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PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2013 11:46 pm
User ImageThis was not the first time the farfetch'd had followed her favorite human down to where the other humans gathered, but it was the first time they had come without any adults, unless one counted Watch of the Age Incalculable. It was also the first time Switch had come so close to the lights of the city. From a hill overlooking the urban sprawl those lights seemed to dance in the growing darkness as the mist floated in from the sea, and because of that sense of magic, perhaps, it had been easier to cast fear aside to skirt the city limits and beyond.

She considered this only for a few moments before a group of men rushed up the hill to take the girl back down to the city. Theo called to one of them, recognizing him, before he picked her up and carried her away. Watch the Houndoom glanced back the way Switch had gone before following. The girl had been through much on their trip here, just to reach this town.

Switch was torn. She wanted to go too, she wanted to see Theo to absolute safety, and that her injury would heal. Switch had often wondered if she would be truly safe in the world of men if she had let that girl throw that broken pokéball at her all those months ago. In a corner of her mind she knew that humans came to the city with a variety of pokémon all the time; surely a farfetch'd would not seem out of place, even now. No one would realize that she was actually wild, right? And she had caught glimpses of what appeared to be humans wearing strange but lifelike pokémon-like costumes. Humans seemed to like pokémon, perhaps even a little too much, didn't they? So, maybe, surely...

In the end she did follow, but she hung back in the shadows, her dark, worried yet jealous eyes following along as Watch escorted Rocío on foot-- as opposed to within a pokéball. She physically kept pace at a safe distance, peering down from rooftops, alerting the houndoom to her presence when she thought it was safe. She felt a sense of heedlessness, almost, of her own safety. But once she saw the man carry her, not to the usual place, but to his home and surrounded by his own happy pokémon, she wandered away. Theo was safe.

Now she could focus on the real reason they had come. Earlier in the month, there had been a winter festival. Supposedly it was put on by pokémon. She and the girl had wanted to see it, but they had not made it in to town sooner due to inclement weather. She was only now seeing the truth in the half-dismantled booths, wrappers, and dirty flyers. Among everything else, there was this disappointment too? And the girl had that to look forward to when she felt a little better?

Switch's strong urge to return home right this moment was fueled by her own disappointment and more, and a peculiar sense of dread that the girl could feel even worse than the farfetch'd, once she knew their trip had been for nothing. Now all the Cotier girl had to look forward to was getting yet another device fixed by Carlos the Mechanic. But Switch wanted to make sure Rocío made it home safely if nothing else, even if she was perfectly safe with the human and Watch with her.

Waiting was Switch's worst enemy, and now she had nothing else to occupy her time in her anger and worry. She found a small meadow--an abandoned city lot-- that had until just a few days before been occupied by festival booths. Within the forgotten foundation of one booth, a mere skeleton of plywood and metal poles, she picked up a stick and swiped the air it, practicing her aim and technique. But in her nervousness it quickly became old, and her eyes began to wander every time the lights shifted or someone walked by. And she knew that Rocío might be another day or more-- such a very long time.
PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 6:09 pm
Though most of the festivals and events of the winter holidays were over, one of the biggest one for anyone who knew of a Poke-teen knowing as the Love Drapion was drawing nearer. It had not been long since a rather puny Spinerak had found her way into the overly friendly loving arms of Carwyn, the Love Drapion. He had taken a quick shine to her and offered her a place to stay with nothing more than the promise to work for him as payment. Not only had he given her a place to stay but he was helping to work with her to over come her natural almost over powering shyness. One of his sure fire way threw the holidays had been attaching a head band of mistletoe around her body. Being unable to remove it the young female had to embrace the kisses or gentle hugs and pats. Even now she still wore it though the band was shorter and the spring was smaller.

