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Anyone interested in this roleplay?
  I am! c:
  Not me. >:c
  Bugger off, muppet! D:<
  The faces got me, sign me up! xD
  I'm doing this so late but I can't sleep because of some foppish insomnia. x-x Halp.
  :{D Moustashio!
  I'm just here for the potato. (::)
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Vice Captain

PostPosted: Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:10 am
>Title: Running On Borrowed Time
>Created By: Yoshielite
>Inspired By: My Imagination and a Whole Lot of Work
>Based On: An Idea For One of My Novels

>Please Do Not Plagarize!

Table Of Contents:
>Title Page<
Story Line
Character Profile Setup
NPC Events and Random Encounters
Meet The NPCs
Random Reservation

PostPosted: Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:59 am
Title Page
>Story Line<
Character Profile Setup
NPC Events and Random Encounters
Meet The NPCs
Random Reservation

Story Line

>>A new disease begins to plague the inhabitants of a country. It is a mutated, unknown virus that causes cells to mutate into biological cells that cannot sustain functions necessary for human life. This, in addition to their replication of new cells, causes the infected to suffer a series of organ failures and die- some faster than others, as it seems to affect organs in a random order with no real pattern to the infection.

>>As doctors became more familiar to this disease and see it in a small number of cases in multiple countries on every continent, they begin doing rigorous tests to determine its causes, properties, and cures. As they test new antibodies and antidotes, more people succumb to the disease. In addition, the disease begins to mutate and replicate quicker. This results in a high immunity to many known cures and medicines alike. As news of this becomes leaked, the population stirs into a frenzy. Many start to riot and try to rebel against the government, hoping to find a cure in their laboratories. The governments tried unsuccessfully to calm the public and administer help. Eventually they turned to the militaries and paranoia mounted in each country as militaries deployed, which eventually led to wars. The disease began to spread through air and water sources, proving it to be a very resourceful mutation. As more people died and more people rioted, many tried to travel into other countries. Soon entire countries found themselves at war to keep their own rioting populations from being infected by other countries’ populations.

>>Then the first nuclear missile was launched, prompting other countries to fire theirs as well. In the resulting nuclear fallout, most militaries and several millions of people were wiped out. As an unfortunate bonus, the virus underwent another mutation from the residual radiation, enabling the infected cells to remain living and reanimate the dead. The cells could no longer replicate, but could still infect normal host cells. The disease became almost dormant, only contracted through blood by contact of infected beings. Another side effect of the disease was that the motor cortex and endocrine systems were left without control, causing the infected to become more impulsive and unable to hold back the strength of their attacks. Their frontal lobe shrank and deteriorated causing them to have very little reasoning and ability to think, but their amygdala swelled, allowing their rage and misery to grow unchecked and perpetuate itself endlessly.

>>Some humans were immune to the disease thanks to their immune system, but they were still carriers of the disease. As a convenient bonus, carrying the disease allowed them to avoid mutating and dying from the radiation of the nuclear fallout.

>>The ‘living dead’ began to roam about, angry at their miserable condition and willing to attack any infected or non-infected person they came across. The surviving immune humans decided to try and work together to survive. Well, most of them. There are exceptions, and other factions- groups of humans that want to create perfect societies and rid the world of the sick, injured, young, and old.

>>Also, to clarify, there are some places with working electricity and water. They need to be maintained to keep their 'hospitality'. These are places where power grids and water systems went undamaged during the fallout and riots. They are very few in number, and their resources are limited with no one to maintain them. There are generators that run on gasoline and kinetic energy, and there are still places with solar power and solar energy storage devices. Anything to do with solar energy is intensely scarce, but it is still a possibility that they can be found. Gasoline-run generators are rare, similar to the fuel they require. Working transportation is nearly impossible to find due to wide-spread panic and riots and the nuclear barrage.

Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Thu Oct 24, 2013 2:00 am
Title Page
Story Line
Character Profile Setup
NPC Events and Random Encounters
Meet The NPCs
Random Reservation


1) Follow the Gaia T.O.S. That's straight-forward enough, right?
2) Cursing is fine, but please don't over-do it. Too much cursing can negatively impact the quality of a post.
3) Romance is fine, and also encouraged. Having romance can lead to drama and influence crucial decisions at important moments in the story line.
4) No god-modding. That's a no-brainer. That being said, please do not ignore the event notifications.
5) Do not control the NPCs unless you are given permission by me. I am going to be moderating this roleplay, and the NPCs will mostly be zombies. If it comes up later, we could possibly having other people controlling NPCs. That's definitely up for discussion.
6) Your characters are not insanely lucky and are not experts at everything. Please understand that bad things will happen to characters, and they will face challenges that they sometimes may not be able to do, or will need the help of a companion to do. Just to clarify, I will not kill off your characters without your consent. (That will come up later under Moderating.)
7) Please write at least one paragraph per post. One-liners are boring and show very little effort. :c
( :: ) I give you a potato instead of an 8. I will not make the same smiley face mistake twice, but apparently I will mess up while posting and end up having to rewrite this whole damn thing and forget all the rules because it's 5:34am. I hope you like potatoes.
9) Remember that this is a survival roleplay. Your person will not have everything he needs to survive forever. You will need to scavenge for items.
10) Remember that this is supposed to be a realistic apocalypse. Please take care of your character: they need to eat, drink, sleep, and find shelter.
11) Do not kill other players without their consent. That would be rude.
12) Have fun and explore! There are a lot of areas that can be found, and a lot of hidden dangers along the way. The number of areas will only increase as this roleplay progresses, so please feel free to wander! c:
Fair Warning: Rules are subject to change. I Just want everything to be fun and fair for everyone.
PostPosted: Thu Oct 24, 2013 2:25 am
Title Page
Story Line
>Character Profile Setup<
NPC Events and Random Encounters
Meet The NPCs
Random Reservation

