Ancient Egyptian has no vowels. Sshn (lotus) for example is usually turned into seshen. I am usually only putting words on the list where there is a more expertly be-vowel-ed version I've found and when I can find it in more than two places.

Sometimes there are words that change meaning depending on the 'glyph used in writing it (like in modern Chinese for example) or has several meanings (nefer = beautiful, beauty, good things, and more). Or there are several words for one thing (like big, large, huge etc. in English), so I'm going to list as many different ways to say something as I can.

DW name trends:
*No full god names unless obscure (ie. Renpet is a goddess but isn’t as famous as say, Bastet, so her name is ok).
*God names within names tend to come last (ie. Tutankhamun rather than Amuntutankh)
*Names are usually to do with relationships with family, the gods, looks or nature.
*The elements below can be combined to create MANY names.

Proper names of the some gods
Most gods are commonly called by their Greek/Roman name rather than their actual Egyptian name. Partly because the spelling of their Egyptian name varies so much, due to hieroglyphs not having vowels, so they use the Greek names as standard. But these are the real Egyptian names for Egyptian gods.

Anubis - Yinepu, Anpu (Royal Child)
Horus - Heru, Har, Hor (High, Above)
Bastet - Bast (Devouring Lady)
Thoth - Djehuty (Leader)
Hathor - Het-heret, Hethert, Het-Heru (House of Heru or House Above) <--- DO NOT USE ALONE, Hathor is ok but don't call a cub Hethert, Het-heret or Het-Heru
Isis - Aset, Auset, Ese, Iset (The Throne)
Mayet - Ma'at (Truth)
Nephthys - Nebt-Het, Nebet-Het (Mistress of the House)
Neith - Nit, Net (meaning unclear)
Osiris - Ausar, Wesir (He sees the throne)
Sachmis - Sekhmet (Powerful female)
Seth - Set, Sutekh (meaning unclear, likely Dazzles)
Sirius - Sopdet (The Skilled Female)
Suchos - Sebek, Sobek (Watch over you)
Thoueris - Taweret, Tau-Urt (Great Female of the Land)

Full Names Males (many taken from early Pharaohs/gods)
Anedjib - safe is his heart
Neferkare - beautiful is the Ka of Re
Sekhemib - powerful in heart
Sekhemkhet - powerful in body
Sanakhte or Sanakht - strong protection
Huni - the smiter
Menkaure - eternal are the souls of Ra
Menkauhor - eternal are the souls of Horus
Menkheperra - enternal are the manifestations of Ra
Shepseska - noble soul
Niuserra or Nyuserra- possessed of Ra´s power
Djedkare - the soul of Re endureth
Akerhotep - Aker is satisfied
Rahotep - Ra is satisfied
Sahu – hidden one/ the incorruptible soul
Sa - guard, protect
Adjo - treasure
Irsu - self made man, he who made himself
Tuamutef/Duanmutef - praises his mother
Nedjitef - saviour of his father
Imset - kindly one
Khonsu - traveller
Sah - buried one
Qebshenef - cooling his brother (with cold water)
Sokar - adorned one

Full Names Female (Mostly taken from lesser known goddess or queens)
Anuket - embracer
Mafdet - runner
Wenet - swift one
Pakhet - tearer, she who scratches, claws
Seqet - she who breathes
Renenet - she who gives the name
Maahes - true before her
Anuket - embracing lady
Renpet – a year
Meskhenet - birthing place (NOT "destiny", which baby name site will tell you)
Amentet – she of the west
Anuket - embrace
Qebeshu or Kebeshu – cold water
Nesertib – heart of fire
Irisi – fashioned by Isis
Mekety – protector
Shenherret – eternal flower
M’katau – charms, amulets
Mekhaut – shelters in the river
Netikherty - she who is excellent

A'abat - provided with
A'adjen - safe in
A'at – the great one
A'a – eldest or great, greatest or a mound of ruins
A'nekh – life
A'nen/Anen - return to, go back to
A'q – enter
A'wy/A'wey - two arms
A' – arm (plural A’wey)
Aaatji – fly away, rise up
Aabt - oppression
Aabt – food, offerings
Aab – pleasing, desirable (of a person)
Aad – pale
Aaj – fire glow
Aakhu-t – beneficial things, blessings
Aakhu – enchantments
Aasha - the crier
Aat - the great one
Aat – great (thing)
Aau/Aaw – (part of) a temple
Aau – greatly or flutter of the heart
Aba-ra/Abara – with wise advice, with wise council
Abab – to be in awe, enchanted by, delighted by
Aba – bring, serve, send, sent or shine, light
Abb – mute
Abed – month, monthly, new moon
Abi – desire, wish for
Abkh – link arms
Abkh – unite, mix, link, mingle, be merged
Abt/Abet - family
Abtu - the gateway where the sun/souls enter the underworld
Abt – family, household
Abt – family or brand