The small Spinerak had made her way down to where one of the many winter festival had been held. This one had been held mostly by Pokemon or those in a close association with them. But now it was mostly deserted. It was a common place for events and small selling events to be held so the fact that many stands were still up was not too uncommon. Though there was quite a lot of random items and decorations scattered about. How could everyone leave so much behind? Where Carwyn might be a bit obsessed with love and Valentine's Day if any holiday meant something to the Spinerak it was any holiday that was during winter. Yes she was a bit more weak to ice Pokemon and the cold made her a bit sluggish but she had been born during the winter time and she loved the beautiful of the lights and snow and everything. She would love to have some the of linger decoration put up around her room. So figuring that what ever was left over no one would want she had come to raid the festival.

Behind her small body the shy Spinerak tugged along a small wagon. She had thought she was along among the booths when she heard a strange sound. The face across her back grew a worried but she knew that she would only get more nervous if she did not seek out the noise, and if she was nervous she could not enjoy gathering some winter things. So instead of scuttling off she made her way forward towards one of the booths. She still cold not see anything just yet but she took a deep breath and gave a shy "Hello?"


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PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2013 3:47 pm
In an effort to calm herself, Switch hissed through her beak and redoubled her efforts to practice. When the spinarak arrived, she was frowning in concentration, probably more intimidating for the sweeping V on her forehead, not to mention the stick she brandished. Her webbed feet made thumping noises accented with a vaguely slapping echo as she hopped around on the bare wood, swiping at the air.

Switch had heard nothing of the spinarak but for the soft metallic squeak of her wagon. Having taken it for some of the metal poles and debris, she had dismissed it in her increased focus on her task. So when this new pokémon called out to her she was surprised to say the least.

Taking flight, she found the nearest rickety crossbeam to perch on. Uncertainly, she shuffled from foot to food, peering down in the direction of the voice, stick pointed aggressively. Finally seeing the spinarak pulling a wagon behind her, she sighed with relief and lowered her guard a little. She had seen some of the leftover decorations and presumed that the spinarak must have worked at the festival.
"Ah... hello. I'm... is this your booth?"
PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2013 2:15 am
The sounds only increased and grew a bit more aggressive just before the Spinerak had time to make her call. but as she did she heard a hiss and as something to flight in front of her with a rush of feathers and wings it nocked the small spider like bug type off her legs and onto her round back. She gasped and gave a bit of a yelp as she tried to roll onto her feet again.

The face on her back when finally revieled looked almost to be about ready to cry. At least as far as a simplistic face could look to almost a confused crying face. The sprig of mistletoe bounce a bit in front of the little bug as she looked up with large black eyes at the pokemon above her. She looked over the tough looking Farfetch'd. As she spoke and asked about the ownership of the booth the face along Mariette's back turned from one of almost crying to one that looked more like what could be blush with a o////o

It took a moment for the little female to find her voice again. "No...it is not mine...the owners..t..they are all gone...I.." the lines on the blush grew a bit bolder and as the Spinerak turned to face the wagon. "I..am picking up...discarded items...um...trash that no one wants any..any more." She did not have a stutter it just seemed more like she was afraid to talk. "I...I will go if...I am a bother."


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PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2013 12:38 am

The last thing Switch had intended to do was knock anyone over! In hindsight though, in a battle charging in with the element of surprise seemed like a good idea! It was a fleeting thought when she noticed how much trouble the poor bug-type had getting to her feet. Switch shifted foot-to-foot again, torn between a growing sense of compassion for the spinarak's situation, and her own nervousness. She knew that bug-types would use poison and other defenses when upset. The choices she wrestled with disappeared, however, when the spinarak got back to her feet just a short time later.

When that happened, she realized that the markings on the spinarak's back had changed. She was fascinated by how it seemed to reflect the spinarak's mood, in the shape of a worried face! Not only that, but when she spoke, the spinarak's voice seemed to tremble with fright, or perhaps simply shyness. She was clearly intimidated by Switch: the farfetch'd's display of bravado had worked! Initially, her adrenaline-hyped mind had feared for a battle-type situation when the spinarak had appeared. But it was more likely that she wouldn't have to be on guard at all. Her sense of relief washed through her, leaving the farfetch'd feeling almost faint by comparison.