Character Profile Setup

>>You can place an image wherever you would like to in your character profile.
>>Here's the character profile code:

[size=12][color=#000000][b]>If I Die, They Will Mourn:[/b] [b]☠[/b] Username [b]☠[/b]
[b]>I will be remembered:[/b] [b]☠[/b] Character Name [b]☠[/b]
[b]>What's My Age Again?:[/b] [b]☠[/b] Age [b]☠[/b]
[b]>Gender:[/b] [b]☠[/b] Male/Female [b]☠[/b]
[b]>Sexuality:[/b] [b]☠[/b] Orientation [b]☠[/b]
[b]>I will stay the same:[/b] [b]☠[/b] Personality [b]☠[/b]
[b]>We're on good terms:[/b]
[b]☠[/b] Interest 1 | Interest 2 | Interest 3 [b]☠[/b]
[b]>I want nothing to do with:[/b]
[b]☠[/b] Dislike 1 | Dislike 2 | Dislike 3 [b]☠[/b]
[b]>Before all of this, I was a:[/b] [b]☠[/b] Profession/Occupation [b]☠[/b]
[b]>Skills and Strengths:[/b] [b]☠[/b] List 'em [b]☠[/b]
[b]>Weaknesses:[/b] [b]☠[/b] List 'em [b]☠[/b]
[b]>Weapons and Inventory:[/b] [b]☠[/b] List 'em [b]☠[/b]
[b]>Listen and I'll Tell You:[/b] [b]☠[/b] Character Bio [b]☠[/b]
[b]>Anything Else?:[/b] [b]☠[/b] Other Information [b]☠[/b]
[b]>Current Shelter:[/b] [b]☢[/b] Location [b]☢[/b][/color][/size]

>>It should end up looking like this:

>If I Die, They Will Mourn: Username
>I will be remembered: Character Name
>What's My Age Again?: Age
>Gender: Male/Female
>Sexuality: Orientation
>I will stay the same: Personality
>We're on good terms:
Interest 1 | Interest 2 | Interest 3
>I want nothing to do with:
Dislike 1 | Dislike 2 | Dislike 3
>Before all of this, I was a: Profession/Occupation
>Skills and Strengths: List 'em
>Weaknesses: List 'em
>Weapons and Inventory: List 'em
>Listen and I'll Tell You: Character Bio
>Anything Else?: Other Information
>Current Shelter: Location

Please Note: All players must start somewhere in the Abandoned City. This will help everyone get a good orientation of everything.  

Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Thu Oct 24, 2013 2:26 am
Title Page
Story Line
Character Profile Setup
NPC Events and Random Encounters
Meet The NPCs
Random Reservation


As this title suggests, this roleplay will be moderated by me. This does not mean I will be going around editing or deleting posts or what-have-you, but simply meaning that I control the storyline. I will be creating and controlling time, random encounters, and events. Depending on chance and such, you could find yourself in a dire circumstance or in a wondrous gift of scavenge-able bounty! I do not mind if you take it upon yourselves to kill the crap out of the mindless hordes of normal zombies, but things may not always be so easy. In fact, those mindless hordes could end up being more of a nuisance than anyone bargained for. Expect the unexpected, and have fun! ^^

When it comes to the more mutated infected, things may get a bit trickier. I don't want to entirely moderate each and every one of their appearances since most of them will appear regularly. However I hope that everyone can keep in mind that they are more difficult to dispatch than their normal mindless counterparts.

At some points, survivors may find themselves coming into contact with NPC survivors who could help or harm them on their journey. Be wary around these ones, but don't immediately try to kill them on sight. Not all of them are detrimental, and even less are a serious threat.
PostPosted: Thu Oct 24, 2013 2:28 am
Title Page
Story Line
Character Profile Setup
>NPC Events and Random Encounters<
Meet The NPCs
Random Reservation

NPC Events and Random Encounters

These events will occur on a regular basis to keep up the interactivity of this roleplay and its users. Some will be casual events, such as finding places/stashes. Some will be danger events, where characters will be attacked. Some will be lucky events, some will be helping events, and some will be character meeting events. The one I'm most excited about are the decision events. This will require a player to make a difficult choice between two awful decisions. Some will be easier than others, but some may seem impossibly heartless. That would be me just doing my job. c:<

NPC Events will mostly be combat events with mutated zombies or hordes, although there will be other NPC survivors that can be interacted with along the way. Well, that just about sums that up. I suppose I'll give you a format.

Random Encounters and NPC Events will be posted very abruptly, most likely in the style of "Document". This will show that the character is an NPC (whether human or mutated zombie), and that you can take immediate action against any threat it poses.

