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PostPosted: Sat Dec 05, 2009 10:26 pm
Reminder: You many only win two breeding slots per month total, not per colorist or event. If you win two in the same month you can no longer eligible for any breeding slots for that month with any of your Soquili.
Similarly, if someone wins a breeding raffle slot, then they may only enter one couple for the remainder of the month's raffles.

Does your Soquili dream of a family of his or her own? This is the place to find out how to bring a new generation of Soquili into the world. The Breeding Thickets lie in the heart of the Soquili lands, a safe and protected place for young foals to be born and raised. When they are born, small and weak, Soquili babies are placed in pretty baskets. Tasunke will be keeping watch so that everything goes smoothly, even if the breeders are not around.

Breeding costs 12,000 gold
Trades should be sent directly to the colorist doing the breeding. Baskets won't arrive unless the breeding fee is paid in full. You may tip your colorist if you desire, but it is not required or expected.

Soquilis have between 2-3 babies per breeding
2-3 baskets is normal. Role-played soquili have a higher chance at 3 baskets. Breedings where one or both parents are Elders receive 4 or 5 baskets.

Soquili can choose to only mate with one life partner or multiple partners
See the Mates & Permissions thread for more information on lifemating.

Surrogate breedings for Lifemates
There are some cases where lifemates have an uneven number of breedings available, such as one having two left and the other having the full three unused. When the one with fewer breedings maxes out, the Mate with the remaining breeding(s) is allowed to get a surrogate/donor for their remaining breedings without breaking their lifemating. However both owners of the lifemates AND the owner of the surrogate all have to agree to the surrogate breeding in the Mates & Permissions.

Saying yes to throwbacks means colorists may choose traits from previous generations
This does not guarantee there will be throwbacks, only that you are allowing the colorist to include previous edits/colors/patterns if they so desire. For first gens this will mean the possibility of random traits. You do not get to pick which traits may be used if you say yes to throwbacks.

Baskets must have owners within 3 months and will not open without them.
Baskets without owners three months after being dropped off will be rehomed by the shop staff. This applies only to having an *owner* - assigning a name/temper can be done at any time. Baskets without owners will not open until an owner is assigned.

Pairs must be at adult stages and must have their certs in order to post for breedings.
Pairs must be Male/Female Soquili who have been adults for at least one month
That means Soquili obtained as adults must wait one month before entering for breeding slots, and one month must have passed since a growing Soquili received their adult art or tag before they are eligible to breed. M/M and F/F couples cannot have babies without a surrogate - see the FAQ below for more information.

Soquili may have unlimited breedings.

Breedings differ depending on the rp levels of a soquili. [/b]
Breeding Lvls Wrote:
[b]4- every soquili, regardless of how little they rp, gets four breedings they can use.
5- maxed soquili and only maxed soquili
xxxx It Doesn't matter what sort of agreement (fling or lifemate), so long as both parents are maxed. Non-maxed don't get 5, if they want a 5th they need to RP.
6- Elders
xxxxTheir mate (Fling or Lifemate) can get up to two extra breedings with them depending on stat status. Their partner cannot use more than six breedings total.

Once a soquili has bred to the max amount of slots, for their given RP tier, they can never have more offspring through breeding. Additional offspring, called "Mock-Breedings", can be purchased in customs or won during possible wishing star events. If you have any question's about it, please send your questions to either Mindsend or Uta

Breeding slots cannot be reserved or swapped
The couple who entered for a breeding slot and won will be the couple who receives baskets. Their breeding slot may not be given to another couple or held in reserve for later use.

Soquili must wait two months between breedings (counting the month they won)
If your Soq wins a breeding raffle slot in January, Counting they can't be entered into another breeding until March. This applies regardless of partner; any Soquili who has successfully bred must wait two months. Owners are welcome to enter other pairs who have not won a breeding slot. After two months have passed Soquili are free to enter for breeding slots again regardless of the growth stage of previous offspring.

