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PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 3:06 pm

Welcome to the home of Leopleuradon(aka x Leo The Magician x).

Edel's Stats
Strength: 61%
Courage: 57%
Speed: 59%
Intelligence: 55%
Luck: 57%
Stamina: 60%

Danae's Stats
Strength: 72%
Courage: 67%
Speed: 64%
Intelligence: 72%
Luck: 74%
Stamina: 67%

Lior's Stats
Strength: 19%
Courage: 21%
Speed: 17%
Intelligence: 21%
Luck: 17%
Stamina: 20%

MelodyForte's stats
Strength: 57%
Courage: 56%
Speed: 60%
Intelligence: 56%
Luck: 56%
Stamina: 50%

Minuet Amachi's stats
Strength: 27%
Courage: 28%
Speed: 26%
Intelligence: 25%
Luck: 28%
Stamina: 28%

Baroque Amachi's stats
Strength: 40%
Courage: 36%
Speed: 37%
Intelligence: 39%
Luck: 34%
Stamina: 40%

Echo Amachi's Stats
Strength: 12%
Courage: 9%
Speed: 9%
Intelligence: 5%
Luck: 9%
Stamina: 8%

Lt. Samual's Stats
Strength: 32%
Courage: 32%
Speed: 26%
Intelligence: 27%
Luck: 27%
Stamina: 28%

Jouko's Stats
Strength: 48%
Courage: 49%
Speed: 51%
Intelligence: 49%
Luck: 46%
Stamina: 50%

Calibor's stats
Strength: 27%
Courage: 29%
Speed: 27%
Intelligence: 29%
Luck: 24%
Stamina: 26%

Eleftheria's stats
Strength: 8%
Courage: 11%
Speed: 8%
Intelligence: 12%
Luck: 13%
Stamina: 10%

Alyssia's stats
Strength: 46%
Courage: 49%
Speed: 49%
Intelligence: 44%
Luck: 44%
Stamina: 51%

Sedna's stats
Strength: 8%
Courage: 9%
Speed: 10%
Intelligence: 5%
Luck: 10%
Stamina: 4%

Rotem Amachi's stats
Strength: 19%
Courage: 18%
Speed: 18%
Intelligence: 21%
Luck: 22%
Stamina: 21%

Cadence Amachi's stats
Strength: 5%
Courage: 12%
Speed: 8%
Intelligence: 8%
Luck: 8%
Stamina: 6%

Macklyn's stats
Strength: 20%
Courage: 22%
Speed: 21%
Intelligence: 19%
Luck: 14%
Stamina: 17%

Aponi's stats
Strength: 5%
Courage: 10%
Speed: 9%
Intelligence: 10%
Luck: 10%
Stamina: 7%

Altsoba's stats
Strength: 11%
Courage: 8%
Speed: 7%
Intelligence: 10%
Luck: 5%
Stamina: 9%

Sammael's Stats
Strength: 12%
Courage:9 %
Speed: 7%
Intelligence: 9%
Luck: 6%
Stamina: 6%

Claudia's Stats
Strength: 4%
Courage: 4%
Speed: 10%
Intelligence: 8%
Luck: 5%
Stamina: 4%

Glitter Byte's Stats
Strength: 5%
Courage: 8%
Speed: 11%
Intelligence: 7%
Luck: 12%
Stamina: 8%

The Teepee

They all live by the forest.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 5:13 pm
.:: Index ::.

.:: Page 1 ::.

1. Soquili and Location
2. Index
3. Updates
4. Koko
5. Relationships
6. Agreements
7. Current Roleplays
8. Other Soquili
9. Fan Art
10. Mis. Gifts
11. Links out
12. Group Photo
13. Journal Code
14. Breeding Attempts
15. Credits

.:: Page 2 ::.

1. Edel
2. Melody Fortè
3. Danae
4. Lt. Samual
5. Jouko
6. Minuet Amachi
7. Lior
8. Calibor
9. Baroque Amachi
10. Echo Amachi
11. Eleftheria
12. Alyssia
13. Sedna
14. Rotem Amachi
15. Cadence Amachi

.:: Page 3 ::.

