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PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2011 2:02 am

xxxx“You can see my flaws… with those eyes of yours.” The girl begins to undo her shirt and Hikaru grows a bit nervous. He begins to try and reason her out of it but she has already removed her outer shirt. “You can see that my chest is flat. All that I am is a pretty face and flashy words. You can see that, can’t you?” Surprised the boy just stares at her. He doesn’t look at her chest, that was the last thing on his mind and he wasn’t really interested in breasts. If he were then he would have become close friends with Relula and Uli after they hit puberty, not before. No, that wasn’t right. Hifumi presses her hand to her chest and Hikaru doesn’t know what to do. He grabs her hands and begins to pull them down when he notices Relula and Uli staring at them. The girl lets her arms fall as Uli turns around and storms away. Cairo, eyes ablaze, tackles the Sharingan possessing boy. The Ichtaca girl, so absorbed in what was happening, comes back to earth. “Wait, hold on. Cairo stop it!” She touches a hand to the angry males shoulder but he shrugs it off roughly. “It was me, it was all my fault so… just stop.”

xxxx“You have done a lot of weird things… so much stuff that just gets my blood boiling. But this time,” Cairo says getting off of Hikaru and turning to Hifumi. “How could you let a man touch you? I understand, well not really, but I get that sometimes to get your point across you need to touch someone. But letting him touch your breast. That’s just… that’s too much. Don’t you respect yourself enough to know where to draw the line?” The Ichtaca girl lowers her head as Hikaru strikes Cairo hard across the face. He clenches his fist and grits his teeth as the two stand in the same position as before. “I would have thought you’d have resisted. Even if she forced you, Hikaru.”

xxxx“I wasn’t touching her breast and she didn’t let me. I was trying to grab her wrists and start her from talking about something she has no control over.” The young girl turns and rushes away with Oriyah staring after her. The female dog growls at Cairo as Hikaru goes on. “She was going on about flaws she has. I dunno where she was going with it all, but she was going to say something when I stopped her. I just couldn’t listen to what she was saying.” Not really believing his current enemy, the goo green eyed boy turns his back on him. “Calling herself nothing but a pretty face and words. It took me over, okay? I didn’t consider how that might come off, but I didn’t want to hear anymore. I don’t care if you don’t believe me. You can go ahead and hate me. But it wasn’t her fault. She wasn’t trying to do anything!”

xxxx“Just shut up, Hikaru! I don’t want to hear anymore. Every since I first met her… She’s important to me, but she doesn’t cherish herself.” Hikaru begins to object but the goo green eyes of Cairo are soon staring him down. “She’s always getting close to people when she shouldn’t. She touches you and even touched Gauo. She let him kiss her and touch her… she didn’t think about how it made her look. And she didn’t care what kind of emotions we would feel because of it.”

xxxx“She touches Relula too. But you didn’t notice that, did you?” The boy looks away a moment before Hikaru sighs. “We’re the closest ones to her; you, Relula, and me. Sure she touched Gauo that one time, but she’s touched everyone once, even Uli. Gauo forced that kiss on her and she did react. He touched her when she was unconscious. How jealous can you get where you don’t remember all of the little things? I don’t have time to pet your ego. I need to clear things with those girls. Uli and Hifumi are already on thin ice as it is.” Hikaru walks pass Cairo with a rough brush against the guys shoulder. Oriyah races after the Inuzuka Uchiha mix as he picks up speed. Hifumi just walks through the forest a while before finding Gauo. She stops and looks at him as he pretends not to notice her.

xxxx“Can you take me to the boat, Gauo?” The demon, confused by the girl’s request, just nods numbly. Uli glowers at Hifumi from the shadows, her eyes a bright red orange. She trails them all the way back to the boat and remains in the forest watching them. The Ichtaca doesn’t thank Gauo, instead she just begins taking off the weights holding the boat to the dock.

xxxx“Huh? What are you doing? You shouldn’t go sailing out without the others. If you want to take a boat ride then wait for Cairo or somebody to come,” the demon states. The girl shakes her head and he grows even more confused than before. “What the hell? Are you planning on just leaving on your own?” The boat is finally free and begins drifting away only for Gauo to grab the ship with a clawed hand. “You’re going to answer me if you want to leave here,” he growls as he takes his demonic form once more after having taken his human form during the whole issue with spying on the girls.

xxxx“I have no further use for any of them. Cairo is no longer interested in following me. Hikaru has changed and so he isn’t someone I need around. The others are just dead weight to me. I’m going to leave them behind and start things over. Or maybe I’ll just skip everything and go and find the person meant to kill me.” The demon crawls into the boat and grabs Hifumi by the arm when the boat suddenly feels dangerous to him. An explosion erupts and the boat is blown apart. Hearing the noise, the others look to the location the sound came from. They all already had an idea that Uli was on a rampage.

xxxx“Damn it all!” Hifumi clings to Gauo’s back as they fly high above the ground. The girl suddenly releases the demon and begins to fall. He quickly grabs her hand and growls at her. “Cut that out. Somebody’s trying to kill us. Just hold on tight.”


