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[Senshi] Euphemia Argyros // Sailor Halley

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 09, 2010 5:56 am

PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 2:33 pm
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- - - - - - - - - Euphemia "Effie" Argyros
- - - - - - - - - The Argyros Family
- - - - - - - - - Sailor Halley, Senshi of Clay
- - - - - - - - - Princess Halley, Princess of Halley's Comet
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 2:34 pm
Euphemia "Effie" Argyros

Name: Euphemia “Effie” Argyros (Εὐφημία Αργυρος)

Nickname(s): Effie; no one calls her Euphemia aside from family.

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Birthday: February 22nd

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Gemstone: Amethyst

Origin: Santorini, Greece

Height: 5’6”

Bodytype: Average in height, Euphemia stands around 5'6". Her weight is also on the average side: not too slim, not too pudgy. Having said that, she would be the first to tell you that hearty weight runs within her family. She is Greek, after all. Her skin tone is a rich olive color.

Hair: With locks of a deep, rich brown color, Effie likes to keep her hair on the shorter side. It's quite thick with a natural wavy style to it. To accentuate her hair, she also wears a girly coral bow.

Eyes: A dreamy, alluring shade of royal purple. Euphemia also accents her eyes by using mascara, eye liner, and eye shadow. In terms of distinguishing marks, Effie has a beauty mark at the bottom corner of her left eye.

Fashion: Euphemia’s clothing style changes with the seasons, and by seasons she means the fashion seasons, not the actual seasons. She does her best to keep up with what is in style within the fashion world, and can be found sporting the latest trends. When it comes to her own personal taste, she prefers more girly styles. Skirts and dresses are things that she loves, along with blouses and cute tops. She has a large collection of various shoes, and seems to have a penchant for accessories. Hairclips, necklaces, bracelets, rings, hats, sunglasses – the whole nine yards. Layered outfits seem to be her favorite way to go. In terms of colors, she wears just about anything, and doesn’t have a particular favorite. One day she might wear softer pastels, and another day she might where bright, in-your-face hues. It all depends on what her mood is at the time.

Personality Traits:


For A Charitable Cause – When she isn’t at school, Effie spends most of her spare time working with various charities or for different causes. Once a week, she visits the local nursing home near her house. There she volunteers and keeps the residents happy by playing games, writing letters for them, or sometimes even just talking. She also volunteers at the humane society and the homeless shelter that also has a soup kitchen. In terms of her schedule, she volunteers at least twice a week. Her shift at the Humane Society is on Tuesday after school from 4 pm to 7 pm, and her shift at the homeless shelter is on Saturdays from 8 am until noon. Not only does Effie do all of this because she enjoys it, but because she feels that she is called to do it. Her family even explains to people that their daughter has always been a charitable person: she always gives, rather than takes. Half of the funds that Effie makes from her pottery goes to organizations she works for or supports. Occasionally, the teenager might see a homeless person on the street as well. If this is the case, she tries to give them some spare change if she has it, or she points them in the direction of the shelter. Having worked at the shelter for a while, she is no longer afraid to approach the people who may be on the street.

If she comes into contact with a person in need of assistance, but not in dire need, it really depends on the situation that determines if Euphemia will help or not. If it's something simple like a homework assignment, where a peer of hers may simply not understand, she will do her best to explain it to them in terms they will understand, but then allow them to do the work on their own. She will also give them a pep-talk or use encouraging words if she feels they don't need her help directly. However, if it's a situation where it's opening a door for someone with their hands full, helping an elderly woman carry groceries to her car or things like this, the teenager will probably offer to lend a hand out of common courtesy.

That Works for Me – Euphemia’s schedule is quite busy. Her planner is neatly organized with various events, marked off in an array of colors depending on what it is. Having said that, however, it should be noted that she is very flexible. If something comes up at the last minute, it never really seems to faze her. Effie just takes it in stride and goes along. A friend wants to meet and hang with her after school? That’s fine, too! She will just work or move things she had planned to a different time in order to be able to spend time with them. If her schedule happens to be too booked up, by chance, Effie politely tells the person they will have to take a rain check and reschedule for another time. She's always happy to find a place to fit them in, though, especially if she can't squeeze them into her plans the first time around.