Random Events, including hordes and such, will be first posted with the "Thought" Format to warn players of what is approaching them. Then, after a response is issued, a second post will follow in the "Shout" format for combat scenarios, and normally otherwise.

Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Thu Oct 24, 2013 2:29 am
Title Page
Story Line
Character Profile Setup
NPC Events and Random Encounters
>Meet The NPCs<
Random Reservation

Meet The NPCs

These are you average garden variety of "living dead". They wander around aimlessly, wallowing in their anger and misery until they see a living being. Then they become enraged and jealous, vying after the human until they die and share the same miserable fate as the other tortured souls. They will lash out at humans with their limbs, some even flailing wildly at points. They only bite if they lose their limbs, resorting to the tactic as a last chance to hurt them. The good part about these zombies is that they are relatively slow in both speed and intellect. They will give up a chase after a bit and go back about their business as if nothing had happened. They are merely angry, having no hunger for human flesh. It is a common misconception that the blood around their mouths is from eating people. It is actually from when they were living, as a result from their organ failures. As a reanimated corpse, they sometimes even continue to bleed for a time.

These disgusting creatures live only to consume. These zombies were mutated into single-minded feasting machines. They eat any creature that gets in its way, whether it is a zombie or human. They also love the taste of fresh corpses, and constantly follow packs of zombies to devour the corpses of the fallen. These creatures are a blessing and a curse: They prevent people from turning into zombies after death by eating them, but they also pursue their prey tenaciously, until one of them dies. Don't let these catch your scent. They are the slowest of the zombies, but inhumanly persistent. The only time they are quick is when they are eating and reaching out to snatch and pull food into their mouth.

Stalkers are one of the more harmless zombies. The neither attack nor eat humans. Instead, they find humans and follow them. Unfortunately for anyone who they are following, zombies tend to follow Stalkers, knowing that there is a meal at the end of the Stalker's trail. It's best to put them down if you find them, but they could also lead you to other survivors. Be careful though, Brawlers love to follow Stalkers.

Brawlers are the most violent of all the mutated zombies and zombies alike, but they are not the most dangerous or the most vicious. They love to fight, and will even knock other zombies out of the way to fight a human first. They are extremely strong and have tough skin, making them harder to kill than most zombies. It loves to ram into humans, tackling them to the ground and beating them to a bloody pulp with its abnormally large clawed hands. There are large in stature and have huge muscles in their arms and legs. They aren't as fast as the most zombies, but they are still faster than Gorgers. They pick up significant speed and force when they charge.

Shriekers are by far the most annoying zombie of all, but are also fairly dangerous. If they are disturbed from their slumber, they emit an ear-piercing screech that attracts all zombies around it for several hundred yards. They normally sleep and travel in packs, making dealing with awakened Shriekers nearly impossible. However they can be dispatched of very easily, so they do not pose much threat if they are taken care of promptly.

Zombie Cannibals, "Zannibals"
These are the zombies that strike real fear in the hearts of people. They attack humans with the sole purpose of devouring their flesh to satiate their undying hunger. These zombies are not angry or miserable, simply hungry. The are just as slow (mentally and physically) as the normal Zombies. These ones will bite though- and when they do get you, it's over.

Howlers are one of the scariest zombies to encounter. They are very fast and howl at the sight of a human. They look as if they are almost all bones, giving them a much more exposed look than their counterparts. As soon as they start to howl they run from the cause of their actions, trying to gather as many zombies to the area as possible in hopes of escaping. Most people simply run away from Howlers because the zombies will most likely see them as the Howler, or will follow the Howler in the opposite direction. The good part is that they are cowards, so they won't attract zombies to you if you don't follow it.

Zombie Horders
Zombie Horders are the most bizarre looking of the lot, not resembling any traditional sense of zombie. Their purpose is one to be feared, though. When they raise their hands, zombies from all over gather, closing in on his location. This is the easiest way to locate one, but it is also the most dangerous. They can silently gather an entire horde of zombies in minutes to attack an unsuspecting survivor. They are said to be the most intelligent of the zombies. Perhaps they call all the shots.

Gnashers are the most dangerous zombie of all. They are extremely fast and agile, able to maneuver around most obstacles with ease. They have no eyes or nose, so they have no sense of sight or smell. They cannot taste, but they don't need to eat. Don't let their apparent senselessness fool you- they have extraordinary hearing and a sense of touch. That's how they catch their victims. They hunt humans for fun, but will easily attack any other creature that gets between it and its intended victim. Once it hears a survivor, it begins to gnash its teeth in anticipation, slinking around silently. That's its only real tell. The horrible sound of knives being rubbed together lets anyone know that it is on the prowl. It normally uses its claws only to climb obstacles, but it can also use them to grab victims slash at them. Gnashers prefer to attack and kill with only their jaws, desiring the sensation of ripping into flesh.