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PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2011 2:41 am

xxxx“I’m trying to die, if you hadn’t noticed. You’re really in my way. I don’t know why you have decided to do anything beyond take me to the boat. You aren’t my friend, a follower, or a companion so just go back to Japan!” The demon growls but he isn’t going to be talked into doing anything he didn’t decide himself.

xxxx“You’re going to be my meal. So just shut up and don’t squirm around,” he yells as he flicks her into his arms. She stays where she is a while, explosions ringing out through the air, before she bites the man on the arm. He swears and lets her go but quickly drops down and grabs her by the wrist. He was getting really tempted to just knock her out. Then she wouldn’t be able to keep causing him trouble.

xxxx“You monster! Let me go! Go back to where you belong and leave me alone. All you are is a beast that eats humans. Get away from me,” she snaps and wrestles out of his grip. He lets her drop this time. Maybe a dip in the water would do her a bit of good. The area beneath the area where she goes under erupts, water being blown into the air. Shocked that an explosion can even occur underwater, Gauo stares down at the geysering water. Had he just let her fall into a huge trap? He races downward to try and see if she’s still intact but soon his body is halted by an explosion right in front of her. He groans as he is blown back, his wings taking significant damage. Another explosion erupts behind him and he’s caught up in that too. He cries out in pain as the explosions cause him even more damage. He falls towards the earth again only for another explosion to blast him around in the skies again. This continues until Relula comes up behind her friend and covers the girl’s eyes with her hands.

xxxx“Uli don’t! You shouldn’t use that power so much. Are you trying to burn your eyes out?” The Hyuuga gets shoved away and the girl presumes her attack once Gauo hits the water. Blast after blast erupts before her eyes are again covered. “Please, don’t hurt him anymore. Why are you attacking Gauo? He’s done nothing wrong to deserve this sort of punishment. Uli, please,” the girl begs but she is again knocked away.

xxxx“That b***h! She… How dare she do that to Hikaru! He has no interest in her like that. She deserves to die. And since he defended her, he deserves to die too!” She readies to attack when a figure suddenly blocks her path.

xxxx“Uli, you’re misunderstanding what’s happening. Nothing happened between Hifumi and me. It was all just a misunderstanding. She wasn’t coming onto me and I wasn’t making a move on her. She was trying to talk to me about what me saying I could see you all without clothes made her think. You and Cairo, you don’t ever stop and think first!” Uli eyes begins to bleeds instead of her shedding tears Her eyesight goes in and out before she can’t see anything. Hikaru grabs her by the eyes just as she passes out from using too much chakra. “Oriyah, please go and get Gauo. We’ll need to leave the village for now since we caused so much trouble. It seems like Hifumi must have taken off with the boat. I wonder if she’s upset about everything,” the boy states. Little did he know—since Uli did an exceptional job of blowing the boat to small bits that blew completely away from the water—Hifumi hadn’t gone anywhere. Her body floats along underneath the waters surface, the girl unconscious but still in one piece.

xxxxThe group finally return to Hidden Twilight after Uli finally woke from her long sleep. Her eyesight hadn’t been affected too much by the prolonged use of her doujutsu, but using it anytime soon would cause her to go completely blind. When she could finally find a way to say it, she told Hikaru first that she’d snapped and attacked Hifumi. She had first blown up the ship and then the area where the girl had fallen into the water. Gauo, as soon as he regained consciousness, had already left saying that he was going to go back to his home village. So this was the first the blond boy heard of the true happenings. When she finished her story up to when she lost consciousness, he had to break the news to the others. They’d all been so hooked on the idea of getting into trouble for causing damage to Hidden Twilight that they all just decided Hifumi had to have left them behind. They didn’t even consider the most obvious thing that she might have been in the middle of all of the fighting at the docks.

xxxxIt took some doing but the group finally tracked down Gauo who decided that he would help them find Hifumi. But in exchange, if they didn’t find her, then he’d eat all of their hearts to compensate for the meal he’d lost. “It’s pretty painful coming here again,” Uli admit and that just makes Gauo growl. She looks at Relula who hugs her close to her. The Hyuuga glares at the demon who wanders off ahead of them all. Cairo trails behind, less than happy about the change everything had taken. He just keeps playing that day in his head over and over. Hifumi had told him first, about her feelings. She told him about how she felt about her body after he had looked at her. And yet, when he saw Hikaru and her like that… He just thought she was letting him take advantage of her or the other way around. He didn’t even pay attention to her. He didn’t realize that Hikaru wouldn’t just fall for something like that. Sure he said he liked her and was drawn to her and things, but he wasn’t a guy that was all into breast. He should have known.

xxxxHifumi’s kitten strolls along beside Oriyah, not wanting to be near the other humans. They’d ruined the good thing he had going. Everyone just seemed wrong without their little Hifumi around to bring them together.


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PostPosted: Fri Nov 18, 2011 5:33 am
M a s h i r a XXT h e r i a t h r o p eXXXX » . » .» .XX» . » . » .

"Lady Mashira news has just came in about Hidden Cloud!' Yelled one of the younger shinobi as he ran back inside the main kage's office and stood in front of the young girls desk.

