizing that she might need to give up or to have some sort of fear until it is too late, and she has already gotten into a load of trouble. It is a dual edged sword, and one that she still has yet to learn how to use. As she grows older, she will soon learn that sometimes a little fear is needed to face even the hardest of obstacles.
    Some things that creep her out, however, are walking through spider webs, and people coming home to her house when it's late at night. But of course, she will never admit that!

  • Optimistic
    Lali is a very optimistic little girl, believing that with enough dedication, she can accomplish anything. Nothing is too difficult to overcome, and with that attitude mixed with her courageous nature, she sometimes can be a bit too optimistic. Her loud mouth support of those around her, and constant pep-talks she tends to give thanks to her athletic nature, can sometimes bother those who really are pessimists. But in the end, Lalia will always see the glass as half-full, and the world open before her as long as she keeps her head held high. Even on the darkest of days, she finds some small glimmer to bring her mood back up, if a bit awkwardly. However, she is quick to read if she becomes a bit too overbearing, and any verbal or non-verbal cues she gets she will react accordingly. This is because, often in the past, many of her friends grew greatly irritated with all of her cheer.
    Also, she often has a hard time inspiring herself when she loses or is faced with an overwhelming situation, because she refuses to see a no-win scenario, and can't deal with one that is looking her in the face.

  • Charismatic
    Lali loves to make friends and talk with new people, often while she is doing something active with her team. She is a team player, and one who isn't afraid to put herself out there in effort to get some sort of attention (often through humorous means). While she prides herself on making friends and being able to interact with many people, often she will become distraught when someone dislikes her and openly shows it. She doesn't like having enemies, and will try and make things right if she can. If she can't, odds are she will avoid them at all cost just to prevent herself from becoming uncomfortable. If she can't avoid them, she will try and continue to be optimistic and ignore their actions, if not try and sooth them over by pretending everything is okay while with the said 'enemy'.

  • Selfish
    Lali is a very selfish girl, but not in the way of not sharing her things. Instead, she is very selfish in always thinking in terms of how something will help her. In her mind, success is how something assists in her own goals, be it bettering her own skills or finishing a project that helps her grade. If she sees something that will not help her, she often will skip over it. This can also hurt her, because she may not always see something that will better her as a person, being blinded by success versus failure. If she ever hurt someone because of her selfish nature, she often will feel a bit bad, and times like these are when she realizes that something went wrong. If there is no repercussion that is serious enough, however, she often will just not worry at all.

  • Impatient
    With how active Lali is, she often finds herself getting very impatient with sitting around and waiting for something to happen. She would much rather go out there and meet something head on, with how much energy she is looking to expense with each action that she has. Because of this, she can be a bit overwhelming and irritating to those around her who want to take their time. Often she will pester and pester to get others to match her pace in life, and because of that many who can't handle that back away instead. If she is left waiting for something she has no control over, she becomes quite frustrated, be it slamming on a keyboard to get a page to load, or becoming jittery because her excitement for something is so overwhelming. If she can't wait long enough, sometimes she might even just walk away herself and forget about the whole thing (even if it means giving up on plans because her friends are running late).
    Currently, she is still a bit too young to realize that patience is a virtue, and as she grows older and sees the issues that come with this, she will end up finding ways to stick things through, but currently her young mind is a bit too active to work things out unless she finds she has hurt someone, then she will try her hardest to apologize and make things right after the fact.

  • Arrogant/Competitive
    With all of her experience with sports and her abundance of confidence, Lalia has evolved into an arrogant little snot. However, this doesn't always happen in her day-to-day activities, it is mostly seen when she is competing with others. She is very confident in her skills and will brag about them to any who will hear, and will always push herself up to a high standards. If anyone asks, she can do anything in her mind, and often will prove it, even if she hasn't tried it yet. Because of this, she often will get hurt trying new, very difficult things, and make excuses once it doesn't work and she is wrapped in splints. In turn, she will also push herself over and over again to overcome the difficulty and better herself, if only to prove to everyone that she isn't weak. When she is able to do it, it simply builds up her arrogance even more, until she is beaming with pride for the rest of the week.
    If she ever loses, she tends to get very snappy for a short period, often trying to find something else to compete with. However, she is able to brush it off somewhat quickly because she knows she has many skills she can improve/beat others with.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

