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[Senshi] Lan Canicus // Sailor Solar Phoenix

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 6:08 pm
PostPosted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 6:39 pm

Name: Lan Canicus (Orchid Fire Child)
Nickname(s): Momma (Amarantha)
Age: 36
Sex: female
Birthday: May 14th
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Gemstone: Emerald
Origin: Born in Celeste to a Chinese mother and Venezuelan father
Bloodtype: B-
Height: 5'6"
Bodytype: very curvy, with broad hips and narrow shoulders and tanned skin
Hair: waist-length and very wavy, crimson in color
Eyes: narrow, slightly-angled emerald green
Fashion: long skirts and jeans, with either flowing shirts or tank-tops, usually of alternating dark with bright colors. Her favorite colors to wear are dark blue and golden yellow. No shoes if she can help it, and only sandals if she can't. Even in winter.

Personality Traits:

+ Loyal:: Once someone has her friendship, they have it for keeps. She will go to any lengths to make sure they are healthy, happy, and safe. Even if someone slights her, they have to do something along the lines of actual betrayal for her to turn away from them. She will give them the benefit of the doubt first. She takes betrayal very hard, also, and someone she really cares about betraying her will shake her world to its foundation.

+ Focused:: Once she has a project or a goal, she remains dedicated to it. She will try her best to finish it completely and totally to a good level of satisfaction. She's hard to distract from what she's doing and giving her a thousand time-conflicting tasks at once will garner no more stress than if you'd told her a slushie shop she never visited was closing. She will calmly tell you to put your thousand tasks on her desk and she'll get to them in order of importance, once she's done with what she's working on.

+ Confident:: She is not shy in the least. She's not necessarily outgoing, but if she interacts with someone, she carries herself with ease, steady in her own skin, so to speak. If she has any huge self-esteem issues, they are kept incredibly close to her and they aren't apparent.

- Fish out of Water:: While she's comfortable in her skin, that skin isn't really the same skin everyone else has. She's a foreigner, knows she's a foreigner, and isn't quite sure how to erase that distinction. She's moved past culture shock, but she's rather resigned to being 'the odd one out'. Her set of values, of morals, is different than those of the people she's surrounded by and she sees no reason to change herself. She is, however, secretly rather lonely, causing her to be more than a bit protective of her family, friends, and senshi.

- Temperamental:: Her refusal to change is part stubbornness, but part temper as well. She's a spitfire, taking on the personality traits often associated with redheads. Her fuse is of a decent length, borne out of needing to have patience when landed in the middle of a foreign world, as well as raising a daughter, but when it goes, it GOES. She is not afraid of blows and if she stops yelling, that's the cue to run. She doesn't see the reason why she should change for anyone else if they won't change for her either, and woe be the person that tries to convince her otherwise. And if someone says something against friends or family... that fuse disappears altogether.

- Self-Sacrificing:: Her loyalty takes a more negative turn in that she will do anything, even above her own welfare, to make sure everything is okay. She will put aside any personal need for comfort, for rest, for anything until she is sure everyone ELSE is taken care of for the time being. If the building is on fire, and only one person can make it out, it won't be her. Women and children, be damned, she WILL be last, even behind the men she cares about. This gives her the tendency to burn out if the person/people she's dealing with don't realize what's going on and put a firm and immediate stop to it. And they better stick to their guns, because telling her to stop putting herself last WILL bring that temper out.

Singing - she's a decent singer, able to carry a tune and match pitch, but as much as she loves anything with symphony, catchy vocals are all that's needed to catch her love for the song.

Dancing - Lan loves to dance, and there is music playing constantly in her house. She doesn't have a favorite dance and is in no way looking to make it anything more than a fun hobby, but it's something that makes her quite happy and she's not a bad dancer, either.

Design - Not just clothing, but interior, as well as landscape, architecture... She likes to create, not just things, but places. She is immensely creative and the house reflects this- pieces of projects and fabric scattered everywhere all over the living space.