Breeding holds apply for the entire month's events
Soquili on the broken lifemates list may not enter ANY of the colorists' events for the months they are banned.

Only one basket may be kept per owner, per breeding
Even if you own both parents, you may keep only one basket - any others must be given to other people. Any individual may only have their name on *one* basket from a breeding. This goes for full ownership and co-ownership. The basket you choose is yours, you cannot swap foals or adults after they pop.

You may give away your Soquili's baskets freely
It is your responsibility to pick names & owners for your Soquili's baskets. You may run any kind of free raffle or contest you wish to find a home for your basket(s), as well as choose the terms and conditions of the contest or raffle. The only stipulations are that you may not profit from your game/contest, and the colorist who did the breeding may not be a basket recipient.

Directly Related soquili cannot breed but cousins are okay!
No direct relations that were purchased as siblings or customed into a family cannot breed together even if the owners change their minds about them being related later. You still cannot have your characters breed with immediate and direct line relations -- mother, father, sister, brother, aunts, uncles, grand-parents, great-grandparents, etc. -- be they full-blooded or half-relations; you also cannot have your character breed with adopted relatives that are raised AS immediate relations -- adopted mother, adopted father, adopted uncle, adopted sister, etc. Please note: This is for direct biological lines only. If they don't share direct genetic ancestry themselves and are connected only through the coupling of relatives on a later date, they are STILL not genetically related and thus are exempt from this rule.

Related In Cosplay
If two Cosplay soquili are Genetically related to each other in their original source, they count as relatives and cannot mate together, even if they are not related in Soquili Canon. Cousins are okay!

If a soquili is adopted into a family, they cannot breed with their adoptive Mother/Father OR their adoptive Siblings/their siblings kids/That direct family line (so grand-parents, aunts, uncles, etc.) Cousins are okay!

Kelpi and Obvious Kelpi hybrids are the only species other then mer's capable of breeding with Mer soquili
Kelpi are capable of breeding with Mers, However they are simply required to have obvious kelpi traits (Fins, kelpi-tail etc). Traits like Wings or Feathers will not pass onto mers (If the kelpi hybrid has mutant wings, they might get lionfish like fins however), while traits like horns can.
Nixie and Obvious Nixie Hybrids are the only species other than Seathi capable of breeding with Seathi in the same manor as the above.

Permissions & Entering
You must have permission from both owners to breed Soquili
Permission must be posted in the Mates & Permissions thread before you may enter any breedings. Both owners and all relevant co-owners MUST have posted permission for a breeding by the time winners are announced, or it shall be null and void. No permission is needed when both Soquili are owned by the same person.

Co-owners listed as "no rights" cannot own a basket for that breeding
If a pet is co-owned and one of the co-owners has 'no rights' to a breeding, then that co-owner may NOT receive a basket from a breeding they have no rights to. If I co-own a Soq and have no rights to the first breeding, I may not receive a basket from that breeding, even if there are three. I would also not be able to co-own from that breeding; no rights means no rights.

Soquili who have entered 20 or more times but failed to get baskets are Low Luck
Low Luck couples are eligible for special "Low Luck Only" slots which are offered by colorists for those who have had no luck in getting a breeding, to help offset the fickle whims of the fates. It's suggested you keep a list of links of breeding slots you have entered but not won in a journal or teepee for easy reference. When a couple gets a breeding slot their Low Luck counter resets; they begin anew with no "points". Missing a breeding raffle or switching your entered couple does NOT negate any previous entries you had towards Low Luck, only getting baskets for the couple (by any means, raffle, RL, bribe, Master CC) will. Each thread you have entered for breeding slots in but failed is one "point" towards being Low Luck, regardless of how many are in the same month or how many colorists were offering slots in the thread. Entries in the Master CC List do not count towards Low Luck "points".

