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PostPosted: Mon Sep 26, 2005 7:23 pm

Description Wrote:
North in the land of the new generation of Shinobi lies one of the five great villages; Kumogakure. The position of the village matches the very definition of Kumogakure, meaning “Village Hidden Among Clouds”. Four enormous mountain ranges protect and mask many of the villages in Kumogakure from the outside world. It is here in Kumogakure that the majority of the shinobi specializes in lightning techniques and swordplay. With lightning being one of, if not the fastest element in terms of speed, Kumogakure is home to very fast and deadly jutsu practitioners who put their heart and soul into their training. In addition, with their knowledge of swordplay they are able to unleash nasty kenjutsu techniques that can easily rival any swordmaster outside of Kumogakure. Anyone who wishes to become one with their sword would be making a mistake by not bringing their skills here. And unlike other clans, Kumogakure has a group designed for those who have lost their eyesight at a young age. With training here, one of their greatest strengths is a weakness to many in their position. Lastly is the ryuugan eye that the clan members possess, which while at first only provide information to the user, can provide many benefits on a cosmic scale at the higher levels. As one of the five great villages they originally possessed a female Raikage though their hard times and invasions. But unfortunate events have occurred and now the title belongs to Asuka Sinobi, a young but determined shinobi who serves his village meticulously..

Clan's Wrote:
Dattoumaru Clan: From the Hidden Village of Cloud, this clan of taijutsu users is reputed for their advanced bloodline, which gives them lightning speed and many other combat advantages. They are respected and well known in the Thunder Country as expert in Missing-Nin assassination.

Sinobi Clan: Well known for being one of the head clans in the village, long ago Gashir Sinobi traveled to Konoha to make peaceful relations between Konoha and Kumo who were at the time, in a war. While there, he attempted to kidnap Hyuuga Hinata, but failed. Since then, the clan has worked hard to redeem themselves through training to become great cloud shinobi.

Miyanari Clan: This is the clan the Raikage is from, as well a one of the richest and most respected in all the country. They specialize in swordplay, and techniques for use with a sword.

Dodai Clan- Dodai possesses the Lava Release kekkei genkai, allowing them to combine both fire and earth natured chakra, which he can use to create a resistant, rubber-like substance as seen with his technique, the Lava Release: Rubber Wall, or create large rubber balls, which can serve multiple purposes. He has also shown that he can manipulate the lava to form a rope out of this rubber that can be used to grab things with. Unlike the other known users of the Lava Release, Dodai is not only shown to emit the substance from his mouth, but is also able to create it externally.

Enkou Clan:
Those of the Enkou Clan posses abilities and jutsu that revolve around heat, fire, and the sun. They can be identified by their eyes. Their eyes are constantly red and it said that the redder their eyes are, the stronger they are. They are weakened when the sun goes away, mostly night time.
As a Enkou grows older, they gradually become blind due to the constant use of fire and heat straining their eyes. Once they become blind, they can identify objects by the heat they give off.
Also, a Enkou is fueled by the sun, and their energy is given from the sun. So when using a bloodline jutsu, it requires no chakra from them since their ability to mold and use fire and heat are natural. This is the only clan in Hidden Cloud that does not reap the benefits of the Ryuugan Eye.

Doujutsu Wrote:
Pupils appear like this when active:

Disadvantages: The Ryuugan Eye can do nothing but give information to the user. It holds no offensive capabilities.

Ryuugan Eye Lvl 1: Gain 25,000 Skill Points. At this level, the user is able to use the Ryuugan Eye as a tool in battle to better know their opponent. The user will instantly have a basic feel for how powerful their enemy will be to fight and what type of jutsu they prefer to used.

Ryuugan Eye Lvl 2: Gain 50,000 Skill Points. As the user has grown stronger, so has their control of the Ryuugan Eye. At this level, the user is now able to carefully analyzes their opponent throughout the fight in order to be able to better predict what type of technique is being preformed by the opponent. The user is also able to locate "weak" spots where the opponent is vulnerable to attack. User is granted immunity to almost all Genjutsu Techniques.

Ryuugan Eye Lvl 3: Gain 100,000 Skill Points. The user is now able to completely master the Ryuugan Eye. At this level the user is able to synchronize their soul with the world around them. The user is granted a type of prescience that allowed them to see anywhere past, present, or possibly even future. They are even able to preform "Astro Projection", to send their image anywhere they want within time and space.
PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2005 1:30 pm
Hidden Cloud's Techniques

All techniques in orange are clan only.