Mashira could only blink a few times as she glanced from the man who had just came in to her office, then at the evidence box filled with their ex kage's remains and items from the crime scene. " Oh?" She asked while narrowing her eyes as she glanced back towards the shinobi. "It better be that the male named Reiko is dead for there is no excuse for this wait. " Saying this with an annoyed growl. The child truly did hate to wait for people, especially when there was war on the line. She had been waiting in her office for the Hidden Cloud member to show up and look over their evidence on the attack of their old kage but this was too time now. The poor girl had growl restless and did not want to spend anymore time in her village. The only reason she had yet to leave was in fear of it being attacked however so far everything seemed to be fine. Most of the villages that where being attacked where the ones with power behind them however Hidden Twilight did lack power and even resources in some stance.

" Ah sorry miss but no. It seems that Hidden Cloud is being attacked by Hidden Blood or at least a ninja from that village. The entire place of covered from head too toe in gore and chaos. Apparently it's quiet a breath taking view miss."

" Is it now? Well good for that village. " Mashira said with a grin now on her face. It seemed that now she would not have to worry about getting revenge on the village for making her wait. Karma truly did work in mysterious ways. ' Well now what? I guess that our dear Hidden Cloud ninja's will be out trying to reclaim their own village so that leaves me nothing to do,' She thought while glancing back towards the evidence box. With a simple shrug of her shoulders the youth jumped out of her chair and headed towards the door. " I will be back in a few days. I really should be seeing how the smaller villages are fairing in this war and train a bit more. You never know when we will have to defend our self's. If you need me then send a messengers hawk." She said with a simple wave of her hand before walking out the door. She had to go to the docks now which seemed a bit annoying to her. It was such a long travel..

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:44 pm

“Is this it?” Mishiranu and Seibetsu find themselves standing at the entrance to the village of Hidden Twilight. Personally, Mishiranu would rather not enter the village. Something from memories he couldn’t remember gave him the sensation that someone formidable owned the village. But that feeling could just be an irrational old memory that no longer qualified at this point in time. “Where is your associate, inside?” Seibetsu seems to smile widely as she looks at the village gates. Something made her happy to be there, but what? The Death Eater clutches his bundle and ventures forward, stopping though the entryway to the village first. He can feel Seibetsu no longer traveling behind him and shrugs. He had a feeling of what she was up to but didn’t feel like worrying with her for now. When both Mishiranu and his catch enter the portal and do not resurface, Seibetsu frowns. She had hoped that the girl was normal and would be popped back out of the village for her to snag, but that wasn’t the case. Either that Death Eater was crafty or stupid lucky. She steps inside of the village’s barrier, not a human at all and able to enter Hidden Twilight, and quickly catches up to her traveling companion. “So where are they?”

Seibetsu had been readying to tell the boy to wait up but he seemed to speak first. She sighs and then steps a little ahead of him to guide him. “I’ll show you,” she replies quickly only for Mishiranu to move up ahead of her. He’d rather she not lead the way. “This is Hidden Twilight, a village for nonhumans. There’s a guy here that likes body parts and would offer you something for hers.” Mishiranu turns his head to look at the Death Swallower and she swallows hard.

“So how is it that this village can only be for creatures? How are humans kept out,” the boy asks calmly. Seibetsu had hoped that he wouldn’t jump to asking that particular question, but finds that she can now identify him as crafty and very smart. Seibetsu shrugs her shoulders at the boy who turns his head with a roll of his eyes. The two children round a corner to find a fight going on. Seibetsu ducks down as a liger-like creature is flung in the pair’s direction. Mishiranu stands his ground as the creature flies right pass the two’s location. The force of the beast being thrown blows back the boy’s hair and nearly strikes him, but he is revealed to be unharmed. He looks calmly at a young girl with light auburn, looking fairly orange, hair and red orange eyes. She grins at the two of them before turning around and walking into a nearby building.

“Who was that,” Seibetsu asks lowly as she stands up.

“Why don’t we go see?” Seibetsu looks at Mishiranu in surprise as the boy drags the corpse of his victim along behind him and heads to the doorway the girl had disappeared into. Seibetsu quickly runs in front of him and shakes her head. It would be a bad idea for them to just go into some building after a stranger. Even Mishiranu needed to understand how reckless that was. “Either come or wait outside, stupid girl,” Mishiranu huffs as he motions around her. Seibetsu frowns before turning around with a worried look. Mishiranu looks back at her and then laughs at her expression. She was really laying on the meat. He steps inside of the building with his prize and then everything is quiet. Every now and then Seibetsu would hear Mishiranu speak and then someone whisper a response. It was almost always a different voice each time he was replied to.

“Seibetsu…” a voice says in a low and ghostly tone. Seibetsu turns around to look at the person talking only to not see anyone. Still, she seems to smiles evilly and then turn and head into the building after Mishiranu.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 8:11 pm
The honk of two swans is heard from behind a steel gate. Behind said gate a young man would be taking notes on a clipboard while observing the swans. "Axonal signals transiently activate the expression of the transcription factor Oct6 in Schwann cells that will form myelin, and cyclic adenosine monophosphate can mimic axonal contact in vitro… change that to cAMP." He writes and scratches out and write some more before sighing. He taps his blue pin on the beak of one of the birds as they rest in a small cylinder structure filled with water. The container is on the floor and not to high where the swan can't climb out. The bird pulls its head and neck back with a distinct 'wonk' noise. "The alterations I made to the the myelin of this swan should alter the nerve development of the hatchling once it is laid. In summary, it should be able to adapt much more easily to specific environmental conditions not typical found in nature. Walking into an electric fence and only feeling a tingling sensation, is one possibility." He seemed to be breeding swans of all things. What could he want with swans. He moves away from the swans, his black rubber boots squeaking as he maneuvers across the metal floor.