"You're not bothering me," she finally replied. "I was just trying to kill some time. But that's all I was trying to kill," she added a little hastily, with a beaky grin. She took flight again, landing a short distance off from the green pokemon. Hopefully it was far enough away from her that she too would feel a bit more at ease. "My name's Switch. What kinds of trash are you looking for? I could help, maybe?"
PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 10:43 pm
Most bug type might jump to getting ready to use poison when startled but the gentle spinarak had not even jumped to the defensive. She had no real battle or self protection instinct. Though it would seem that her play dead instinct was not too far off. And truth be told she was more than a bit afraid of the Farfetch'd. After all most bug type were weak to flying type and were not more birds flying types? So Even if the other planned to fight the little spider like Pokemon was at a disadvantage.

Large shiny black eyes looked up at the other in awe as she took flight and landed with such grace and skill. It would be so amazing to be about to soar like that. At the mentioning of only trying to kill time the face at her back shifted to a slightly confused looking blush o///O . Why was she trying to kill time. Didn't time have a right to go on at its own pace? But surely if she brought it up the other female might get annoyed with her. "Switch? That is a unique name. My name is Mariette. I…It is a pleasure to meet you." She said giving a gentle nod of her head and a bobble of her legs something similar to a bow or a curtsy.

At the mention of helping her find trash the face lit up and was beaming as best the simplistic face could. "R..really? You you would help me Switch?" Her mandibles clicked as she giggled the emotionless real face trying to convey a smile, but mostly failing to do so but the effort was there. "Well…it is not trash to me…but it must be to them because they left it." Her voice, though still soft, was less shaking and nervous now with excitement. "I am looking for anything that is not broken and might look good in my nest. I…I really don't know what I am looking for…until I find it." She said a bit more sheepishly.


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PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2013 10:34 pm

"Switch, yes. My family likes to name us after things around our home. My father's name is Rock and my mother is Twigs. I have a human friend that told me that a switch is a type of stick, so I'm named after my mom," she said proudly, fluffing up her chest. Theo had mentioned once or twice that they had very special power over children such as herself. Surely the farfetch'd's name was very meaningful.

But Mariette had a different kind of name. She had no idea what a mariette was, but it sounded nice. Perhaps it was a type of berry or flower.
"I like your name, it sounds very pretty."

To the bug-type's reply, she nodded vigorously. She had needed so desperately a way to pass the time and forget her worry. Mariette was providing the very opportunity to do that, but helping others made this mission doubly important. "Yes, I love to help. I don't really know what 'trash' is though. 'Not broken things that look good,'" she parroted brokenly, with serious, pondering tones, and looking down at her webbed feet. The swoosh on her forehead furrowed harshly into the telltale "V." She looked back up again to Mariette with big, hopeful eyes. "Would you tell me when we find it? You only need to show me once, I'm a quick learner." Mariette had said that she was not sure what she was looking for. But perhaps between the two of them, they would find it. "What is the 'trash' for?"
PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2013 10:50 pm
Mariette tried to get her mandibles to smile at the compliment to her name. She had never been complimented like that before. Her 'real' face was all flushed and blushing. "T..thank you Switch. Your name sounds strong and brave." This other Pokemon seem to embody confidence and strength.

She tilted her head as she moved to gather up her little wagon as she started to walk threw the booths, "You do not know what trash is? Do you c...come to the city often?" She asked softly looking around slowly as best as she could wail walking. "Trash is what humans throw out when they are done with it or don't want it. So they wont come back for it. They...they just leave it here."

The booths were mostly empty but there were still lots of decorations and smaller things left inside and behind the booths. With the sun out lots of bits of things sparkled and gleamed. She looked up at Switch and her face look a bit gentle as gentle as it could. "Do you like Christmas Switch?"


