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PostPosted: Sat Sep 22, 2007 8:55 pm

Welcome to the home of Shikon Miko and her soquili.

Eward Elric's stats
Strength: 100%
Courage: 100%
Speed: 100%
Intelligence: 100%
Luck: 100%
Stamina: 100%

Alik Elric's stats
Strength: 65%
Courage: 69%
Speed: 70%
Intelligence: 69%
Luck: 66%
Stamina: 68%

Teagan Elric's stats
Strength: 29%
Courage: 32%
Speed: 32%
Intelligence: 31%
Luck: 30%
Stamina: 26%

Ayla's stats
Strength: 7%
Courage: 7%
Speed: 6%
Intelligence: 9%
Luck: 10%
Stamina: 10%

Lux's stats
Strength: 100%
Courage: 100%
Speed: 100%
Intelligence: 100%
Luck: 100%
Stamina: 100%

Carolina's stats
Strength: 19%
Courage: 19%
Speed: 15%
Intelligence: 18%
Luck: 24%
Stamina: 20%

Isabliss' Stats
Strength: 6%
Courage: 11%
Speed: 4%
Intelligence: 10%
Luck: 6%
Stamina: 6 %

Roslyns Stats

Strength: 4%
Courage: 5%
Speed: 4%
Intelligence: 6%
Luck: 4%
Stamina: 5%

Rin Asougi's stats
Strength: 12%
Courage: 9%
Speed: 11%
Intelligence: 10%
Luck: 4%
Stamina: 10%

Erebes' stats
Strength: 40%
Courage: 40%
Speed: 40%
Intelligence: 40%
Luck: 35%
Stamina: 40%

Belena's stats
Strength: 4%
Courage: 7%
Speed: 4%
Intelligence: 4 %
Luck: 9%
Stamina: 4%

Nicki's stats
Strength: 4%
Courage: 6%
Speed: 4%
Intelligence: 9%
Luck: 4%
Stamina: 6%

The Teepee

They all live in the forest.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2007 1:55 pm
News and Table of Contents


February 21, 2013: REVAMPING THE TEEPEE. I feel like everything must go.

Old News
March 12, 2011: Teagan has since then had children and Lina and Haides have finally had foals!
July 13, 2010: Soooo, much has happened! Lina has become lifemated to Haides. And Ed and Charl have had children again! Teagan Elric has been added to the teepee with awesome new stats! More Rp for me!
January 30, 2010: Alright, rennovating the entire teepee!!!!!!
Large and everything, but it needs to be done. With a new year, a new renovated teepee sounds amazing. Also, Isabliss has been made, has had babies, and now will finally be getting a post! Sorry Is!
September 7, 2008: Carolina arrives! And, she is so pretty it is amazing how much King made her how I imagined her! Welcome her!<3
July 7, 2008: Alik grew to an adult! And he is so smexy. <3
June 17, 2008: The kids have arrived! Say Hi to Alik, seeing as he will be here a while. x3
June 10, 2008: Baskets have arrived and Kiya has made a picture for me! <3
June 6, 2008: Edward and Charlamagne win a breeding raffle!
February 22, 2008: Welcom Lux into the teepee! <3
October - November 16, 2007: I haven' been posting much, but I have been adding RP's like crazy! ~Will start posting in here~
September 29, 2007: Is finally posting in it xD
September 22, 2007: Finally got a Teepee

Table of Contents
Post 1: Soquili post!
Post 2: News and Table of Contents
Post 3: RPs for all soquili
Post 4: Edward and Alik's family post
Post 5: Wind Soquili: Lux
Post 6: Regular Females: Carolina
Post 7: Angeni Soquili: Isabliss
Post 8: Familars: Halona
Posts 9-15: Free Posts

Shikon Miko

Dapper Gekko

Shikon Miko

Dapper Gekko

PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2007 2:00 pm

In order:
Erebes, Teagan Elric, Edward Elric, Alik Elric, Lux, Rin Asougi, Isabliss, Lina, Ayla, and Belena  
PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 8:47 pm

Name: Edward Elric
Gender: Male
Found: May 21, 2007
Breed: FMA Cosplay –He’s Edward Elric!-
Temper: Sarcastic
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Blond/Gold
Coat: Sun-kissed
Mate: Charlamagne <3
Children: Marsiela Elric, Alik Elric, Ferra Elric, Sayan Elric, Teagan Elric
RP Color: Red
Uncerted: <3
Likes: Charl, cookies, being active, non-boring things!
Dislikes: Milk, being called short, annoying things.
Obtained form: RL Custom Slots
History and Information: Edward has traveled far from his homeland and has now found himself on these islands surrounded by water. For as long as he could remember, he always a searching for something, but has never been able to find it. This something has lead him to this place, and the burning in his chest has grown hotter with coming here. Therefore, he figures what he ahs been searching for must be in these lands. And he plans to find it, at all costs.