  • Let's Get Physical, Physical!
    Lali loves to be athletic, and is always finding something physical to do. Granted, she hasn't played every sport, but she does love to break a sweat. Often, she can be seen playing soccer, doing running and track, basketball, and volleyball. If she can, she loves to play against boys, because it really brings out her competitive streak. And, if anyone at all challenges her to any sport, she will never turn it down, even if she does not have as much experience with the game. Her favorite sports are soccer, track, and the classic kick-ball, since she is quite fast and loves to sprint. Though she enjoys team sports, because of her nature she likes to be the star. However, she always can be seen pumping up the team with her confidence boosters.
  • Did Somebody Say Adventure?
    Another pastime of Lali's, if she isn't playing with the boys, is going on some sort of adventure. She loves to explore things, especially forests and nature, so she tends to wander wherever. This has become a recent issue with a lot of the attacks in the city, because often she will want to get as close as possible to any sort of action to experience it first hand. Often times, however, most of her adventures involve hiking and exploring new areas such as caves and 'haunted' buildings. As of yet, she hasn't fallen to any trouble on her adventures, but now that she is older, she will probably try too many extreme things and end up getting hurt in the process thanks to her arrogant nature.
    Often, if she can, she will drag a close friend or two who shares her interest to join in on the adventure, but not having someone who wants to go wont stop her from answering the call to exploration.
  • Fantasy Or Not, Here I Come!
    Lali loves to read fantasy books, and she has a bookcase in her room filled to the brim with the novels she has read and is meaning to read in the future. Because of how active she is, she tends to only be able to read at night before bed or during long trips to sporting events, but that doesn't stop her from finding time to finish one more chapter. Often, if she really loves a series, she will lock herself in her room to read it all in one sitting right when it is released, before promptly going outside to tell all her friends.

Favorite Food Cherry-filled pasteries with powdered sugar on top
Least Favorite Food Cucumbers
Family See next post...

School Celeste Middle School
Grade Eighth Grade
Favorite Subject General Physical Education and Sports Elective
Least Favorite Subject History

PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:44 am

Family Lalia lives with her father (Donato Galluzzo, 43 years old), her mother (Natale Galluzzo, 40 years old), and her younger brother (Angelo Galluzzo, 8 years old). Her parents are immigrants from Italy, whereas she and her brother were both born in America. Lalia also is in constant contact with her grandparents, and visits them in Italy once a year.

Donato Galluzzo Donato Galluzzo is a burly man, born and raised in Italy. At one point, Lalia suspects that her father was a very handsome man, but now he has put on some weight and gotten a few gray hairs. Outside of that, Lalia gets a lot of her masculine traits from her father, such as her impaitenence and rebelliousness. One thing is for sure, all of the Galluzzo children know to never disrespect him, because he has a strong sense of honor and high expectations for his family and will vocalize whenever he dislikes their decisions.
Natale Galluzzo Natale is somewhat the opposite of her husband, being gentle and soft spoken. She still holds a lot of her beauty in her dark hair and soft eyes, though wrinkles line her cheeks from smiles and age. She is the soothing touch of the family, and tends to always take care of her children when they need a shoulder to cry on. Often, however, she will support her husband in raising their children, and her silence seems to have much more impact than his bellowing voice.
Angelo Galluzzo The baby of the family, Angelo is a trouble maker that loves to pester his sister. Often they will partake in a battle of wits, where the brother knows he will win. Whereas Lalia got the brawns, her brother got the brains and is already excelling in his schooling. However, he will always support his family, and Lalia will awlays protect her baby brother if anything were to happen.



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PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:46 am

Senshi Name Sailor Wirtanen
Power Source Agility
I chose Agility because Wirtanen is one of the smaller comets, with a very short orbital period. This somewhat inspired me to create a small, very quick senshi that can move quite quickly on the battle field.
Alignment Good

Base Color Gray
Accent Color One Light Blue
Accent Color Two Gold (Not in her first stage)

