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PostPosted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:00 am

Welcome to the home of [+Katch+] and her soquili.

Click the button below for Stats!

BY DECREE OF MINDSEND (At request of owner)!

Aika's stats
Strength: 100%
Courage: 100%
Speed: 100%
Intelligence: 100%
Luck: 100%
Stamina: 100%

Luminary's stats
Strength: 45%
Courage: 46%
Speed: 47%
Intelligence: 46%
Luck: 48%
Stamina: 48%

Guionneti's stats
Strength: 8%
Courage: 10%
Speed: 8%
Intelligence: 6%
Luck: 10%
Stamina: 5%

Marrow's stats
Strength: 54%
Courage: 58%
Speed: 55%
Intelligence: 59%
Luck: 54%
Stamina: 62%

La Calavera Catrina's Stats
Strength: 4%
Courage: 7%
Speed: 9%
Intelligence: 11%
Luck: 10%
Stamina: 8%

Rosa's Stats
Strength: 7%
Courage: 9%
Speed: 4%
Intelligence: 10%
Luck: 10%
Stamina: 9%

Bella Lillian's stats
Courage: 100%
Speed: 100%
Intelligence: 100%
Luck: 100%
Stamina: 100%

Lovelee's stats
Strength: 75%
Courage: 70%
Speed: 70%
Intelligence: 72%
Luck: 70%
Stamina : 70%

Nightmare's stats
Strength: 99%
Courage: 98%
Speed: 100%
Intelligence: 100%
Luck: 99%
Stamina: 99%

Kitiara Nox's Stats
Strength: 32%
Courage: 28%
Speed: 25%
Intelligence: 32%
Luck: 24%
Stamina: 28%

Tannin Nox's stats
Strength: 100%
Courage: 100%
Speed: 100%
Intelligence: 100%
Luck: 100%
Stamina: 100%

Chemosh's stats
Strength: 65%
Courage: 67%
Speed: 66%
Intelligence: 67%
Luck: 70%
Stamina: 70%

Naraku's stats
Strength: 59%
Courage: 60%
Speed: 61%
Intelligence: 58%
Luck: 58%
Stamina: 61%

Lady Cregga Rose Eyes' stats
Strength: 39%
Courage: 36%
Speed: 36%
Intelligence: 39%
Luck: 39%
Stamina: 42%

Inkling's stats
Strength: 60%
Courage: 59%
Speed: 58%
Intelligence: 62%
Luck: 58%
Stamina: 55%

Frost's stats
Strength: 17%
Courage: 14%
Speed: 15%
Intelligence: 22%
Luck: 14%
Stamina: 15%

Palieu's stats
Strength: 20%
Courage: 15%
Speed: 17%
Intelligence: 19%
Luck: 15%
Stamina: 14%

Svanna's stats
Strength: 15%
Courage: 21%
Speed: 22%
Intelligence: 18%
Luck: 14%
Stamina: 22%

Chislev's stata
Strength: 34%
Courage: 36%
Speed: 42%
Intelligence: 36%
Luck: 35%
Stamina: 38%

Sunset Curacao's stats
Strength: 8%
Courage: 12%
Speed: 4%
Intelligence: 7%
Luck: 4%
Stamina: 6%

Zero's stats
Strength: 37%
Courage: 37%
Speed: 37%
Intelligence: 40%
Luck: 37%
Stamina: 37%

Lord Loren's stats
Strength: 31%
Courage: 32%
Speed: 25%
Intelligence: 31%
Luck: 25%
Stamina: 28%

Akuma's stats
Strength: 32%
Courage: 26%
Speed: 26%
Intelligence: 31%
Luck: 24%
Stamina: 24%

Bear Bones's Stats:
Strength: 6%
Courage: 5%
Speed: 6%
Intelligence: 11%
Luck: 6%
Stamina: 9%

Drakaina's stats
Strength: 13%
Courage: 9%
Speed: 7%
Intelligence: 10%
Luck: 7%
Stamina: 8%