Patience, Little One – As a potter, one has to be patient. This trait wasn’t exactly something Effie learned right away or took naturally to. She had to learn it over time. Growing up, if she rushed through a project, she would learn that it wouldn’t turn out as good as it would if she had taken her time. This is how Euphemia learned the value of patience. Sitting at the throwing wheel actually taught her a valuable lesson: take your time; there is no need to rush. It’ll be done when it’s done. Euphemia’s mother, in particular, is the happiest when considering how art helped to teach her daughter the value of patience. Before that time, she had been a rather rambunctious little girl, but she easily broke away from those ways. Her breaking point is a rather high one. She usually gives people three warnings: the first time, she will politely tell the person to stop annoying her. The second, she will remind them again. The third time, she will be a bit more stern in her warnings, and if they continue after that, this is when she starts to get aggravated. It takes quite a bit to make Effie upset, to be perfectly honest. No one has really ever seen her scream at anyone, which is something she does when she is truly upset. If she's annoyed or stressed out, most of the time she will just raise her voice to get her point across.


3.141592653589793... – Being an artist is all well and good, but it can only take one so far. While Effie is proud in her gift in the arts, there is a flaw of hers that she is most definitely ashamed of: Euphemia has dyscalculia. Dyscalculia is a learning disability that makes it hard for people to learn or comprehend math. Math has been her worst subject ever since she could remember, and she has always struggled with it. This was apparent from when she first started to learn numbers. Effie gets numbers all mixed up, and often confuses the different mathematical signs. She always seems to be forgetting rules and formulas to various things, and frankly it frustrates her. Sometimes she even has trouble doing the simple things like balancing a checkbook. Yet, regardless of all of her difficulties with numbers, hope is not lost. Effie works with not only her teachers at school, but with tutors as well to help her along. Her work in math may not be a B or even a C, but hey – at least she is trying and giving it her all. Outside of class, she still has trouble if there is ever a situation when math comes up (tipping at a restaurant, for example). To help combat this, Effie carries around a calculator in her purse to use when things like this comes up. It's easier to have that around and use it, rather than to have the do the math in her head, which would take more time, given her condition. Her dyscalculia is the one thing that seems to test her patience, however. When working through math problems, if she getting the wrong answer and thus has to go back and re-do the problem multiple times, she gets really worked-up and frustrated. When worked up like this, one would see that Effie is more snappy than usual, but she doesn't do it intentionally. It's just how she reacts when worked up from math.

When she first found out that she had dyscalculia, she was very much ashamed of it. She found this out around the time she was twelve, basically about the time when she first entered middle school. At the time, she would do her best to hide her learning disability from her peers, so that no one would know. When kids did find out, quite a few of them made fun of her for it. As time went on, though, and she got older, Effie learned to ignore the remarks from other people. She's still a bit self-concious about her disability, though, and wonders if people will judge her for not being able to do even simple math.

Fools Fall in Love – Ahhh, love~ Such a wonderful thing. Effie knows this feeling well – perhaps even a little too well. See, this girl has a problem of falling in and out of love way too easily. If there is a cute boy in her class that she takes particular notice of, it won’t take long for her to be smitten. This isn’t usually a good thing because when she expresses her feelings, the poor girl often gets shot down. It hurts for a while after this happens, but then she just moves on to someone else – be it a guy or another girl. Such a trait is problematic for a girl like Effie, as she focuses way too much time on it. Her thoughts on love or whoever she is interested in the moment never seem to get in the way of her charity work. She makes sure that nothing gets in the way of that, as it is important in her life. However, there may be some instances in which it causes a bit of trouble. If she is daydreaming over someone, for example, it might cause her to get distracted during a tutoring session, or even when she is working on pottery. It is because of this that she often finds herself needing to snap out of her thoughts and get back to reality. She always seems to think that she needs to have someone liking her in order to feel validation about herself. This stems from the fact getting married is big within her culture. Her mother has expectations that Effie should find a man soon, get married, and start settling down. It's what has always been done, so she feels like she needs to be in a relationship in order to one, not only feel good about herself, but to also make her family proud. To be honest, the eighteen-year-old has never been in a serious relationship. If she were to be turned down after expressing her feelings or asking someone out, though, it would probably be a major let down. She's going to have to bring someone home at some point, lest she become an old spinster like her grandmother constantly warns her about. "Find a boyfriend soon," she commands in Greek, "do you want to be a fat, old spinster with fifty cats?"