Ed is well…Ed. When he first meets someone there is a large chance that he will be rude or distant. He might also make fun of you, but only in some cases. But once he gets to know someone he might actually start to act kind. It’s a tough guy act; he doesn’t want to appear weak before anyone.

At the moment in which he says something nice to you, or compliments you then it means he considers you a friend. Ed values all friendships he has made, and seeing as he was quite lonely before, he never wants to lose his friends or he will feel that loneliness again. Also, don’t call him short. He gets quite angry when someone does. -probably more later-
Ed’s Thoughts: Who are you calling so small you can’t see even under a microscope! –chases-

Ed's Relationships
From Ed’s Point of View
Relationship: Friends, and a tiny annoyance
I met this little one when she was a foal, and she had some wings that were kind of cool. As we got to conversing, she asked a lot of questions and we got along. She was interested in alchemy, point in my book, and she was fun to make fun of! She was like a little bug, since she is a flutter and what not. In the end her mother, Saissis, pulled her away and I was left in peace.
Relationship: My mate and stuff. -insert blush-
Charlamagne is interesting to say the least. We are also the same size, which I always think about. I mean, how unfair is that?! I am not short either, I am still growing darn it! We talk a lot, and although she can be frustrating, she asks a lot of questions, she is also a very kind Soquili. As I get to know her, I end up liking her more...Strong feelings are forming, and I find that I like them.
Relationship: Acquaintances
I haven’t really gotten to know her. She seems shy, and also spacey.
Relationship: Friends
She’s really nice, and sometimes its annoyingly sickening. But she is a good Soquili, and obviously cares for others too much. She is also way to optimistic, that it scares me sometimes. But somehow we did become friends, and I suppose that that is all there is to it. Plus, we both have clothes...Cool right?
Riley Ta’rish’e
Relationship: Acquaintances
Hasn’t had enough RP experience to be able to make a deduction. –Sounded so smart-
Qin Wang
Relationship: Arch Enemies!
We met and from the beginning we disliked each other. It’s because he stole my treats! And yes, they are mine! Sometimes we get along for a bit. But then he says something horrible and I can’t help but retaliate! Okay, so sometimes I start them, but he deserves them I swear! Maybe we can be friends when he admits that those treats are mine!
Relationship: He is her elder, and bigger than her…
I am older than her, but she still feels the need to annoy me. She has wings, but not like Feena’s, and she tried to bite me! Be happy I didn’t hurt her then, since it was amusing and at the time I was laughing. Hopefully we start getting along better and she realizes that I know best.
Relationship: Friends
He is familiar, in a small annoyance kind of way. Imagine my surprise when i found out my friend/annoying pipsqueak of a friend, Feena, had children! He seems to be cool, and our adventure was fun as well.

Name: Alik Elric
Found: June 10, 2008
Gender: Male
Breed: 2nd Generation
Temper: Lazy
Mate: None
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Black with blonde strip
Coat: Black into tan then white with more black
Mother: Charlamagne
Father: Edward Elric
Siblings: Marsiela Elric,Teagan Elric, Sayan Elric, Ferra Elric
RP color: Gold
Uncerted: <3
Likes: Being lazy, sleep, having friends.
Dislikes: Moving, talking, anything that takes to much effort.
Obtained From: Tigpin II June Breeding Raffle
History and Information: Even in the basket, all Alik did was sleep. Sure, he wiggled a bit, but sleep is what he did most often. Once out of the basket, and next to his sister, his laziness seemed to be a burden to his father. He knew it as a child, and still knows it. His father always slightly favored his sister, since she was a bit more active and lively, but Alik knew he would never change himself to make his father like him…

Ed tries to get him to be more active, since that is just how Ed is, and all Alik every wants to do is sleep or daydream. He is one of those Soquili that could spend a day just lying around and looking up at the sky and think, think about random things that no one else seems to care about. But when situations call for it, Alik can become quite active. Say a family member needs help, or one of his friends, he can usually get out of his daily dreams in order to get through the task. Exerting sudden bursts of effort don’t happen all too often, but when they do they are magnificent. Usually those situations never arise, so relaxation is all that he is worried about.