Abu/Abw - ivory
Aby-Sma - leopard
Aby - leopard
Aby-mh – cheetah (can be meh)
Aby/Abi/Abj – panther, black leopard (source of cheetah/leopard so varients carry over)
Adt/Adet – prepare (a sleeping place)
Adu – aggressor
Ad – be safe
Ad – be savage, aggressive, angry, attack
Afa - greedily
Afay – sweet clover
Afa – gluttony, glutton
Afi/Afj – catch (fishing or hunting)
Afjj/Afii – warmth, heat
Afy – bee, honey bee
Ahat – female warrior or warriors
Ahau – lifetime
Ahau – moment in time
Aha – fight
Aha – to rise, to stand up or to struggle, to fight, fighting, fighter
Aha – warrior
Aha’a - to wage war
Ahii/Ahjj – the wave of the indunation
Ahmt – sorrow
Ahru/Ahrw – council of gods
Aht – field (ahit/ahjt plural)
Aht – field, arable land, fertile earth (plural Ahut/Ahwt)
Ahu – pain, trouble, misery
Ahy – descend or flood
Ah – palace
Aiu/Aiw - windy
Ajt-hr/Atjhr – shy, shyness
Aken - spirit
Akh - effectiveness (in keeping the order/justice of ma'at), beneficial, useful
Akhakh – grow green (of plants), grow well
Akhat – scratch, scar, mark
Akha – scratch, scrape, carve, engrave
Akhb – swallow (as in eat)
Akhem – aggression
Akhen – in the service of/ is useful to
Akhetyu – horizon dwellers, people of the horizon
Akhety – horizon dweller, belongs to the horizon
Akhet – horizon
Akhfakhf – fiery of eye
Akhf – fever of appetite, ferocious hunger
Akhi/Akhah-t - reed
Akht – inundation season, season of the river flood
Akht – that which is good, beneficial
Akhu - an effective deed (that helps keep the order/justice of ma'at)
Akhu – sunshine, sunlight
Akhyt – flying
Akh – spirit, spirit-state, become a spirit
Akila – intelligent, clear of mind
Aki – to enter
Akyt - servant girl, maid (lit. “the entering one”)
Ak – bend (root of the name of the god Aker, meaning bender)
Amam - place with water in, well
Ama – perching bird
Ammt – seize, grasp
Ams-ib/Ams-jb – are please
Amu/Amw – glow or burn
Am – burn, burn up
Andu/Andw – dawn of, start of
Anedj – safe
Aneksi - she belongs to me
Ankhdjet – living forever
Ankhefen - lives for
Ankhesen – living through or life belongs to
Ankhu – the living
Ankh – living, life, the symbol of life, living person, to swear an oath, to make a vow, mirror
Anty - claws
Antyu - myrrh
Antyw - myrrh
Ant – ring (gold)
An – beautiful, bright of face, magnificent
Apedemek – lord of royal power
Aped – bird
Apet/Ipet - earth, land, favoured place
Apru – jewellery
Aq-ib – intimate friend
Aqa - dance
Aqa-ib – straight forward
Aqati - use correctly
Aqa – precise, accurate, straight dealing, straight forwardness
Aqem - to be mournful or shield, defend
Aqenen - is great
Aqer – understanding
Aqheret - comes face to face with
Aqu/Aqw – ruin, misfortune
Aq – perish, come to grief
Ar - to create, or, writing tablet
Arq-ib – cleverness, intelligence, quickness
Art – headscarf, headdress
Aryt – staff (of wood)
Ar – drive away, oppress
As - wind, breath
Asat – many people, multitude
Asa – many, numerous, much, plentiful, ordinary, often
Asb/Aseb – fierce, glowing (of radience/light)
Asbyu/Asebyu – flames, glowing (can end in the plural w rather than u)
Asha - many, abundant
Ashayt - she possessed abundance
Ashru/Ishru - temple lake
Ash – to call out, to cry, to invoke
Askh - harvest
Askh – reap
Asrt – heavens, sky
At/ab - father
Atep - fate
Atf/Atef – be crowned
Atf – perfumes
Ati - king, prince, chief
Atsu – twin
Atyt – nanny, nurse or wet nurse
At – an instance
At – striking power or an instant
At – time or power
Au-Ibek - may your heart be pleased (Au Ibetj for females)
Au/Aw – long, lengthy (of space or time)
Auh/Awh – do violence
Aui-ib/Awi-ib – to please, to be merry
Aunnu - next, abode, home
Aur/Awr – tremble
Aus/Aws – spices
Aut-a/Awt-a – gift
Aut-ib/Awt-ib – happiness or amulet or myrrh
Aut/Awt – gifts, food
Aut/awt – offering or alter or temple chamber
Aux/Awx – serve
Auy/Awy – extend (an arm), present (someone), announce (someone’s prescence), arouse
Au – long or pleased
Awi – to support
A’adj - safe
A’an – to be kind
A’aseh – great in council
A’ash – to summon, summoned
A’a’ew – sleep
A’nekh – live, life
A’nen – turn back, return, come back, bring back
A’q – enter
Ba - part of the soul, the part that is eternal
Babaja – precious stone
Babat – stream
Bahi – have abundance, be well supplied, be plentiful
Baht – good luck, fortune
Bah – abundance
Bah – presence
Bai - owns
Bak-t – gift, tribute
Bak/Bek – hand servant (Baket for females).