Sailor Collar Wirtanen has the normal, standard sailor collar of senshi, including the length and white stripes. The color is gray in color.
Bodice Because Wirtanen isn't really...developed...her bodice is somewhat loose on her body. It is a one piece bodice that connects to shorts (will be explained below), and is tight around her upper torso and chest. Unlike the image provided, the entire bodice is white, and the top goes up in a tank-top over her shoulders. With the sailor collar, it connects to it so no skin shows between the collar and her bodice. There are two sailor belts on her bodice, one right below her chest and one dividing her shorts from her body. They are white and thick, but instead of a buckle, her brooch is in the middle, along with a bow on the top belt (as will be explained in the bow section below).
Bows The only bow that Wirtanen has is on the belt that goes right below her breasts. It is a pretty small bow, much like the buckle that appears in the reference above, and her brooch is in the middle of it. The bow itself is light blue in color.
Sleeves Wirtanen does not have any sleeves on her uniform.
Gloves Wirtanen has fingerless gloves, ones that tighten across the front. They are the light gray of her uniform, with light blue stitching.
Bottoms Wirtanen does not have a skirt, she is very much against anything of the sort. Instead, she has a pair of shorts that are the same gray as her collar and shoes.
Shoes Wirtanen wares tennis-like-shoes, basically with a flat bottom and support for physical movement. They go past her ankles and appear to be buttoned up the outside. They are the same gray as her collar, if not a little darker, with black buttons.
Tiara Wirtanen has a special type of tiara. It still wraps around her forehead, but the front tip actually goes down to the bridge of her nose, the crystal in the tiara a bit longer. The reason for this is, when Wirtanen presses the crystal, the tiara expands to a pair of goggle-like glasses, which protect her eyes when she uses her Agility powers. The tiara is a silver color, with a light blue crystal in the middle.
Accessories Wirtanen does have earrings, which she tends to become irritated with whenever she pushes her hair behind her ears. They are comet earrings, and the stones are actually the same blue stones that she has throughout her uniform. Otherwise, she has no jewelry on her uniform.
Brooch Wirtanen's brooch is circular, with a golden outline and a gray main color. The symbol, being a light blue, is also outlined in gold to let it stand out against the gray main color. The symbol is a simple swirl, representing speed and agility and hinting at the dominating element of wind.
Choker Wirtanen's chocker is made of simple cloth, and is the same blue as her bows. In the middle of the choker is a gold swirl much like her senshi symbol in her brooch. On the back of her neck, the choker actually ties and the thin strands that are left over from the knot fall to the nape of her neck.

Weapon Wirtanen has a baton like weapon that she can summon out of her sub-space pocket when needed. During her attacks, she spins it around with speed and precision, and when she is fighting she uses it to propel herself in the air or to attack her enemy. It is a simple two-foot baton, but can be expanded if needed to a less sturdy, though longer, form. Reference but with only one handle.

Normal Senshi Transformation Call Wirtanen Power, Make-Up!
Super Senshi Transformation Call Wirtanen Comet Power, Make-Up!
Eternal Senshi Transformation Call Wirtanen Eternal Comet Power, Make-Up!

Normal Senshi Attack Comet Celerity! -- (Passive/Supportive)
Wirtanen, usually at the beginning of the battle, will hold back and begin to spin her baton. As she calls out her attack, the baton spins at such a speed until it is a blur, and she stops it above her head. The blur that it exhibited drifts down like a dust over her body, powering her up and giving her an agility boost for three turns. Through the enhancement of her own speed for the time being, and uses it to dodge attacks, move around her enemy, and overall gain a placement advantage to avoid getting hit.

Once the attack wears off, she needs to wait three turns between each attack before she can use it again. She can use it a total of

Super Senshi Attack Orbital Alacrity! -- (Passive/Supportive)
Wirtanen, with this ability unlocked, uses her baton to spin in a circle quickly a few times until it glows ice blue. Once she stops, the glowing ring still stays and begins to take her own agility. Once she develops enough, she can split the ring between herself an another ally. This signifies a connection between the two, and thereby drains her own agility to aid her ally.

This attack only lasts three turns, and during the time Wirtanen is very susceptible to attacks since her agility is being drained to aid her ally. After this is done, she must wait three turns to use the ability again, and can only use it a total of three times.

Eternal Senshi Attack Coma of Deprivation! -- (Aggressive/Supportive)
Wirtanen steps back from the battle and concentrates for a turn to build up her ability. Once she has the charge, she sprints to the center of the battle field and jumps high to the air. Once she reaches the arch of her jump, she throws her baton into the ground. Where it lands, a fifteen foot diameter zone is erected on the battle field.

This shield drains all the enemies agility while at the same time transferring the drained agility to her allies. However, is anyone leaves the shield, the effects become null. This attack only lasts three turns, but can be used twice per battle. Wirtanen, however, must wait four turns for a cool down before she can summon it again..

PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:47 am

In the Silver Millenium, there was peace.

The Comets zipped through the Moon Court. Though they mostly minded their own business, they happily kept up trade routes and communication in hope to foster alliances with their closest contacts.

Alliances in the Comets themselves were loose at best. Nothing had ever bothered them. Why would tight alliances matter? How could they matter?

Those of the Comets would have never once thought that such destruction would be brewing so close their home.

As the Comet Encke moved away from the Moon Court after its perihelion, the spike of dark energy it felt at its tail utterly terrified the rulers. Nothing like it had ever been felt before. Whatever it had been, the energy had come from nowhere and swept through the system like a Black Plague, leaving almost nothing in its wake.

Those of Encke knew better: This wouldn't end there.

