Name: Michael "Prince Charming" Dawson
Gender: Male
Wish: I want to be able to live up to my parents expectations!
D.O.B: August 7
Stage: Child or adult
Colors: Primary: Silver | Secondary: Blue | Teritary: White
Weapon: Stationary
Element: Air
Familiar: Yes
Personality: Charming,Loyal,a gentleman,caring
Loyal | He will always remain loyal to anyone in falls in love with and any friends he meets, they treat them like they are part of his family.
Charming | He is one of those charming types, with blonde hair and ocean blue eyes, that look like ocean water. He knows how to treat a lady and he knows how to respect them.
Gentleman | He is one of those types who have manners, because his parents raised him that way and he knows when to respect a Woman's decisions. He will open doors for you and all the gentleman like things they do.
Perfectonist | He tends to be a perfectionist, if something isn't straight or doesn't look right he will fix it until it does.
Keen Eye for Detail | He also has a keen eye for detail, if one small detail is out sync with him he will fix it. This sometimes becomes annoying, if it does just tell me straight out to stop and he will.
Tends to be a little late | He does then to be a little late for dates, its not because he gets side tracked by something, its because he wants to look good for dates and he will take him awhile to find the right look. But..he is never more then 10-15 minutes late for a date.
History/Past: He was a very artistic type, he was a straight A student, he was a charmer and most of the girls at his school had taken a fancy to him, but he was on a mission to find "the one" and still is to this day. But,one day while he was spending time with his family and his parents were talking about their successes and their careers and he felt that he could not live up to their expectations. So he went out to explore and find one he could accomplish so he could live up his parents expectations.
Parents: John and Lucille Dawson
Lover: Ashlynn (possibly)
Kids: ---