He comes to a small orb filled with nothing but air. "These atomic structures should serve a great purpose in making the defense of the village that much greater. Creatures should not be allowed to freely enter just the same as regular humans. They should be allowed entry at a price. A price of their very lives for however long they plan to stay." He seems to smile at what seemed to be an empty container before touching the butt of his pen to his lips. He parts his mouth and takes the pen in order to free up his hand to adjust the round frames over his eyes. After making his way over to a few more specimens he eventually heads to the metal gate from before. He extends one hand covered by bright yellow gloves and allows for a yellow chakra to seep from his hand and into a small hole in the wall no larger than his fist. He pulls the clipboard from wedged between his arm and side with the blue pen clipped onto it and then proceeds through the opening once the gate opens up. He does this for two more gates and soon he reaches the outside. There are creeping vines all over the ground, trees, and rocks all around. The area is moist like that of a swamp and seems to have a heaviness to the air.

Despite this moist feeling the area is blanketed by a very thin layer of snow. The boy steps forward as the gate now behind him closes to resemble the side of a mountain. The dark gray of the rock covered in moss and creeping vines makes it hard to guess this was the entrance to a facility quite like the one he'd been in. Trees loom over the mountainside and over some areas of the rugged path leading away from the mountain. The blonde haired youth seems to snap his fingers and soon he is out of his long, white lab coat and accessories and in a more casual attire. He's sporting a light orange, long sleeved hoodie over a faded black top that ties in the front and has medium length sleeves. His bottoms consist of khaki cargo shorts and a pink belt. On his feet he's wearing white socks and tan sneakers. His hair is no longer spiked messily all over his head but is instead styled into a messy downward ponytail. His hair is tied by a pink and yellow bow that is fairly large. He's still wearing his glasses and carrying his clipboard and pen, but it looks a lot less scientist-like with that outfit. He removes his glasses before he turns up his hands with the clipboard in one and his glasses in another.

The objects seem to convert into orbs of light before flashing off down the path ahead of him. "Another day of nothing but meddling. I think I'm going to take my chance and head off in search of the Double Helix Company. For some reason I have notes everywhere in my lab, clothing, and in odd places telling me about that place... and yet the handwriting isn't really mine. I'm curious about that and maybe going to that place will shed some light on that," the male says to himself. His blue eyes trail the ground as he begins walking in the direction of what seemed to be a tall wall. As he moves forward he comes around a mound in the middle of the path he often took to and from his facility. He stops and watches the object move up and down as if breathing. He kicks a stone and it skitters across the ground before bumping into the object. It is gently bounced back and rests right back at the boy's feet. As his eyes shift to watch the rock so does the mound on the path. Black arms unravel from around the beast and dead, black eyes peer around it. It's black nose shakes as it sniffs and a small grunt escapes his black lips.

It's black ears twitch as the creatures eyes find the male who was now looking at it. It stares this person down, not making any signs of what it is going to do next. Once it is firmly on its hinde legs it stretches its body higher and higher before raising his arms and bellowing. The sound is much the same of a deep roar from a lion but having a sort of bear feel to it. He gives a short bark soon after and soon he is on all fours and charging towards the boy.
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 08, 2013 7:44 am

Daidouji could see the sphere of darkness from several kilometers away. It was hard not to notice it, after all. An immense black sphere that simply covered an entire village. It had seemed interesting, so she decided to come explore it. The rumors she had heard indicated that there were strong and unusual fighters here. If it was true, then surely she would find a worthy opponent, one who could give her a challenge and perhaps teach her something new. She needed to find every edge she could get, to be ready for her eventual rematch with Rin.

As she got closer to the odd black sphere, she thought back to what else she had heard about the village. It was called Hidden Twilight, and most of the rumors she had encountered painted it in an unflattering light. That it's inhabitants were savages, who drank blood and murdered the innocent, that they consorted with the dead and with animals, and that they conducted strange pagan rituals. There were no shortage of people who had something to say about the village, too. That had just made her more curious, however. For the simple fact that nobody had anything nice to say, there had to be more to it than that. So she had decided she would simply go out and find the truth for herself, discover the reality of the situation with her own eyes. The day was already beginning to grow late, but she would get to the village before nightfall. She suffered from no fears over travelling by night. She had confidence enough in her skills that she didn't fear the unknown. Instead it simply came down to she enjoyed taking the time out to really relax every night. It was part of her own personal training style. She worked hard during the day, but when night came, she rested. And it worked. She ate well, she slept well, and then in the morning, she would work as hard as she could to become stronger. That was how she spent almost every day, barring special circumstances.