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PostPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 12:14 am

"Oh... it does?" Her name sounded strong and brave? That was great news! She liked that image. She wanted to be strong like her father. She wanted to be smart like her mother but that, she was told, was an inherent gift. Strong was good enough for her, because what she really liked more than anything was to be helpful and look out for her friends. Friends like Theo... Best not to think of her right now. She was trying to be strong, after all! "I mean, of course it does. My parents made a good choice when they named me. It gave me a purpose to strive for in life."

She hopped straight up and hurried to catch up with Mariette, waddling with the complete confidence she did not feel. "No, I am not familiar with trash. I live in a clearing with my family, a flock of other farfetch'd! It's not that big anymore..." She spoke matter-of-factly, but there was a bit of a sigh to her voice. Every now and then, she lost another family member. An uncle or an aunt, or even a whole branch of the family would disappear. The remaining family members would speak of it only briefly and with similar tones to what she used now. She did not really know where they moved away to, but her father had said that she would understand someday.

Careful to walk so that Mariette would not need to crane her neck quite so much, she looked around as they investigated the different booths. She thought she could identify what Mariette referred to as trash. Many of these items looked interesting enough. Because of the nature of the festival that she had recently missed, many of the items were brightly colored as well.
"I don't understand why they would leave it, but I do think I understand why you want it for yourself. I think some of these things I would want to decorate my nest with."

It was easy enough to indicate just which items she would like in her nest. She could see tinsel and scraps of brightly-colored wrappings, some of which appeared to be made of fabric or soft paper, upon closer inspection. Those things would be lovely and cheerful, and soft enough to snuggle up with when she was feeling down. Broken ornaments and pungent-smelling arrangements were things she would use to decorate nearby, as she had seen Theo do in her bedroom.

Theo had described what Switch could expect to see when they visited the festival. The farfetch'd did not know much about the Christmas holiday, such as its cultural significance, let alone any higher spiritual meaning. But she understood enough to be sorry yet again that she had missed it. Not only could she envision how the streets would have looked in their heyday, but any holiday that could brighten up the coldest months of the year would be one to warm up even frostbitten bones and careworn hearts.
"Yes, I do like it very much, Mariette. I came to see the festival because I had never really experienced it before. But it seems that I have missed it completely." There was nothing at all she could have done to keep the wavering from her voice, nor the disappointment from her shoulders. But she could appreciate what she had to look forward to next year. "Next time I'll come much earlier."
PostPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 12:42 am
Mariette's face feel a bit giving a sad look up at the confidently waddling Pokemon. Seeing such strength in form always made the little spinerack feel both rather embarrassed and safe and excited. It was always so amazing how someone could show off such power and pride. Mariette loved to be with them. However even with the confident stride the young spider like Pokemon could still hear a strange tone to the other's voice when she mentioned her family, "Oh...it must be very nice to live in a clearing. Fresh air. I..I am sorry to hear your family is not as big anymore."

Stopping near a wrapping booth Mariette looked around wail she thought. She wish she knew what she could say to make a proper response to loosing family. She knew what Carwyn would say 'I can be your family if you ever get lonely and find yourself alone.' but she knew she could never say that it would not sound right form her mandibles besides someone like Switch would more than likely no into having a weak shy little bug type following her around getting in the way.

She was taken from her thoughts with the farfetch'd next comment. She displayed a bright biggrin , "Y..you have a nest too? Oh yes...please do take some with you Switch." Her soft voice was excited again and those dark eyes almost shook with joy.This joy only grew even more as the other stated that she liked Christmas very much. The little bug type could not help but giggle as she rooted threw some costumes that had been left because they had been a bit dirty or ripped. "I am so sorry you missed it. Do come early Switch....you can come and stay in my nest too so you wont miss it next year." She said. She had sounded like she was about to say more but instead she let out a gasp as she found her self caught up in a bright red fabric with golden epaulets on the shoulders and a bright blue collar. She wriggled and tried to get out of the but froze as she saw the mistletoe atop her head bend. "Oh no! Don't break!" she cried out with a bit of fear in her voice.