In an attempt to save themselves from the forthcoming destruction, the ruling family of Comet Encke quickly set to solidifying their alligences with the other comets, telling of the disaster that was to come that they felt on their very tail. Some disregarded it... those that were further away, and those that simply refused to believe that the peace of the Silver Millenium was coming to an end. But others united under the message of Encke, to make a stand before the final fall.

And when the disaster came, they made a valiant stand before being wiped across the cosmos, the small, but strong kingdoms of the comets lost to space forever.

...But the Cauldron has always believed in second chances.



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PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:48 am





PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:54 am

[] Akihiko Urashi []
Pending RP Completion
[] Alphonse Legare []
Lalia does not know much about Alphonse just yet, she only briefly met him in his civilian form during her awakening as a senshi. That being said, she expects she will be interacting with him much more in the future, and will probably make her opinion on him in time. But until that time, he is still very much a stranger to her.
[] Audrey Anderson []
Audrey is the kick-a** girl who Lalia met while searching through the mall for a way out. Audrey appeared to be a headstrong girl with a spunky attitude and quite the courageous person. With how rational she was as the group searched through the buildings, Lalia quickly found a respect for the girl as an adult. Audrey appeared to treat Lalia as an equal instead of a child, and therefore is someone Lalia can see really getting along with in the future.
[] Danica Pendragon []
Pending RP Completion
[] Demitre Kenwall []
Lalia got a chance to meet this older boy while she was hanging out at Celeste High School. Demitre seems really nice and was easy to get along with, mostly thanks to the fact that they both really enjoyed sports. It is clear he favors use of the bow, and he even took the chance to show Lalia had to do it. She really thinks he is a great guy and wouldn't mind practicing with him again and asking for more advice.
[] Euphemia Argyros []
Lalia does not know much about Euphemia just yet, she only briefly met her in her civilian form during her awakening as a senshi. That being said, she expects she will be interacting with her much more in the future, and will probably make her opinion on her in time. But until that time, she is still very much a stranger to her.
[] Ignacio Araya []
The civilian form of Sailor Encke, Ignacio is somewhat of a one-upper. Their relationship often contains childish fights and bits of competition, and Lalia wonders if he actually is always this crazy and scatterbrained. It seems that the more she gets to know Ignacio, the more confusing he becomes.
[] Lucas Haynes []
Lalia only ran into this guy in the bookstore, but already he seems like an annoying adult. He had very little respect for her and she left the shop feeling a bit angry and annoyed. She usually is someone who gets along with people, but there was something about Lucas that seemed a bit off.
[] Quinn Moretti []
Pending RP Completion
[] Samantha Murphy []
Lalia feels like Samantha is a really nice person, though a bit on the uptight side. The few interactions she has had with the older woman have included dangerous situations that Sam seem a bit uncertain about. However, the girl seems really smart and dependable, and Lalia feels like she could quickly befriend the adult.

[] Helios []
Wirtanen has had a few chances to see this Bastion in both of his forms, but only once has she been able to actually speak with him. He seems nice enough, though has a tendency to talk a lot about knights, which Wirtanen has little care for. She does think it is kinda cool that he can transform into a mythological creature, though.
[] Rae []
Lalia only met Rae for a few minutes as the fox both talked and gave Lalia her powers as a Sailor Senshi. The fox was very straight forward, and seemed to know a lot about what was going on. However, Lalia found out quite quickly that the fox could disappear just as soon as she came, and is slightly irritated at being abandoned when her and the others were simply thrust into battle.
[] Tobin []
Wirtanen once saved this guardian and his master. She didn't get a chance to talk to him, but she was there to witness him talk to his master for the first time. Even now she still can remember how surprised the girl was, and it reminds her of how surprised she was to discover her first guardian. In general, he seems like a very helpful and worldly guardian, and did assist quite a bit in helping her defeat the youma.