She broke into a sprint when she got closer to the sphere, eager to finally reach her destination and find out what the real story was. So she rushed forward, devouring the ground in great strides as she approached. When she finally got close, she slowed to a halt, before taking a closer look. Even getting this close, the sphere seemed no less mysterious than it had been from a distance. It looked like an inky blackness, like some curious cross between stained glass and ink. She lifted a hand and reached out to touch the sphere, cautious in case it might be harmful. But there was nobody around to ask, so she had no choice but to take the risk. The material of the substance was giving, it was like sticking her hand inside of mist or fog. It was slightly cool but not clammy, and it stayed resolutely in place. Even when she pulled her hand out, no small streaks of material came with it.

Her hand hadn't been harmed, so whatever the sphere was, it must not have been anything too dangerous. With that discovery, she stepped forward, slipping into the mass with only a slight degree of hesitation. She held her breath at first, but exhaled normally after the initial shock wore off. The material barely registered any presence whatsoever. Her senses were fine-tuned enough that she could feel when a feather landed on her sleeve, yet she hadn't been able to feel anything when she had entered the mass. So she finally risked to draw a breath, and open her eyes. She saw only an inky darkness, but another step took her through the material, and she found herself in another world.

Oh, it was the same world, in truth. But the effect of the sphere had plunged the interior into the middle of the night. It was noticeably darker than it had been on the outside, and from the faint chill in the air, it felt like the middle of the night. Two immediate possibilities occurred to her. The first was that the village was on a slightly different time scale, perhaps a few hours earlier or later than the rest of the world. Or if not that, then maybe it was just in eternal night. With a name like Hidden Twilight, that made sense. But how such a condition could even exist, she didn't have the slightest clue. All the same, she felt energized. Like passing through the barrier had awoken her to something more. She was suddenly aware of so much more than before. Scents seemed stronger, sounds seemed louder, everything.

She was aware that a group of children were playing some distance off and to the right. She could feel a trio of people walking in the distance ahead of her. She could almost see them, even with the building in between them. Something had changed, and she needed to find out what. With a start, she realized she had almost begun to consider the people as prey. This change was more serious than she had first expected. She couldn't prey on humans, she was a human! But these urges, they were strong... She found herself instinctively slipping forward, moving with a grace that she normally didn't possess, almost stalking the people. She tried to stop, but the urges were stronger than she could have expected, and she found herself still proceeding. She was edging closer now, around the edge of the building. She could feel the muscles in her legs tightening, preparing to leap toward them, the moment they turned the corner. And she somehow knew they would, knew that they would turn to face her in five, four, three...

Just before she was set to pounce, one of the trio rounded the corner at a brisk pace, and spotted her. In that same instant, they seemed to shift, changing before her very eyes. Their eyes glowed a bright red, and thick fur began to grow on their face and bare arms. They grew taller, and with sickening creaks and pops, she could hear their bones begin to shift. Their face elongated, turning into a muzzle. Their teeth grew and sharpened, becoming the maw of a predator. In mere moments, they had become something completely different. Now more than two feet taller than they had been, they were covered head to toe in thick black fur. Their clothing was ragged and torn, and their shoes were completely obliterated. In their place, they bore what could only be paws, much larger than any dog's that she had ever seen. Their face was decidedly lupine, pointed ears atop their head orienting to face her. In a voice that was a guttural growl, they rasped at her. "Outsider! You dare intrude upon our home?"

The werewolf, for what else could it be?, leaped at her, with jaws opened wide and claws outstretched. She swore and jumped back, shifting into a ready position. This wasn't good! She wasn't used to fighting monsters! She had no idea of what it could do, what sort of limits it possessed. It had called her an intruder, but there were no guards or anything. She was a visitor, not an intruder. But she got the feeling there would be no reasoning with it. It was apparently a beast, after all. So instead she prepared to fight, judging it's leap and calculating the moment to strike. Just before it could reach her with its claws, she ducked in and down, before standing straight up. Her forehead hit the underside of it's jaw in a solid blow, causing it to smash it's jaws shut. She smelled blood an instant later, even as it yelped. She backed up while she had the chance, and saw the source a moment later. When it's jaws had snapped shut, it had bit it's tongue, almost bit it clear off. That would be painful.

It was angry now, angrier than it had seemed before. It threw it's head back and howled, before rushing at her again. She was ready this time, and managed to knock it back by projecting a shockwave from her fist. The move that had failed to stop Rin was doing much better now, it knocked the werewolf back against the building, where it muzzily shook it's head to try to clear it. She rushed in close and began to batter it with a rapid series of punches, aiming for the joints. She could tell at a glance that it was heavily muscled, and likely stronger than her. She'd need to use every trick she had learned from Rin, every edge her rival had taken advantage of, if she wanted to make it through this fight alive. The beast wasn't fighting her to get stronger, it simply wanted her dead. So she attacked it with a ferocity to equal it's own.

As she fought, she realized that she was rapidly becoming accustomed to the pace she was setting, to the demands she was making of her body. She wasn't growing as tired as she would have thought, keeping up such an onslaught. And the werewolf was finding itself hard-pressed to keep up with her. It had tried lashing out with it's jaws, to take a bite out of her. But she had reacted in that same moment, and knocked it's head down with a swipe from one fist, blinding it in one eye and averting it's attack.

