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Warriors: Rising Ruins

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The third of a guild trilogy, venture forth and decide your fate. 

Tags: Warriors: Rising Ruins, Cats, Erin Hunter, Warriors, Warriors: Path Back to the Heavens 

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  You're such a nerd. (Me: Yep, but I'm helping expand your vocab so *stickstongueout*)
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2010 7:25 am
Each week (Sunday to Sunday) we will hold a Vocabulary Contest. For this contest, we'll see which member can find all the vocabulary words that will be hidden in participating Mod's posts. Now they won't post it all in one role-play, so this will force you (should you participate) to at least read all the role-plays and be updated.

So, how to play. Once you find a vocabulary word in a post, copy the sentence and paste it into your reply in this thread. Now, I would suggest that you don't post periodically throughout the week because it's first come first serve; the first to post all the vocabulary words in a single post gets the prize, and there's nothing stopping anyone from just copying the sentences from your entry into theirs. Mods who are participating by posting, are not allowed to compete and visa versa. No cheating! Don't ask a mod where the words are, and mods don't answer if they do ask.

Now for the prizes, first place gets colored line-art of anything they want. Second place get colored line-art of one of their cats, and third place get line-art of their cat. You can choose who will draw your art from a list of participating artists that will be listed along with the words. Good luck!
PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2010 10:17 am
Week One (Will Begin When Enough Artists Participate)

Divulge- (v.) to tell; to reveal (as a secret)

Abet- (v.) to assist or encourage; especially in wrongdoing

Dogmatic- (adj.) arrogant and stubborn about one's (often unproven) beliefs

Insipid- (adj.) lacking flavor; dull; not as stimulating

Extraneous- (adg.) inessential; not constituting a vital part

Coerce- (v.) to force by using pressure, intimidation, or threats

Jaundiced- (adj.) prejudiced; hostile

Meticulous- (adj.) extremely, sometimes excessively, careful about small detail; precise

Temerity- (n.) recklessness; a foolish disregard for danger

Gregarious- (adj.) sociable, fond of the company of others

((Definitions from "SAT Vocab Book Two" wink )

Participation Mods

Participating Artists for Week One

Vice Captain

Aged Fatcat


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