Dattoumaru Kiminaru Wrote:

[N] Hiraishin (( Clan Technique )) : This technique allows the user to speed up his bodies to a point that they will be able to pass through solid objects. :: 1000 Skill Points

[T] Ambidexterity Skill ((Clan Technique)) :Allows the Dattourmaru clan to be able to use both hands with equal ease. Allowing him to Hold a weapon with one hand and Perform a hand seal with the other. :: 800 Skill Points

[T] Nanaten (Clan Technique)) :The Dattourmaru clan knows how to hit the 7 points on the body to make the body cease function and shut down. Each point must be hit in separate posts. After he hits all 7 points the Target would not be able to move or anything afterwards A little while after he would die. :: 1000 Skill Points

[T] Hiraishin Fist (( Clan Technique )) : A technique that incorporates the Hiraishin technique and the Crane Fist Technique, allowing the user to be able to actually thrust their hands through normal armor or past defenses in order to connect with skin, instantly causing a sort of chakra spark, that would burn the opponent on contact with the attack. This only causes the limbs to take on the Hiraishin effect, not the entire body. (Requires Hiraishin and Crane Fist Technique) :: 2000 Skill Points

[N] Lightning Release: Lightning Hound (( Clan Technique )) : By manipulating lightning chakra into the dominant hand, the user can make the lightning expand to can create the form of a hound. The hound-shape remains connected to the user's hand with a bolt of lightning, allowing them to control it during its attack. Being a Lightning Release ninjutsu, it requires a large amount of chakra from the user to maintain and thus is a risk to use with a low chakra supply. :: 1500 Skill Points

[T] Crane Fist Technique :Allows the user keeps his hands straight, like a dagger or sword, and uses them to stab an opponent. :: 800 Skill Points

[N] Nawanuke No Jutsu: A basic skill that lets the user invest chakra into a rope or chain to push the knot in it in the right way, so it loosens. This is used to escape from a binding jutsu. :: 700 Skill Points

Sinobi Gisa Wrote:

[T] Flash Force ((Clan Technique)) : There is a type of strength a human can take on, Known as flash force. Where he is able to use his full strength for a few seconds, Based momentum and base strength. The Sinobi clan studied this, Now passing down the the secret to this skill, To be able to use this flash force for longer then a regular human.(3 posts; 8 post cooldown) :: 1500 Skill Points

[T] Flash Fist (( Clan Technique )) : A technique that actually causes invisible surges of electricity to surge around the hands like spikes. Although only a unseen manifestation of chakra, the Flash Fist works around the same style as the Flash Force, but has the added electrical ability to it, making it more deadly. It also, surprisingly lasts for a longer period of time, due to being an advanced technique. (6 posts; 8 post cooldown) (Requires Flash Force) :: 2000 Skill Points

[N] Flash Thunder (( Clan Technque )) : A technique based around the Flash Force ability, it allowed for the user to create bladed claws of electricity around their hands, and blades up their arms, made of pure electricity-chakra. Causing the user's attacks to be more powerful and actually work like blades, this also lasts longer then the Flash Force technique, but the Cooldown time is also longer. (8 posts; 12 post cooldown) (Requires Flash Fist) :: 2200 Skill Points

[N] Lightning Destruction (( Clan Technique )) : A Short to mid-range technique that uses the Ox, Rabbit, Ram, Dog, and Monkey handsigns. The user places his hands to the ground after converting their chakra to lightning. The user then sends an enormous bolt of lightning that cuts through the ground towards the target. The shape of the bolt is a triangular figure with the base in front of the user and the tip headed towards the opponent. It causes devastating destruction on its way and generates with enough heat and power to destroy whatever it comes into contact with. :: 1500 Skill Points

[N] Lightning Release: Thunder Binding (( Clan Technique )) : This technique lets the user create a three sided wall of electricity to bind their opponent. The user must have three conductors to stick in the ground to create the points. Furthermore, once the enemy is inside, if they come into contact with the wall they will be electrocuted. The only way the jutsu can be broken is if an outside party were to strike one of the wall with a strong enough attack, which will then deactivate the other walls. :: 1000 Skill Points

[N] Tornado Lightning (( Clan Technique )) : A technique that causes the user to be able to generates lightning-based chakra in their palms that they can whip around in order to attack their opponent. The lightning can stretch up to a good ten feet past arms reach and is roughly controlled by the user, much like a whip. :: 800 Skill Points

[N] Lightning Shuriken Technique: The user Creates a shuriken composed completely of lightning energy :: 300 Skill Points

[N] Minor Electric Current: A technique that sends out a small blast of electric current to surround a target and shock it a few times before fading away. :: 500 Skill Points

[N] Hands of Thunder Technique: A technique that creates gloves make out of electicy around your hands for an added punch when hitting someone or something. :: 500 Skill Points