She finally stopped her assault when it seemed the werewolf had had enough. It looked in pretty poor shape, blood leaked from dozens of cuts and gashes over much of it's body. Which was odd, as punching and kicking didn't usually draw blood, especially not so blatantly like those wounds. In fact, they almost looked like they were caused by claws. But that would mean... She looked down at her hands, only to give a start of shock and surprise. Her fingernails had lengthened into curved claws, ending in what looked like razor sharp tips. What was going on?! The building that they were near had a window, so she moved to it to try to see her reflection. She was struck wordless when she saw what had happened.

She was even taller than she usually was, and her hair had thickened noticeably. Her ears had moved to the top of her head, but were rounded as opposed to pointed. She also bore a pair of horns that extended up from the top of her head. Curved, ridged horns that ended in sharp points. She was relieved that she wasn't covered in fur like the werewolf was, but these changes were still more than enough! What had happened?! She turned back on the werewolf, who had been trying to slink away. She grabbed it by the tail and dragged it back to her, before spinning it around and staring it in the eye. "What did you do to me!"

When it didn't answer, she began to shake it, it's head snapping back and forth with the power of her actions. It just whined, an action far too similar to an animal, rather than a person. But she knew it could talk, so she'd have to make it talk. She tossed it back, where it stumbled against the ground, before she began to advance. She wasn't aware that she was growling until she noticed it react. It's ears folded down and it tried to look small and nonthreatening. She wasn't going to be fooled so easily, though. It had already attacked her, she knew it could still be a threat. So she raised a fist, claws extended and ready to lay it open to the bone. But mere moments before she could lash out, a strong hand grabbed her by the wrist, stopping her.

She whirled to face the one who had dared to stop her, a roar of anger waiting in her throat. But she stopped when she saw who it was. An older man, with bushy gray hair and wearing a plain travelling outfit. He looked far too old to be strong enough to stop her, but his grip was absolute. He smiled softly before speaking. "I ask that you show leniency on young Jack. He means well but he's too impulsive. Now, I believe you have some questions?" He gestured for her to accompany him, and let go of her wrist.

Daidouji felt like she'd been splashed with cold water. The rage she'd been feeling, both from the heat of battle and her own crisis, evaporated in an instant, leaving her feeling lost and bewildered. She spared one last scathing glance toward the one who had attacked her, before finally nodding and following the old man. He led her deeper into the village, before stopping at what looked like a tavern. He opened the door for her, and indicated that she should enter. Idly, she noted that the door was much larger than others she had seen, and even with her new horns, she would have no trouble entering the building without having to duck.

Once she got inside, she felt a moment of confusion when she saw the other patrons. Some of them looked normal, but just as many were decidedly inhuman. One looked like a man-shaped lizard or fish, covered in thick green scales. Another was wrapped in bandages and seemed to be leaking dust from it's joints. Still another looked to be the final product of an insane doctor's worst experiments, covered in large stitches and possessing two or three distinct skin tones. Most of the patrons had looked up when she first entered, but they didn't pay her any special attention. In any normal bar, someone walking in looking like her would have invited all kinds of attention.

Still somewhat shaken, she took the indicated seat when the old man moved to a table. Sitting down, she couldn't stop herself from looking around. It was only when she finally seemed satisfied that the old man spoke again. He simply asked if she wanted any tea or coffee. She just shook her head, she wanted answers more than she wanted something to drink. The man merely nodded, before gesturing to the barkeep to bring him his wine. Daidouji had to wait until he had his wine brought before he finally began to explain.

"I take it by your surprise that you are new here, or perhaps been gone for a long time. Tell me child, did Jack bite you at all?"

Daidouji paused and frowned as she thought back. It was difficult to remember the battle, it had all been consumed by the haze of battle. But she was pretty sure that it hadn't, that the only wounds she had gotten had come from claws. So she finally shook her head. The old man nodded at that, just as he had expected. He went on to hazard a guess that she was actually from Hidden Twilight, if not directly, then one of it's villagers had gone elsewhere and then given birth to her. Her innate abilities were proof enough of that. They were more likely to manifest at night, and much more likely to do so here in the land of perpetual evening.

He went on to say that she was actually something special, the other Therianthropes in the village were almost all of the lupine variety, werewolves. But she seemed to draw her heritage from different stock, there was a definite leonine theme to her change. even the horns could be explained away with a bit of thematic liberty. And if nothing else, her tail was proof, too.

She blinked at that, she didn't have a tail! But apparently she did. When he indicated that she should check, she did. And sure enough, she saw a slender tail sticking out from under her jacket. The length of the tail was thin and dusty yellow. The tip was bushy and darker in color. It was a lion's tail, there was no doubt about it. She reached out, suddenly unsure, and touched it. She could feel it, both with her hand, and she could feel the touch against her tail. So it was true, after all. She hadn't wanted to believe it, she had wanted to think it had just been a trick of the low light. But now, now she had to accept it as the truth. Was this the truth that she had come to discover, rather than the truth about the village? No, she didn't want to believe that!

"Careful, if you get too worked up..."

She blinked at his words, and realized she had been digging her claws into the table, gouging the wood. Judging by the numerous pit marks and scratches, she was far from the first. But it was still a sobering experience. She took a deep breath, holding it for a moment before finally exhaling it. She tried to force herself to calm down, but it was difficult. When she finally get her temper under reins, she returned her attention to the old man. She asked if there was anything more he could tell her, anything he could teach her about trying to control herself. How to turn back into a normal human. But at those words, he growled at her, actually growled.