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PostPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 1:47 am

"Oh yes! I love my home. The air is cleaner there, and there's green everywhere, even in the winter when it snows. I would love to show it to you--" she began without thinking, and stopped, glancing back at Mariette. Would even be a good thing to say? "But I suppose it's too far away. It's near the mountain past the swamp..." she continued, a bit disappointed.

She was a little perplexed by the spinarak's apparent sadness. The bug pokemon's emotions were a bit difficult to read, but the more the marking on her back changed, the more the farfetch'd could match them to her actions. Was the marking actually another face? Could it... see? That probably was a ridiculous thing to ask, so she did not mention it.

Regardless, perhaps it was a bad idea to mention family and clearings around Mariette. Perhaps there was something about herself related to those things that she did not want to discuss. Switch could certainly avoid those topics in the future!

Mariette's demeanor changed, and quite frankly Switch was relieved.
"Oh yes! I do have a nest. It's rather messy though, and falls apart sometimes. I'm not very good at it yet." She glanced around with wide eyes. It was as if Mariette had given her special permission to look for things for herself. Really, she supposed, she did not need permission since nobody really wanted the festival's remnants anymore. Perhaps while she was looking for things to make a nest with, she could look for something Theo might like. (The girl liked shiny things. Mechanical things.) Switch gazed at the tinsel and wondered if Mariette would like it as much as she did. Then she reached for an ornament that reminded her of a gear, then stopped short.

"Your nest? You really think so? That would be okay?" Somehow the fear of poisoning that she had felt earlier seemed very silly. She turned around with watery eyes (she would never admit they were tears) and promptly gasped. She saw a brilliant red coat with gold trim. She knew it was a coat because she had seen humans wear something like it before. But never had she seen anything so ornate, with so much metal. But before she could truly appreciate it, she realized the predicament her new friend was in. "Mariette? Oh... don't move! Let me help."

She rushed over to do just that, trying to figure out how she would manage it. "I will try to help you get free," she said, tossing her stick aside and reaching for a corner of fabric that the spinarak's leg was caught on. "It's good that I can hold things in my wing," she chuckled, wiggling her feathery 'fingers.' Otherwise she'd have to use her beak, or a toe. She might still, after all, she realized, trying to be mindful of the decorative sprig tied to Mariette. "What is this twig, by the way? Those look like berries! Is it a Christmas decoration for people to wear?" she asked, fascinated.
PostPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 2:17 am
Mariette had frozen within the fabric and tried not to panic she did not want to try and make the way back to garden to try and find a new sprig of mistletoe. She tried to think of the things Switch had said the face on her back grew into a big blush o//////o about eighty percent being embarrassment and the rest being a bit of awe again. "Y..you really would let me come to see your home? And your nest? I don't mind if it is far. I would love to see it." her voice was a bit laced with worry though it did sound like she was being brave as best she could be. "I..I could maybe help bind your nest with my webs...it will help hold it together." She offered gently.

Once she was free of the fabric she sat back on her last pair of legs the face on her back being hidden from view now as she looked up at Switch with the deep black eyes, "Thank you Switch! You saved me and my sprig...and the jacket! Your wings are as..as amazing as...they are beautiful! "Her red mandibles tried to form a smile but failed. "Switch will always be welcome in my nest!" She said softly then she realized just how much she had spouted off. All of it was true but she felt so stupid suddenly. It was like the geeky kid in school trying to pay the coolest kid a compliment or even talk to them. She let out a sigh and got down on all her legs again and scuttled over to pick up the tossed a side stick. She clutched it in her two front legs and scuttled over with the remaining four.