Bakhu - the eastern mountain that holds up the sky and is where the sun rises or the eastern one
Bakh – come up (sun)
Bakh – to bear, to give birth to
Baq – to be dazzled by
Bareka – to bless
Bener – sweet, pleasant, pleasing, nice, kind, loving
Betek – guide
Bew – a place (precedes a noun, masculine)
Biait/Biayt –a miracle, marvel or a marvelous person
Biai – wonder at, marvel at
Biau – a wonder, a marvel
Biay – made of copper or iron
Bia – copper or iron
Bik – falcon
Bik – falcon (Bikt, female falcon)
Bin - bad, evil (Binet for females, Bineu for plural)
Bitu - (good) character
Bit – honey or bee
Biu – wasp
Bjat – sandstone or character or astonishment
Bkh – shine, glow, glisten
Brrj – wood (material)
Bu-Ma’at – justice
Bua - to be great OR a word for chief, lord, mighty one
Bua – elegance
Bu – place
Chet – place (feminine, singular)
Debeh - asking (for something)
Dedhe – trouble
Den – who strikes
Derep - offer
Deretey – hands (lit. two hands)
Des - knife, sharp, blade
Desher – red
Deshret – desert (lit. “the red land” & a place on the DW map)
Di - gifted with (ie. Diwadju, 'gifted with happiness')
Diankh – given life, granted life
Di – gifted with, given
Dja/Djai – to take across, to cross
Djam – electron (it’s an alloy of silver mixed with gold)
Djaut – because of
Djeba - ten thousand or to restore
Djed - stability, stable or to say, to speak
Djedef - enduring
Djedet - everlasting
Djeret – hand (can be used for paw)
Djernetet - because of
Djer – who succours (ie. Ra Djer, “Ra who succours”)
Djeser - to make free, to separate
Djesi - called by
Djeterneheh – forever and always
Djet – forever
Djoser - holy
Dju - mountain
Duat or Tuat - land of the dead
Duau or Dwaw - tomorrow (also one of the names of the two lions who make up Aker)
Dua – to rise early, dawn, morning, tomorrow (“in the morning”), praise, worship, honour, thank
Ef/If - suffix meaning his
Ef – suffix meaning he, his
Ek - suffix meaning your, yours
Ekeni – near
Ek – suffix meaning you, your (male)
Em/Im/In – from or in or is or with or through or during
Embah/Em-bah - in the presence of
Emem – amidst
Emheset - to be in favour with
Emhotep/Imhotep - in peace, in contentment
Emiti - is my father
Emmut – is my mother
Emnisu - is king
Emnisut - is queen
En - suffix making the phrase past tense
Endi – suffix meaning is here
Enkhjenu – in (inside)
Ensep - never
En – suffix, ours, us
En – to, for (for a person)
Erher – up
Erta - establish oneself
Er – to, into, towards or in respect of
Es/Is - suffix meaning hers
Etj - suffix meaning you, yours (females)
Fai – carry, support, present
Faj – carrier or balancer
Fau – slendor
Fayt – reward
Fen - weak
Feqa – payment
Gem/Gemi – to find
Geneutet/Genewtet – sculptor (female)
Geneutey/Genewtey – sculptor
Ger - to be quiet, to be silent, to cease
Gereg – founder of (not to be mistaken with Geregu, meaning lies)
Gereh - night
Gerut - to be silent
Ger – to be quite, be silent
Gesi - run to ____ (place)
Ha/Hai – to descend
Haa – to rejoice
Hab - send
Hab – to send
Hai - expression of joy, jubilation
Haitey – mourner
Hathi – rain storm, rain clouds
Hatu – cave, cavern
Hat – start, beginning, front, at the head
Hau – wealth, property
Hay – energetic, powerful
Heb - jubilation
Heb-ka - the festival
Heb-t - stream
Heb-t – stream, floodwaters
********* – to cover
Hebny – ebony
Hedeb – overthrows
Hededyt – the white (female title)
Hedj – white, bright, silver
Hefen – hundred thousand
Heh - a million or more than a million, too much to be counted
Heh - literally 'unending time', meaning eternity (Hehet for females)
Hehi - seeks
Heka – literally ‘using Ka (part of the soul), authoritive speech, kind of like magic
Heken - gift (to a god)
Hemhem – a war cry
Hemsi – sit, dwell, live (somewhere)
Hem – servant or majesty
Hena - together with
Heni/hni – cane, plant, herb, grass
Henku - gift
Henut - another word for mistress or to adore, to praise
Henu – jubilant shouts or a worshipful gesture or to be together with
Hen – to be joyous, to be jubilant
Hepet – embrace
Hepu - laws
Heqa – ruler or sceptre, Heqet if female (name of minor goddess)
Herew/Hereu/Heru - day
Heriu – faces
Herret/hereret – flower
Herset/herest – sadness
Hery - above, over, on or content or keeper (Heret for females / female plural, Heru for male plural).
Herytep - superior
Her – to take care of, to protect or be above, in the sky or over
Hes/Hesi – to praise
Hesep – garden
Heset – favour, praise, flattery
Heset – food
Hesmen – amethyst
Hes – freeze
Het/Hwt - house or sadness
Hetau - breath of air, breathing, light winds
Hetem - throne
Hetepet - a kind of offering
Hetib - sorrow (lit. sadness of the heart)
Hetmet - feast, festival
Hey - hail, call to
Hfau - serpent
Hi – husband
Hmt – art, artisan
Hotep - be pleased, satisfied, at peace, content, gracious, calm, resting
Hotepet – offerings
Hsi - wild one
Hua – abundance
Huh - endlessness , add a -et to the end if female
Huit – rain
Hui – illumination, light
Hu – eloquence, good speech
Hy – husband
Iaau/Iaaw – cover, cover up, hide
Iaayt – reeds, rushes
Iab- the east (Iabet for females).
Iabety - eastern, belonging to the east
Iabt – the east wind
Iabu/Iabw – great cat
Iadt – dew, light rain
Iah – the moon, the moon disk
Iai – adore or wash
Iai – wash
Iakhu/Iakhw – radiance (as a god)
Iam - gracious
Ian/Iah/Ah – the literal moon disk
Ianu/Ianw – greeting
Ian – baboon
Iaq – leap, leaping
Iaret - cobra
Iarr – be dim of eye, be weak of heart
Iart – abode (of a god)
Iart – lock of hair, lock of fur
Ias – call, summon
Ias – to cry out
Iat – back, spine or mound, ruin or standard (as in a flag, cult object)
Iau/Iaw – adoration or cattle
Iaut/Iawt – herds, herds of prey, herds of cattle
Ia – ascend, arise
Ia – word of praise (plural is Iau) or old age
Ib/ab – heart or refuge
Ibeh - tooth
Ibh – tooth
Ibid - pale
Ibi – be thirsty, thirst after (something)
Ibu/Ibw – refuge, shelter
Ib – heart, mind, understanding, will, desire, mood, wish, think, suppose, feel
Ib – to think, to imagine
Idhu/Idhw – marshes
Idhy – marsh-man (Idhet for females)
Idnu/Idnw – deputy
Idn – lieutenant, serving under a commander
Id – boy
Ihbu/Ihbw – ritual dancer
Ihb – dancing ritual
Ihehy - jubilation
Ihey – music
Ihhy – a festival
Ihhy – rejoicing
Iiti – hello
Iiwy/Ii-wy - welcome
Ii – come to, return
Ii – to come
Ikem - shielded
Iker – capable, vigilant
Ikhi – to male flourish
Ikhkhu/Ikhkhw – twilight, dusk
Ikhmt – bank of the river
Ikn – to draw water (from a well)
Ikuat - way, road, path
Ima - charmer
Ima-ib – liked
Imahr – gracious, gracious natured
Imakhu - respectable ones
Imakhy – be honoured
Imakh – honour, veneration (Imakht for females)
Imakh – respectability, proper
Imat – charm
Imat – charm, kindliness, graciousness or favour towards someone
Imau/Imaw – brilliance, splendor
Ima – charming, gentle, kind
Imentu – the dead, literally “the western ones”.
