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The "Good Deeker.com stories list"

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:36 pm
This list was compiled to shed light on one simple premise; the fact that there ARE good stories on Deeker.com. Since its recent reappearance, I took it upon myself to compile a list of stories that are GOOD. This list contains stories that meet the following criteria.
1. The story is legible.
2. The story is longer than a single chapter, or is a single, huge story
3. NONE of these stories were made by deeker himself
4. The grossness level is down as much as humanly possible

Let’s start the list, shall we?

1. Thirteen Days
Thirteen days is an EPIC tale about a boy who decides to one day skip school, which over time, developed into one of the greatest stories of all time. This is a MUST read to all people who want a long, epic story, with a dark underlying narrative to boot.

2. Thirteen Nights
The sequel to Thirteen Days is even better than the original. The diaper level is up, and a bit of TB is thrown into the DL mix. It does have its parts that aren’t for the faint of heart, but it TRULY is an epic story, just like its original.

3. Not Quite an Accident
I would put the other “Thirteen” stories here, but that would be too easy. This story is quite an overlooked one, as it seems. It’s a story of a mischievous boy named Brad, who likes to start trouble and cause a bit of havoc at school and such places. He is only 7.. As you can already guess, his mother regresses him. But the WAY in which it is done, is unlike anything I’ve seen. It’s an ingenious plot involving Doctor Walsh, whom believes that regression therapy could work for her young boy. It is a bit of a sad story at points, because you see what this kid is going through, but it’s an amazing read. It’s 101,000 words long, and spans twenty chapters. It has a concrete story line, and everything seems as logical as you can make it. The grammar is also spot on.

4. The Nice Judge
This one is a bit borderline, but I thought I should add it. It’s a relatively long story spanning nineteen chapters, and a FAIL epilogue. I’m sorry if that spoils things for you all, but it was just so fail. Anyways… grammar wise it could be better, but it’s nothing unbearable. If you also do not know the UK terms for diapers and things of that nature, please look into it. The story is about a kid named Carl, who is a thief and gets sentenced to diaper wearing for no less than 12 months. He also has to spend a while in juvenile hall. It’s a good read.

5. A Wizard in Diapers (A Harry Potter Fan Fic)
The story is a fan fic that makes so much sense, it’s scary. It’s told in a VERY harry potter style, and totally owns ANY other fan fic I’ve EVER read. Seriously, check that s**t out!

6. All I want for X-mas
This is another one of those borderline stories. Its grammar is not of perfect status like the other stories here, but once again, tolerable. Its narrative is well thought out, and there is a PLETHERA of people within the narrative. I won’t go into TOO much detail, but rest assured, it’ll get you into the X-mas spirit!.

7. Kidnapped
Kidnapped is the story that inspired my own. (Steal Me Away) Enough said.

Well, I didn’t read EVERY story on the site, but out of those that I HAVE read, those are the really amazing ones. Obviously the site is going through changes, and does tend to go down every once in a while. I HAVE copied Thirteen Days/Nights, Not quite an accident and All I want for X-mas onto my computer for being absolutely epic, but the other’s you’re on your own with. If anyone wants the files for the stories that I’ve copied onto Microsoft word, you can hit me up on MSN instant messenger, and I’ll give you the files there. My MSN is *Edit after having annonymus people message me through this*

If you don’t have MSN, or don’t want to make one, I could just as easily send you the files as attachments through an email.

Multimedia (Pics/Drawings/Links/Vids/Fanfic type stories etc THAT ARE related to Infantilism)

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