Mystery Survivor
Nothing is really known about this person, and he has not been seen by any survivors yet. What is his purpose?
PostPosted: Thu Oct 24, 2013 2:30 am
Title Page
Story Line
Character Profile Setup
NPC Events and Random Encounters
Meet The NPCs
>Random Reservation<


This roleplay is now open and accepting profiles! Post to your heart's content! ^^

Rest In Peace Now
Alexander Ashewell (Chapter 1- City Streets, Brawler)
Dylan Reynolds (Chapter 1- Hospital, Gnasher)
Frejya (Chapter 1- Mall, Hoard)
Liam Maelwine (Chapter 1- Convenience Store, Brawler)
Zachary (Chapter 1- City Outskirts, Sniper)

Missing In Action
Emaline Stork (Chapter 1- City Streets Outside the Hospital)
Loretta Degas (Chapter 1- Northwestern Housing District)
Xenia Manchezler (Chapter 1- Northwestern Housing District)
Stanislav Dvornyev (Chapter 1- Northwestern Housing District)
Jacqueline Beauregard (Chapter 1- Northwestern Housing District)

Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Sun Oct 27, 2013 9:15 am
Location: Abandoned City
Known Survivor Population: 6
Season: Late Summer
Time of Day: Morning
Weather: Mild
Zombie Concentration: Low, Scattered
Known Mutated Zombie Population: 0
Danger Level: Very Low

Running On Borrowed Time

The sun is rising once again, marking the dawn of a new day in the post-apocalyptic world. The restless undead meander about without a real purpose through the streets of an Abandoned City. It is a fairly quiet day despite the moaning of nearby zombies. The air was as fresh as it could get given the circumstances and the weather was mild. A slight breeze passed through the buildings and broken windows with cool air. The city is very vacant today and there are no signs of mutated infected. It would be a great day to search for supplies or seek and fortify shelter. The only place that seems to have a large concentration of zombies in the city at the moment is the Abandoned Mall, which is teeming with crowds of the infected as if their were a big holiday sale happening. This has also drawn them out of many other parts of the city, making the already low concentration of zombies seem almost non-existent. The summertime heat is tapering off since it is nearing the end of the season, so dehydration is not a very big issue for today. The cool breeze also helps to alleviate the heat of the sun's rays, making for a pleasant day.

There was a bit of a ruckus outside the Abandoned School as a few zombies fought each other. Growls and moans echoed across the blacktop outside while they continued their miserable quarrel. There were probably about a dozen zombies inside and outside the school all together, so it was not a very dangerous area at the moment. One of the few undead was aimlessly banging its head against the door to the swimming pool area in its newest fit of misery and self-pity. Its low moaning wail could be heard from inside, although it did not sound very vicious- it sounded almost like crying.

The Abandoned Amusement Park was only filled by the occasional sounds of the creaking structures of the rides and the soft whistle of the breeze through cracks in some of its structures. A few zombies mulled around its entrance silently, looking up at some of the louder creaks and groans before continuing their ironically lonely march.

The Library was almost entirely ignored by the few zombies wandering the streets nearby since there were never any sounds coming from the sturdy closed-up building. Unbeknownst to the man seeking shelter in there, there was a single zombie left inside on the third (and highest) floor. When it noticed a human in its "home", it would run toward the railing with a gruesome yell and leap down to the main floor in hopes of beating the man into a miserable pulp to share its misery with him. Unfortunately for the mindless corpse and fortunate for the man, it would land with a sickening splat and crackof decayed flesh and bone nearby, never actually reaching him. The zombie ceased its growling and moaning as soon as it hit the floor, finally rid of its cursed existence.

In the main lobby of the hospital, a group fight broke out between zombies of the floor. This loud ruckus stirred some of the zombies outside and on other floors to gather around and watch or join in. Their yelling and growling could be heard from a little ways outside and through several floors of the building.

[[OOC: The roleplay is now open! Thanks so much for your support and patience in getting this thing started! ^^ Now let's get to cracking some zombie skulls and hope that others decide to join in too!]]
MarukawaBubbleGum Wrote:

The_Sane_Hatter Wrote:

Wyrda Stenr Wrote:
PostPosted: Sun Oct 27, 2013 11:00 am
Wilhelm Steinherz

"Verrücktes Wunderkind"

☢Just Another Day Here:☢ At the Hospital.
☠Other Survivors I’m With:☠ None.
☠And I'm:☠ Getting ready to scavenge.
☠What’s On My Mind:☠ Es tut mir Leid...
☠OOC:☠ ((...))

Wilhelm woke up to what sounded like a small riot on the main floor. He got off his small cot and yawned, stretching his arms up into the air to limber up. He was entirely glad that he had found a medical supply room with a sturdy metal door and thick metal walls that could keep him safe from zombies. What was even better was that it had a keypad lock on the outside as well as a key hole, so he could use either to enter. Since he was quicker with a key, he would use that method if he had very little time to escape into his room. Otherwise he would punch in the code on the keypad to make it look like that was the only way in. In his spare time since he had found this fortress of a room, he had collected various ornaments and useful items to place in there. Among these things was a small lamp for light (which he barely used to conserve electricity), a bed from the head doctor's office (which was very comfortable and fit well in a corner of the room, two shelves that had already been present in the storage room, a desk that he had pulled in from the head doctor's room, and the oh-so-comfortable chair that came along with the desk. With all of the scavenged accommodations, he felt as though he was living in luxury. He chuckled at the absurd thought- he basically lived in a large refurbished supply closet surrounded by zombies.