Favourite Food: pears, fish, and more fish. She loves seafood in general, but fish is her favorite
Least Favourite Food: Candy. The sugars and whatnot are too sweet. She prefers natural fruit sugars and baked goods are about the closest to candy she'll eat. Even then, buttercream frosting on cakes can make her nauseous.
Family: She lives with her daughter Amarantha and the guardian cats Luna, Lifitari, and Artemis. Her parents have moved to sunny Florida and visit on occasion to see their granddaughter.

Job: Lan is a fashion designer of rising renown, and runs her business out of a storefront that she, her daughter, and the cats live above.


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Vice Captain
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 6:52 pm

Senshi Name: Super Sailor Solar Phoenix
Name: Lan Canicus
Power Sphere: Exothermy
Alignment: good

Base Color: red
Accent Color One: orange
Accent Color Two: gold

Sailor Collar: flows over her shoulders, down to her upper arm
Bodice: white one-piece bodice with keyhole cut in middle
Bows: small bow with four, long, trailing tails
Sleeves: shoulder-fastened, long bell-sleeves
Gloves: no gloves
Bottoms: midlength skirt
Shoes: flat sandals
Tiara: chain-like, with the jewel in the center
Accessories: a cloth belt over her waist
Brooch: a simple circular brooch, with the gem nested in the center
Choker: a chain choker that crisscrosses down her throat.

Weapon: none

Normal Senshi Transformation Call: Nu Phoenicius Power, Make-Up!
Super Senshi Transformation Call: Phoenix Solar Power, Make-Up!
Eternal Senshi Transformation Call: Phoenix Eternal Solar Power, Make-Up!

Normal Senshi Attack: n/a

Super Senshi Attack: Frostbite!
:: Hypothermia and frostbite occur by the body cooling down to dangerous or even deadly levels, an exothermic process by which the body radiates heat faster than it can be recovered. Solar Phoenix causes the body to expel more heat much faster than it can generate it, akin to being dumped in a frozen lake. It's a delayed attack, causing damage one turn after casting. While topical effects would be shivering and the feeling of being incredibly, painfully cold, the actual damage is done by a frostbite-like effect, causing pain and damage in the extremities, such as the hands, feet, and face.
Solar Phoenix can use this attack four times, must wait three minutes between each casting, and it takes a ten-second window to cast in which she and the target must not exceed five feet from where they were when the attack was cast for that ten seconds. It has a range of thirty feet.

Eternal Senshi Attack: Fireworks!
:: The combustion of powders to create fireworks is an exothermic chemical reaction, in that it generates heat, light, and sometimes sound. During celebrations, people are warned to not point fireworks at themselves or others, because they can be very dangerous, causing dismemberment or even death. Solar Phoenix does not care for your petty public safety warnings. She fires bright fireworks at her target's area, which, though very pretty, cause burn damage to anyone standing within that target area of about a five-foot radius. Anyone caught in that radius will be damaged, as the 'target' is the area, not any one specific person (though she will totally unload a screamer in your face, just saying). She can use it four times, must wait three minutes between casting, and cannot change the direction of the firework once it's cast. It has a thirty foot range and the enemy must be within a five foot radius from the crash site to be damaged.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 7:33 pm

Lan's family is ridiculously huge. Aside from Amarantha, here are a few other people of special importance to Lan.


--Lan's daughter, who she gets along well with. She spoils her as much as she can while giving the girl a good head on her shoulders. She's not a perfect mother, often having to choose between senshi and parent duty, but she does her best.

--Lan's mother, for whom she was named. At 5'0", she's dwarfed by her husband and daughter, but she embodies 'small and mighty', and there is no doubt as to who ran that household when Lan was growing up. She had wanted a son as well as her daughter, but fertility problems made her unable to conceive a second time. She and Amaranto live in Florida, where she is quite happily enjoying an early retirement. She loves her daughter and adores her granddaughter, not caring too much about her daughter's sexuality or single status. Given she was the first and only member of her family to marry outside of Chinese blood, she's already quite the rebel.

She speaks Mandarin Chinese, some Spanish, and English. However, she never really taught Lan Chinese and, as a result, Lan doesn't know it. Zhilan is not a patient teacher and becomes easily frustrated when someone doesn't understand what she's trying to get across. She met Amaranto when she came to Celeste to study, ended up applying for American citizenship, and starting a family.