[N] Static Electricity Aura Technique: The target of this technique feels a tingle all over their body; their hair even seems to stand on end. Whenever they try to touch an object they receive a painful jolt of what seems to be high-end static electricity. :: 900 Skill Points

[N] Electrical Discharge Technique: A technique that discharges a surge of electrically charged chakra to temperearoly stun any opponent. :: 1000 Skill Points

[N] Lightning Bolt Technique: A technique that allows the user can cast a bolt of lightning chakra from their hands at an opponent. :: 1100 Skill Points

[N] Lightning Ball Technique: this technique allows the user to form a ball of electricity which he can hurl at his opponent. :: 1300 Skill Points

[N] Lightning Strike Technique: The user sends thier chakra into the clouds overhead that will causes a series of lightning strikes to come down at selected target. :: 1500 Skill Points

[N] Flickering Light Technique: Charging electrical chakra throughout the shinobi makes his skin light up giving it a bright glow that can allow him to see it a night. Chuunin can control this bright glow to make the light flicker. Jounin can create a flicker so bright it can disable anyone who looks directly at the user for a post. :: 700 Skill Points

[N] Lightning Clone Technique: This technique makes a clone using electrically charged chakra. The clone is also able to attack using only taijutsu moves that deliver shocks of electricity to the opponent's body with each landed hit. When the clone disperses it will launch an electric shock waves outward that will shock everything with a ten foot radius. :: 900 Skill Points

Sansu Miyanari Wrote:
[K] Sword Art Technique - Iaido ((Clan Technique)) : A technique that will hide the slash until the last second to give the target little time to react. :: 200 Skill Points

[K] Sword Art Technique - Cut and Thrust ((Clan Technique)) : A technique that allows the user to trust the sword into a soft object and then quickly follow it by a outward slash. :: 300 Skill Points

[K] Sword Art Technique - Thrust ((Clan Technique)) : A technique that allows the user to thrust the sword in a way to penitrate through almost anything. :: 300 Skill Points

[K] Sword Art Technique - Demonic Sword ((Clan Technique)) : A technique the user will surround his blade with his chakra. If the blade penitrates the target the chakra will cause the wound to remain open and bleeding for three times longer than normal. :: 1000 Skill Points

[K] Sword Art Technique - Heavenly Blade ((Clan Technique)) : A technique that allows the user to willingly give up one's sight to have the remaining senses super heighened. The user will be able to react to anything within a hundredth of a second with deadly persition. :: 1600 Skill Points

[K] Sword Art Technique - Divine Sword ((Clan Technique)) : A technique where one uses his sword reflected burning sunlight combined with crackling lightning curved around it. While this in itself can be an amazing technique, the true power comes in the fact that he can focus this light and lightning into his swords, which now glow a blinding light constantly and crackle with lightning. With this jutsu, the target can no longer even SEE at all under any circumstances. Every time they try to open their eyes, their eyes are burned and shocked from the blinding power coming from the swords. The target is kept immobilized from the constant crackling of lightning from the blade, shocking them and holding at a certain point. :: 3000 Skill Points

[N] Raikou Shunshin ((Clan Technique)) : The user does a single seal, (Bird), and the user disappears in a wisp of electricity. The maximum the user can travel is a radius of 1 mile from where they are standing, but they must be able to visualize the area in their head. This technique can be used in escaping combat, and also to travel to some extent. However, when this is used to escape combat, this cannot be in the same post the user is attacked or is attacking. :: 1000 Skill Points

[K] Lightning Release: Lightning Augment (( Clan Technique )) : A Technique that allows the user to channel electrical chakra into their swords to increase their cutting power. Allowing them to put gashes or even cut through normal weaponry and armors. :: 2000 Skill Points

[N] Yaiba no Jutsu: This skill allows the user to charge chakra in the form of electricity in the palm. Then, the chakra eventually works up to the fingers, where a blade of electricity is formed between the index and middle finger, but as soon as it is let go, the blade vanishes into thin air. The strength of this blade isn't as strong as a normal blade, as it is nowhere as dense or as heavy. But because the blade is very thin, it is capable of doing major damage, if used properly. However, this blade can also hurt the user, anywhere except for the fingers where the blade is held. :: 1400 Skill Points

[N] Cloud Clone Technique: The user creates a clone made completely out of clouds. This clone is not able to attack an opponent. Unlike a standard clone, when hit by an attack. The attack will go through the clone and will at most cause the clone to separate before recombing. :: 700 Skill Points

[G] Cloud Cover Technique: This jutsu involves the simple creation of a small illusionary cloud, about 1-foot in diameter, that has to stay on the ground. Its true purpose is to conceal something that might be hidden in a particular spot, such as a sharp rock, or a small hole. :: 600 Skill Points