Each owner may have no more than two horses in each raffle, and only win two slots per month.
One owner may enter both of the couples they are involved with themselves if they need to, but make certain that couples are not posted twice. Work out ahead of time with your breeding partners who will be responsible for entering a pair. If a pair is entered twice, they will be disqualified from that raffle. You must have basket rights to the breeding (own or co-own one of the parents) in order to post the breeding. No Proxying. You may only win two breedings per month total (CC or raffled breeding slots. Bribes do not count). If someone wins a breeding raffle slot, then they may only enter one couple for the remainder of the month's raffles.

Owners may have up to two Soquili pairs involved in breedings each month
Owners are eligible to win two slots each month, but no more. Please make note of your permissions and talk with other owners to make sure you have NO additional pairs entered in any events! Bribes & co-owned breedings where you have no basket rights do not count towards monthly limits. If you win a breeding slot in a raffle, you may only attempt with one other couple in other raffles for the remainder of the month.

Colorists have the right to place conditions on their raffles/events
As long as these conditions are clearly stated, colorists have the right to DQ couples/owners in violation, i.e. requiring entries to be posted in a specific format, only accepting RP'd couples, or Soquili with no offspring. They also have the right to invent new types of slots to raffle from (such as minis (usdia & seathi only), as long as those categories are general in nature. (no slots for "Ponies named Bob" or "blue elder uni mares")

RP of Soquili couples is encouraged but not mandatory
RP'd Soquili are eligible for special Plot/RP slots - See the RP-Couples Qualification Check thread for more details.

Roleplays must be at least 2 weeks old to qualify for RP slots
For any RP categories, RP must have started at least 2 weeks before breeding slots open. In order to qualify for the RP raffle, couples must have trackable/verifiable RP which has been approved in this thread. Two oppositely gendered Soquilis discussing the weather by the river are NOT eligible for the RP category and will be moved to the first category accordingly. Staff will determine if your RP is enough to qualify.

Inactive owners
If one of the two/three owners is inactive in picking a basket, the other owner/s after ONE MONTH can allocate baskets to the other owner/s. Active owners must allocate one basket to the other owner regardless if they are active or not. All co-owner agreements must also be reserved, IE if agreement states that the other co-owner will receive basket then they will have to receive basket.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2010 1:02 pm
General Breeding FAQ's

Where do I enter for breedings?
Keep an eye on the Breeding subforum - slots generally open near the beginning of the month. Colorists will have their own thread here for entries when they're accepting couples.

Can I keep my soquili's babies?
You may keep up to one basket per breeding.

I don't have any friends to give my soquili's babies to!
-You can just return the baskets to the shop and we will choose someone to give them to. It will probably be a dedicated lurker or quester.

Wait, I'm confused. Do co-owned Soquili count for the limit?
-If you are a co-owner and entitled to a basket, then a couple counts against your entry limit.

I co-own a Soquili, but we have no co-own agreement. Does that mean my co-owner doesn't have to post permission?
-No. If there is no co-own agreement, it is assumed that the Soquili is completely co-owned in a 50-50 setup. Both co-owners must post permission for these Soquilis to be entered.

Ok, so who is the active owner of co-owned soqs with no agreements?
-The co-owners are both held accountable unless both clearly state that only one of them (an agreed on one) will be getting a basket.

My Elder only got 3 baskets from their breeding!
-Elders have the *possibility* of getting four baskets, it's not a guarantee.

My pair wasn't put in the category I signed them up for!
-This means one of two things. Check your post and make sure you entered them in the right categories; if you typed the wrong thing, they might have been put in the wrong thing. Additionally, rp entrants and rp contest entrants have their rp status checked; if your pair doesn't meet the requirements, they'll be moved.
Finally, it is also possible it was an honest mistake on the colorist's part. We're only human.

My pair isn't in the contest at all!
-If a pair is lacking permission, they aren't added to the contest until the permissions are all posted. If the permission doesn't make it before the deadline, the couple is out. Sorry!
-Otherwise, your pair might have been either your or the other owner's third pair. In this case, it was removed at the over-entered owner's discretion.

