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Sissification Guide for Men

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 10:49 pm
For all the ladies or gentlemen that want a sissy baby here is the complete guide to have them as the perfect baby:

Here are some ideas from Baby Janet about making your fiance or husband as sweet and docile as can be, and creating a warmer and happier domestic life for you both, and an especially soothing and stress-relieving home for the baby of the house.
Baby games are an important part of any babification process. They provide a means of immersing your intended in his new role in such a way as to ensure both his and your enjoyment. This enjoyment in turn will help ensure the permanence of his new state.

The general purpose of baby games is to gently and gradually introduce the subject to babyhood in such a way that it becomes a preferred and viable part of his life. It also serves to orient him toward a more oral means of achieving satisfaction both for himself and for you.

As with petticoating, the final goal need not be apparent at the inception of the process. You should also remember that the five senses (sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing) are all-important factors in this development. You should consider how you can go about incorporating them at each step of his transformation.

Be it petticoating or babification, this is the truth of what you are doing: you are transforming the relationship, and bringing it to a new level of meaning and expression in terms of love, service, cooperation and obedience. The very symbolism of his panties, or diapers and plastic pants, is the placing of his manhood within your control. Therefore, it is most important that you continue and/or expand upon the means of that control, as it will result in a bonding of love and ardor focused solely on you and no other.

Pacifier Games
Once you have him in his diapers and plastic pants, his pacifier should be the very next thing that is given to him. I highly recommend the orthodontic pacifier shown at PDM’s link for Pacifiers and Nursing Teats. It is both much larger than most ordinary baby pacifiers and is very mouth-filling. Although a bit expensive, it will serve very well, and last quite a long time. It will also provide a very babyish feel. Pacifiers are a terrific means of stilling any arguments, and keeping baby in his proper place in the relationship. A suitable ribbon in the color of your choosing (pink, peach, yellow, and light blue are all babyish colors) made into a loop large enough to fit over his head makes sure the pacifier is always there and ready for use.

Having him clean the house while only in a tee-shirt and diapers and plastic pants with his pacifier in his mouth is a good way to break him in to his new status.

Make sure he always has his pacifier with him whenever he is at home. Exposing his blushing baby status to your friends will be that much easier.

Introducing him to exposure: Leave his pacifier out in a conspicuous place when a friend comes to visit. Suggest to him that he might want to “put his pacifier away” in their presence. This is almost sure to continue on into a discussion of his new baby status. The next time you can arrange for your friend to stop by unexpectedly when he’s dressed in his diapers and plastic pants. Then after that, your friend can bring along another friend or two. This will help get him past his fear of exposure, and cement his new status firmly in place.

Giving him his pacifier at bedtime will guarantee he has sweet baby dreams.

Keeping it in your purse or pocket when out and about is an excellent means of ensuring no arguments or upsets. Just the threat in a statement such as, “Oh, does my baby need his little binky?” will have him back in line in a heartbeat. If that doesn’t work, pulling it out and presenting it to his lips until he accepts it will break down his resistance. Generally, humiliation should be avoided. However, open rebellion has to be dealt with openly in some cases.

Nursing him at your breast will prepare him for further experiences in pleasing you orally.

Wiggling the pacifier across his lips while he tries to say his baby name or talk to you can be effective in helping to get him to use baby talk. When you are done, make sure he accepts his pacifier and uses it for an hour or so.

Giving him his pacifier (or a bottle) during diaper changes should be almost standard practice. Compounding taste (pacifier or bottle), touch (application of baby powder lotion, fastening of diapers, application of plastic pants), hearing (sound of plastic pants or disposable diapers, your voice), sight (pacifier or bottle, plastic pants being applied, bottle of lotion or powder in your hands) and smell (baby powder, smell of plastic pants placed on chest or over his head) is a powerful means of instilling the desire on his part to continue being babied. You literally have him in the palm of your hands at times like this.

There are, I’m sure, many other games for the pacifier that creative minds can think of. Just think of the pacifier as one of the prime items in the adventure of reintroducing him to babyhood.

Baby Games
Get him used to being in just tee-shirt, diapers and plastic pants whenever at home. If he complains, insist on it but also use it as an excuse to introduce a onesie or romper into his new lifestyle. If he complains of cold feet, get him some booties. If he complains of being cold at night, it might be time for a pair of cuddly footed pajamas. Baby doll pajamas are also a nice addition to baby’s wardrobe.