Imenty – western, everything that is western or concerns the dead
Iment – the west
Imi - desire
Imiib - literally “heart's desire”, used to mean darling, dear one
Imiuti/Imiwtu – between, among
Imn/Imen - hidden, hidden from sight (source of the god name Amun)
Imnty – the west wind
Imnt – secret place
Imnyt – daily offerings
Imn – hidden
Imn – hidden, secret, concealed
Ims-ib/Imsib – kindly disposed, pleasant natured
Imy - he who is in (Imyt for females / female plural, Imu for male plural)
Imy-ib – favourite
Imybah – before (someome), audience with (someone)
Imyhru/Imyhrw – sentry, one who is on watch
Imykht – who attends, bodyguard of, looks after
Imysa – attendant
Imysta – acolyte, helper
Imytu - between
Imytu/Imytw – between, in the midst of
Imyt – pigment, shade, colour, paint
Imy – who is in, which is in or belongs to me
Im – there
In/Ini – to bring, to fetch
Ineb – wall
Inen - we
Inet – bringer or valley (ie. Nebeminet, "gold in the valley")
Inhast – lotus leaf
Inh – surround, enclose or embrace
Ink – I am, belonging to me, of me
Inm – skin
Inm – skin or colours/complexion of skin or the hues of the sky
Inn – we
Inpu/Inpw – royal child
Inq – unite, collect together, gather
Inr – rock, stone block
Inr – stone, rock
Inty – linger
Inu – tribute
Inyt – refrain (of a song), melody (?)
Iny – hair
In – because of (a reason) or by (a person)
Ip-det – to collect your wits, recover your senses
Iptut/Iptwt – this, these
Iputeb - message
Iputy - messenger
Ipy – nurse, midwife
Ip – count, reckon, detail, examine, recognize, set in order, assemble, organize
Ip – inspect, investigate, study, count
Iqret - excellent
Iqr – trustworthy, skillful, excellent, superior
Iren/Ir-en – made by, created by
Iret/Irt – duty, use, purpose
Iret – eye (plural Iretey – eyes)
Irihhy – to rejoice
Iri – companion (Irit for females) or make, construct, beget, achieve
Irtet – milk
Irtyu – blue
Iry - keeper, owner, manager
Iry - or he who is from ___ or belonging to ___(Irt for female / female pural, Iru for male plural)
Iryaa – door keeper
Iryat – hall keeper
Iry – keeper
Ir – to make, to create something, to do something
Is-ib/isib - lighthearted
Isatt – to tremble, to hover like a bird, to hesitate
Isfet - disorder, chaos, baaaaad stuff (opposite of Ma'at)
Ishte - change
Ishteb - changer
Isnn – warcry
Isp – hew, cut
Isr – tamarisk tree
Isu/Isw – reward or reeds
Isu/isw – rushes, grass, plant
Isut - most selected, most chosen
Is – light (in weight)
Is – tomb, grave
Itaa – one who knows ____
Iten – solar disk
Iteru/Iterw – river, great river
Ites/Itites- her father (
Iti – suffix for lady or lady of (ie. Nerferiti, “beautiful lady”)
Itja - thief
Itj – to take something (with them)
Itn - orb, sphere, circle
Itru – waters
Itu – forefathers
Ity - sovereign
Ity – sovereign, monarch
It – father or dew
Iu/Iw – is, are
Iuau/Iwawa – heir (Iuat/Iwat for females)
Iuayt/Iwayt – female representative
Iua – cattle, ox, preybeast (plural Iuau)
Iua – succeed, inherit from, an inheritance or heritage
Iud/Iwd – separate (one thing from another)
Iuen/Iuwn - colour
Iuh/Iwh – moisten, water, flood
Iuit/Iwit – evil doing
Iuiu/Iwawa – dog
Iunn/Iwnn – sanctuary
Iunyt – pillared hall
Iun – colour, complexion or nature, disposition or pillar
Iun – pillar, column
Iur/Iwr – conceive, become pregnant
Iusu – balance, balance of forces, balance of scales
Iuyt/Iwyt – house, den, private place
Iu – welcome
Iy - here comes
Iyi – to come to, to go to
Iyt – mishap, trouble
I – suffix meaning I, my
Jaju/Jajw - plait
Jar – jewel or gem (in unpolished raw state)
Jban - sleep
Jbau/Jbaw – dances
Jba – dancer (Jbat for females)
Jb – hide, give shelter
Jhb – dance song
Jmakh – became
Jmat – beauty, kindness
Jmau/Jmaw – brilliance (of the sun)
Jnm – oak
Jst – property, possession
Jtnu/Jtnw – ashes, charr
Jua/Jwa – are pleased
Just/Jswt – cedar wood, cedar tree
Kai - exhaulted or held above
Kam/Akam/Ikem – shield
Kapet - a prized incense/perfume
Kar - shrine
Kara - skins, hides
Katawy - handiwork of
Kat – work
Kau/kaw - pure
Kaut - altar
Ka – part of the soul, the personality
Kebech - to purify, to liberate (Kebechet if female)
Kebh - to purify
Ked – to build
Kefa – capture
Kefet - trustworthy
Keftey – enemy
Keku – of darkness (of Kek)
Kek – darkness, a god who personifies darkness (Kauket/Keket if female)
Kem/Kemu – black or fertile
Kema - to create
Kenemut – obscurity
Kenh – darkness, gloom, night
Kerek - fruit used in medicine
Keres - bury
Key – other, another (Ket for females, goes before noun)
Kha-t – storm
Khaa’ – throw
Khabas – space, galaxy
Khaem – appearing like
Khaf/khef - raised up by, raised up like
Khaibit - shadows
Khai – to rise like the sun, to appear in glory, to rise in glory
Khakh – hasten