1. Aponi
2. Macklyn
3-15. Reserved *

* Reserved for future Soquili, not that I ever plan on having 30, but still. x3


Eloquent Hunter


Eloquent Hunter

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 5:14 pm
.:: Updates ::.

03/07/10 - I've added a list of all my current roleplays to the front page! In order to help whomever has to update stats keep track of which Roleplays are still active and such! ♥
PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 5:15 pm
.:: Koko ; Indian Persona ::.

Name....Koko ; Meaning Night


Height / Weight....5' 2" / 105 lbs

Personality....Koko is very confident in just about anything she does. She's quick to make decisions and continuously works until things are done, and she's happy with the outcome. When in comes to trusting others, she doesn't believe in whatever their appearance says about them. She always takes time to truly get to know people before she knows how to treat them in return.



(1.)....Edel....Koko's first Soquili, thus Edel will always have a special place in her heart. They often enjoy wandering around together and they share interests in anything that is completely new and unique to them.

(2.)....Melody Fortè....Koko's second Soquili and quite a mysterious thing. They often enjoy heated discussions, each one taking a different side and often talking long into the night. They both often laugh at their nerdy-ness.

(3.)....Danae....Danae is one of the slightly distant Soq's in Koko's small herd. He likes to think of himself as a small-noble-loving Prince. But all he really is a mutant Uni with high respect for himself and love for others.

(4.)....Lt. Samual....Samual is the wandering type, he doesn't stay around the teepee often. But when Koko gets the time to talk with him he has grand stories to tell about his youth (Not that he's terribly old) and the castle he once grew up in. He's the fighter in the group and the guardian.

(5.)....Jouko....Jouko tends to do more harm then good. She's always trying to help Koko around the teepee and she's sweet to anyone close to her.

(6.)....Minuet Amachi....Minuet is fairly shy and quiet. She loves to interact with other Soquili, but she's usually very sly about it, or she'll wait for them to speak with her first.

(7.)....Lior....Lior.....is a handful. Period.

(8.)....Calibor....Calibor is a little scamp, although he's not exactly little. But he certain takes after his sister Edana more then he takes after his father.

(9.)....Baroque Amachi....Baroque is the biggest sweetheart on Earth! He'll do just about anything for anyone!

(10.)....Echo Amachi....Echo is a bit excitable but with a heart of gold. She loves to help others and dreams of being a great healer some day. More of an emotional healer.

(11.)....Eleftheria....Ele, in many ways is a very gentle soul, and yet she would do anything to protect someone she is very dear to, or another hippogryph like herself. She loves to company other other winged Soquili and often day dreams abut flying forever.

(12.)....Alyssia Flew....Alyssia has the biggest warrior's spirit over any of the other Soguil you'll find in this teepee. She doesn't back out of a challenge and in fact, she starts a good deal of them. She inspires to help her parent's with their dream of a herd and she will be their protector. I dare you to try something funny with this girl around.

(13.).....Sedna....Sedna lives in the coral reefs in the ocean. Where she protects the fish and reef that she has a strong connection to. She's a very fierce mare and can be aggressive when threatened, but for the most part is just very antisocial.

(14.).....Rotem Amachi....Rotem lives in the desrt, part of the Amachi Traders clan and the Badieh Badawi. He travels a lot (in the desert) and is very adventurous and charming.

(15.).....Cadence Amachi....Cadence lives peacefully with her family in their famous herd. She's a bit of an oddball and fairly quirky compared to the rest of her family members.

(16.).....Aponi....Aponi is very much an adventurer like her mother. She wants a chance to immerse herself into an unknown, interesting culture and thus she will be joining the Flock with her father.

(17.).....Macklyn....Macklyn, Knightly son of Lt. Samual and Edana. He's already faced some hardships as a young foal and being a young adult he has settled into his more relaxed self.

(18.).....Altsoba....Altsoba is pretty much as bad as it gets without being a skinwalker. She's totally against any Soquili that isn't a Kalona and even those she's willing to fight against. She's not the most pleasant to be around.