Alik’s thoughts: -yawns-…What do you want me to say?

-coming soon-

Name: Teagan Elric
Found: July 3, 2010
Gender: Male
Breed: 2nd Generation
Temper: Casanova
Mate: He’s itty bitty, so none!
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Gold with a streak of purple
Coat: Mixture of white, purples, black, and spots!
Children: None
Mother: Charlamagne
Father: Edward Elric
Siblings: Alik Elric, Marsiela Elric, Sayan, Ferra
RP color: #7974d2
Uncerted: Foal
Likes: Girls, pretty things like mares, being awesome.
Dislikes: Being told what to do, being told he is ugly, non pretty things.
Obtained From: Samuality Breeding
History and Information: To come once personality is more solid
Teagan’s thoughts: Mirror, Mirror on the wall, I AM the fairest of them ALL.

-coming soon-

Shikon Miko

Dapper Gekko

Shikon Miko

Dapper Gekko

PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2008 4:31 pm

Name: Lux
Gender: Female
Found: February 20, 2008
Breed: Spirited
Temper: Serene
Mate: Searching...
Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color: Black
Coat: Burgundy
Siblings: Lyrn, Leotie
Children: None
RP Color: Brown
Uncerted: <3
Likes: Running, swimming, being composed, helping others.
Dislikes: Being still for too long, and thats it really.
Obtained from: Birthday Raffle
History and Information: From a young age Lux has never been able to fly. She has the wings, and the ability to, but for some reason it’s just never happened. Her siblings, shes a triplet, have been able to, and she has always silently envied them. Giving up on the whole idea of flying, she turned to the ground and running became her passion. In running it brought about the feeling of freedom and she has from then on been at peace only when movement is involved, although, she still wonders what it would be like to fly…

She hasn’t tried flying yet, but she plans to soon. Odd that she hasn’t yet, seeing as she was born with wings. She tries to keep her composure, never letting others see what she is really thinking, she sees it as a kind of weakness. Only with close friends and family does she actually let down whatever guards she has. Although she can get annoyed easily, seconds later she can be as calm as a stream.
Lux’s thoughts: With wings that work, I can finally be as free as a bird.

From Lux’s Point of View
Fenrir Prime
Relationship: Friends almost
I met him when I first woke up on this island. We then started talking about why we were there, how we got there, and the like. He seems like the kind of horse that does not have a lot to do with his time but ponder on life. He also calls me Lady Lux, which I find very peculiar. Hopefully I learn more about him.
Relationship: Friends
Somewhat childish, but all around nice.
Relationship: Friends
Mysterious in a way, but seems nice.
Relationship: Friends.
He seems very kind, although a bit withdrawn.
PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 4:19 pm

Name: Carolina
Nicknames: Lina
Found: September 7, 2008
Gender: Female
Breed: Dryad
Temper: Kind
Mate: Haides
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Mahogany
Coat: Sunkissed tan
Children: None
RP color: Purple
Uncerted: <3, Nakkie!
Likes: Flowers, bread, kind people, animals, batman?...
Dislikes: People that have cold hearts, and think only of themselves.
Obtained: Kings August Customs
History and Information: Once upon a time Carolina, a.k.a. Lina, was in love. Or that was what she thought. As she got older, he got tired, and moved on. After that happened, Lina knew she never wanted to feel unloved or that feeling of self loathing, and she decided to do what she wanted no matter what anyone else thought. From that day on, she has made her decisions with her heart and it has steered her in the right path so far.

Lina’s soul is kind and can look past the problems that others have with themselves and love them for who they are. In this way she opens her heart. However, if her trust in another is broken, good luck gaining that trust back. She can become stubborn when needed, and turn to caring with in seconds.
Lina’s thoughts: Love with your heart open, but don’t forget how cruel the world can be.