"My sprig? Yes it is...it is a very special plant. It is called mistletoe and it is very important in Christmas. More so for shy people or someone who wants to express feelings to someone." She said softy but more evenly than any other time so far. "Normally humans will hang it from the ceiling and doorways. And if two people walk under it at the same time they have too..." She held up the stick as best she could for Switch. "They have to kiss each other." She said the last part when Switch reached for the stick the action drawing the farfetch'd within kissing rang. She leaned forward and gave a gentle kiss to the side of the other Pokemon beak. "Thank you for helping me."


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PostPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 2:59 am

"Yes, I would definitely let you come. Just don't come too close to the leeks," she chuckled a soft, distinctively duck-like 'wuh wuh wuh,' while she worked the fabric away. "We live near a farm, and they grow leeks there. My family loves leeks best because they are strong like a green stick, but also a delicious, sweet onion. Because they're our favorite, sometimes they get rowdy trying to protect it. But don't worry," she added hastily, "I won't let them forget that you're my friend. They'll be friendly with you."

Mariette pulled herself free and Switch watched, staring in disbelief. "Your web? Really?" She knew that certain bug-types produced a web that could hold things together. They could also catch other pokemon with them, when it was made sticky. Mariette must use the kind that was strong more than sticky... unless she could make both? "I would appreciate that. The nest and the web."

She finally looked more closely at the jacket, and could not understand why anyone would leave it. Perhaps they had forgotten it? "You're welcome! This jacket is wonderful, I like it. Do you think this would look nice with your nest? Like a blanket? Where did you find it?" Perhaps there were other things like it.

Mistletoe, mistletoe. Wasn't that a dangerous plant? Switch could vaguely recall. However, Mariette wore it openly, and her explanation made it seem very commonplace to keep around. It was a Christmas tradition, after all. Perhaps one simply shouldn't eat it, but otherwise it was safe? While she pondered this, she gratefully accepted the stick as it was offered to her. In return, she held out the jacket to Mariette.

And froze.

She felt heat spread across her face, from where Mariette had touched her so gently with her mouth, clear across to the other side. Oh, no, was it some sort of poison? How could that be? She nearly panicked. But the longer she waited for something to happen, the more she came to realize that the wait was in vain. What she was feeling wasn't poison at all. That heat didn't feel bad, for that matter. Not a bite, but a kiss? That was what that was?
"What does it mean? And...a kiss?"

She could hardly believe how happy she was right now. Mariette was such a sweet and generous pokemon. She had even shown her what a kiss was, which she had heard of, but never seen nor experienced. Switch was not the type to distrust a pokemon normally. Far from it; when they had first met she was frustrated and paranoid. She was glad they had not fought when they first met; things would never have turned out this way, just one good thing after another. "Mariette, I'm really glad we met tonight. I was very upset before, but thanks to you everything's changed." Then, rather awkwardly, she attempted to mimic the kissing gesture, which was just as difficult for a duck's bill to accomplish as it was for a spider's mandibles.
PostPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 3:33 am
Mariette listened about the farm and leeks and about Switch's family. It all sounded so wonderful. Well not the part about them getting rowdy that scared her but the rest sounded so idealistic. "I have never been to a farm before. I have never seen a leek so you will have to show me one...so that I don't get your family worked up. Thank you for protecting me when I come to visit your farm." She really could not wait to go to the countryside even if it was past a swamp and a ways away. Surely Carwyn would let her go. Though little did she know that he would worry she would return with her heart stollen from the country side like his had been.

She shook her head, "I try not to bring red colored things home. The man who lets me live with him...has a thing for red and pink colors. He would steal the jacket from me if I were to bring it home. Plus it looks so nice against your feathers. You should try it on! Maybe you can find more where this one came from." She said softly and would have to show Switch where she had pulled the jacket from.