[N] Cloud Shield Technique: The shinobi uses chakra to condense the air immediately in front of him into a thick, chakra-embedded barrier made of cloud. These barrier blocks weapon attacks that are coming straight ahead as well as Ninjutsu-based projectiles. :: 800 Skill Points

Enkou Kyoto Wrote:

[N] Shikaku Kaon:((Clan Technique)) Because of the unavoidable fate that Enkou's acquire by becoming blind, every Enkou has developed a six sense involving the wasted energy living things give of. This wasted energy is heat. By using this sixth sense, they are able to feel out the aura of all live things by their heat. They can also define objects that they focus in on, making it almost seem as if they have their sight. :: 800 Skill Points

[N] Kaji Jinchi: ((Clan Technique))Right when a Enkou is able to walk, they freely explore their ability to control and breed flames from nothingness. When they reach the age of ten, they are granted with the rank or sometimes jutsu, Kaji Jinchi for their knowledge of their abilities with fire. :: 500 Skill Points

[N] Houchiku:((Clan Technique)) By converting their chakra to heat, an Enkou can slowly push chakra out of their body in the form of heat. :: 300 Skill Points

[T] Houchiku • Chisoku Zouka:((Clan Technique)) By utilizing Houchiku, an Enkou can make thier weight decrease at great intervals. With this decrease in weight, an Enkou can move a third as fast than their normal speed. If used beyond the Enkou's limit, it can break down their muscle tissue and perhaps parylize them. :: 900 Skill Points

[N] Houchiku • Kaon Zouka:((Clan Technique))Another jutsu formed from the Enkou's Houchiku. By already expelling heat from their body, they can increase the temperature of the direct perimeter to a very high temperature. :: 700 Skill Points

[N] Houchiku • Hensa:((Clan Technique))By pushing heat from their body at a initial burst, a wave fires from the Enkou's body, enabling them to deflect projectiles. Depending on the Enkou's skill, determines what can be deflected by this wave. :: 600 Skill Points

[N] Kouen Fukumen:((Clan Technique))Similar to the Body Flicker jutsu. A Enkou surrounds their body in a veil of flames and vanishes within the flames before the fire fades. :: 500 Skill Points

[N] Katon • Tei Shuushuku:((Clan Technique))Kronan developed this technique solely for the purpose of his close friend, Kakeuma who utilizes the wind element. By uses the fire around him, Kronan can quickly suck the oxygen out of the air around him to rid any form of weak wind from approaching him. Kronan can also use this jutsu as a defensive move, by surrounding an opponent in a ball of fire. Kronan uses the flames to suck the oxygen from the inside of the ball, making it where his foe cannot breathe. :: 1000 Skill Points

[N] Katon • Kaji Boruto:((Clan Technique))The user quickly splits a small stream of fire from their mouth toward their opponent. :: 600 Skill Points

[N] Katon • Kaji Sawagi:((Clan Technique))The user either stomps the ground with his foot or lays his palm against the ground. Afterward, the user then sends streams of fire upward from the ground either around or under their opponent. :: 1000 Skill Points

[N] Katon • Sight of the Sun:((Clan Technique)) After the Enkou become blind, They have long to have sight once more. They can activate this for 5 posts, Then the cool down is 10 posts. There eyes will glow red, They will be able to see in the darkest area. :: 1000 Skill Points

[T] Kaon • Hellfire Lotus:((Clan Technique)) This has to be one of the most deadly Enkou attacks. Unless you can take the strain on you die directly after using this. Starts with a normal leaf shadow dance. As you come to the lotus part, You cover you and the enemy in flames so hot you would break the O zone layer. When you hit the ground it makes a giant explosion, Leaving a crater in the earth. The crater would be at the least 200 degree's. :: 1500 Skill Points

[N] Kaon • Flame Trust: ((Clan Technique))It is said all Enkou has a mutual bond with fire. Letting them have a fire Aura around them. :: 500 Skill Points

[N] Kaon • Long Range Destroyer: ((Clan Technique))The user of this attack can extend chakra out his arms but coming out in the form of fire. The fire arms can reach out at to 8 feet far. Though they can't physically grab anything but they can do damage.(Requires Flame Trust) :: 1100 Skill Points

[N] Kaon • Brink of Hell : ((Clan Technique))The user of this become sealed in flames very hot. However they are protected for one post, In which this takes a lot of strain on the body and if the user can't take the heat and strain at the same time they would pass out with a heat stroke. After this no Enkou attacks can be used for 2 posts.(Requires Flame Trust) :: 1800 Skill Points