"And just what is a 'normal' human, lass? Someone who doesn't have your gifts? You're stronger than them, to be sure, and that means you are superior to them. I can teach you how to hide your true form, if you must, but never think of them as normal and you as something else. You are a child of Twilight, even if you were not born here, and I'll not have you insult your own heritage."

Daidouji realized she had actually shrank back from the venom in his tone, and slowly forced herself to sit up straight again. Something in his attitude had unnerved her, made her think he was a distinct threat to her very life. He had barely raised his voice, but the effect was unmistakable. Though once he warned her, the effect was gone again, and he seemed once more just a lowly old man. He smiled to take any lingering sting out of his words, and went on to tell her more about her line. The Therianthrope were all gifted with a beast from the moment they were born. Some mastered it at an early age; others never learned to release it at all. In unusual instances like her own, one might grow up and never know what they were missing. Those could be especially dangerous circumstances. If their beast were to cause itself to release when they had no one to guide them, the effects could be disastrous. Many of their ilk had been killed as monsters, by misunderstanding humans. They had had no choice but to retreat here, to Hidden Twilight and the protections it offered. Here, they could be themselves, they could commune with their beast and master it's powers. And yes, there were powers. More than simply transforming into a beast, there were numerous other skills she could be expected to learn and master. Some of them took a lifetime to master, but she could be set on the path. She could be told what to expect, and then train herself, or she could remain in Hidden Twilight, and learn from those who had already mastered their own skills.

She asked the old man if he was one of those masters, but he only laughed. "I'm just an old man who likes his wine." He had avowed, before going back to his bottle for a long swig. But despite his words, Daidouji felt positive that he was strong, likely one of the strongest people in the village. The ease with which he had stopped her had been damning evidence already. But that, combined with his calm nature despite being surrounded by potential enemies, that meant he was either at peace with his eventual death, or he was strong enough to not need to fear. Either way meant that he would lend a certain air of experience to anything he did. He simply couldn't hide his expertise, not completely. So she continued, asking him what would happen if she still wanted him to train her. But he just shook his head, saying that he had nothing to teach. She frowned, and let the matter go for the moment. But not forever; they both knew she would probably try again, sooner or later. For now, though, she simply nodded.

"Very well. I'll accept that answer. For now. In the meantime, though, can you recommend who I should train with, then?" Even if he wouldn't train her directly, there was no reason to not seek his council. And in so doing, he would be indirectly responsible for her training. She didn't think he would steer her wrong, either. Whoever he could name would likely be a fine teacher, and one good enough to teach her what she needed to know in order to master her beast. Some part of her still refused to believe that she was some kind of animal person monster, but the facts made it impossible to refute the claim. She was ultimately practically; she couldn't just deceive herself. She'd adapt, as she had to. And in so doing, she would take this newest revelation and turn it into her strength. She could hardly imagine what Rin might think if she used this new ability against her!

"Personally, I think you should try to train yourself. Commune with your beast, make peace with it. Then the strength will come naturally. Everyone is different, and no two people can commune with their beast in the same manner. You need to find the way that works for you. It might be meditation, or training, or anything." He set the bottle down as he considered his words. To his credit, he was taking her request seriously, rather than just giving her some flippant reply. "There is one avenue I would suggest, however. Many of the Therianthrope young are sent out into the woods, to use that connection to nature to help bring their beast to the fore. Now, you're older than they are, but your connection to your beast is still young. So it may work."

Daidouji rubbed her chin as she considered what the old man had told her. To train herself? She could hardly picture herself sitting in a yoga position, trying to commune with nature. But her own path didn't have to follow that pattern, it could be something quite different. So she'd give him the benefit of the doubt, and try his advice. She had already decided to do so, after all. And just because his advice had been unexpected, that was no reason to suddenly doubt him. She'd do it!

She was about to get to her feet when the old man reached out to stop her. "Where are you going so late at night? You should get some sleep first, and try in the morning, when you're rested. You'll need it." His gaze was stern, but not cold. It seemed like he had a reason for telling her to wait, but he wasn't willing to say just why. There had to be a reason, though. She remembered him saying that a lot of Therianthropes were based on the wolf, lupine. And for someone like that, it would only make sense to try to commune with their beast at night. He had said her trait was leonine, the lion. She knew that much was right. And while all cats had excellent night vision, lions did seem largely diurnal. So she supposed it made a certain sort of sense. So she finally nodded, before asking him where the closest inn was. He pointed to the barkeep, and commented that the tavern was also an inn, it had a few rooms available for travelers who were passing through.

That was good enough for her, so she pushed off from the table before taking the time to thank him for his advice. He waved her thanks away, but she could tell he appreciated her words. From there she went up to the bar, and spoke in hushed tones with the barkeep for a few moments. It didn't take long to discover that there was a room available. But before she turned in for the night, she wanted to get something to settle her stomach. So she ordered a meal, and returned to the old man's table, before sinking into her chair a moment later. At his questioning glance, she just admitted that she was getting hungry. And going to bed without supper was a punishment reserved for naughty children. So she had some time to kill before her food would be ready. While she waited, she decided to try to find out a little bit more about what she was supposed to be.