Effie's flaw for easily falling for people also extends over to her close friends to an extent. While she doesn't love her friends in the way she may love a boyfriend or girlfriend (she still loves her friends as if they were family members), she often has a tendency to expect quite a bit out of those friendships. If she expects a friend to do something (a favor, for example), and that favor isn't returned like she expects, she often gets disappointed.

Such a Softie – Euphemia has a big, soft heart. This may not seem like such a big deal, but it actually can get her into trouble. Her father even noted to her, at one point, that she cares “a little too much.” Whenever she sees someone that needs help, she cannot resist. The girl has to lend a hand. It may not seem so bad, but being this way leaves Effie susceptible to being taken advantage of. A classmate needs help on their homework - alright, the teenager is happy to lend a hand. Another friend needs food for a party they are throwing, but can't cook that well? Okay, Effie will cook some dishes up for them. A big part of her problem is trouble just simply saying, "no." Students she is familiar with knows she is like this, and will go out of their way to get help from Effie, yet when she asks for a favor in return, it's like bending over backwards to get it. This has happened with her quite a bit growing up throughout her school years, but while it has, she hasn't really done anything to fix it. People walk over her, and eventually it will come to the point where she won't take it any longer. Sure, people need help in the world, but Effie needs to realize that she can’t save the entire world by herself. Sometimes, she just needs to let it go. She’s not a superhero, after all.


Pottery – Ever since her parents could remember, Effie has always had her hands into something. So, they figured, why not give her some play-doh to play with. That simple act was all it took. Right away when their daughter started playing with the modeling compound, they noticed something special: their daughter had made a tiny bowl. Hundreds of pounds of clay and a few lessons later, Effie has made a name for herself in the world of pottery. Plates, bowls, vases - she does it all! Her work attracts buyers from all around the world, even though she is still just in school. Some of her pieces have even sold for high amounts of money; though that is something she doesn't really pay attention to. She throws pottery because it’s her passion in life.

Shop 'Til You Drop – Although she doesn't do it very often, Effie loves to shop. She doesn't go on shopping excursions very much, only about once every month, usually. When she does go, however, the girl goes all out. Shoes, makeup, clothes, hair accessories, jewelry - if it catches her eye, she will buy it. Effie will usually come back to her dorm with no less than three shopping bags after a trip like this. Somehow, some way, she always manages to find space for all of the things she purchases in her room. If her room becomes overcrowded with things - say her closet is overflowing, for example - the girl with then proceed to gather her old belongings up, sort them accordingly, and then donate them to charity or the local Goodwill. While she is wealthy enough to enjoy shopping every so often, other people are able to benefit through it as well, since there is always something that Effie finds to give up for donation.

Pampered at the Spa – Nothing beats a day spent at the spa. What woman in her right mind would pass up a day of pampering and relaxation? Certainly not Euphemia, that is for sure. Just like her shopping days, Effie's spa trips are few and far between. This is the sort of treat she rewards herself after a few months sitting at the throwing wheel. Once again, like her shopping sprees, the girl goes all out at the spa. She spares no expense: a facial, pedicure, manicure, massage, mud bath - the whole shebang. There is no point in going to the spa if she isn't going to get the whole package. After all, if you do it, you have to do it right. These trips come in handy, in particular, if she's had a bit of a slump with her work. Every time she comes back from the spa, regardless of how long she was gone, Euphemia is always refreshed. Refreshed, energized, and ready to work!