Khakh – to seek, to run after or swift
Khann - tempest, violent weather
Khanu - most scared place in a building, innermost shrine
Khan – dweller in
Khasekhem - a power that appeared
Khasut – the untamed desert, the wildest places
Khat – thing, things, the physical body tree, wood
Khau - thousands
Kha – manifestation, appearance or a thousand
Kha’m/Khaim – to hasten, haste
Khbi – to dance
Khedi – to sail downstream, to float downstream
Khefer – to hang on to something, to not let go of something
Khefet - in accordance with
Khemnet – eight
Khemt – three
Khem – to not know, to be ignorant of
Khen - to approach someone
Khenemet – one who is joined with ____
Khenem – to gladden, to cheer
Khenes - to cross, to travel
Khenet – yellow
Kheni – to enter
Khenmes – friend (Khenemset for females)
Khenmet - to delight, to gladden or the gem red jasper
Khenteshibem - _____ is delighted
Khentet – lower
Khenti – shrine, sanctuary
Khentu – travel southward, male southern traveler (Khentet for females)
Khenty - he who stands in front, he who is before, foremost (Khetet for females / female pural, Khentu for male plural)
Khent – temple garden
Khenu –dwelling place, a den, a resting place
Kheper - manifestation(s)
Khepesj – force, strong arm, forepaw
Khepet – to die (violently), death
Khered – child
Kherepu – conjurer
Kherep – leader
Kheret-heru – the course of a day
Kheretib – heart’s desire
Khere – of combat
Kheru/kharu – speech, voice
Kheryt - fountain
Kher – near or under
Khesbed/Khesbedj - Lapis lazuli, the gem or blue
Khesfeu/Khesfew – to sail upstream, to float upstream
Khet - fire, flame, heat, lamp, brazier
Khetem – to shut out, to stop, to cut off
Khewed - rich
Khjenem – to ally with, to join with, to unify (Khjenmet for females)
Khjery - he who is with, he who is under (Khjeret for females / female plural, Khjeru for male plural)
Khjer – under, with
Khkr/Khakr – ornament or to decorate, to adorn
Khnem - to build, to create, to join together, embrace, hug
Khnumt - joined with
Khrep – to lead
Khufu - protects me
Khui – to protect
Khukha – seed
Khu – bold, boldness, protector
Khu – protected
Kit - shout of acclamation
Ksi - bow down to, worship
M'ka-t - scales (to measure with)
M'kaa-t - the great scales in the underworld where souls are judged good or bad
M'khai - to measure
M-ek – Look! (exclamation at start of sentence)
Ma'a-em/Ma'a-en - rightly belong to
Ma'at – truth, balance, justice and harmony, creation rather than uncreation, opposite of chaos, the principle they all live by
Ma-a – to offer, to guide or to be true, correct, real
Maa-n – look at
Maa-r – look toward, take care of, heed
Maab - seer
Maau – breeze
Maayib – seeing into the heart
Maa – to see
Maa’et – truth, belonging to Ma’at
Maa’ – true, loyal
Mai – the standing lion ‘glyph, means lion
Mama - fountain, spring
Manu - the western mountain, holds up sky, sun sets here
Mar - flourishing
Mar – successful, fortunate (Maret for females)
Mater/Meter – to watch, to bear witness
Mau/Maw – new
Maut – rays of light or a spear or something new
Mauy – new, renewed
Mau – aspect, appearance
Mbia – no
Mduty – talker, speaker
Mdu – speak to someone, address someone
Medes - alert
Medet – words
Medjat – message
Medjed - fifteen
Medju – ten
Mefkat - turquoise
Mehet - north
Meheu – upper
Mehi – forget
Mehu – lower
Mehwet - family
Mehyt - papyrus plant or the flood
Meket – behold, look at
Mekhir - victory
Mekhnemt – carnelian, red gem
Mekkha – guarded and protected (by ____)
Men - another word for eternal, lit. 'will continue', his or recorded, permanent
Menab/Menib - firm of heart, bold, brave, heart will go on
Menekh – splendor
Menet - souls (plural)
Menkhu - benefactor
Menkh – give shape to or to be excellent
Menu – royal gift, royal tribute
Mer - love
Meref – he is loved by
Meren/Mere- beloved of
Meres – she is loved by
Merhet – oil, ointment
Merut – wish, desire, want
Mery/Meri – loved by (Meryt/Merit for females, Meru for plural)
Mes - child
Mes-en/mesu/mose –child of, born of
Mesdemt – black eye paint
Mesedjer - hearing, to hear, to listen
Mesedj – hate, dislike
Mesha - army
Meshaut - weapon of or warrior of
Meshen - turn backwards, reverse
Mesyt – first festival
Met-t - right, exact
Metcha-t - a measure
Metey – right, correct
Metit/Meti-t – the middle
Metu/Metru - right, correct, orderly, exact
Metu – word, plural Metut
Mety – precise
Meu/Mew – water
Mezaen - presented to or presented by
Mga – young warrior
Mhaw – flax, flaxen
Mhi – take thought, ponder on
Mhn – coil of a serpent, coiled
Mhy – guardian
Min-Maut – anew this day
Min – today
Mis – to strike out
Mit/Mut - to die, death (peacefully)
Mitiu – another word for the dead
Mity – peer, equal
Miu – cat (Miut or Ta-Miu if female)
Mi – come!