He shrugged. Either way he found it easy to maintain and stock. His shelves had a good supply of water and medication on them, but he had been running low on food and ammo ever since the last hospital incident. There had been a rush of zombies because some idiot decided to bring his screaming pack of moron survivors through the hospital. One of them thought it was a great idea to keep yelling "RELOADING!" all the time when it was clear since he was right next to them. He had actually been scavenging various medications when this whole event started, which lasted a few days. By the end of it they had left part of the hospital wrecked and let in an enormous amount of zombies. Wilhelm had to spend his time taking them out and hiding out with supplies of food. He had spent so much time trying to rid the hospital of all the new infected that he ended up nearly running out of ammo and food. He didn't hear any other activity, and figured that most of the zombies were down in the fight for the moment, so he packed the minimal amount of things he would need-along with an extra duffel bag for scavenged food and ammo- and headed out of his little abode.

He opened the door slowly, trying to not make noise or alert any zombies with the movement. He looked around and stepped out, carefully closing the door behind him. There were no zombies to be found, so he headed towards the ladder that lead to the roof. Walking down the hallway, he paused to pick up a bottle of pills that had been knocked to the floor. He gave them a small shake and smiled as he was rewarded by a rattling sound. He placed it into his backpack and continued down the hall, stepping over the mutilated piles of zombies. He carefully climbed the ladder to the roof, poking his head out to scan for infected. Satisfied when he saw none, he climbed out of the hole and looked around. He was not concerned with zombies getting up the ladder ever since he found out that the muscle mechanics for climbing seemed to only be limited to walls that they could jump up to and haul themselves over. He had watched with amusement a few times as they had tried to reach the top of a ladder only by jumping. The only zombies that he had seen mimic the actions of a human were the Stalkers. They had a knack for following things forever. They had never hurt him though, they simply just spent time near him. He had actually sat down and talked to one before. It had only responded with grunts or moans, but it seemed to only mimic his motions. The only problem he found was that other zombies tended to follow them since they tended to follow survivors. That's one of the reasons that he avoided them. However, he couldn't help but feel like they were lonely souls that just wanted to be near people.

He ignored his thoughts for a moment to pull out his DSR-50 sniper's rifle and scan the surrounding areas with his variable-zoom scope. He looked across a large expanse of the city streets and buildings and was surprised by what he saw. Or rather, the lack of what he saw. There were almost no zombies around on the streets, which suited him just fine. In fact, he found it to be the luckiest he had been in weeks. Now would be a perfect time to look for more food and ammo... but where to look? he thought, surveying the area. He zoomed in to see the city complex and clicked his tongue against his cheek in frustration. He couldn't see much farther, which was a bit of a disappointment. So instead, he decided to visit the City Complex first. He lowered his rifle and smiled, slinging it over his back into its holster. Today is going to be a fun day.

He climbed back down the ladder with his pistol drawn incase any zombies had found their way to the upper floor. He dropped down into silence and an empty room. He was pretty relieved by the fact and lowered his silenced HK USP sidearm to a more relaxed stance. He figured there was no use in keeping his wrist stiff when there was nothing to shoot. He made his way to the stairwell without incident and descended to the main floor. The sounds of the enraged undead grew steadily louder as he made his way down to their brawling pit. Before he went down any further, he took a look at their fight. They were completely focused on swinging their limbs into anything moving around them to the point where he was not noticed. He had noticed that the lobby's metal light-holding structure had begun to fall more, and could now probably be knocked down if the main cable could be cut. All of the zombies below could stop fighting at any moment and pose a worse problem, or they could manage to spread themselves into the hospital and become hidden threats.

He made his decision quickly, taking careful aim at the cable with his sidearm and firing. It was not very far off from his perch on the balcony above the fight, so it was hard to miss. A small pip coughed from the barrel of his sidearm, propelling a bullet through the air and severing the main cable with a loud SNAP. The cable snapping had gotten the attention of some of the zombies, who then saw Wilhelm and yelled out in anger. As the few that had seen him tried to get through the crowds to come after him, another side cable snapped from the pressure of the weight of the light system, causing it to jerk down and break other smaller securing cables. The entire metal structure fell to the ground with a thunderous crash, turning the infected below it into a pulp. The resulting noise had alerted some of the infected outside, who ran into the building with their awkward, limping gaits. There were only a half of a dozen zombies who had come to investigate the crash, looking around for its cause without any sense to look up. By this time, Wilhelm had made his way down the stairs and out the doors, jogging across the street until he was a fair distance from the commotion he had caused. Thus began his little journey to the City Complex.


Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Sun Oct 27, 2013 11:27 am

Dylan Reynolds

☢I'm Not Hiding, I'm Living:☢ At the Gymnasium.
☠Group:☠ None.
☠Get Pumped:☠ I'm heading out.
☠I Hate Thinking:☠ Today didn't start too well...
☠OOC:☠ ((...))

Dylan woke up with a start, wondering if he would ever stop having nightmares about what had happened to the rest of the track team. They watched as some of them were beaten to death by the masses of angry zombies and tried to outrun the zombies. They were pretty fast and angry- he thought that they would be slow and eat flesh- like in the movies. He was surprised when they didn't try to eat his teammates. As he got up and shook his head to rid himself of the recurring nightmare his foot got caught on the edge of the bleacher steps, sending him sprawling down the stairs for a decent pace. He stifled a groan and his heart stopped cold. Did the noise attract any zombies? he wondered, looking around. He didn't see any, or even hear any for that matter. He waited a few more moments to make sure before sighing in relief. He refused to believe that it had scared him, straightening his posture to make himself seem better for the wear. He gathered his backpack with some supplies and kept his baseball bat in hand, ready to head out and find food. He had a bunch of water bottles and some food, but he always had to go searching for food every day.