All Dolled Up – Unlike her previous mentioned hobbies which happen only on occasion, this third one is something that Effie puts to use every single day. Euphemia simply adores makeup. Her fascination for it began when she was just a little girl. On one night in particular, she was able to get to watch her mother getting ready for a party. That was all she needed. Effie took to makeup in almost the same way she took to pottery, though with a less obsessive attitude. Wearing makeup was light painting a picture, but not on a canvas; on a face! She went to straight to work after that, learning all the proper terminology and more specific things like what kind of foundation went best with a particular skin tone. Now at age eighteen, Effie can put on her makeup in a matter of minutes and is never seen without it (except for, perhaps, in bed). Getting all dolled up and making herself look pretty is something she loves to do, but not only that. It keeps people interested.

Family: Euphemia, like most Greeks, has a rather large family. There are a lot of people living under the Argyros household. Erasmos and Ligeia, Effie’s grandparents on her father’s side. Both of them are rather traditional and like to stay close to their Greek roots. They speak only Greek to the members of the family, but speak English to those outside it out of courtesy. Hector and Xanthe are Euphemia’s parens. Her father tends to be a rather nosy man, wanting her to find a nice, Greek boy to marry. Her mother is a bit of an intellectual, preferring science and statistics, but she is far from nerdy. Xanthe is the epitome of a Grecian beauty, and the one that Effie gets most of her looks from. Lysander Argyros is the teenager’s older brother, and he recently moved out of the house to pursue his job of being a teacher. After Euphemia, the youngest person in the household is Briseis, who is Effie’s fourteen-year-old sister. Like most teens, Bri (as she is called by her siblings) isn’t the least bit interested in Greek culture. She would rather text all day and hang out with her friends. Then, last but not least is Achilles, Effie’s pet hedgehog. Although he was recently given to the girl as a birthday gift, he is by all means a member of the family, just as much as the actual Argyros kids are. Everyone in the family seems to love the little hedgehog. With all of these people living under one roof, it’s never really a dull moment within the household. Effie’s family is naturally very loud, gregarious, and welcoming, and food always seems to be a main focal point of get-togethers and gatherings. Just think how family reunions must be!

Favorite Food: Chicken Gyros

Least Favorite Food: Moussaka

School: St. Michael's Academy (College)

Grade: Freshman

Favorite Subject: Pottery & Sculpture

Least Favorite Subject: Math
PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 2:36 pm
Erasmos Argyros; (Ερασμος Αργυρος) grandfather - [Retired; former fisherman]
A wise old man, and the head of the Argyros family. He and his wife live with Effie and her family. Calm and easygoing, he has a tendency to reminisce about their former life in Santorini, Greece. He has a penchant for story-telling, especially Greek myths, and makes sure to keep their their native language alive through teaching his grandchildren.

Ligeia Argyros; (Λιγεια Αργυρος) grandmother - [Retired; formally, a seamstress]
Unlike her husband, Ligeia Argyros is quite a strict old woman. Brought up in a deeply religious Greek Orthodox background, she is quite pious, and attends church regularly. Ligeia has a tendency, either when she's upset or flustered, to yell out phrases in Greek, even to those who may not understand it. This is the language she prefers to use, and will not communicate in anything but that with Effie, be it through a one-on-one conversation, a telephone call, or even a letter.

Hector Argyros; (Ἕκτωρ Αργυρος) father - [Journalist]
Hector Argyros, Euphemia's father, is a rather nosey man. He likes to know what is going on in his eldest daughter's business. He also is a bit of a worrier, and always seems to be frequently concerned on whether or not Effie will find a proper Greek boyfriend. He has met those his daughter has been interested in in the past, and it's very rare for him to approve of someone that she brings home. Illias has very high standards for his daughter.

Xanthe Argyros; (Ξανθη Αργυρος) mother - [Pharmacist]
Xanthe is the scientific one within the Argyros family. However, having said that, it should be noted that she is not a nerd. Far from it, actually. Effie's mother is the epitome of a Grecian beauty, and it is due to her that Effie owes all her good looks (though Illias will argue on this subject). Although she prefers statistical facts and science, Xanthe is very supportive of her daughter's creative talents. She is Euphemia's number one fan.