Sailor Senshi
[] Sailor Arend []
Arend is a dependable senshi that Lalia has come to trust. She is one of the few that Wirtanen would call on in a battle for support, and hopes that Arend can trust her in turn. It helps that Arend is part of the rag-tag team that Encke has somehow strung together.
[] Sailor Aquila []
Wirtanen stumbled into a fight scene with Sailor Aquila, and quickly found herself assisting the older senshi. Though Wirtanen often used her powers for support, thanks to Aquila's encouragement, the young senshi actually found herself making a large impact on the fight. Wirtanen really likes the senshi of eagles, and has exchanged numbers in hopes to fight with her in the future.
[] Sailor Comas Solá []
Comas Solá is a bit of a nervous ninny in the eyes of Wirtanen, especially as soon as they both became senshi. However, Wirtanen was rescued by the girl, and actually saw the nervous woman take a stance against a giant monster and become courageous. Wirtanen will never forget those who became senshi with her, especially not Comas Solá. In her mind, Comas Solá still is one of the few senshi that she will put her trust in.
[] Sailor Encke []
Encke is Wirtanen's leader, and though they started off quite childish in their relationship, again and again Wirtanen has found herself seeking the elder senshi for support and advice. Encke may seem a bit eccentric, but Wirtanen often sees the serious side of her leader, and no longer hesitates in trusting her instinct to stay by his side. However, that doesn't mean that she won't act as childish and immature as possible around him, especially if he does the same to her. She still is waiting to test her skills against his own in some sort of race...
[] Sailor Faye []
Wirtanen only just got a chance to meet this girl during the last meeting, but she seems like a pretty awesome Senshi. Clearly the girl belongs on the comet group that Encke is running, as Faye seemed quite familiar with their leader. That being said, Wirtanen hopes to get to know this senshi in the future.
[] Sailor Halley []
Wirtanen can see that this senshi is beautiful, though possibly a bit artificial. Of course, anyone who puts looks above an active lifestyle, no matter by how much, is seen as a bit artificial to the young agility senshi. Either way, Wirtanen does like Halley and wouldn't hesitate to call for her help or run to her assistance.
[] Sailor Tempel []
Wirtanen really trusts this senshi already, probably because they are part of the comet team. Tempel seems extremely smart, and somehow looks past Wirtanen's age and trusts her as much as she trusts him. Wirtanen would call on him for support if needed.

Dark Sailor Senshi/Guardians
[] Sailor Polaris []
Bad. News. Wirtanen hopes to never cross paths with this senshi unless someone (or quite a few people) is nearby. She still shudders every time she thinks of what Polaris did to Phoenix...



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PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:55 am

xxxxxx[ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] 8/10 solo entries- min. 500 words each
xxxxxx[ x ] [ x ] [ x ] 12 regular rps - min. 750 words each
xxxxxx[ x ] [ x ] 5 battle rps - min. 750 words each
xxxxxx[ x ] [ x ] 2 Open RP - min. 500 words
xxxxxx[ x ] Upgrade RP - min. 500 words
xxxxxx[ ] Minimum one (1) month since art acquisition

PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:56 am

Solo Roleplays
[ Log Here ]

Regular Roleplays
[] Welcome to the Life as a Senshi []
[] Between the Stacks []
[] Two Comets Collide! []
[] Start Your Engines! []
[] Dancing In The Sky []
[] The Northward Wind Blows []
[] Retreat, Regroup, Reconvene... []
[] To Hear Those Bells Chime []

[★★] Big Plans For A Big City [★★]
[★★] What Weve Been Waiting For [★★]

Battle Roleplays
[] All Down Hill From Here...or is it? []
[] Good Idea, Bad Idea... []
[] Who Wouldve Thought... []
[] The Northward Wind Blows []

[★★] The Big And The Bad [★★]
[★★] To The Core Of The Problem [★★]

Open Roleplays
[] We Come In Peace? []

[★★] And Time Passed By [★★]
[★★] Being a Hero, 101 [★★]

Special Roleplays
[] All Down Hill From Here...or is it? [] - Awakening RP
[] Not Your Average Food Fight [] - Training RP

[★★] Newly Discovered Powers [★★] - Upgrade PRP

Non-Requirement Roleplays

[You Have Got To Be Kidding Me []



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PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:58 am

PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:59 am

[] Why Wirtanen? []

To be completely honest with this one, I chose Wirtanen for a few reason. The first is because the name sounded super cool, and stood out to me as I was looking through the suggested list by Sei. The second reason was because of the short orbital period, and it inspired me for her ability (explained more below) as well as the fact that I wanted to get a young girl. With a small comet that is quick, it really fit with the character that I had in mind when I saw this event. So, it simply just seemed to fit smilies/icon_smile.gif

[] Why Agility? []

As I stated above, Wirtanen has a very short orbital period, and when I saw short I thought of fast. Agility was what first rang in my mind, and I really wanted a fast senshi to represent the fast nature of Wirtanen. When I found out Agility isn't simply speed, but a mix of balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, strength, endurance and stamina, it just seemed like an even cooler ability for me to attempt to roleplay!



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PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:01 am

PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:02 am



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PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:03 am

All Credits for this shop and idea goes to Amasis, --CosmicNeo-QueenBunni--, and the shop crew for both the concept and the pet creations.

Character concept belongs to me, though Sailor Moon canon characters and story belong to Naoko Takeuchi, Kodansha/Tokyo Pop, and Toei Animation.

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