Mi – like, as, similar to or owl
Mkh - respect
Mkhat - balance
Msa – bring away goods or extend a hand or take aim
Munef - the watcher
Mut – mother or vulture
Muu - dancer (funeral dancer)
Naa - be smooth
Naanu - one of the words for beautiful, flawless
Nai - carries
Nakht - strong, strength glory
Na – no nor not
Neba – flame
Nebtep – champion (Nebet-tep for females)
Nebu/Nebw or Nub – gold
Neb – all, every (Nebet for female, Nebeu for plural, Nebuet for female plural).
Neb – lord, master
Ned - protect
Nedeb - protector
Nedj - asking (a question) or to save something
Nedjem – sweet in scent, pleasant, pleasing, well, healthy
Nedjes – youngest, smallest, littlest, weak
Nedjmet - lovely
Nedj – ask (a question) or to protect
Nefer/Nofer – good, beautiful, handsome (Neferu for plural, Nefret can be used for female singular)
Neferu – the beauties (or other good quality) of
Nefer – beautiful, fair, good or fine quality, happy, well, lawful, perfect, comepleteness, kind, happy, good luck – all the good things!
Nefreu – beauty
Neftenankh - breath of life
Nehait – flowers, wreaths
Neheb – uniter, one who unites
Nehem – bud, flower
Neheti - my shelter
Nehet – shelter or tree
Nehuen - protected by ____
Nekht - mighty
Nekhtet – victory
Nekh – defend
Nemhet – is foremost
Nemtet – formal journey, formal way of walking, procession
Nenem – to make a mistake
Neret - vulture
Neser(t)/Usert – fire, flame
Neshny - rage
Neshnyt - sand storm
Nesitanebet - belonging to the lady of
Netef - he/it, Netes (female)
Netek - you, Netet (female)
Netjer - god
Netjerhem – servant of god
Netjeri – sort of little gods, nature and animal spirits
Netjert - goddess
Netjeru – plural gods
Netsen - they
Netten - you (plural)
Nety - who, which (person)
Net – of
Neued/Newed - perfume, ointment
Neu – time
Ne – of
Nieutey – citizen (Nieutet for females)
Niewtey - citizen
Nis - call, invoke
Niuser/Nyuser – possessing the power of, possessing the strength of
Ni – to belong to, to be possessed by or to own
Nuheb-t – a kind of flower, lily
Nuhe – sycamore (Nuhet or Nuhat for females)
Nun - the water of chaos from before time began, literally 'watery expanse' (Nunet for female)
Ny – like
Ouahe – dwelling place, possibly oasis
Ouih – dwells in
Paat-t - wood, bark used in medicine
Padjaimweru - great ones provide for me
Padji/Pa-dji - He who was given by
Pagyt – a shell (ie. on a turtle), a skull
Pait - seeds used in medicine
Paj – go after
Pakh - to attack
Pakhar - to go about, to run
Pasebakh - shining star
Pasebakhaem – the shining star appears in ____
Pasheri/ Pa-sheri - Junior (male)
Pashhedu - shining one
Pat – prehistoric times, the distant past
Payma'a - one who ___ guides
Pay – this one (male)
Pa – to be, exist
Ped – smoke
Pehtey – strength
Pehu - swamp, lowland, flood plain
Pehwey – the end (of something)
Pekha-ib - glandess
Pekhar – to revolve, to go around, to encircle or a complete journey
Pekhpekh - tempest
Pekhret – remedy
Pekhty - strength of ______
Pen - belongs to or this one
Peq - gap in the mountains
Peret – procession during a festival
Peri – go out, leave, go away
Per – house
Pesdjentiu – new moon festival
Pesedjet – nine
Peseh – bite
Pesh - to spread wings, to fly
Peshen - to separate from
Pet - sky
Petekh - overthrow
Peter – to see or behold
Pet – heavens, sky
Pi - one (person) or domain
Pshai – beneficent spirit
Qaa - by, near to
Qait – exalted, held up
Qebui - the north wind, icy winds
Qed – architect, designer (Qedet for females) or edified one
Qeni - speaks powerfull
Qera - rain shower
Ra/Re – day, sun (the literal words that are deified as the god Ra)
Rea’khet – battle
Redi – give, to give
Redjy - given by
Red – foot (plural Redwey, feet)
Rehkyt – people (symbol is a lapwing)
Rek - period of time
Rekeh - burning
Rekh – to gain knowledge, understanding or to study or wisdom or to become acquainted with
Renpet – year
Ren – name
Repa - young
Res - south
Reshi/resha– to rejoice
Reshuet/Reshwet – joy
Resh – gladness
Resh – happy, joyful
Resuet/Reswet – dream (as in asleep, not ambition)
Resy - southern, belong to the south
Rewi – leave, to go
Re’a’khet – battle
Rudj – hard, durable, strong, rooted or growth, growing
Rutu - shoots of a plant, growing young plant
Ru – the sitting lion ‘glyph, means lion
Sa-a – to make something important, to make great, to promote
Sa - protection
Sa/se/si – son
Saa –advance
Sab – jackal
Saeu/Saew - guard
Sahu – he who is close to or strider
Sai – to wait for
Sak - collect
Sakir - reward
Samen - establish
Sankhy - vivifies
Sankh – to make ____ live
Saqyt/Aqyt - grief
Sar - need
Saret - wisdom
Saset – runner
Sashati - escorts me
Sat/Sit/Set – daughter
Sau - rarer word for gold, possibly meaning tawny
Sayi - awaits me
Sa – protection or quick, fast
Seankhhibu - Nourisher of ____
Sebayet – a lesson