He headed down from the top sections as quietly as he could and finally made it down to the large open court area of the gym. He thought he heard zombies out in the hallway, so he decided to head through the swimming pool area for a change. He knew there was a door that led to the back lot of the school in the swimming pool area, but he had never spent much time in that area. He didn't know if there were any zombies in the room, but he was ready for them. After psyching himself up a bit he opened the door and slipped in quietly, brandishing his baseball bat. He saw nothing, but he heard what sounded like a zombie hitting the door to the hallway. "Damn that's creepy..." he whispered before making his way over to the door that led out back. He looked out the small glass window in the door, but couldn't see much of anything. He sighed, unsure of his current plan.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 27, 2013 2:59 pm
Alexander Ashewell

Alexander snapped awake. Even in the relative safety of the Library, he still had concerns about falling asleep. Siting up in the chair he'd dozed off in, he stretched, yawning quietly. He looked down at the large, mostly empty ledger he'd began keeping track off day-to-day occurrences and supply stocks in. Closing the book, he got up and started walking across the library, towards the restrooms, warming up his knees. When he'd gotten to the middle of the open space, he heard a crash and look up started, as a lone zombie went careening over the ledge and smashed into the floor in front of him, splattering various fluids over the floor. Alexander, having taken a step back and flinched, peeked through open fingers at the bloody mess, a bit sick.
"Awwwwwhhhhhh s**t. Now did you live here, or do I have a breach somewhere?"
Stepping around the corpse, he continued on to the restroom. After he'd taken care of his business, he went to the janitor's closet, and after finding the right key, opened the closet and grabbed a trash can and the mop. After carefully lifting the squishy remains into the can, Alexander took the time to mop up the floor, and unceremoniously dumped both the body and the contents of the mop bucket out the front door of the library, taking a look around. It seemed like a quiet day, as it usually was, except a bit cooler, which was nice. He was always more of a winter person. Re-locking the front doors and putting the cleaning supplies back, he headed back over to the checkout desk, which served as his sleeping area. Food and water supplies were still going good, but decided he'd have to go out anyway. Better to stock up before things went bad, plus, perhaps he might find some building supplies in order to get started on a water collector for the roof. The doors and windows were already decently fortified after he'd pushed most of the large tables and chairs against them. Grabbing his pack, he slung it over his shoulders, and attached his sword to his belt. Checking to make sure his pistol was still secure in his holster, and the keys to the library were back on his belt loops, he exited the library and locked the doors behind him. He figured he's head over to the school, seeing as it was closest.  


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PostPosted: Sun Oct 27, 2013 5:36 pm

                                                      Location: school swimming pool
                                                      Condition: fine

                                                      Tch. Stupid lock. She was trying to figure out what her friend's locker combination was. Lilly for sure had something to chew on in that locker of hers. The two of them would always snacked together when they were changing out of their swim suit during practice sessions. It's too bad that she forgot the damn code for the lock. With so many things that went on since the last time she went to school, it's no surprise she doesn't remember such minor details. Gah! forget it! She cursed silently to herself as she abandoned the potential treasure behind the metal plate.

                                                      Ema kept rustling around the locker room, opening ones without locks on them. Most of the compartments were empty but if they were full, then it'd be filled with useless junk she didn't need. When she came across a pencil or pen, though, she happily shoved it into her backpack encase she ran out of writing utensils for her notebook. There was one last locker she haven't searched yet and it was on the top half. When she opened it, a baseball came rolling out. It hit the ground and bounced to the opposite locker, creating a bang that sounded louder than it really was since it echoed against the walls. Ema held her breath and braced herself for potential meat-eaters to come out of their dormant hiding spot. Nothing came, but the sound of the zombie banging its head against the door just outside the hall stopped. Although she didn't hear anything come around the corner, she wasn't going to take any chances. Time to get out of here.

                                                      Since her mission for coming here was completed, she decided it was time to head out before some wandering, soulless creature comes to eat her. Even if she didn't finish searching the whole place, at least she got the snacks stored in her locker. Thank goodness she was a chip and candy hoarder back in her school days. Ema walked back out of the room only to freeze on her tracks. On the opposite side of the pool was someone staring out of the window--no, not someone, a zombie. It must be the zombie from the hall because there is no way another living human is standing right here with her. There is just no way.

                                                      Ema gripped her machete tight, her eyes set on killing this undead. But something behind her stirred and she turned abruptly to see this zombie charging at her with arms outstretched. She let out a gasp of shock and quickly grit her teeth to catch her scream in her throat. With her machete in front of her, the zombie pushed them both down into the empty pool and she felt the wind knock out of her when she hit the ground with a thud, along with the loud pop of her freshly unopened bag of Cheetos in her backpack. Perfect. The zombie was above her, growling through the machete that blocked its bite. She kept one hand on the handle and the other at the end of the blade, trying to hold off the zombie as it pushed its weight on her, threatening to lash out with its arms.

