First off, NO SPOILERS! What's a not a spoiler to you might be a spoiler to someone else. So, in order to pervent spoilders from being mentioned, you are only allowed to mention characters and events up to the chapters listing at the begining of each 'chapter'. As for non-chapter sections of the RP, you must assum everyone is on chapter one and not mention anything past the most basic of D. Gray Man knowledge. Breaking of this rule will result in harsh punishment.

Cursing is alright, but please do not over do it. I think we all know how much cursing is too much. I'm more laid-back on this rule. sweatdrop

Please use proper spelling and grammar. Everyone makes spelling mistakes sometimes, and that's ok, but if it's clear you're not even trying to spell correctly you will be punished. Please, no using colored letters or such in chapters. But in other sections of the forums, use improper spelling, slang, colored letters, or whatever you'd like. wink

If you agree to come on the guild and RP at a certain time and you do not come, a 100 gold penality will ve put in place (you will have to donate it to the guild). If you do not pay the punishment price then you will be suspended or demoted. Repeated offenders will be ban.