Seba – door portal or star or to teach, teacher, to learn, student
Sebetj - laugh
Sebi – rebel
Sebkhet – gateway
Sedja – to travel, to leave a place
Sedjeb – to restore
Sedjem – to hear, to listen
Sedjen – to obey
Sedjer - sleep
Sedjret – wake, to wake up
Sef - yesterday (also one of the two lions of Aker)
Sefekh - seven
Sef – mercy, to be merciful
Seger - quietness or silence itself
Segereh - to quieten, to pacify, to calm, to soothe
Seher – he who brings peace to
Sehetep - he who pacifies
Sehetep/sehotep – to satisfy, to make content
Sehotepetib - she who pacifies the heart
Seh – hall or advice
Sekebeh - to calm, to revitalize, to refresh
Seken – to hit
Seken – to lust after
Sekha – remember
Sekhed - upside down
Sekhem – force, control, power
Sekhem – power, might
Sekher – to strike down, to fight off or a plan, counsel
Sekhet - one who strikes or meadow, field
Sekhsef - to keep at a distance, to keep away
Sekhtey – weaver (Sekhtet for females)
Sema - uniter
Semareti - made fortunate by
Semed – image
Semenhepu – who establishes the laws
Semerkhet – thoughtful friend
Semsu – first born, most senior, eldest
Senakhten – gives strength
Senebti/Senebty - farewell, goodbye (lit. “may you be well”)
Seneb – health, healthy, to be secure, safe from harm, to recover
Seneferen – cause to be beautiful
Senenmut - mother's brother, uncle
Senet - personal shrine
Senet – sister, companion, female lover, husband, a female equal
Senneu/Sennew – second
Sensen – to fraternize, to associate with
Sensy - praise, complement
Sentjer – incense
Senu - the two
Senu/Senui - two
Senu – brothers and sisters, siblings, companions, lovers, equals
Sen – as a suffix, they, theirs
Sen – brother, companion, male lover, husband, an equal
Sen – then
Sep – action
Seqenen – who strikes like
Serekh – throne
Serpat – lily pad, the lily leaf
Sershet – orderer, dispels chaos
Ser – to order, to arrange
Ses - scribe or to write
Seseb - writer
Sesfi - ashes
Seshat – writing
Seshem - guide, lead
Seshen – lotus, water lily
Sesheshet - placation
Seshmu – guide
Seshnet – web
Sesh – scribe (Seshet for females)
Sesh – to write
Sesjta – secret
Sesjta – secrets
Ses – thief, plunderer
Set-a – ability, skillfulness
Set-ib - affection, intimacy, lit. 'place of the heart'
Set-kheret-ib - confidence, trustworthiness
Seta/Set-a – skillfulness
Setepen – chosen by (ie. Setepenra, “chosen by Ra”)
Setep – making a choice, choosing
Setes -stablising staff, helper
Setib/Set-ib – affection, intimacy (lit. ‘place of the heart’)
Setjy – smell, scent
Setken - to dazzle
Setkheretib – trust, confidence
Setut - resemblance
Setut – resembling, resemblence
Set – woman, female or a place, a position
Seu/Sew – him
Seuneu/Sewnew/Seunu – physician, doctor, healer (Seuneuet for females)
Seuseren - causes to be strong
Sewadjen - causes to flourish
Sewedj - bequeath
Sewetwet - to walk, walking
Sey – her
Se – man
Sha/Shau – flower, flowering bud
Shai - luck or fortune
Shai - that which is ordained, fate, god of fate (Shait for females)
Sharma – peace
Shay - sand
Shayi - sent by
She - pool (of water)
Sheb – kind of offering
Shedi – to read, reading
Shed – rescuer, saviour
Shemau – upper
Shema’eu – lower
Shemem – warmth, heat
Shemes - to follow
Shemi - walks with me or to send out
Shemsety - eldest sister
Shemsu - follower or faithful (Shemsut for females)
Shems – follows, following
Shem – walking
Sheney - hair, fur
Shen – infinity - the royal "cartouche" - never ending circle, a ring
Shepses – a noble (Shepsut for females)
Shepses – noble, richness, wealth, dignity
Shepset - honourable or noble
Shepsi – to be noble
Shepu - blind, can't see
Shery - younger (male)
Sher – small in size
Shesep-ankh - living image (Egyptian word for “sphinxes”)
Shesep – to live or take
Shesmu - executioner
Shes – nomad (plural Shesu) or Egyptian alabaster, pale soft stone
Sheta – secret or tortoise
Shet – a hundred
Sheut – the Shadow of a person, part of the soul
Shuit - creature
Shum - to be free from
Shut - truth, the feather glyph
Shuwyt - shadow of, image of, imitation of
Sia – wisdom, perception, to understand
Sihu – spell, enchantment, charm
Sih – to arrive
Sin – clay, earth
Sipen - destined to, counted by, claimed as one of
Siwyen - announce to
Skhen- seeker
Sma - join together, unite
Smau - musician, singer (Smayet for females)
Sobeq – precious
Sopdu - skilled male (Sopdet for females, name of star goddess)
Soped – to be effective, to be skilled, to be clever or sharp (pointy)
Spi - bind together
Sua/Swa – to cross, to pass over, to pass through
Suab/Swab – to decorate
Suet - yes, do
Suteni - to rule
Su – bulrush, sedge, reed plant
Swenet - trade
Sy - what, which (thing)
Ta'ankhet - the one _____ provides for
Ta-Temu - all the people inhabiting a country
Ta - female prefix/suffix or the
Tabau - power, glory
