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PostPosted: Fri Aug 21, 2015 11:05 am
1zOassu frowned "No chance he saw my trick, most likely he was going to con you out of the bottle anyway," he said passing her his bottle of water to Felina "Still sounds like your gardener is crazy if he's chasing after kids with shears like that. Also you must need more than one gardener for a household of your size" he said incredulously

Zadina shook his head shivering slightly at the thought "Well it's a shame I doubt the local gangs are very understanding or kind about the matter. Still I suppose alchemy is a slow process that can't be rushed, hopefully the supplies from the Capital will go someway to alleviating the trouble here" he said brightly adjusting his bag.

Mari nodded frowning as she glanced back at the clinic "Still I'm surprised everything here is so peaceful considering. In times of need and medical shortage I would expect your clinic to be assailed by unreasonable demands."  
PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, 2015 3:13 pm
Yani nodded his head "you mean like the attempted break in every other week? That's why we just said let the clinic sit in the quarantine area and moved all the important stuff into a well fortified house basement. Also helps to sleep with a weapon under your pillow. That said with everyone getting sick it got increasingly hard for anyone to attempt a robbery" he stated stopping until the group was closer together. "You know Psy is going to be really nervous tonight moving all the supplies. That's when the more dangerous crime syndicates tend to strike and sometimes with success so you guys better be prepared for a potential fight later" he warned.

Hebal nodded and gave Yani a salute "You are refereeing to the Klossovsky family right? Hayate warned us about them too but don't worry we will be uber careful tonight and I'll have you know I am the master of stealth" she sung.

Yani paused "I'm sure you are but best be cautious all the same. They know the sands better than anyone and are the ones really in charge around the desert"  

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 29, 2015 4:38 pm
Felina shrigged "Well not really as keeping the garden looking pretty for the most part was my mothers little side project to do while father was busy and we were at school. The gardener just does the things she didnt want to do though I'll bet there will be more of them nowerdays. Still dont you go thinking that Im all green fingered just because my mother is and Im an elf should we get a house together" she laughed waving over to Zadina spotting him from across the square. "I think we blend in a bit better than that group don't you think?"  
Final Fantasy Guild Reborn

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