Lysander Argyros; (Λύσανδρος Αργυρος) brother - [High school music teacher]
Effie's older brother. At 21 years of age, Lysander has long since moved out of the Argyros home. He currently lives back in their hometown of Santorini with his newlywed bride. He is a fun-loving guy with a good sense of humor that always used to playfully poke fun at Effie when they were younger. Currently, he is working as a music teacher at a local high school. With a charismatic personality and a friendly air about him, all of the students and his fellow co-workers love Lysander. The same can be said within their family as well. It is quite easy to say that Euphemia's older brother is one of the favored ones with their extended relations.

Briseis Argyros; (Βρισηΐς Αργυρος) sister - [Unemployed; student]
Opposite of Lysander and the other upbeat members of her family is Euphemia's little sister, Briseis. At 14, this girl could care less about her Greek culture and heritage. She seems to be more caught up in what is hip and what is cool in the world - the hottest fashions, the latest cellphones, the newest iPods; that sort of thing. She is also opposite of Effie in that, instead of wanting to branch out and help the poor, she is very selfish. It's all about me, me, me with Briseis, and this is something both Hector and Xanthe are trying to stamp out of their youngest child as quickly as possible.

Achilles; (Αχιλλευς) hedgehog - [Pet/Companion]
Achilles, an Algerian Black hedgehog, is Euphemia's pet back at home. Her parents gave it to her as a birthday gift last year when their daughter stated that she wanted a pet. Not just any generic sort of pet, mind you. Effie had no desire for cats, dogs or even a bird. She wanted something far more interesting; a hedgehog! Her parents granted her this wish, provided that she would take sole responsibility for the pet when she wasn't at school. It was love at first snuggle when the girl was finally able to bring the hedgehog home. Over the weeks before Achilles had arrived, Effie had taken immense care to make sure she had all of the right tools in order to take proper care of her new pet. She has gone back to school since that day, but the lil' hedgehog still remains a part of the Argyros family.

The Argyros Home -
Effie and her family live in a Mediterranean-style home out closer to the suburbs of the city. It has four bedrooms, a three-car garage, and three bathrooms. While not overly lavish, both Ligeia and Xanthe take great care to make sure their home always looks presentable, and with so many people under one roof, it is a bit of a must as well. The Argyros' always have their doors open to friends, family, and neighbors if they need to lend and ear, or if they just want to spend some time chatting. There always seems to be plenty of food as well.

Euphemia's room is located right across from her sister's. The two of them share a bathroom (and with Lysander as well, when he is home). Effie's room is decorated in a really chic fashion. She likes to keep her room clean and organized. Don't expect to find clothes lying about on the floor. Everything is kept neatly in her drawers or in her closet (which is full of clothes and shoes). Pictures of her friends and other inspirational things line her walls, and momentos from various things (vacations, gifts, etc.) can be seen on her bookshelves or around her desk.

Family Life -
Living within the Argyros home (or simply going to visit) is never a dull moment. There always seems to be something going on, be it a school function for Briseis, an art show for Effie, or Erasmos gathering everyone around for a story in Greek. Naturally, the Argyros' are very gregarious and welcoming. There always seems to be a plethora of food, and those that live within the house are very colorful individuals. Every get-together, even the small ones, are unforgettable. Some of the biggest of these seem to be professional soccer matches, as the whole family watches them together as a bonding experience.


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PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 2:37 pm
Sailor Halley, Senshi of Clay

Senshi Name: Halley

Power Source: Clay

Alignment: Good

Base Color: Ivory (#FFFFF0)

Accent Color One: Coral (#FF7F50)

Accent Color Two: Dark Olive Green (#556B2F)

Sailor Collar: Length up to artist.

Bodice: Ivory. Styled like a toga.

Bows: Yep! Halley's fuku has quite a large bow. Part of her sleeves also wrap into it in the back.

Sleeves: Two sets. A set of shoulder-like straps to help hold up her fuku, and a set of side-sleeves for decoration that wrap down into her bow.

Gloves: None; though, she wears a gold bangle on her left wrist.

Bottoms: Skirt (her fuku is reminiscent of a toga) that reaches down just above her knees. The skirt also has a slit in it.

Shoes: High-heeled Grecian-styled shoes. Color up to the artist.