Sorrowsap's Stats
Strength: 9%
Courage: 10%
Speed: 4%
Intelligence: 7%
Luck: 8%
Stamina: 4%

Gelato's Stats
Strength: 4%
Courage: 4%
Speed: 4%
Intelligence: 8%
Luck: 4%
Stamina: 5%

The Teepee
They all live in a clearing.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 9:52 pm
The Songbirds
Leader: Lovelee
Location: Valley




Kawaii Hunter


Kawaii Hunter

PostPosted: Wed Mar 10, 2010 2:38 am


Meaning: Love Song
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant Wind
Temper: Lyrical
Obtained Through: Feb breeding

Parents: Lovelee and Pavo Real
Siblings: Elysium
Mate: Moon
LM agreement LINK
Breeding: 1/5
Sexual Orientation: straight
Posting Color: GREEN
Likes: Beautiful things, conversing with birds, singing, making new friends, challenging herself, sweet food, interesting breeds and always trying her best.
Dislikes: rudeness, getting dirty, spicy food, kalona, bad humans, magpies and Ravens! (they like to steal her jewelry)

Personality: Aika is a little funny. She came out like her grandma Birdy, who couldn't really speak any more than chirps and whistles, for some reason she thought she was a bird. Aika however CAN talk, she just likes to chirp and twitter from time to time. She's got a fun spirit and there is no greater pleasure for her than singing her little heart out. She prefers making friends to making enemies and grew up with a surprisingly sweet temper, unlike the usual witty sarcasm that soaks the rest of her family. She, like her sister was "blessed" with her fathers wings, she however got tiny wings which made her unfortunately unable to fly, but still have a love of birds and the sky above. Her mother Lovelee didn't know how to deal with that at first, being that she hated Winds and all. But she's slowly adapting, as her little girl isn't as crazy as the rest of her silly wingless family. Aika makes it her mission to learn new things every day so she can go with adventures with her friends and run headlong into a world she hasn't fully experienced yet.

After having her two daughters with the flutter she had grown to love she decided to settle down with him in a lovely little forest in a lovely (notsolittle) nest, she spends her time taking care of her children and doing what she can for the herd she came from.

Breeding ideas:
1. Moon - CC'd by Riri~!!!
2. Moon
3. Moon
RP with Aika: <3

Aika & Dusk: 1, 2, 3, 4
Aika & Orion
Aika & Redondo
Aika & Amitiel
Aika & Requiem
Aika & Moon
Aika, Lovelee and family
Aika & Moon
Aika & Bri
Aika & Moon

Aika & Samil
Aika, Lovelee & Luminary
Breeding Attempts  
PostPosted: Fri Apr 02, 2010 5:09 pm
x Luminary
The Bright One
Foal Uncert


Name: Luminary
Colorist: Ririka
Obtained: Riri CC
Sex: Female
Breed: Mutant Wind x Flutter
Familiar: None
Personality: Luminary is as her temper suggests, a very bright and springy individual. She always has a thirst for seeing and learning new things about life, she's all about color, her favorite season is spring and well, you get the idea. She lives in the flower valley with the Songbird herd with her grandma as the leader, she is the only one in the family able to fly and is thus very special to the herd as a whole. She is very caring and sweet, and seems to have a uncanny knack for figuring out the nature of folks, be they good or bad, s he's very good at picking it out. Luminary usually is found adventuring and living her young life to the fullest ~

Roleplay Color: #E3319D
Mate: Kohaku X
Children: None
Herd: The Songbird Herd


Cadhla & Lumi
Lapointe & Lumi
Kakumei & Lumi

Reject & Lumi
Kohaku & Luminary
Aika, Lovelee & Luminary
Alex & Luminary  


Kawaii Hunter


Kawaii Hunter

PostPosted: Thu May 13, 2010 4:59 pm
X Bella Lillian
The Gentle Mother


Bella is a really sweet mare, a lovely flower, she is friendly to any she meets, eeeeven attempting the nasty ones sometimes. She loves the good things in life, beauty and pleasantry. She adores children and keeps company with the Songbird herd, being the herd mom.