Start him off with a Baby Weekend. From Friday night until Monday morning, keep him in his diapers, plastic pants and tee-shirt. This will ensure that he actually uses his diapers for their intended purpose. The first time he loses control, he will not only have further immersed himself into babyhood but also will have given you an acknowledgment of his obedience to your wishes.
Baby clean-ups are often mentioned by women considering babification as one of the things that make the entire subject distasteful to them. The solution is simple: have him handle the cleanup and you handle the rediapering. Use of latex gloves during rediapering will not only protect you but also be a source of excitement to him. Use of disposable diapers during such a period is generally an advantage. Also, if you do use disposables, make sure he wears plastic pants over them to protect the furniture.

When you’re diapering him, have a small ribbon available in a babyish color to tie in a cute bow around the base of his manhood. This is another form of ensuring his complete surrender to you.

Get him a baby bonnet and have him wear it around the house.

Take him shopping at a thrift store and have him select and pay for his baby toys and baby stories. Set aside a certain time each day of at least an hour for him to play with his baby toys.

Take him shopping at a baby store and have him buy diaper pins or other baby items. This is an excellent opportunity to ask some rather embarrassing questions and have some fun if you wish to.

Get him a pretty baby dress, petticoats and Mary Janes and let him discover what being a sissy baby is all about.

Give him a baby bath complete with bubbles, rubber ducky, bubble blow and baby shampoo.

Make sure baby has at least one soft, cuddly toy, be it a bear, bunny or dolly. Make sure he gives it a sweet name and uses the name when talking to his dolly or teddy..

Make him a baby name bracelet or necklace from alphabet baby beads found in many bead shops.

Buy him a rattle and tie it to his wrist with a bit of ribbon. Make sure he uses it.

Make him some mittens that fasten to his wrists with ribbons, and make holding his bottle difficult. Make sure he finishes his bottle. Use of such mittens also helps to ensure baby cannot get out of his baby clothes without permission.

Take him to a baby shower and have him select and present a gift to the prospective mother.

Gradually replace the coffee or tea cups in the cupboard with baby bottles. Have his baby bottle next to his baby plate every night.

Get him some bib overalls (denim, or preferable soft corduroy) and have him start wearing them with his diapers underneath. After a few weeks or months, rip out the leg and crotch inseam and insert snap fasteners.

Introduce him to shortalls for summer wear. Get him one with a Winnie the Pooh design on the bib.

Take him to the photographer’s and arrange to dress him in his “baby best” frock and petticoats to have his picture taken. You could use the old stand-by, “I’d really like a picture of him in the costume he’s wearing to the costume party we’ve been invited to. I doubt he’ll ever wear it again.” At the end of the session, if you have his clothes in hand, you have a choice as to whether he’s going to wear his costume home or not. Remind him that his pacifier gives him a bit of anonymity.

Get him a picture album and keep his baby photos handy to show guests if need be.  
PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 11:16 pm
no offence, but doesnt this all seem a tad dishonest???

shoulnt the partner naturally want these things??

what if there just shy and dont want anyone else 2 know??

what was this guide made for???cause i really dont get this?  


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PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 11:47 pm
It would seem, to me, that this is more for a community of tb/ab/dls... And at that, some of the matters seem a little unusual... But, look at i through this manner: this guide is probably running under the assumption that both members willing accepted this matter and are willing to go through with it...  
PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 7:09 am
The idea that your caregiver has decided to baby you against your will is a common fantasy among Infantilists and caregivers, because it reaffirms the caregiver's dominance and the Infantilist's surrender, but it's still just an angle to roleplay. I know that I would enjoy being babied, and I would only enjoy it more if my partner wanted to make the decisions in my being babied, but I also know that we're only where we are to begin with because, as an adult, I choose to surrender my control to my partner.  


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PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 7:12 am
To anyone who may find this disturbing it was sort of a joke to those who fantisize about that sort of thing smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif  
PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 7:57 am
Awww... Snowy... ^_^ But you did bring up a good debate upon on the matter...

Look, no one is mad, but we are each giving our opinions as to what your first post... It may have been a joke, but who cares? ^_^I am just glad to learn what other people think on the matter...  


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PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:32 pm
i dunno, i just think it should be that the submissive wants to be controled.....this gives a vibe of forced controled  
PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 8:28 am
You are on the right track. All of you are. It can be a means of forced control or willingness depending on the partners that are together. Many find that forced control is better in some ways. But also Willingness is also better in some ways as well. Just depends on what they want to go thru just like GS-E1 said in her post. Thank you my little baby snowy for bringing up this and letting this be a debate. thank you all for putting in your thoughts.  

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