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The Hunt for the Heir

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A kingdom overthrown by a tyrannical king leaves the subjects looking for the last true heir, even though he may not exist 

Tags: Fantasy, Royal, Medieval, Rival, Roleplaying 

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 5:06 pm
PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:12 am

hoping from one hill top to the next his movements augmented by wind magic Jzaar quickly came to a stop.
"....this is it......I can smell the thing..."
he covered his nose at the horrid smell. the troll was not aware of him just yet so he had a chance to out maneuver it.
with a deep breath in he built up a mass of mana into wind magic giving it a negative charge he blasted it into the open cave then quickly followed up with a fire ball. diving behind the nearest boulders the cave mouth exploded with fire gutting the inside of the cave. with the same speed he leaped back into action going into the cave with no hesitation. his eyes pierced the smoke and darkness picking up what looked to be a chest on the far side of the room under a few small pieces of rubble. he doubted that a troll would have the brain power to know that the thing had any real value. making his way across he had just about had his hands on it when the massive hairy three fingered hand gripped him by his mid section. with a crushing vice like grab. he could feel two of his ribs pop. the taste of copper in his mouth with each breath told him his lung had already been punctured. he shouted the ancient incantation for the more powerful spells. his body lit up in one massive ball of white hot flames. the troll frightened by the flash and sudden flush of flames dropped Jzaar smartly. he quickly drew his blade and leaped up slashing through the trolls thick leathery flesh. long deep burning lacerations up his body as Jzaar made his way up the large beast. charging the tip of his blade with fire he plunged it deep into the monsters throat then just as fast his hand shot out into the Troll's mouth touching the tip of the blade igniting the mass of magic energy blowing out the beasts ears eyes and nose as well as many of its teeth.
Jzaar let out a pained sigh wrapping his arm. so long as he was well fed and his head or heart was not removed he could fully recover from just about anything as all of his race could. his burned hands worked at the lock and popped it clean open. with a more relaxed sigh he looked at the artifact. nodding in satisfaction he wrapped it in fine linen and took off for the kingdom yet again.  

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 2:21 pm
Kyohei Otenashi

Kyo walked along one of the mountain cliffs narrow paths the sun was blazing hot and the heat was finally getting to him after hours of walking. Kyohei noticed a small cave and decided to take cover under the caves shade until the sun had set and he could travel with out worrying about heat stroke or any other things that could have happened during the day on a mountain side. As he got to the cave entrance he took out a large animal skin full of water. As he finished drinking from the skin he pulled out a stave and held it in front of him and after muttering a small spell a human sized Minotaur appeared wielding an Axe. "Morning Taurs are we ready to spar today?" Kyohei asked as the Minotaur said nothing and nodded in agreement. Kyo then threw the stave down and drew two ninja blades and motioned for his sparring partner to began, the creature hesitated for a minute then shook his head and charged at Kyohei letting out a loud roar.
PostPosted: Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:22 am
Kyohei Otenashi

inside the cave Kyo and the Minotaur fought each other destroying stones and boulders in there way. "I love intense training it keeps me healthy." Kyo said as the Minotaur grunted in agreement.


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Forests Around Endstone

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