(19.).....Claudia....Claudia is one of the sweetest Soquili around. She believe that the power of love and turn any situation around. She likes to go around preaching her ways.



Eloquent Hunter


Eloquent Hunter

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 5:18 pm
.:: Relationships ::.

Edel - Destined to spend the rest of her life with Al'ar! <3

Melory Forté - Melody, after doing some serious soul searching, has decided to stay with Mecho and have a large family with him. <3

Danae - Danae is in need of a good fight, one in which he loses to explain his reason behind his blindfold. He's also looking for a sweet mare, preferably a Uni or Flutter, ...or Angeni.... 83

Lt. Samual - Dealing with the thief Edana and oddly enjoying himself so much that he wishes to spend the rest of his life with her!

Jouko - Settling down with the sweet kirin Price. Destined to be a lovely couple. <3

Minuet Amachi - Happily Lifemated to Rakko!

Lior - A bit of an oddball relationship with Quirrel! Who's really the one with the 'pants' on? ;3

Calibor - A 'ruthless' thief, that might be willing to settle down for the right lady, or might enjoy having a partner in crime!

Baroque Amachi - Found that special someone in Bellezza! :'D

Echo Amachi - Looking for someone to share her passions. :)

Eleftheria - A stranger in this land looking to explore and have some fun. Open for flings or possible giddy romance.

Alyssia Flew - You'll have to be the perfect gentleman on top of a badass fighter in order to win this girlie's heart! As of right now, she's a very free spirit.

Sedna - Not really looking for love of any kind. She'll be a fling-er, if only to help produce heirs to help guard her reef with her. She'd be a caring mother when they were young, but not so much anymore once they get older.

Rotem Amachi - A desert wanderer, he'd find his true-love in the desert and never let her go.

Aponi - Going to join the flock along side her father and sister. Is very interested in their culture, she gets that curiosity from her mother.

Macklyn - Would be looking for a noble. Could fling for the right lady, say he falls head over heels and it turns out she's just using him or not ready for a family. The female would have to be comfortable with his family seeing as he is very close to them.
PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 5:19 pm
.:: Agreements ::.

Co-Ownership Agreement with Danae :: [x]

Co-Owenership Agreement with Calibor :: [x]

Lifemating Agreement with Melody Forte and Mecho Amachi :: [x]

Lifemating Agreement with Edana and Lt. Samual :: [x]

Lifemating Agreement with Jouko and Price :: [x]

Lifemating Agreement with Minuet Amachi and Rakko Aquila :: [x]

Lifemating Agreement with Lior and Quirrel :: [x]

Lifemating Agreement with Baroque Amachi and Bellezza :: [x]

Lifemating Agreement with Alyssia Flew and Beat :: [x]

Lifemating Agreement with Danae and Eillafae Vel Sol :: [x]

Surrogate Agreement with Sedna and Typhoid :: [x]

Sedna and Perish Song Breeding Agreement! [x]



Eloquent Hunter


Eloquent Hunter

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 5:20 pm
.:: Roleplays ::.

I know that I do keep track of this throughout my thread, but I think it'll just be easier for other people to see here. 83
Name of Roleplay/Who is involved/Status

Edel's Roleplays
The Moonlight Hour [Akilani and Edel] Dropped?
Umm, not to be rude, but...[FPAE x Edel] Dropped? D8
Hello an Good Day [Edel x Parkour] Also...dropped/dead....> ->
The Battle of Temperaments! [Edel x Megapi] Finished 8D
Adventure Into the Ruins [Edel x Istas] Ongoing
Dragons and Flies (Vezian and Edel) Um...dead?
A Shoulder to Cry On [Oathkeeper and Edel] FINISHED 8D
The Start of a New Day [ Edel and Wisp ] Dead....= 3=;;
The Rascal and The Shaman [Danae, Edel, and Abiron] Dead...
Scare-a-Boo in the Dark [ Edel and Sciophobia ] Ongoing
A Little Fun? [Edel and Nana] Ongoing
A Reunion [ Edel, Selena, Danae, and Monoceros ] Ongoing