She is golden-skinned and slender, with shoulder-length straight, raven's-red hair and brown eyes. Lan resembles her in the shape of her face and light bone structure.

--Lan's father, for whom she named Amarantha. He's a lot more outgoing that Zhilan, and, while he wouldn't have necessarily minded a son, was quite pleased with having his daughter. He cares not a whit about Lan's sexuality, though he wouldn't mind her finding someone to help her with Amarantha. He dotes on them both horridly.

He lives in Florida with Zhilan, though he does visit his family in Venezuela often. As someone who habitually intermixes English and Spanish in his talking, it was child's play to teach Lan the language. He's where Lan gets her patience from, and who instilled in her the love of music. He met Zhilan when he was in Celeste for study and, like Zhilan, ended up applying for citizenship and staying to raise their daughter.

At 5'10", he has darkly tanned skin, with wildly curly brown hair with just a touch of copper, and bright green eyes. Lan resembles him very much.

--Lan's cousin on her mother's side. Well, one of many. He's notable as her only gay relative and the reason why she had Amarantha in the first place. They're fairly close, as their grandparents aren't altogether fond of Lan's sexuality and are outright disapproving of Yongnian's, so there was that common bond straight away.

Yongnian is an upbeat, though quiet, man, and does work for a game programming company out in California, translating imports from Japan and China. He doesn't get to come visit Lan all that often, but the two keep up an email rapport and he's enthusiastic about her budding fashion design business, already garnering her clients where he lives.

He's 5'5", with shoulder-length black hair and hazel-brown eyes. He has a slender build with wide shoulders and long fingers. His skin is lightly tanned.

-- Yongnian's partner, and the genetic father of Amarantha and Dongmei. He and Lan are also good friends, their personalities meshing well. Lan and Niu actually grew up together, Lan being the one to introduce Niu to Yongnian. He's very fond of Amarantha and sends her presents, sometimes calling her 'Atha'. Atha is a derivative of 'Ah-Tha', wherein Niu follows the Cantonese method of nicknaming close friends and family, 'Ah' followed by the last character (syllable in Amarantha's case, given her name isn't Chinese) of the name.

Niu is 5'7", slender, and his natural hair color is a mystery. He's been dyeing it since before Lan can remember. It's currently a short, fluffy deep violet and offsets the ice-blue contacts he likes to wear. Looking at Amarantha and looking at Niu, it's easy to tell he's her biological father. Even so, Amarantha doesn't know who her biological father was, and Niu and Yongnian are her 'cousins' and godparents. He works alongside Yongnian.

--Lan's other biological daughter, though legally (and actual relationship-wise) her cousin once-removed. Dongmei is a bright and friendly girl. She and Amarantha have never met and, while Lan has never told 'Rantha she has a biological twin sister, it's unknown as to if Dongmei knows that Amarantha is actually her twin instead of half-sister. She does know Lan is her mother, but calls her 'Aunt Lan' out of habit.

She is a thoroughly Westernized girl, though some evidence of Yongnian being an immigrant is evident in her accent and fluid mastery of Cantonese. She loves outdoor activities and has won medals for horseback riding, specifically cross-country jumps racing.

She keeps her own pale-pink hair close to her head, though it has a mind of its own. Other than that, she is completely identical to Amarantha.


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Vice Captain
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 8:17 pm

These are all the people (and animals!) that Lan has gotten to know and befriended.

A good friend of hers.

Another good friend, and Artemis's mate.

--A young man and fellow senshi that Lan has befriended/been training. As startled as she was at the emergence of a male senshi, he's been invaluable in just about every aspect of being a senshi, and learns quickly- something for which she is incredibly grateful

--Another young senshi. She was the first other senshi Lan ever met and Lan has a glowing opinion of her too, loving her drive if not her occasional recklessness. She likes to tease Kae with the term 'baby senshi', something she called the younger senshi when she first met her.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 8:18 pm

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 8:21 pm
PostPosted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 8:39 pm
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