Darui Wrote:

Lightning Release: Wave of InspirationThe user generates a large amount of electricity in their hands, which can then be released into conductive materials to shock their foes. A lightning technique of equal power can neutralize it.:: 1000 Skill Points

Laser circus uses his Storm Release to create several bright beams of electricity that shoot at his enemy. A halo of bright energy spreads from Darui's hands as he uses this technique. The beams are able to alter their direction after being shot.((Need to Know Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration)) ::1100 skill Points

Black Lightning - Black Lightning is a unique form of Lightning Release. As the name suggests, the lightning produced by this ability's techniques is black in color. (( Must know Lightning Release; Wave of Inspiration)) ::900

Lightning Release: Black Panther - This technique creates a substantial amount of Black Lightning which takes the form of a panther-like creature that seems to emanate from the user's own body. (( Must know Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration)) ::1000

A Wrote:

Lightning Oppression Horizontal After covering himself in his Lightning Release Armor, the Raikage performs a simple backhand chop against his opponent.. Technique is strong enough to cut through the Black Fire Technique and damage demons in their demon state. ((Must Know Lightning Armor from Hidden Mist))-1000 Points.

Liger Bomb After covering himself in his Lightning Release Armor, the Fourth Raikage grabs his opponent and lifts them high into the air. Then, using his extreme strength, he smashes them head first onto the ground in what resembles a powerbomb maneuver. ((Must Know Lightning Armor from Hidden Mist)) -::900 Skill Points

Lariat The user charges at his opponent, striking them with a Lariat move. This strike is powerful enough to blow away the target's entire chest.:: 700 Skill Points

Atsui Wrote:

Cloud-Style Flame Beheading - The user first imbues their blade with fire, before slashing in the direction of the desired enemy, resulting in the creation of large arcs of intense flame that follow the trajectory of the previous swing. :: 600 skill points

C Wrote:

Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar - This genjutsu blinds the enemy with an extremely bright light that appears to emanate from the user's body. :: 500 skill points.

Karui Wrote:

Cloud-Style Front Beheading - The user slashes forward to attack an enemy. Their chakra solidifying into clouds around their arm and any weapon in order to conceal the exact trajectory of the strike.:: 300 Skill Points.

Mabui Wrote:

Heavenly Transfer Technique - With this technique the user is able to transport objects anywhere at the speed of light. When being transferred, the object is engulfed in light and moves to its destination through a beam of light, which is reminiscent of a bolt of lightning. (This technique requires two post to be used). :: 600 Skill Points.

Omoi Wrote:

Cloud-Style Crescent Moon Beheading - The user utilizes a large extent of their physical capabilities to swing their sword in a single large arc, which occurs with such ferocious velocity that the technique can be employed in situations where only a very limited time to react is available. ::900 Skill Points.

Cloud-Style Reverse Beheading - The user does a powerful spin, generating the momentum needed to slash at any opponents behind them. ((Must know Cloud-Style Crescent Moon Beheading)) :: 300 Skill Points.

Dodai Wrote:

Lava Release: Rubber Ball-The user expels a large glob of lava from their mouth, which quickly solidifies into a hollow ball that can be used to protect an object by surrounding it with the durable rubber-like material. The properties of this substance mean that it can both absorb and dissipate the force behind a blow when struck, resulting in it either deforming or bouncing upon impact.:: 900 Skill Points

Lava Release: Rubber Defense- The user creates a short tube with lava converted into a rubber-like material which can be used to guard against enemy's attacks.:: 700 Skill Points

Lava Release: Rubber Rope The user creates a rope with lava converted into a rubber-like material. It can be used to quickly withdraw an ally of the attack line, being more efficient when combined with a distraction.:: 500 skill points

Lava Release: Rubber Wall The user creates an enormous torrent of lava from the ground directly in front of them, which then forms into a wall possessing immense durability due to its rubbery consistency that allows the material to deform when attacked, meaning it can both absorb and dissipate the force behind a blow rather than just simply obstruct it. This technique can also be used to provide reinforcement to a pre-existing barrier.:: 800 skill points



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PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2005 12:38 pm
The ferry arrived at the Docks to the Hidden Cloud village. It was raining, as usual. The mountains located a few miles behind the village made the climate very wet, and everyone was walking around wearing raincoats. The village's weather resembled Britains, as it almost constantly rains there too.

After she got off the boat, a tall and rather bulky man stepped up beside her, in a raincoat of course. He held out a large arm with another raincoat on it, and Renka took it. While putting it on she smiled. "Hello Sansu, how have you been?"

"Just fine. Your father wants to see you..." He stated duly, and turned to walk off.