-coming soon-

Shikon Miko

Dapper Gekko

Shikon Miko

Dapper Gekko

PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 4:21 pm

Name: Isabliss
Gender: Female
Found: July 29, 2009
Breed: Dreamlike
Temper: Halcyon
Theme: Insomnia
Mate: None
Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color: Black with blue and purple streaks
Coat: Multitude of grays, forming a tree
Siblings: None
Children: Wystan, Alistair
RP Color: Gray
Uncerted: <3
Likes:Coming soon.
Dislikes: Coming soon
Obtained from: July Customs
History and Information: Coming soon
Lux’s thoughts: Not all who wander are truly lost…

-Coming Soon-
PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 4:22 pm

Name: Halona

Gender: Female

Found: September 23, 2006

Breed: Bunny

Temper: Cuddly

Information: At the moment she isn't any Soquili's familiar but she's waiting! I imagine she would be very happy and a very wonderful familiar.

Halona's thoughts: Hallo everybody! <3

Shikon Miko

Dapper Gekko

Shikon Miko

Dapper Gekko

PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 4:24 pm

Lina and Haides:

CC List

Edward Elric and Charlamagne

1) Tooa\'s September Breeding 2010
2) Bee\'s October Breedings 2010
3) Mindsend\'s October Breeding 2010
4) Nilo\'s October Breeding 2010

Isabliss & Cikawiyusu Sikine

CC List

1. Nerpin April Breedings 2011
2. Julianmomo April Breedings 2011
3. Bee April Breedings 2011
4. Ririka May Breedings 2011
5. Julianmomo May Breedings 2011
6. Riri September Breedings 2011
7. Twisted Tunnel 2011
8. Mindsend February Breedings 2012
9. Moon February Breedings 2012
10. Neph April Breedings 2012
11. Tropical Tiki Tunnel 2012
12. Mobbu Shadow Breedings 2012
13. Agneza and Bee October Breedings 2012
14. DD Twisted Tunnel Breedings 2012
15. DD November Breedings 2012  
PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 4:28 pm

From Thalea, who makes awesome amazing banners~!  

Shikon Miko

Dapper Gekko

Shikon Miko

Dapper Gekko

PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 4:34 pm

EdxCharl Wrote:
Entry Line: Charlamagne ([X]Natty-Chan[X]) x Edward Elric (Owner)

Image of mother:

Image of father:

Unedited?: No
Low Luck?: Nope
Lifemate? Yes
Co Ownership?: N/A
Teepees: Shikon Mikos Teepee
Nattys Teepee)
Throwbacks?: Sure
Link to previous Generations: N/A
Link to Breeding Agreement: Post 13

CarolinaxHaides Wrote:
Entry Line: Carolina (Shikon Mio) x Haides (Thalea)

Image of mother:
Nakkie Uncert, Uncert

Image of father:

Unedited?: No
Low Luck?:
1) Mind July Breeding 2010
2) Sabin July Breeding 2010
3)Fel July Breeding 2010
4) Mobbu July Breeding 2010
5)Rapid July Breeding 2010
6)Mind August Breeding 2010
7) Sam August Breeding 2010
8}Tooaya September Breeding 2010
9)Beejoux October Breeding 2010
10)Mindsend October Breeding 2010
11)Nilo October Breeding 2010
12)Ririka November Breeding 2010
13)Nekoya November Breeding 2010
14)Sabin November Breeding 2010
15)Beejoux November Breeding 2010
16)Niloufer November Breeding
17)Ririka December Breeding
18}Mindsend December Breeding
19)Nekoya December Breeding 2010
20)Ririka End of December Breeding 2010
21)Niloufer December Breeding 2010
22)Agneza January Breeding 2011
23)Ririka January Breeding 2011
24)Agneza February Breeding 2011
25)Agneza April Breeding 2011
26)Nerpin April Breeding 2011
27)JulianMoMo April Breeding 2011
28}Beejoux April Breeding 2011
29)Ririka May Breeding
30)JulianMoMo May Breeding 2011
31)Agneza June LL Breeding 2011
32) Ririka June Breeding 2011

Lifemate? Yes
Co Ownership?: N/A
Shikon Miko
Throwbacks?: Sure!
Link to previous Generations: N/A
Link to Breeding Agreement: <3
PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 4:38 pm

Shikon Miko

Dapper Gekko

Shikon Miko

Dapper Gekko

PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 4:41 pm
PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 5:15 pm

Shikon Miko

Dapper Gekko

Shikon Miko

Dapper Gekko

PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 5:24 pm

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