My soquili is homosexual. How can I get him or her to breed?
Since soquili is primarily a low magic setting, in order to produce offspring you need a male and a female soquili. A homosexual couple has the option of having one of the partner use a surrogate of the other gender, just like in real life.
In this case, one of the homosexual parents breeds with the opposite-gender surrogate, and the offspring are genetic children of the surrogate and the one homosexual parent. The owner of the surrogate has all the normal basket rights as a normal breeding. Soquili can of course also adopt baskets that aren't related to them at all. IC (In Character) arrangements are left entirely up to the parties involved.

When my soquili's baby grows to an adult..can my soquili mate with their own baby?
No, Soquili may not breed with family members, even ones customed into the family and later 'negated' from it.

NEW Previously only couples with no breedings could be Low Luck, did that change?
Yes - any couple who has entered in 20 or more breeding raffles together with no baskets is now Low Luck - those entries need not be consecutive months, and entering for more than one raffle in the same month counts (ex. entering three raffles in January unsucessfully would give you three LL "points" towards your twenty.)
If you win a breeding, and wish to start trying with the couple again, their "low luck" counter resets.

NEW Do I have to keep track of where my entries are for Low Luck?
Yes. Use your teepee, journal, MCCL post, or whatever other method you please, but we have to be able to verify your Low Luck status. It is your responsibility to track your own entries.

NEW What happens if I'm trying for a breeding with a friend's soquili, and they go MIA?
You MAY keep attempting to breed you pair, but if you win the breeding, you must honor your initial agreement with the other owner (ie, make sure that they receive a basket from the breeding if that is what the agreement was). Owners must wait one month before allocating baskets. All co-owner agreements must be followed as well.  


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PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2010 1:07 pm
Breeding Form
Please use the form in breeding slots, however please make sure to read over colorist rules in their thread.


[quote="Mothername x Fathername"]

Entry Code:
[code]Mothername (owners) x Fathername (owners)[/code]

[url=]UNCERT[/url] (optional: [url=]Nekkid[/url] | [url=]Markings[/url] | [url=]Feral[/url] (purewalker only) )
[b]pregnant stage:[/b] [url=]I have one already[/url] / I want one / No thanks

[url=]UNCERT[/url] (optional: [url=]Nekkid[/url] | [url=]Markings[/url] | [url=]Feral[/url] (purewalker only) )

[b]Co Ownership?:[/b] (List who isn't getting baskets, AND link to the co-ownership agreement)
[b]Teepees:[/b] (While this is not mandatory it would make our lives easier if you were able to post links to the teepees of the owners for easy stat checking later on.)

[b]Link to Breeding Agreement:[/b] [url=LINK][ X ][/url]
[color=white]---[/color][b]Lifemate?:[/b] Yes/No

[b]RP Approved?:[/b] Yes/No

[b]Low Luck?:[/b] Yes/No

[*] list of attempts

[b]Same Breed Variants:[/b] (Allows colorists to use templated wings/tails/horns other than the ones the parents have.)
[color=white]---[/color][b]Templates to Avoid:[/b] (If there are breed templates you'd like to avoid, post here. PLEASE NOTE: ONLY LIST TRAITS THE PARENTS THEMSELVES DO NOT HAVE.)

[b]Throwbacks?:[/b] (Saying yes gives the colorist a bit more freedom in the breeding. Throwbacks can come from previous generations from the parents, this mean grandparents/etc. For 1st gens this would mean mystery traits. NOTE: Just because you say yes doesn't mean you'll get throwback traits. It only gives the colorist the OK to play around. Nothing more. You also don't get to choose which throwback traits are picked.)
[color=white]---[/color][b]Link to previous Generations:[/b] (If said Yes to Throwbacks please link to all parents (and grandparents/etc) NOTE: LINKS ONLY. NO IMG TAGGING)[/quote]
Breeding Thickets

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