Renka followed him, soon catching up to walk right beside him as they headed to the Raikage's office building.

Once inside, the two hung up their coats on a provided rack, and proceeded to the Raikage's personal office. Sliding the door open, Renka entered her father's room, while her tutor stayed outside the door. Bowing respectfully, she stepped onto the tatami mats, and sat down on her knees.

"Welcome back." He said in a cool voice. The Raikage was rather old looking, with white hair, but not frail in the least, he was perfectly fit, and able to fight at a moments notice. "I trust you have heard of your new career."

"Yes, father."

"Do not address me as such while we are working. You are strictly my foreign minister and ambassador now, and you will act as such."

"Yes, sir."

"now, on a more personal note. You are lucky the exams have been postponed, because i recieved a note that you were late...This will not happen again. You will go and train with Sansu now, until you must leave for the exams. No more studying, all techniques and skills. You will not fail this exam." His personal note wasn't very warm.

Renka, bowing her head again, stood up and left the room, slowly closing the door behind her. Once she was out of there, a seeming weight was lifted from her shoulders as she looked at her long time friend and teacher. "You heard him, let's go train."

"Don't you want to rest up from your jou-"

"No, the sooner we start the more i learn." and with that, the girl stalked out of the hallway, grabbed her coat and walked back out into the rain. She headed for the training grounds.


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PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2005 12:56 pm
The two soon arrived at a large grassy field, surrounded by a circle of trees with wooden 'men' on one side, targets on the other. The training grounds. Renka lead Sansu to the middle of the 'arena' and took her raincoat off. She drew her sword, and stood facing Sansu.

He took his coat off as well, revealing the rather large katana on his back. He drew the blade as well and faced Renka. "Right. We will start with the basics. You don't know how long i've waited for this day." he said smiling as water dripped down his face. "First, Iado. i've taught you what it does, but you have never performed it..."

"I've never performed any...."

"y-yes...thats right." He smiled a little. "Now, Sheath your sword." He placed his back inside the sheath on his back and waited for her to do the same.

"What kind of sword technique uses a sheathed sword?" She scoffed for a moment, before the glare he gave her made her obey.

"Now, watch...." He said as he turned to face a wooden dummy not far off. Crouching down, he gripped the hilt of the sword, and then dashed towards the dummy. In a lightning quick action, the sword flew from the sheath using the force to chop the entire arm of a wooden dummy off. Standing up, he turned towards Renka, resheathing his sword. "Thats what."

Renka stood there, quite amazed, and then smiled. "How do you do this?"

"First, the sword must be sheathed. The attack force is the momentum caused by unsheathing the sword. The friction of the sheath and the force of pulling it out makes it an effective attack, although it takes time to perform. Not a good technique to use in the middle of a battle. Now, enough talking, you try."

Nodding, the young cloud-nin faced her own wooden dummy. Exhaling for a moment, she then dashed at the figurine, her hand on er sheathed sword. About five feet away, she used all of her force to pull the sword out. It was tougher than she though, as the friction of the sheath wanted to keep the sword in. SHe didn't even manage to get the tip out, and that caused her to lose balance and fall face first into the mud. "Ack!" and with a loud SPLAT, she layed on the ground.

If her face weren't covered in mud, anyone could easily tell it would be all red from embarassment.
PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2005 1:21 pm
"It's okay, just get up and try again..." Sansu said, trying to encourage her. "It's tought to pull the sword out, some less skilled shinobi actually wax the inside of their sheaths for this technique, but i am confidant you'll geat it this time. See? all that was left in the sheath was the very tip, just try again."

Huffing, Renka stood up, and walked back to her previous position. She saw the skid marks she left in the mud when she fell, and her cheeks reddened once more. Resheathing her sword, the young cloud-nin crouched down. She pulled the sheath out just a little to test how hard it was to pull out, and put it back in, satisfied. SHe began to runn again, and once more at about five feet from the dummy she used all of her strength to pull the sword out. Success! the tip of the blade swung with intensity.

A loud THWACK sounded through the air, as Renka found that her sword was deeply imbedded in the left shoulder of the wooden dummy.

"Good job. Now the other half of the technique....Getting the blade out. Only after years of practice can thios technique actually cleave through wood. You did very good for your first try."

Frowning, Renka began to tug on the blade, but to no avail.

Sansu then continued. "Now, yo have completed that technique...let's move on..." He turned away and began to ramble off on the next technique, " The cut and thrust....it's a standard technique..."

Renka, meanwhile, was still trying to pull her sword out. Then, all of a sudden, the wood let the blade go, and she stumbled backwards before falling once more. "Oof!" was all she let out, as she fell.