"You said that a leonine type Therianthrope was a rarity, right? Does that mean you have some idea of who my parents were?" She knew who her mother was, of course, but there was no way that that quiet woman was a Therianthrope. She probably didn't even know how to fight, let alone getting in touch with an inner beast. She just spent every day in the midst of whatever she happened to be researching. She tended to travel a lot, though, so it was possible at some time in the past she had had a fling. It was a bit disturbing to think that she had not been born out of wedlock, but if that was the case, then so be it. Here she had a chance to find out for sure.

"I did say that, didn't I? Hmm, let me see..." The old man paused to take a long drink from his bottle, which was already more than half empty. He was silent for a long time, during which he took another drink from his bottle. Finally he nodded. "There's only been a handful of them in the village, for as far back as I can remember. And that's quite a long time indeed, ohoho. The last Lion Therianthrope I remember was... old Evelyn, I believe. Everyone was disappointed when her children didn't show any sign of their beasts."

Daidouji frowned, the name sounded familiar. The reason hit her a moment later, and her eyes hot open wide. "Wait, Evelyn? My grandmother's name was Evelyn! You don't think they'd be the same person, do you?"

"Well, it could be. If I recall correctly, she had three children. Barian, Jaina and Esprit. They were all good children, but I don't think any of them ever discovered their inner beast." He had noticed Daidouji's eyes widen when he mentioned Esprit, and he was quick to put things together. "Ah, so Esprit is your mother? Wonderful, it looks like your line is more enduring than I thought! People had feared that Evelyn's line had all but died out, that their abilities were long gone, never to return. But if they just skipped a generation..." He seemed to ponder this new bit of news, even as Daidouji began to dig into her meal. It had arrived while they were talking, but she had help back out of simple etiquette. But now that he seemed preoccupied, she saw no reason to wait any more. She had ordered a large meal, in keeping with her own training ethos. And she dug into it with gusto, attacking her meal like it might be her last. That was just how she ate, and it always had been.

By the time she finished her meal, the old man had finished his wine as well. He still seemed a bit preoccupied, so she caught his attention long enough to bid him a good night, and thank him again for all of his advice. He was gracious in accepting her thanks, and thanked her in return, 'for giving an old man hope for the future'. With that done, she went to her room, and fell asleep only moment after she went to bed.

The next morning, she was refreshed and ready to confront her beast. Sleeping on the issue had lent her a certain clarity of thought, and she felt that she knew what to do. The old man had said for her to go out into the woods, into nature. She would, but she would do it on her own terms. She had always met any challenge head on, and there was no reason to change that part of her now. She'd been through enough changes as it was. So after washing and grabbing a quick bite to eat, she set out. It was early morning, and if she would have been anywhere else, the sun would have just come out. But here in Hidden Twilight, it was just as dark out as it had been the night before. She could hardly imagine how the locals managed to keep track of time or even days, with such a loss. Never mind trying to grow plants or cultivate animals.

But that was not her concern at the moment. She was supposed to focus on her own issue, about confronting and communicating with her inner beast. So she broke into a jog, and set out, heading toward the closest part of the woods, where they met with the edge of the village. The old man had urged her to do it during the day. While that could simply mean waiting for normal waking hours, she felt it would be more effective to do it in the actual daylight. So she would actually leave the village, step beyond it's unusual barrier. Then, she would focus on finding a suitable location, and then she would attempt to confront her beast. She wracked her brain for anything that she could think of about lions. There wasn't much, that was never really a topic of interest for her. Though, come to think of it, her mother had had an awful lot of books about them. Did she know, and she just never saw fit to tell her? Why would she keep such a secret from her? And what of her siblings, little Gart and Canelle? Would they have to go through the same crisis that she had? What if they were caught unaware, and their beast did something savage and terrible? Neither of them were fighters, would they be able to resist their beasts? As much as that thought worried her, she had to focus on herself for now. Once her own trial was complete, she could send word to her family, and try to let them know what might happen.

She came to a stop when she reached the barrier, and cautiously moved through it. She closed her eyes again, this time not from fear, but instead to let her eyes adjust without blinding herself. She blinked tears from her eyes for several moments until she could see clearly. Outside of the barrier, she realized that it was even earlier than she had expected, and the sun was just barely peeking over the horizon. She would have plenty of time to find a perfect spot. Originally, she had thought to stick to the woods, but she thought that a grassy field might work better. She was pretty sure that lions lived and hunted in the grasslands. So that was where she would go, too.

She finally settled down on a large flat stone in the middle of an empty field. Closing her eyes, she quashed the idea of feeling ridiculous, and instead tried to reach out to her beast. She thought back to what she had felt when she had transformed, back to that other mindset that she had begun to slip into. That was what she sought. And sure enough, after several long moments, she felt a tentative contact brush against her mind. It felt familiar, so she tried to welcome it to her. It still held back, and evinced caution. It wasn't like a hunter to be too cautious, so there must have been a reason for its attitude. She sent out a feeling of uncertainty, and received back a sensation of understanding. It seemed they were both uncertain of their place with each other. It would be a long journey, but they would make it together. She would learn about her beast, and it would learn about her. And in time, they would become strong together.
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