Melody Forte's Roleplays
Hello Stranger, How Might You Be? [ Melody and Mecho ] FINISHED ♥
Jingle, Jingle, BOOM! [ Melody Forté and Luna ] Ongoing...?
Talk About Sunshine! [ Melody and Funshine ] Ongoing...
Is That A Sleeping Pile of Rocks? [ Melody and Hocus ] Dead
Searching for You [ Rondel and Melody ] Finished
Reunited but free [Mecho/Melody] Ongoing
Roaming With You [ Rondel, Crescendo, Melody, and Mecho ] Done
Family Introductions! [Family Only!!] Ongoing

Danae's Roleplays
Riverside Chats [ Danae and Kaliska ] Finished. o 3o
Purples The Magic Color [ Luna and Danae ] Dropped
A Little Heart-to-Heart [ Danae and Kaidus ] - Finished
The Rascal and The Shaman [Danae, Edel, and Abiron] Dead...
Knight Training [ Danae and Cluade ] Ongoing
Different, but the same ((Danae and Dhanuraja)) Dead
A Reunion [ Edel, Selena, Danae, and Monoceros ] Ongoing
Curing a Broken Wound [ Calamity and Danae ] Ongoing
The Accident [ Calibor, Danae, & Demon ] Ongoing
Don\'t Have Anywhere to Go? [ Hakumei & Danae ]
Threads of Fate [Bael, Danae, Ellia, & Morrigan]

Lt. Samual's Roleplays
Who Said I Needed Help? [ Samual and Edana ] Ongoing

Jouko's Roleplays
Training to be Friends [ Jouko and Nocturne ] Ongoing
The Mysterious Adventures of Jay and Wys [ Jouko and Wysnton ] Ongoing

Minuet Amachi's Roleplays
A Perfect Fantasy World [ Minuet and Liella ] Ongoing
Backyard Riches (Minuet and Sitareh) Ongoing
A lil Friendship and More? ♥ [Rakko and Minuet] Ongoing
Family Introductions! [Family Only!!] Ongoing

Lior's Roleplays
Friends? ((Lior and Tomas)) Ongoing
Two plus one equals...(Jarita, Bangel, and Lior) Ongoing
Nothing but grey skies [Quirrel and Lior] Ongoing
Flying Failures [Odette and Lior] Ongoing
Two of a Kind (Paradox and Lior) Ongoing
What Lurks Beneath (Typhoid and Lior) Ongoing

Calibor's Roleplays
Over the Hill and Through the Woods [Florian & Calibor] Ongoing
The Accident [ Calibor, Danae, & Demon ] Ongoing
Light Hooved [ Mae & Calibor ] Ongoing
A New Friend? [ Sakura & Calibor ] Ongoing

Baroque Amachi's Roleplays
Flying and Dancing [Cuauhcoatl, Zyanya, & Baroque] Ongoing
Like an Ax grinding away at a Viola [Baroque & Static] Ongoing
Colliding Friendships [Baroque & Meroko] Ongoing
Love Take Flight [Bellezza & Baroque] Ongoing
New Beginnings Ongoing

Echo Amachi's Roleplays
Big Scare, with a Little Love [Ceal, Echo, & Nerissa] Ongoing

Eleftheria's Roleplays

Alyssia Flew's Roleplays
Not so Foreign [Nith & Alyssia] Ongoing
Dancing in Moonlight [Alyssia &Beat] Ongoing

Sedna's Roleplays
Shipwreck Reef [Kalypse & Sedna Ongoing

Rotem's Roleplays
A New Face from a Curious Land [ Risti and Rotem + Iqbal ] Ongoing

Cadence Amachi's Roleplays
Tell Me Something Good [ Cadence x Storm Wind] Ongoing

Macklyn's Roleplays
Downtown [ Helena Augusta x Macklyn ] Ongoing
PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 5:21 pm
.:: Other Soquili ::.