Tiara: None; Halley wears a laurel headpiece instead (it changes in color with each upgrade: senshi stage - green; super senshi - silver; eternal senshi - gold).

Accessories: A wrap like the maroon one in this outfit. Color & design up to the artist. It should match her color scheme, though.

Brooch: [Halley`s Brooch Design]

Choker: None.

Weapon: None.

Normal Senshi Transformation Call: Halley Power, Make-Up!

Superl Senshi Transformation Call: Halley Comet Power, Make-Up!

Eternal Senshi Transformation Call: Halley Eternal Power, Make-Up!

Normal Senshi Attack:

Statuette Substitute! - Defensive/Support;
When performing this attack, Halley creates a small statuette made of clay. If one were to take a close look at the figurine, they would see that it looks like a small version of the senshi. This clay figure is then used to act as a substitute. Upon being attacked by an opponent, instead of receiving the blow, the statuette will receive the damage. The attack doesn’t last for very long, though, as the clay cracks and disintegrates after one hit.

Sailor Halley can use this attack up to five times. There is a slight drawback in that only one statuette can be made at a time. The senshi has to also wait until that one statue is destroyed before she can summon another one. There is also a one minute wait period before she can produce another figurine (which is a two post wait where she can't attack).

It should also be noted that these figurines are very fragile. It is advised not to drop them before receiving an attack. If dropped or smashed accidentally, the statuette will break, and the person hoping to utilize the attack will be out of luck.

Halley’s attack can also prove to be slightly beneficial, so as to give senshi time to regroup and plan if an attack to the statue is not made right away. Statuettes can last the duration of the battle, so long as they are not attacked, dropped, or accidentally smashed. If the enemy has been defeated and the battle ends, all figures still intact will crumble and disintegrate. This is so the statues cannot be used at a later time.

Due to the size of the figurines that Halley makes, they are portable. If the statuette that she makes is of another senshi, the sailor scout will most likely toss it to them for them to hold on to. If the senshi needs the use of a weapon or doesn't have the ability to hold on to it, however, Halley will hold on to the statuette. Once the senshi of the statuette is attacked, the figure will then break in the hands of whoever is holding it.

Super Senshi Attack:

Statue Stand-In! - Defensive/Support;
Statue Stand-In, Sailor Halley's super level attack, is an upgraded form of Statuette Substitute. At the beginning of this attack, the senshi begins just as she would with any attack: by yelling the attack name. Once she has yelled, like in the previous form, a clay statue appears. However, this time, instead of a small figurine, it is a life-sized statue of the senshi. Again, this statue acts as a stand-in for the senshi, taking the blow from the opponent instead. This time, however, the statues last a little bit longer. They can withstand two hits, and after the second, the statue will crumble and break.

This attack is able to be used four times throughout the battle. As in her normal attack, multiple statues can not be produced at one time. Halley has to also wait until the first figure is broken before she can create other ones. There is a 30 second wait period for the next statue to be formed (which is a one post wait where she can't attack).

Like the small statuettes, these clay statues are fragile as well. Halley and the other senshi have to be careful with them, since while larger, that doesn't mean they are any less delicate. The big flaw with these statues is that they are stationary. Due to their size, they are also very difficult to move. This leaves enemies or opponents able to come up and tip over the statue if they don't want to attack it directly. If pushed over, while it may not completely destroy the statue, it takes away a chance for the senshi to buffer an attack using it. If knocked over once, the statue will crack, and thus take away one of the times a senshi would be able to be protected. If there is a chance the statue is knocked over a second time after the first, it is broken, and thus the senshi cannot be protected at all until Halley is able to summon another.

These statues can last throughout the duration of the battle if not attacked. Like the small figurines before them, they will crack and disintegrate once the enemy is defeated.

Unlike her normal attack, these statues are too big to move around and carry. Because of this, any individual that Halley is protecting must stay within a radius of 10 feet (which is a diameter of 20 feet). Step outside this distance, and Halley is no longer able to protect the person. The statue will then crumble if this happens.