                                                      Yoshielite Wrote:

PostPosted: Sun Oct 27, 2013 7:06 pm

Dylan Reynolds

☢I'm Not Hiding, I'm Living:☢ At the Gymnasium.
☠Group:☠ None.
☠Get Pumped:☠ I'm heading out.
☠I Hate Thinking:☠ Today didn't start too well...
☠OOC:☠ ((Just so you know, normal zombies won't try to bite you unless they are missing their arms. I know it's a bit different, but these ones don't eat flesh. They're just horribly miserable creatures. The ones that will eat flesh are the zombie cannibals and gorgers, but the zombie cannibals are rare to find in the city. Just figured I would point that out in case it wasn't explained the best on the NPC profile page, I know some of them were written under sleep deprivation. x-x))

Dylan could have swore that he heard a bang on metal behind him that was much louder than the constant banging he heard on the door. He spun around quickly with his baseball bat ready only to find nothing there. Now it was eerily quiet though. He didn't like the pit that started forming in his gut, but he turned back to look out the window. He saw no zombies outside, so he was content to go through with his plan. If only that feeling hadn't returned to him... it was like something was sneaking up on him.

The zombie stopped banging its head on the wall as it heard a loud bang. It did not care about its existence any more. It had only one thought move through its dull brain: FOOD... It pushed on the door and opened it easily, its renewed hunger driving its strength. It spied a human. Meat. Flesh. Blood. FOOD. It got closer, picking up some speed before making a gurgling growl in anticipation of feasting. The food turned around quickly, as if it knew the attack was coming. Unfortunately for Ema, this zombie was one of the very few zombie cannibals in the city- but as luck would have it, she was able to stop its bite with her machete. It yelled in anger and hunger at the stubborn food. Why wouldn't it just be food? The zombie cannibal felt the ground leave it, but was concerned only with the food. When they landed the food became a bit weaker, but the machete was now deeper in the zombie cannibal's jaw. This made it very hard for the zannibal to pull away and bite again. On top of that, its arm had broken during the fall, leaving it a useless flopping bone shard. This food was very annoying.

Dylan turned around again to see what looked like an almost skinless zombie attacking another zombie before they both toppled into the pool. No- that couldn't be right. He knew the look of that zombie: those were the ones that actually ate people. While most that looked like reanimated corpses only beat people with their limbs, this other zombie look almost like a naked skinless corpse and attacked people to eat them. There were barely any in cities, mostly only in forests and open expanses. He felt utter terror, but then a realization hit him. That wasn't another zombie- the "zannibals" (as he nicknamed them) only ate human flesh, they ignored other zombies. He swallowed hard and rushed down to where their bodies were, hoping he wasn't too late.

The zombie cannibal roared in defiance of the shiny object piercing its jaw and skull. That stupid shiny thing was in the way of food. It reached out with its stubble of an arm but could not reach the food or the shiny object. It growled again, reaching with its complete arm. It summoned enough force to pull its jaw from the machete and chomped its jaws together twice to make sure they still worked. Then it grabbed onto the girl's hand and prepared to bite the food's face. Crack! The zombie's jaw met with something metal and the resulting force tore its head from its shoulders. The hunger was finally gone. The zannibal's body went limp.

Dylan was shaking a bit from the fear and the adrenaline rush- not that he would admit to being afraid- and rushed to haul the lifeless body off of the girl. "Hey, are you okay?" he asked quickly, looking down at the girl before looking over his shoulders and holding out a hand to help her up. "We had better get out of here, in case there are more zannibals... those are the worst." he said. He looked surprised for a moment before turning back to her and adding, "Oh, and my name's Dylan. What's yours?"

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 10:15 am

Loretta Degas
Xenia Manchezler

              "I told you not to move."
              "Maybe you should tell me how that's possible with you digging your fingers into my shoulder!"
              "My fingers wouldn't be there anymore if you would stop squirming, it's making this much harder then it needs to be!"
              "It's hard either way!"
              "How did you even manage this?"
              "... I fell."
              "Into what? A pool of glass?"
              "Then do tell how you got all of this glass stuck in your shoulder."
              "I... Had to break to break a glass door?"
              "Is that a question or an answer? And why did you use your shoulder? You have a baseball bat."
              "That's an answer and I used my shoulder because I had little time to think and I was running anyway. Being chased by zombies doesn't really leave time for options, so I went with the easier one!"
              "Oh, and do you still think it was the easiest option?"
              "Not at this particular moment, no!"

              "Stop squirming!" Repeated an frustrated Xenia as she picked shards of glass out of the skin of an equally agitated Loretta. Loretta attempted to stop moving but couldn't help the small winces as larger shards were pulled out, sending a p***k of pain up and down her arm and spine. This annoyed Xenia because it made it difficult for her to pinpoint where all of the shards were and she couldn't simply wrap up the bleeding area on the girl's shoulder until everything foreign was removed. "You're proving to be more difficult then you're worth... I should've just left you out there."

              "No, you wouldn't do that." Loretta turned her head to glance at the older female leaning over her lying (stomach down) form. "I am too valuable a potential ally." She grinned maniacally but it only lasted a moment as it changed into a grimace when Xenia yanked out another shard and added it to the nearby growing pile. "I'm just fine by myself."