You know, if I ever happen to come to that kind of agreement. x3


Eloquent Hunter


Eloquent Hunter

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 5:22 pm
.:: Fan Art ::.

Koko - By Teddy
Melody - By silent artist
Big Group - Melody - By Mindsend
Melody and Mecho - By Sayuri_Nitta
Group Shot! ( Melody and Edel included ) - By Darkmoon Dancer
Chibi Melody(Preggo!) and Mecho - By Beejoux

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 5:24 pm
.:: Miscellaneous Gifts ::.




Eloquent Hunter


Eloquent Hunter

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 5:25 pm
.:: Links Out ::.

[ Quest Thread ]
[ Plot Journal ]
PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 5:26 pm
.:: Group Shot ::.



Eloquent Hunter


Eloquent Hunter

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 5:29 pm
Journal Code

[size=24][color=]° ...NAME[/color][/size]



Eye Color...[color=][/color]
Other Images...[color=][/color]



RP Color...[color=][/color][/size]
PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 5:30 pm
.:: Breeding Attempts ::.

Jouko x Price

1. Tooaya`s June Breedings
2. Mindsend`s July Breedings
3. Felmino`s July Breedings
4. Mobbu`s July Breedings
5. Mindsend`s August Breedings
6. Samuality`s August Breedings
7. Beejoux`s November Breedings
8. Niloufer`s November Breedings
9. King`s November Breedings
10. Riri`s December Breedings
11. Mind`s December Breedings
12. Agneza`s January Breedings
13. Agneza`s February Breedings
14. DD`s June Breedings
15. Mindsend`s June Breedings
16. ATheart`s July Breedings
17. [url=][/url]
18. [url=][/url]
19. [url=][/url]
20. [url=][/url]

Lior x Quirrel

1. Agneza & Bee`s October Breedings
2. DD`s November Breedings
3. DD`s January Breedings
4. Mindsend`s February Breedings
5. DD`s June Breedings
6. Mindsend`s June Breedings
7. ATheart`s July Breedings
8. [url=][/url]
9. [url=][/url]
10. [url=][/url]
11. [url=][/url]
12. [url=][/url]
13. [url=][/url]
14. [url=][/url]
15. [url=][/url]
16. [url=][/url]
17. [url=][/url]
18. [url=][/url]
19. [url=][/url]
20. [url=][/url]

Minuet Amachi x Rakko Aquila

1. Agneza`s August Breedings
2. Mind`s October Breedings
3. Mindsend`s June Breedings
4. [url=][/url]
5. [url=][/url]
6. [url=][/url]
7. [url=][/url]
8. [url=][/url]
9. [url=][/url]
10. [url=][/url]
11. [url=][/url]
12. [url=][/url]
13. [url=][/url]
14. [url=][/url]
15. [url=][/url]
16. [url=][/url]
17. [url=][/url]
18. [url=][/url]
19. [url=][/url]
20. [url=][/url]

Edana x Lt. Samual

1. [url=][/url]
2. [url=][/url]
3. [url=][/url]
4. [url=][/url]
5. [url=][/url]
6. [url=][/url]
7. [url=][/url]
8. [url=][/url]
9. [url=][/url]
10. [url=][/url]
11. [url=][/url]
12. [url=][/url]
13. [url=][/url]
14. [url=][/url]
15. [url=][/url]
16. [url=][/url]
17. [url=][/url]
18. [url=][/url]
19. [url=][/url]
20. [url=][/url]

Baroque Amachi x Bellezza

1. [url=][/url]
2. [url=][/url]
3. [url=][/url]
4. [url=][/url]
5. [url=][/url]
6. [url=][/url]
7. [url=][/url]
8. [url=][/url]
9. [url=][/url]
10. [url=][/url]
11. [url=][/url]
12. [url=][/url]
13. [url=][/url]
14. [url=][/url]
15. [url=][/url]
16. [url=][/url]
17. [url=][/url]
18. [url=][/url]
19. [url=][/url]
20. [url=][/url]


Eloquent Hunter


Eloquent Hunter

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 5:31 pm
.:: Credits ::.

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