Sansu then turned around to see her on the gorund. "What are you doing down there?"

"Nothing...." She said standing up. She was now officially covered in mud."Continue." she blurted out. This might have been a bad idea to train in the rain.


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PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2005 1:34 pm
"Right. The Cut and thrust. You charge at the oponent, thrust your sword forward, to pierce the enemy, and then slash down. Here, let me show you." He stopped walking, and pulled his sword out from the sheath. Holding it in two hands he went through the motions of stabing forward, twisting the blad slightly, and then pulling down. "As soon as you can succesfully cut a wooden dummy down by using this technique twice, to make on 'V' shape, seperating the top half from the bottom will you be good on this technique." He stated very simply.

"You've got to be kidding.." She muttered as she brushed mud off of her uniform. "Fine....i'll do it.." She called out to him.

Closing her eyes for a moment, Renka caught her breath and concentrated. Snapping her eyes open, the girl rushed at the wooden dummy, with her sword pointing forewards, tucked into place at her side. "Hah!" She yelled as she stabbed the wood, the sword going straight through, poking out the other side. With forced effort she tried to turn the blade, but it barely moved. Pausing for a moment, Renka regripped the hilt to turn it, . Finally, the wood gave way, and let her turn the sword. Now with the blade in the right position, she strained to pull it downwards, but it wouldn't budge. She tried again, but it didn't move. "Gah! i hate this!" she screamed as she tried one last time, and managed to pull the blade through the wood, half way.

"Not bad...but you need to do it in three consecutive moves...no pausing...try again..."

Grumbling, she pulled the sword from the wooden torso, and backed up. "This in impossible, how am i upposed to cut wood?!"

"Don't complain, just do it."

Sighing, she prepared to try the move once more. She ran at the wooden block, and stuck her sword in the hole she already made. Turning it, she pulled down quickly and cut the left side clean through.

"Good, now the other side..." he said.

"But that was cheating!" She yelled, frustrateed that she didn't actually do it.

"Yes, i know, just do it to the other side."
PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2005 2:14 pm
She was breathing heavily from all of the physcal activity it took to try and slash through wood, but she held her sword up, determined to disembowel this lump of wood. Growling a little from frustration, she charged once more.SHe stabbed the wood with her sword and quickly turned the blade to the right and slashed down with all of her might. Her sword cut cleanly through the log, and the top half slid off of the bottom, leaving the two cut marks that formed an upside-down 'V'. STanding up straight, Renka wiped rain from her eyes and looked at her tutor. "i have to try again...i cheated on the first one..."

"No, thats fine, the technique was good...you know how to do it now, just practice a little some other time...we need to move onto the other moves..." He said as he walked up beside the muddy girl. "Now, the next technique is an easier form of the cut and thrust...it's just the thrust. It's just one attack, where you slash down at an oponent, from the top of the shoulder to the opposite hip. It's not as tough as the last one....but, now, i want you to use the technique twice one right after the other. What you do it make a slash from the one side, cutting the wood clean apart, and then before the stump slides off to the ground, you make another attack on the other side. Your goal is to get three different blocks of wood to fall on the ground by using two slashes, making one 'X' shaped mark..."

"What? why can't i just learn the basic technique?!"

"Because your better than that...now, Go." he stated, after he gaver her a pat on the shoulder and moved back. "The key is, to be quick!."

"Yeah, i got that..." She said while sighing. Catching her breath for a second, she charged at the next wooden dummy, and slashed down at it. She managed to cut the one side, and she was going to slash at the other side, which was quickly falling to the ground, but it was tood late, her sword stuck into the wood, and the piece she was supposed to cut lay in the mud. "Damnit! it falls to fast!"

"Do it again, on the next dummy...."


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PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2005 2:32 pm
"It's not going to work...i'm not fast enough..." She said as she walked over to the next dummy. And prepared the sword. This time she would try it without the charge.

"Yes you are, i saw how fast you did the cut and thrust when you became angry, just try and do the same thing when your calm."

"but i'm not calm!"

"Hush, cose your eyes and meditate for a few minutes, clear you mind."

"....fine..." She said as she closed her eyes, and began to push all of her worries and thoughts from her conciousness. About three minutes later, she opened her eyes and stared at the wooden dummy. Lifting her sword, she brought it down slowly to the shoulder of the wooden dummy, marking the place where she wanted to hit. Sucking in air, she lifted the sword, and then she exhaled quickly while slashing down with the blade. It went clean through, and sh brought it up with lightning fast speed to cut the other side. A second later, three pieced of wood lay in the mudd and her tutor walked over to examine them.