              Loretta shrugged and turned to place her chin on the floor while Xenia combed the scraps and wounds on her shoulder for more glass. She wouldn't mind at all if she were left out there. She always managed to take care of herself and that was what she would have done. She would find shelter and search for Wilhelm and Nitori for as long as possible before moving to another city. She needed to find them. She had grown quite attached to them during the short time she knew them and she missed them. She also wanted to know if they were alright. She sighed and promised herself that she would look around the city as soon as she got the chance to. She didn't have the time to look around yet since not long after she entered the city she stumbled across Xenia. Must have looked like she was severely injured or dying because the female took one look at her and brought her to this amusement park. She was offered to stay here in return that they simply survive together. She didn't mind, it gave her a place to shelter until she decided to leave. It was like friends with benefits only without the friends part... More like acquaintances with benefits. And the benefits  was keeping each other alive. Acquaintances with the mutual agreement to keep each other alive. That sounded more like it.

              Loretta looked up as Xenia suddenly stood up and walked over to a shelf in the corner. There were a lot of shelves in the building. It helped with keeping the floor clean and open for furniture (stolen from other buildings and rides,of course). Xenia looked at a section of shelves she designated to holding her small supplies of medicine and first aid supplies (again, stolen from ride's first aid kits and the small nurses office the park offered to sick or injured visitors). She picked up a strip of fabric in place of gauze, not wanting to use it for such a wound, and a bottle of alcohol. She walked back over to Loretta, who seemed to have dozed off. She wouldn't be that way for very long if Xenia was still there... With a bottle of alcohol in her hand. She sat down and poured the contents of the bottle over the wound without a word of warning. As she had predicted, Loretta was wide awake and letting out a shout of surprise. Xenia stopped and glared at the girl. "Keep quiet, sound echoes in this place." She glared at the girl once more before wrapping the fabric around her arm and shoulder where the glass had cut into the skin. When she was done she pulled away, swept up the glass into her hand, and walked over to a trash can where she dumped the shards into the container to be forgotten about. She then plopped onto a beanbag chair shaped like a racecar. She didn't like the design but it was comfortable so she kept it. She found it in some building that must have been for little kids that were left there when their parents didn't want to watch them anymore.

              Loretta realized that her treatment was done and stood up quickly. So quickly, in fact, that she lost control of her senses for a moment. She stood there, regaining them, before locating her golf bag and picking it up to swing it over her shoulder. She winced as the strap applied pressure to her fresh wounds but ignored the pain. Xenia noticed and looked over at the girl with a slightly curious but indifferent look on her face. "Where are you going?

              "Out," Loretta replied, looking over as if she thought the older woman was going to stop her. Xenia nodded, not really caring, and waved a hand in a dismissive motion. "If you don't come back I'm assuming you died. I won't be looking for your body." Loretta nodded hesitantly, a bit unsure as to how she should respond, before unlocking the door that was used to enter and exit the building. Xenia got up and walked over to the door to lock it as the other left. "Knock three times and I'll let you in." And with that she slammed the door shut and walked back over to her chair, picking up a book on the way. She didn't feel like doing much that day. Maybe she would go on a zombie killing spree later. That might be fun. 

              Loretta stared at the shut door, heard the lock click into place, and turned around to stare at the abandoned Amusement park. It was very creepy. Roller coasters soared into the skies like the anchient bones of a long forgotten dragon. She looked around, making sure that there were no zombies nearby, and set off. She would try to look around the area. Xenia told her no one else was in the park so she decided to try the area around it. She quickly found the entrance and exit to the park without running into any zombies. She heard their pitiful groans easily in the silence, once even right behind her though nothing was there. She stepped out of the amusement park and stopped. Creaks from the rides echoed behind her and she shuddered, pulling out her machete. Something was going to happen, she just knew it. And as if on que a loud groaning sounded directly next to her, a few feet away. She turned and her eyes met with the hollow, rage filled eyes of a zombie. For a few moments they just stared at each other and then it suddenly ran forward. She started in surprise before stepping forward and, using its speed, twisted the blade into its chest. The force pushed her backward, causing her to stumble until her legs collided with a metal divider. She leaned against it, using it to hold her weight as she pulled out her machete. The zombie took the momentary freedom to whack her with its useless arms. Ignoring the blows she caught one arm against the edge of her blade and the zombie howled loudly, obviously irritated. She twisted off as much as the arm as she could, leaving it further useless, and proceeded to angle the tip of the machete into the zombie's neck in one fluid motion. She gave another twist severed it's head off. As one last, dying movement it hit her in the side before falling against her. It's weight nearly caused her to bend over backward, the metal divider threatening to start cutting her in half if she put anymore weight on it. That was sure to become a painful bruise later. She took a moment to catch her breath that she lost partly from the sudden rush of everything and partly from the violent blow against her side. She then pushed off the body lying against her, disgusted at the thick blood it nearly left her soaked in. She tried using a hand to wipe some off her face but only managed to smear some more onto the skin due to the blood on her hands. She shuddered and walked away from the body as quickly as she could, not wanting to be attacked by the zombies that were probably attracted by the noises.

              [ I just notice how all of you, except for Marukawa, started your posts with your characters waking up. xD Also, this would have been up sooner but some stranger came into my house and started taking a shower. I didn't feel safe at all by myself so I just hopped into my car and left. Thirty minutes later and he was gone. So here is my post and all of the glory of its crappiness! ]

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