RP for Bella:
Swellow & Bella

(For more info on this beautiful mare go to Nekolulus teepee)

Co own agreement:
PostPosted: Thu Sep 02, 2010 9:36 pm
X Lady Cregga Rose Eyes
Belle of the Bloodwrath

Name: Lady Cregga Rose Eyes

Colorist: Agneza
Obtained: Customs
Sex: Female
Breed: Draft
Familiar: None
Personality: Cregga was the badger lord of the mountain of Salamandastron, a mountain fortress made from an inactive volcano. She went on a mission from the safety of her mountain to hunt the vermin (aka skin walkers and kalona) who had laid siege to her mountain and decimated most of her troops. She is a kind but stern mare and she has a soft spot for "dibbuns" which is her term for foals. She is a warrior first and foremost, though when she gets fully into battle something snaps within her and she goes through what her ancestors had called "bloodwrath" which seems to be a psychological berserker mode the badgers share. She is a protector above all things and will stop at nothing till good wins through. She is a outland protector for the Songbird Herd, she has been a "badger mom" for some of the foals who have recently been born.

Roleplay Color: Coral
Mate: None
Children: None
Herd: Occasional Guard of The Songbirds

Cregga & Anarion
Edmund & Cregga  


Kawaii Hunter


Kawaii Hunter

PostPosted: Sat Sep 18, 2010 12:36 am


Leader: Nightmare
Co Leader: Zero
Location: Haunted Woods


Name: Nightmare
Meaning: bad juju
Gender: Male
Species: Felsteed Warhorse
Temper: Eerie
Obtained Through: WoW event thread

Parents: N/A
Siblings: N/a
Mate: N/A
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Breeding Slots: 2/3
Children: Tannin Nox,Anaon Nox,Amelia Nox
Neraka Nox, Kitiara Nox and Vikal Nox
Posting Color: Dark Red
Likes: Spooking unsuspecting travelers,pumpkin patches, dark misty nights, sweet birds and bugs (winds and flutters) and being understood for who he is, not what.

Personality: Nightmare is just what he looks like, creepy, though he can't really help it~He's ACTUALLY a nice stallion but he just has this THING about scaring folks. Despite his appearance he really doesn't like hurting others, He's very sweet and awkard when others talk to him like a normal guy, he's pretty charming in his own weird way...he's a fierce warrior when there is a need for it, but he's certainly an interesting spook. He sometimes scares people to death and he takes no joy in this...he buries all his unfortunate victims in his favorite pumpkin patch and leaves them alone. He used to be far creepier and dark, as he only had his graveyard and his pumpkins to take care of, but after getting out a bit he realized that he enjoys the company of others that will accept his appearance and it allowed him to open up quite a bit :3

After being alone for many years he finally met a sweet mare named Lumriel who showed him the light in his ever present darkness. He fell head over hooves in love with her and she with him, they eventually had three baskets, little bundles of joy...or so he thought. Lumriel had trouble with the birth, due to one particular basket that looked so much like him, he fled, thinking he had hurt his beloved, taking one of the baskets with him. He raised his son the best that he could, teaching him all he knew about being a knight before sending him off to meet his destiny. His mind unraveled from there and he spent many months in darkness, meeting a mare as dark as he, he had three more children and decided he would raise these as he wasn't able to do with his first. He is determined to be a good father and find the rest of his family again.