"Hmmm....you let it fall. See here? this pieceis small than the opposite side, and this piece is too big. Try again on the next one, you have to get a perfect 'X'."

"Yes...." she said looking down at the wooden blocks she cut. Renka was determined to not let the frustration get to her. walking over to the next dummy she prepared again.

"Ah...before you try again, let me give you a tip." Sansu called over to her, as rain began to fall a little harder. "When you cut down, you don't need to have such a steep slope. Your cutting the whole way to the thigh. Bring it up a little to right above th hip. You can even curve the cut a little, so it isn't a straight line at the bottom, make a sort of hook shape. This curve is harder to cut in wood, but it is worth the effort to speed up the second attack."

"Alright...i'll try..." she mumbled before mentally preparing once more. Opening her eyes after a moment, she quickly performed the technique.
PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2005 2:43 pm
Three logs fell to the ground, the bottom two curved inwards, and the top to matching each other almost perfectly. The log that was still on the stick holding the dummy up was curved to look like two half circled were sawed out of it.

Stepping back, renka looked at her handiwork, huffing a little. Then a clapping sound came to her ears and she looked at her tutor.

"Good job! that looks great! you've done a great job at an advanced thrust attack! do you want to take a break and dry off?" he suggested, pointing to the locker room provided for the shinobi who came to the field to train.

"Umm...sure...i'd like to change my clothes.." She said, while wiping off her muddy sword.

The two walked to the locker rooms, and soon arrived. Renka stood under the porch roof, while Sansu went to go get some hot tea.

She sat down and watched the rain plashing into puddles that had formed all over the field.

He came back with the tea, and a fresh pair of clothes for her to wear. It was a white training Gi, but she didn't mind. and the two sat and drank tea after Renka changed into the dry clothing.


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PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2005 4:07 pm
Miyanari Renka: 800, Sword Art Technique/ Iaido, Cut and Thrust, Thrust
PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2005 12:46 pm
Drago looked and he approached Hidden Cloud. He sighed as he walked up to the city and he started to get the wierd looks of the twon people. He adjusted his glasses and sighed as he looked and jumped in the air as he saw a sword come his way. IT get stuck in a building and alot of sparks came out of it.


Drago siad as looked down at the guy. His eyebrows went up and he looked at him.

"I see you own the demon claw. That is intresting you need to learn some techinques from me."

Drago looked and scratched his head.  

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Anxious Regular

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Drago_the_Blackrose's avatar

Anxious Regular

14,050 Points
  • Invisibility 100
  • Battle: KO 200
  • Jolly Roger 50
PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2005 12:49 pm
Sinobi Gisa was Drago's new teacher's name. He tried to kill him but that was alright. Every master he had tried to kill him one day or another. But this techinque transfering chakra threw a weapon to get an eletrical spark was something cool. IT was like the transperant metal techinque but with lightning. Drago looked and he nodded as he already knew the basics of the attack. He started to channel his chakra threw his Demon Claw. He looked but doing this techinque would require something different more of his own chakra sparking going faster than before. Gisa looked at him.

"You can do it..."  
PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2005 12:53 pm
Drago looked and his chakra was spinning faster than ever. The chakra was going surging threw his hand even faster into his Demon claw. He swung his arm quickly into a tree. His hand hit the tree and it did nothing. He sighed slowly as he looked and drew his hand back out. Gasi looked at him.

"Drago you have to keept the flow going...You had it but once your hand hit the tree the current stopped. Never stop it!"

Drago sighed slwoly and he bit his finger.  

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2005 12:59 pm
The rain was letting up as Sansu finished his tea and stood. Back to work, i have a lot to still teach you." and with that the man walked back out heading towards the now broken dummies.

Renka gulped down the last of her tea and ran jumped to her feet. Grabbing her swrod which was laying beside her, she chased after him. While she ran, she slung the sheath over her shoulder. She soon caught up to him.

He stood there with his own sword in it's sheath, and looked at her. "For a change of pace, i'm going to teach you a technique that does not use your sword. The wind blade is a sword substitute, in those rare cases when you cannot get ahold of your weapon." He held his hands up in the first hand seal "Now, you perform these seals." He shows her the seals in slow motion, "And after that, you say the words 'Blade of Wind'," and with that, a great gust of wind swept by them, and attached to his wrist was a barely visible line signifying the nearly transparent blade. "This is much more difficult than the other techniques, but i'm confident you can do this." He was purposefully avoiding the Demonic sword technique, because though it was easier to learn, it was much more harmful, as only those with jealous and wicked hearts can use the technique to it's fullest.

Nodding, Renka held out her hands and began to perform the seals. "Blade of wind." She stated, but all that came forth was a slight breeze.
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