Tadagyter - this one beholds
Tadjipa/Ta-dji-pa - She who was given by
Taem - she who is in
Tahai – behind, supports
Takhau - appearance in glory,
Tanebet - lordship
Tari – female companion or a feminine suffix meaning most
Tarud - way to
Tasherit - junior or the younger (female)
Taw - bearer (carries something around)
Tay - this one (female)
Tayet/Tait - shroud, funeral wrappings
Ta – land
Ta’ahaher – look out for, be aware of
Tchar – to seek, to look for
Tchau – small pool
Tcheb - to restore
Tcher – near to something, by the side of
Tchet – pillar, column
Teben – drum
Tebteb – heartbeat
Teb – to drum, to beat
Tehen-t – sparkling thing
Tehen/Tahen – lightning, the flash or to shine
Tehest/Tehes-t – copper, metal
Tehm - time
Tek - enter, go in to
Tekem - to approach
Tekhen – obelisk
Temwaen - never far from
Tem – whole, complete or none, nothing
Tenem - to wander (Tenemet if female)
Tenen – risen up
Tent - she of
Tent – she of ____
Ten – this
Tepey – first or chief (Tepet for females)
Tepi’a – preceding, before
Tep – on top of, he who is on (top) (Tepet for females)
Teq - to cut
Tesebek - a kind of earth
Tesher-t – blood
Teuet/Tewet – statue, avatar
Teyet – picture
Thaty – vizier, advisor
Theh-t - approach
Thehen – to sparkle, glitter or shine
Thenen - to become distinct
Therru – to purify
Therut – kind of offering
Tiri – feminine suffix meaning creation
Tit - to plead
Titi – feminine suffix meaning approaching, approaches
Ti – suffix, you
Tjau – wind, breath
Tjen - where
Tjenen - to rise up, risen (Tjenenet for females)
Tjen – suffix meaning you, yours
Tjen – you or where? (as a question)
Tjesu - sandbank, riverbank, shore
Tshau/Tshw – puff, wind
Tua - to go down, to rest, to be settled, to be peaceful
Tuait - dawn
Tuai – belong to dawn
Tun - inundation
Tur/turi – to cleanse, to purify of badness
Tutankh – living image of
Tuti - make me satisfied
Tut – image
Tuwerher - show respect to
Tu – region, district
Ty/y/i – a possessive suffix, so add to mean “belonging to ___”
Tyet - welfare/life (and the Knot of Isis, a protective symbol/amulet)
U - of
U/w – suffix used to make plural (quail chick glyph)
Ua - one
Ua/Wa – one, unique, only one
Uaa - mediate, think on
Uaa – to think, to meditate
Uab - priest, holy man (Uabet for females)
Uab/wab – pure, purity, make pure, be pure
Uabt – hill, dune
Uad-ankh - lively
Uadh/Wadh – connect, sew, weave together, entwine
Uadu – success, happiness
Uah-ib/Wah-ib – kindly, patient, clemency, benevolence, friendly
Uahty – oasis dweller, belongs to the oasis
Uaht – oasis, oasis region
Uahu – diadem
Uahu – wreath, garland or necklace
Uai/Wai – be alone, lone
Uan – juniper
Uar - to come forth (child from womb), birth
Uar – to conceive
Uar – wish for, ask for
Uas – happy
Uauat – fire
Uauau – sunshine
Uaua – far (distant)
Uau – surf
Uba/Wba – open, reveal, explore
Uben - to advance
Ubenet - appear shining
Ubesh – white
Udau – wellbeing, prosperity or amulet
Udenet - offers pleasing scents to
Udj/Wdj – journey
Udja – prosperity, well being, uninjured, healthy, to go, set out, proceed, to attain, to set/go down (sunset).
Udnu – offerings
Udn – offerer
Udyt – campaign, journey, travels
Uhaha – arrogance
Uhat – scorpion
Uhau – fisher, fowler
Uha – release
Uhi – escape or come undone
Uhmu – herald, reporter, scout
Uhyt – relatives, family
Uja – lone
Ukht - darkness
Ukh – night
Un - to open, to appear, to make manifest
Un/Unn - to move, movement
Unf-ib – to be joyful
Unf – joy
Unu – a hare
Ur - violent wind, gale
Usa/Wsa - master
Useh – to destroy by fire, to burn
Usekh/ousekh - to be wide
Useru - strong being, strength, the lion ‘glyph.
Usk/Wsk – amber (?), gemstone
Uskht – hall, court
Uskh – ornamental collar or a word for width, wideness, extensiveness
Us – activity or activator
Uti – to dart out
Utnu – in the sky
Wa - alone
Wab - clean, pure, shining
Wabana - to shine, to rise brilliantly
Wadju - happiness, healthiness
Wadjwer – the sea (lit. ‘the great green’)
Wadj – green, to flourish, to be healthy, to be fertile
Wah - constant
Waret - _____ is important
Wasi - has power over
Was – power, dominion
Wat/wet – road, path
Weben – sunshine or to rise or to shine forth
Wedja - whole, sound, wellbeing
Wehem – herald or to repeat, repeating
Wenem – eat, to eat
Wenen – to exist as, to be something
Wenwet – hour
Wep - start of something, opening, beginning, to make way, to choose
Weputy – messenger, runner
Wepwet - message
Wepy – to make a decision
Weresh - is awakened
Wer – great, big, large, older (Weret for females)
Wesheb – answer
Weshem - testing of
Wey/Wy – two
Wi – me
Wosret – the powerful (title, feminine)
Yanu – greets
Yem – there, therein
Yew/Yeu – is, are
Zat - wise
Zati – a twin (Zatit for females)
Zeb - laughter
Zebetj – mirth
Zeret - black kite (the bird)
Ha – combat, fight