Eternal Senshi Attack:

Golem Guerilla! - Offensive/Support;
Sailor Halley's final attack, Golem Aide, is an upgraded version of her super level ability. The senshi of clay starts out by saying the attack name, like always. After yelling her attack, as she has done previous times before, a statue is made. This clay figure, however, is a bit different from previous ones. The figurines and statues before she gained this ability were all stationary, immobile. This one is a bit unique, in that it moves. For this attack, Halley is able to create a single, golem out of clay. Her golem, which she has affectionately named Aegeus, is rooted to the ground, but can move from the torso up.

Halley can only use this ability three times throughout the course of battle. How long the golem last also depends on the type of opponent attacking it. The amount of hits it can withstand go as follows: three attacks from a regular enemy, two attacks from a super-level enemy, and one single attack from an eternal-level enemy. Once it is attacked up to the limit by the opponent, the golem will then break and turn to dust. There is no waiting period after the golem breaks. Once it is gone, Halley can summon Aegeus again after a minute or so (a two post wait period where she can't attack).

Unlike her previous moves, the golem the senshi creates does not look like any one-particular senshi. This means that the golem does not take the damage for one senshi alone. It is able to protect however many individuals are involved within the battle, provided the golem is able to reach them at arm's length. Senshi are able to, more or less, hide behind the animate creature due to its size.

The senshi's golem is a creature best to be avoided. It's a large, rather imposing being that is known for it's strength. Being built of clay and weighing quite a bit, it's safe to say that it could easily pick up a car and throw it over at the enemy. If there is anything within the vicinity, the golem can pick it up and throw it at the opponent if Halley directs it to. For close range attacks, the creature will an enemy directly itself. It can use a range of punches. Aegeus can also swat or smash his fist down on an enemy if they are close enough.

The golem Halley creates isn't without its weaknesses, unfortunately. Due to the nature of her attack, Aegeus is rooted to the ground. If senshi want any sort of protection, they will have to be the ones running to it if they aren't within an arms length reach. Another downfall to the golem is the incantation written upon its head. If smudged or erased, the creature will stop moving, and thus the attack won't work. To erase it, though, keep in mind the opponent will have to get close enough to reach it, or be able to take it off with a long-ranged attack. Enemies should be forewarned: it wouldn't be uncommon for the golem to pick up an opponent and throw them out of the way if they got close enough. The creature will do this in order to protect those around him.

At the end of the battle, if not already broken and gone, the golem will simply crumble to dust the moment the enemy is defeated.

In terms of his height, Aegeus is about thirteen feet tall with a six and a half foot wingspan. Should other senshi want to be protected by the creature, however, they would have to be within a span of five feet. To keep of the way, and in order to be better protected, Halley's golem often picks the senshi up and sits her upon his shoulder. The senshi of clay then either jumps down before he disintegrates or tries to land as best as she can after he crumbles.

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Past Life stuff!  


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Senshi to Super Senshi Requirements Wrote:
7 solo entries- min. 500 words each
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

8 regular rps - min. 750 words each
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

4 battle rps - min. 750 words each
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

1 Open RP - min. 500 words
[ ]

Awakening RP with a Guardian - min. 500 words
[ ]

One training RP with Lan or another senior senshi - min. 500 words
[ ]

Minimum one (1) month since last power-up
1st Power Up: 2/19/11
1 Month Later: 3/19/11


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RP Logs

RP Key
- Private RP
- Solo RP
- Open RP
* - Denotes Meta RP

[All Dogs Go to Ruff & Fluff] - Euphemia x Faron
Effie takes the shift a sick volunteer and takes some dogs to the groomer. Once there, she has quite an interesting time.

[Enter the Dormouse] - Euphemia x Dorian
The art student leaves her math class, only to have a run in with a peculiar mouse being hunted by the school janitor.

[Into the Depths of Obscurity] - Euphemia x ORP Members *
On a trip to the cosmetic store, Effie finds herself trapped in the mall with a bunch of other shop-goers when the power mysteriously goes out.

[All Down Here From Here...Or Is It?] - Rae x the Cometeers *
Effie follows a strange fox and joins a group of others, only to have her destiny awakened.
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