He's the head of the Nox family :3

Looking for:
Folks that dont understand his appearance (monster hunt)
Gardeners to help him with his pumpkins <3

1.Lumriel - won in Riri's Jan LL/RP breeding - smilies/icon_heart.gif
2. Yurei
3 Lumriel (lifemate)


Nightmare & Morana [dead]
Nightmare & Vitania [dead]
Nightmare & Noibe [done]
Nightmare & Viper [dead]
Nightmare & Lumriel [done]
Nightmare & Lumriel [done]

Nightmare & Wystan
Nightmare & Tannin [done]
Rezo & Nightmare
Nightmare solo
Nightmare, Chislev & Kitiara  
PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 8:55 am
Tannin Nox
Scar UC
Family Tree

Reg Cert

Name: Tannin Nox
Meaning: Tannin Night
Gender: Male
Species: 4th gen/starbucks brew XD
Temper: knightly
Obtained Through: Riri Jan breeding ^w^
Parents: Lumriel & Nightmare
Siblings: Amelia and Anaon
Mate: N/A
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Breeding Slots: 3/3
Posting Color: Green
Likes: honor, funny things, training, making friends, spooky things and bugs :3


Tannin is your average every day charming knight, only he just kind of looks like a villianous steed. Much like his father Nightmare, Tannin got the creepy end of the genetic stick and ended up the very meaning of " Black Knight" Though ALSO like his father he strives to work past his appearance and do the best for others. He trained with his father from a young age to work on becoming a full knight when he grew up, and when he was a teen he set off on his journey to prove himself. Fighting monsters, saving damsels and earning his armor is his main goal ^^

Familiar: JADE

This wise lizard befriended Tannin after being saved by the little knight from the talons of a hungry hawk, he is a familiar, he stayed by the young Tannin, giving the little knight advice and knightly wisdom.

1. ???
2. ???
3. ???

(In which an angeni gains a pupil)
Kaiya & Tannin [Done]

(In which Tannin saves a damsel in distress)
Goth, ZD and Tannin [Unfinished]

(In which Tannin learns patience)
Kaiya & Tannin [Done]

(In which a father teaches a son)
Nightmare & Tannin [Done]

(In which things are not as they seem)
Vlad & Tannin [Done]

(in which things are revealed to him and enemies are made)
Kaiya & Tannin [Done]

(in which Tannin bestows some lessons on a colt)
Garland & Tannin

(In which Tannin loses a teacher and gains another)
Tannin, Loren & Kaiya [Done]

(in which Tannin joins a knighthood)
Tannin & Loren [Done]  


Kawaii Hunter


Kawaii Hunter

PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 1:24 pm
X Chislev
The world mother

Name: Chislev

Colorist: DD
Obtained: Wishing Rainbow
Sex: Female
Breed: Regular
Familiar: Punkin
Personality: Instinctive
History: .
Roleplay Color: black
Mate: None
Children: Nightmare
Herd: Spook Herd

RP: Familiar: Punkin

RP:Ryker & Chislev
Chislev & Zero  
PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2011 7:12 pm
The Beautiful Dead

Name: Marrow
Meaning: That squishy stuff that's inside bones =P
Gender: Male
Species: Day of the Dead
Temper: Enigmatic
Obtained Through: Sabin Customs <3
Parents: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Mate: N/A
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Breeding Slots: 3/4
Posting Color: Dark Red
Likes: Roses, Elipsis, Silence, Books, Sugar in all it's forms, honoring the dead and finding the beauty in the darkest of things.

Marrow is a really weird individual, he's more interested in the quality of silence and the upkeep of his roses than anything going on around him. Being a Day of the Dead horse, there's not much that frightens him, death, sickness, anything. He firmly believes that respect is something that ALL intelligent creatures should have, especially when dealing with death and ancestory. He's very quiet and only speaks after fully thinking things through, and even then, he's a mystery and usually quite cryptic. He's also got a terrible sweet tooth. ;D
He does not mind helping others out with their problems, he sometimes classifies it as one of his duties to lend an ear or whatever else any weary folk need of him.


1. Pandora
2. Aella
3. Pooka

(rp that's not dead)
Pandora & Marrow
Aella & Marrow

Breeding Attempts  


Kawaii Hunter


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