Before she could move to go and point out the small box of clothes she watched the larger female freeze and her eyes grow wide with what looked almost like fear. Maybe she should not have kissed the farfetch'd. Most people did not like spider like things touching them let alone trying to show them affection with a kiss. She tilted her head in a almost cute question like manner. "Switch does not know what a kiss is? A kiss is a sign of a..affection were one presses's their lips to another's or to a cheek or hand. We were both under the mistletoe and it is Christmas time so I wanted to thank you with a kiss. I...I know I don't have lips...but." She tried to smile again, the face on her back beaming, "Did I really help you Switch? I am so very glad. I..I am very glad to have met you too. I hope we can become good..." it was her time to pause. She had given out or tried to kiss a few people but no one except for Carwyn who was like an older brother had ever kissed her back. The black eyes shook with what would have been tears of joy if the young spinarak could cry. The face on her back became a innocent blushing face.

Her little heart was racing within her and she felt a bit light headed. She could not find the words for what she was feeling and again in her life she wish she had arms. She would love to wrap them around the other Pokemon and embrace her with a hug and a thank you. "T...thank you Switch. You...you are better at kisses than I am." She giggled softly which for her was a bit more like soft hissing. "Let's be good friends form now on." She tried again to smile with her mandibles, just being near the farfetch'd made her so happy and made her want to smile.

She felt so great right then that she almost forgot about the clothes. If she had not glanced down at the jacket in her friend's wings she would have forgotten, "Oh...there are more things like the jacket in here." She said and moved to push the lid of a long flat box. Inside of which were several ripped clothes and pieces of cloth, ribbons and chains, necklaces and costume jewelry and other strange little knick knacks. One of which seemed to be a strange looking shiny metal feather like ornament that caught the little spinarak's attention. It seemed to prefect to be in a box of trash and it reminded her of Switch, "Oh...S..Switch may I have that...it reminds me of you...and I would like it in my nest!" she said lowering her self into the shallow box and making her way over to the odd feather.


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PostPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 8:30 pm

"I'm glad you want to come. Maybe I could show you what a leek is sooner, though. There's a market in town, they might have leeks for sale." Never would a market leek compare with one fresh out of the ground (or still in the ground for that matter!), but perhaps if she saw them at market, then Mariette could picture a field of delicious leeks... Switch stopped thinking about it before she could grow hungry and begin to drool over it.

"No red because of the man you live with? Is he your... trainer?" She tried not to shudder at the thought of having a trainer, but couldn't stop it. He didn't seem very nice if he would take things from a pokemon, especially a timid one like Mariette. If that was the case, perhaps she should try to keep Mariette in the forest near the Cotier farm, if she could convince her to stay. There were plenty of places nearby that she believed a spinarak would enjoy. "My feathers? You think so?" She tilted her head curiously, comparing the fabric against her wing feathers. Did it look nice? How would she wear it? "Hm..." She wondered, fumbling around with it. She wasn't sure. She had never worn any sort of clothing before.

"Well yes, I know what a kiss is, but not what it's for. So a kiss can be for affection, or a thank-you? It is strange gesture. I'm sure lips would make it easier." It was a very strange subject. Normally mouths, or rather beaks in her case, would be used for eating or pecking. Peck was violent, but Kiss was nothing of the sort. "Um, oh! My family, to show affection, we preen each other, it's similar," she beamed. If she were to do that to Mariette, how would she go about it? Without feathers, surely it would tickle... "Perhaps that's why I seem better at it?" she asked uncertainly, unconvinced because Mariette's mandibles seemed very dexterous. Not only that, but she was the one wearing the mistletoe, therefore she must certainly be better at it than Switch. She laughed it off: "We just need more practice."

Friends. Switch had made several friends in passing during her travels, but this felt like a relationship that would last. She watched as Mariette opened the lid of a box where she had found the red jacket, and hoped it would be so. The box was full of costume clothing and accessories. The item Mariette picked out looked like a small metal feather that she said reminded her of Switch. Curious, she peered closely at it. It did look pretty. "I think it would look nice in your nest, Mariette," she agreed. She poked her beak around. What else was in here?
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